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Bradley Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer

Josephine Berisha

Global Compensation and Benefits(Senior Vice President)

Tony Brooks

Less-Than-Truckload – North America (President)

Richard Cawston

Managing Director, Supply Chain – Europe  

Ashfaque Chowdhury

Supply Chain – Americas and Asia Pacific (President)

Luis-Angel Gomez Izaguirre

Managing Director, Transport – Europe

John Hardig

Chief Financial Officer

Mario Harik

Chief Information Officer

Christophe Haviland

Senior Vice President, Sales, Transport – Europe

Tavio Headley

Director, Investor Relations

Meghan Henson

Chief Human Resources Officer

Charles Hitt

Last Mile – North America (President)

Erin Kurtz

Senior Vice President, Communications

About Xpo Logistics, History and Headquarters Information


Xpo Logistics was founded in the year 1989. The company has been operational for 30 years now. The founders of the company were Keith Avery and Michael Welch. The former name of the company was Express-1 Expedited Solutions. In the year 2011, the company was taken over by an American businessman known as Bradley Jacobs. Bradley Jacobs had taken the role of both the company’s CEO and chairman. The name of the company was also changed in the year 2006, to the current company’s name.

In the year 2012, the company opened its operations centre in Charlotte, NC, USA. The same year, the company also became a limited public company as well. By the year 2016, the company was qualified as one of the Fortune 500 companies in the USA, in terms of both factors - being one of the fastest growing and also in terms of revenue as well. As of the year 2018, the company was ranked at number 186, among all the other Fortune 500 companies. The headquarters of the company is based in 5 Greenwich Office Park. The name of the place is Greenwich, while the name of the state is Connecticut, USA. The pin code of the area is 06831.


Xpo Logistics is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of logistics and transportation services, to its customers and also consumers as well. The current CEO and chairman of the company are Bradley Jacobs. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $17.2 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2019, is more than 100,000. The company has its services provided in around 32 countries worldwide and has over 50,000 customers - which includes 69 Fortune 500 companies as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers, clients and companies to obtain logistics and transportation services offered, including contract logistics, freight forwarding, freight brokerage, last-mile logistics, intermodal transportation, etcetera. The company also aids in supply chain logistics services as well.

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  • Kim says:

    This has been the worse service we have ever received. We ordered our washer , dryer and fridge on October 13th we were told it would be delivered that Friday. Samsung sent my items then XPO called and rescheduled for the 28th. Received a call yesterday they rescheduled it for November. When I called they said that they didn’t have any other deliveries for our area so they would have to try next week. So we have waited awhile for our items meanwhile I am spend more money on feeding our family. They then told me I could go pick it up. Then hello why are you being paid to deliver? Then talked with Samsung today then tells me I could refuse the item when they deliver but it would take me 15 days to get my money back. What the hell is the point! Poor service will never buy from Samsung again.


    Your company Xpo Logistics delivered the order (Tracking Number – XPONC70OMFPCANQH22) on August 12, 2020, but your deliverers refused to install the delivered panels although it’s included in the order. After many calls to Samsung home appliances your people finally came and installed the panels on September 1, 2022, but when they removed them from the boxes one refrigerator top panel was severely deformed/bent. I spoke to Samsung home appliances today and they told me that because it’s been over 15 days from the date of delivery, they cannot replace the defective panel. Obviously, it’s a responsibility of your company Xpo Logistics to absorb the cost of this issue and provide me with a new panel, because of the delay in fulfilling the order.

  • Tawanda Thomas says:

    This company will lie when they can’t deliver an order to the customer home. I purchased a treadmill through Peloton who contracts out with XPO Logistics to deliver and item in Virginia near Hampton VA. Well the shipping company one lied and said the customer was not home when I’m fact they customer (myself) was home they just never even bothered to come to the house. Then they canceled my delivery and blamed it on Peloton which in fact was a lie because the treadmill is no longer with Peloton it’s with XPO Logistics. This is the only company that peloton has a contract with in the southern VA area so the fact that I have to rely on them to deliver my treadmill is an awful experience. I even contact Peloton to file a complaint against this company to no longer contact with them.

  • Paul says:

    I was supposed to receive my delivery July 2. When my delivery did not arrive on the 2nd I call XPO on the 5th. I tried to arrange that I pick up my washer from the facility it was at but only received the run around.
    I then receive an email and text that my washer will be delivered on July 11th between 11am – 3pm. We made arrangements and my wife stayed home all day. No one from XPO showed up nor did we receive a call. I call again only to speak with someone that I could barely hear over the chickens & cows in the back ground. I find it extremely unprofessional and that the only thing this Corporate giants do is train people to be in know way shape or form to be helpful. I have been dealing with this issue since May 13th when our SAMSUNG washer went out still in warranty. Only to be on the last leg of this ordeal to have my washer held hostage by XPO.

  • Nichelle says:

    I was supposed to receive my delivery from Samsung on July 1. XPO sent a text with a delivery appt from 4-8om. Had my cousin wait in the house….. they were a No call no show. I then received a text the next morning that said my product was delivered ??? I immediately Called on July 2 to see what was going on and then was told was it was sent back to the hub because they ran out of time and someone would contact me. Why does it say delivered and not delayed? No one could answer… Ask for a supervisor because it was starting to feel like a scam….was told they would call back. No one did. Recd another text on July 4th that they will deliver my order when they receive it. Called again . Spoke to a rep…… told him You have it ! What do you mean. He they says oh yeah I see what you mean. Since it was the holiday could not speak to a supervisor or get help . Recd yet another text July 5 that I can schedule an appt for July 8th! Called again. Went through the entire story finally got a supervisor Yan to call the hud…..Now on hold for 55 mins . Still no resolution ….now she claims she’s trying to get someone at the local Hub and they aren’t answering so she has to call me back. THE WORST!!
    Now I have to call Samsung to report this so they can investigate to see if the product might have been stolen !

  • Whiteline Express LLC says:

    On January 21-2022 we picked up our load from Katy, TX, which was managed by Mitchell Perry. Mitchell.Perry@xpo.com & Brian.Klus@xpo.com. And we “delivered” this load on January 24 CVS DC Lumberton, NJ. Our appointment was at 9:00 am.

    When my driver arrived at the check-in spot, the security called in the office and 5 minutes later they assigned him to door #76 for unloading. My driver parked at the door/Dock for unloading. After one hour of waiting, my driver went inside the office to be informed that the load was refused.

    We contacted the receiver and she told us that we were refused because when the appointment was submitted it was submitted as the load being on pallets. When the load was checked it was found on the floor. Also stating that it is the fault of whoever submitted the appointment. It had nothing to do with the Carrier

    We immediately contacted the broker, and Mitchell just repetitively insisted it on being our fault while we informed him that we had written proof of why it was refused. He ignored us and told us that it would’ve to be rescheduled.
    By the time he replied, he just mentioned that the new appointment was on February 9th, 2022 which was approximately 16 days away. We emailed him right away that we cannot wait for that long. We asked him for a layover for January 24 and he refused. It’s been 13 days He then stopped replying to us in any format.

    We only have one truck currently me and my driver’s expenses depend on this for fending our families. . My bills are coming in and I can’t stop my truck because of someone else’s fault.
     I sent every night emails to Michelle requesting layover Charges and a Breakdown of my Per day expenses with invoices regarding what is rightfully owed to us. But he never replies back

    Please help!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    You should drug and alcohol screen your east Brunswick NJ drivers MM

  • Ardwin Freight says:

    Caution when booking with Scott Saccavino. We delivered a load in McClane San Bernardino and spent 4 hours at the receiver. Scott was notified of delay on time and never responded to my email. When I submitted the POD and requested detention, he replied the following:

    We cannot bill Mclane for detention.

    You will need to contact them directly.

    I feel that is a poor representation of XPO and their customer service. It does not state on the confirmation that this receiver does not pay detention. And we followed all the correct procedures leading up to this moment.

    We were only requesting 2 hours of detention with is not a significant amount of money. But when we are treated with this type of service, I need to put the word out. I will also be expressing this concern to other online platforms.

    Please be careful when booking with XPO.

  • Anonymous says:

    XPO Schertz TX. Jorge Pena Ramirez the operation manger. Had relationship with former employee which everybody knew about but did nothing and all of a sudden she does not work there anymore…… Oh how Ironic….. Whole company is male dominated…..

  • Martin says:

    Poor service order scheduled date & then not one day four day delivery chance date unecexcepable. Try to reach management with no prevail to file complaints.

  • Akhtar says:

    This is Akhtar from Ace Bangladesh Ltd. This is a Freight Forwarding company and we already working with XPO France. I need xpo Sweden office contact details.

  • Anymous says:

    Xpo in Schertz Texas . Bad management especially the assistant operations manager. She is sleeping with a contractor because his trucks are always running. She does a lot of favors for him . Her name is Alexis Detiveaux. Doesn’t know how to be a good manager. They have a lot of people working there that can’t speak English.

  • Hillary says:

    On 03/17/20, I was supposed to receive an order between 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm EST. I received a notification that morning at 8:54 am EST that my delivery was loaded and en-route. At 7:30 pm, still no delivery or communication from the driver. I proceed to call the customer service line and the person tells me they can’t get a hold of the driver, but they sent the person a direct message to call me. They told me to call back if I didn’t receive a phone call from the driver within 30 minutes. I call back 30 minutes later because I did not receive a phone call. The person tells me they will send another direct message to the driver and that they conduct deliveries until 9:00 pm EST. At 9:00 pm EST, still no delivery. I call back and they tell me there is still a possibility the driver will complete the delivery. They couldn’t give me a time frame though. Today, 03/18, I call back at 8:30 am EST, they still can’t get a hold of the driver!!! The driver hasn’t taken my delivery back to the warehouse yet, so they don’t know where my delivery is. I ask to talk to the warehouse so I can pick up the delivery myself. Sorry, we can’t give out the warehouse number. This company is awful. I still don’t know where my delivery is and I will be contacting your corporate headquarters and leaving consistent bad reviews on all social and web outlets. I also be contacting the Better Business Bureau. I’ll post again when I finally get my order.

  • Bossy B says:

    Good afternoon,

    Please be advised that XPO has a lot of illegal people delivering for them. Some of the guys don’t have social security numbers nor do they have the proper paper work to work there. One of the offices that has this problem is the one located 6311B Ammendale Rd Beltsville MD 20705. That whole office need to be investigated starting with management and the driver’s paperwork.

  • Lisa says:

    XPO is a company of liers and scam artists. They picked up a 3 crates from our moving company in Portland, OR On DEC.23, 2019 to be delivered to us in Denver Co. Two of the 3 crates arrived on Jan.2. The third crate has been lost since then. We believe it was lost in Pasco, WA but with lie after lie they have passed the buck to their location in Henderson, CO who have now continued the lie for 2 days. NOT ONE PERSON can tell us where the crate is – after telling us multiple times in a 2 day period it was “out for delivery” it is now totally missing, AGAIN. It is now JANUARY 10, 2020. I thought they were just incompetent but now I realize its all a big scam, they lost the crate weeks ago and have been hoping we would just file a claim with our movers and leave them out of it. Nope. I’m not going to leave it alone, they will regret messing with us by the time I’m done.

    • XPOdockworkerAshley says:

      I work at XPO as dock worker. They don’t care about customer satisfaction although they brag that they do. If a customer has 3+ crates or pallets, they fit what they can into a trailer and leave behind what cannot. So annoying when they do this. If it doesn’t fit, put it all in a trailer that does. Ugh XPO is not a good company to work for. Pay is great but I try striving for customer satisfaction while many others do not. Need to look for new job. Srry about your missing crate.

  • wolf says:

    Company is nothing but a fraud. Ordered some dog kennels from Utah with delivery to my residence. The pallet was oversized and very heavy (needing equiptment to off-load)

    Company showed-up with a undersized pallet jack and no way of getting this pallet off his truck. XPO expect me to offload when they were contracted for home delivery.

    The driver was shocked at what he had to offload…

  • Katrina says:

    LOAD 7709650
    Can’t get broker MARCUS WATSON 312-361-0870 to email us the Revised Rate Con with added detention (with 3am appt unloaded only at 2pm same day, 11 hours delay) and lumper fees. (unloading pictures and receipt provided at once). The broker will not reply to our emails, never at the office, never returns our calls, his co-workers are not able to send the Revised Rate Con for him either. Please HELP!!!

  • Theron says:

    I purchased a mattress at SAM’s Club. I was told I would be called to schedule delivery. I missed a call on a Friday, and before I could return the call, I received a robot call that delivery would be Monday between 10 and 2 and I would be called 30 minutes before delivery. They showed up at 1:30 without calling. The driver stayed in the truck. The other man put on dirty feet covers to come in the house. He smelled of alcohol. He was dirty and sloppy. I did not have my foundation set up yet, so I asked them which is the better way to store the mattress until I get my foundation — on the side or flat on the floor. He did not know, so I asked for 5 minutes while I called the SAMs bed specialist. One minute later he was ringing my doorbell, waving his arms and said, “You should have already had this decided.” I told him I waited all day for him, got no phone call, and he cannot wait five minutes for me to make a phone call. He said, “You can refuse the order” which he had already now repeated three times. This service includes haul away and going up to two flights of stairs, neither of which I required. But he refused to wait five minutes.

  • Jim says:

    I was MF’d by one of their delivery drivers and when asked for the name of his supervisor I was told it was “peter eater”. I have filed a complaint but no one can seem to find the employee responsible. I provided the employee’s cell phone number that he called us on.

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