Where is Xbox Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 425-882-8080
  • Fax Number: (425) 706-7329
  • Email: info@xbox.com       
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: November 15, 2001; 16 years ago
  • Founder: Boyd Multerer
  • Key People: Satya Nadella

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Xbox Headquarters Executive Team



Phil Spencer

Executive President of Gaming at Microsoft

About Xbox, History and Headquarters Information


Xbox was founded in the year 2001. The company has been operational for almost 17 years now. The founder of the company was Microsoft. The original Xbox was released in the year 2001, and the year 2002 in Japan as well. It was the company's first foray into the console market for the first time. The Xbox started competing with the Sony PlayStation 2, Sega's Dreamcast and also Nintendo's Gamecube as well. The Xbox used a DirectX API, which was similar to that of Microsoft's Windows OS. The Xbox Live service was launched in the year 2002, which allowed players to play online with or without an internet connection. Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2 was the essential games on the first Xbox.

Then in the year 2005, the Xbox 360 was launched. This console competed with Nintendo's Wii and also Sony's PlayStation 3 as well. The Xbox Live service was upgraded for the newer platform, and it also added Xbox Music and Xbox Video as well. In the year 2010, the company had released a redesigned Xbox 360 model, with better connectivity and also integrated features as well. The first Xbox 360 had a 250GB hard drive, while the latter only had 4GB storage. Three years later, in the year 2013, the Xbox One was released. It competed with Sony's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo's Wii U and Switch. The Xbox One had a Blu-ray disc player, which the Xbox 360 didn't have, along with updates interface and also powerful hardware as well. The Xbox One S followed the Xbox One at the E3 2016, which was again followed by a much more powerful console on the planet - the Xbox One X at E3 2017. The headquarters of the company is based in One Microsoft Way. The name of the place is Redmond, while the state name is Washington, USA. The pin code of the area is 98052.


Xbox is an American company that focuses on the design and development of various kinds of game consoles and also video game software, for its customers. The head of the company is Phil Spencer. The original Xbox had sold over 24 million, along with the Xbox 360 sales figures at 84 million. The Xbox One had sold almost 21 million units as of the current date.


The primary services of the company include allowing customers to enjoy the content and entertainment that is developed, designed, marketed and distributed by the company itself. This consists of the game consoles and also the related online services like the Xbox Live and digital game libraries as well, like the Xbox Online Store for buying games digitally, or even retail discs too.

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  • Edith Rojas says:

    my son purchased the wrong game and because he opened it and closed it up without using any of VC coins less than two hours later they refused to refund or credit it to the right game. When we called customer service he was not easy to follow and went over the instructions very fast only to tell us he could do anything to help since it was refused a refund. Instead told me to call my card company to discuss this, this is the first time i dealt with customer service and I’m very disappointed on how they handled this

  • AMANDA Mcmillon says:

    Can lost passwords om xboxone s be retrieved?

  • Tim says:

    Is the a outage on Xbox one???

  • George said bajalieh jr says:

    I’m very upset with Xbox live I bought a 12 month game pass Xbox live gold membership and they wanted me to convert it to the game game pass ultimate since I already had it and there was only going to give me 3 months of Xbox live since I had the game pass already on and I had to wait to it expired for me to redeem my 12-month game pass cuz it was going to convert it only into 3 months of game pass with my Xbox live gold membership very sad

  • jesse griffith says:

    Just gives u false information and a bunch of bullshit that won’t fix the problem

  • nateo says:

    hello i need nintendo switch

  • Proud Xbox Hater says:

    Xbox is indeed a joke, and we as consumers are at the butt end of it. Terrible customer service, terrible higher up management, overall, I wonder why I ever left Playstation. These guys are pretty criminal, to an extent they are WORSE than the scalpers who are jacking up the prices. Least the scalpers give you the overpriced item when you pay for it. They clearly are better business people than the over paid clowns working for Xbox. PC is definitely the way to go from now on.

  • michael mcneal says:

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    p.s this is my first time trying to invent the game system of the future it change the world.

  • OP TAYLOR X says:

    Xbox deserved a commercial lien from every player that has been banned for no reaosn this is disgusting! Always 1 victim that reports 10 bullies and the 10 bullies report the 1 victim, the 1 victim gets enforcement action!

  • Kylen johnson says:

    Dear Microsoft, I would like to suggest a implementation for a future console. As a proud Xbox user I’ve realized that HDMI cords though essential, Are quite a hassle. So I had an idea, What if they made the HDMI cable able to retract back into the console. Which makes since considering it’s about as essential as the power cord. And it’s convenient to not have to unplug the HDMI cable every time you move the console. If you decide to implement this idea on a future console, call (620)-794-5563 or email 18739@usd.253.net

  • Xbox loyalty??? says:

    Microsoft your customer service is bad really bad like beyond trash!!!! You make it impossible for people to get into contact with anyone, and if they do magically they get put onto hold and disconnected or straight up hung up on? I was placed on hold and I could hear their convo in the background for 20 minutes and it wasn’t work related. Four calls in total still no help leaves me feeling deceived. Needless to say this is a last ditch effort, if your company can’t reply with a solution I won’t be purchasing anything from your company going forward and Playstation will be my new console. Pretty sad, I’ve been loyal since day one and still have all four consoles to prove it. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on your products but you obviously don’t care about the end user. Oh well perhaps a new cpu is a better solution.

    • Kylen johnson says:

      this is not entirely Xbox’s fault within the past few years Xbox has lost many employees and they can’t attend to everybody’s problems don’t be mad at Xbox. instead as of right now tutorials are the way to go

  • Hey xbox says:

    I was permanently suspended, yes i was in the wrong i will admit but i was wondering if there was a way that it could be changed from permanent to temporary? I don’t mind even if it’s like for a year or something, i don’t want to lose my account over a dumb fit of rage i had.

    • OP TAYLOR X says:

      Ask Phil Spencer for proof of contract in signed wet ink. A digital signature is not proof of contract so you are not obligated ti comply with code of conduct. Learn how to file a commercial lien for damages and time lost. 🙂

      • Chris says:

        I was wrongfully suspended for 2 days on Nov 20 2022. After getting nowhere with Xbox customer support i just waited for it to end. As of yesterday Nov 22 2022 i was given 3 more 2 day suspension and No is willing to help me or explain how this can happen and all the suspension are for the same reason.

  • Conor Sheehan says:

    Give your money to Sony! XBOX is trying to silent people and not allow your rights to free speech. This is a company that feels they are above the government and needs to be boycotted against.
    The US Supreme Court already ruled there is no such thing as hate speech, only freedom of speech.
    Your the bitches who run xbox are lucky I don’t have your addresses. You’re all in need of a good ol school yard beating.
    With that said. I hope you all choke on a Bill Gates dick, I hear he likes that shit along with little girls but can’t get them now that his buddy’s island is gone.

  • Jason Turner says:

    My gold membership just ran out today went to app store for the yearly membership $60.00 and its not available. Went online and found out they removed it permanently no longer available. Did some checking online and guess what it ended in July. That was nice of them to send a email text message to inform me about this service change. Did the price comparison for the new membership game pass ultimate at 14.99 monthly and I guess Microsoft thinks it more cost effective for us to pay more for stuff we don’t use need or want. Personally I play and own like 4 games. At 60 a year was fair however 14.99 monthly is way to costly for the average person to pay for 4 games that they own to play with a few friends after work. Long story short im out been gold member for years and I guess I’ll move on to something else.

  • Israel baymon says:

    Someone has full access to my account please help there gamertag is Driplord09 they keep logging me out trying to put things on my account please help

  • Harold Vandall says:

    Music is original not copy rite or someone else
    Harold w Vandall age 58

  • Harold Vandall says:

    I have the perfect song for one of your new games
    Please call me at 9416669682 Thank you !
    Harold w Vandall age 58

  • Jerry Dean says:

    I am trying to get about $22 worth of games put back on my debt card. Someone illegally used used my account. Can’t get xbox to reply. Won’t call me back.

  • T says:

    Customer service call center is TRASH!

  • John says:

    I love the fact that you go out of your way to make the Xbox Adaptive Controller for  game lovers who struggle with playing games. And I think Linus Tech Tips had done a great job explaining it on YouTube! 
    But as for someone like me with only one good functioning hand. I dream of a day when you come up with a proprietary VR headset that would work a state-of-the-art, all new Xbox Kinect. So I and others like me can immerse ourselves in game play without the struggles and stresses of using any type of controllers! 
    My big dream would be to incorporate the VR Kat or if you made one similar for home buyers. But for now, I will keep buying your consoles like I had with the Xbox original (ok), the Xbox 360 with Kinect ( which I Love so much and still play) and even though it probably would not have some type of Kinect for it, I look forward to purchasing your new Xbox Series X!!!

  • Fuckin Mad af says:

    I was scam by the xbox out 200 if a person shoot the office up they wrong

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