Where is Wyndham Corporate office Headquarters

Wyndham Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 22 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 973-753-6000
  • Fax Number: 1-425-498-1960
  • Email: info@wynvr.com
  • Number of Employees: 25000
  • Established: July 8, 2006
  • Founder: Trammell Crow
  • Key People: Stephen Holmes (Chairman & CEO)

Wyndham Headquarters Location & Directions

Wyndham Headquarters Executive Team



Michael D. Brown

President and Chief Executive Officer

Noah Brodsky

Chief Brand Officer

Mary Lynn Clark

Wyndham Vacation Rentals (President)

Brad Dettmer

Chief Information Officer

Gordon Gurnik

RCI Exchanges (President)

Mike Hug

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Kimberly Marshall

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jeff Myers

Wyndham Vacation Clubs (Chief Sales and Marketing Officer)

Geoff Richards

Wyndham Vacation Clubs (Chief Operating Officer)

Barry Robinson

Wyndham Vacation Clubs (President and Managing Director, International Operations)

Jim Savina

Executive Vice President 
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

About Wyndham, History and Headquarters Information

Formerly called Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, Wyndham Destinations is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. In 2018, Wyndham Worldwide was renamed to Wyndham Destinations.

Wyndham Worldwide is an American company that provides a wide range of hospitality products and services via world-renowned brands. It is basically made up of three hospitality business units: Wyndham Hotel Group, Wyndham Vacation Ownership, and Wyndham Destination Network. It owns and manages several hotel brands worldwide. It owns and handles over 110,000 vacation properties across the globe in more than 100 countries.

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  • Dawn Luera says:

    Here is our reservation information for the complaint submitted a few minutes ago

    Confirm 3020237318
    Howard Johnson by Wyndham Chattanooga lookout mountain
    3109 parker lane
    Chattanooga, tn
    Booked under Dawn Luera
    August 16-17
    Room 120

  • Dawn Luera says:

    Mr. Michael D. brown
    We had a reservation at the lookout mountain howard johnson hotel. Upon arrival the room was filthy, and roach infested, no phone, no clock, micro broken, bifold broken, bathroom filthy and other bugs crawling in the room.

    Needless to say, we never sat down, let alone sleep in the roach infested pig sty. We left and slept in our vehicle. Mind you we are In our 70s. How little regard for your guests. Your wyndham brand has certainly taken a major nose dive over the years and we will never use your brand again. Receiving an email thanking us for taking the time to let them know and hoping to see us again was a slap in the face. I provided videos and pictures of the roaches and that is all they offered is a thank you for letting them know? Appalling. All I want is our money back in the amount of $56.80. Which we rightfully deserve. Please refund our money immediately

    Dawn Luera
    2330 Naples Trace Circle #4
    Naples Florida 34109

  • Pam Bonnell says:

    I have been an owner for a long time and this April I feel like we got taken!!! We agreed on things and thought we had everything paid and figured out, BUT nope we are getting bills left and right and was even turned over to collection so I need someone to contact me ASAP!!! Also my contact person was asked to resign because of exhusband issues and now I do not have anyone to contact for help!

  • Warren M Jentis says:

    Somebody from corporate needs to call me you’re not honoring your legal agreement with me for criminal fraud my name is Warren jentis 201-572-7958 if I don’t hear back from somebody by Monday morning I’ll be at your corporate headquarters in New Jersey yes I’ll be flying in from Florida just to deal with this just so you understand how serious I am I have 6 years to prosecute your company for criminal fraud and embezzlement and that’s from December 11th of 2017 so I still have more time if you’re not going to honor the agreement I can contact the Pasco county sheriff’s department in Florida and have them continue the investigation and file criminal charges against your company I hope to hear from you soon because there’s a very simple solution to this and it won’t cost you anything just honoring your written agreement with me and keeping your word thank you for your immediate response and time and consideration in this matter
    Sincerely Warren M Jentis

    • Dale-Ross says:

      Mr Warren Jentis, I recently stayed at their hotel which my son got sick from and was in Galveston at their baymont off the sea wall. My question to you is are you a attorney or some sort of legal department cuz I’m trying to contact corporate regarding all of this and bout to hire an attorney on my because my fiancé is pregnant and she’s in the ER as we speak and my son I brought to the ER but is only getting sicker so have to bring him back and I paid out of pocket last visit. This was for Mr Jenson. So please reach out to me personally if ya don’t mind

  • Cathy says:

    I had an issue it Wyndham Oceanfront Virginia Beach spoke to one of the managers there nothing was resolved he actually called me a liar and I can’t get a call back from corporate

  • Tina says:

    I have tried to contact several department regarding issues and have had no response or call back and I have a serious problem I wanted to give wydham a chase to resolve the situation seeing that I have spent 28000 in the last year in your establishments but I am being dismissed I refuse to just fade away being ignored I am contacting an attorney for the way I have been treated and the lack of action being taken to fix this situation.

  • John Huss says:

    Had a call this evening @ 19:35 that told me I was chosen for a complimentary stay from your hotel. Man was very rude and unprofessional, you may want to follow up. Call was from ‭+1 (803) 513-8562‬, My wife and I stay often at your hotel but this is beyond respectful.

  • PHIL C says:

    How about giving people their jobs back after 3 and a half months…….Ive been laid off since march 15th…..In Garden City NY

  • Jason Martin says:

    You double charged for my stay 6/16 in Ormond Florida Super 8, overdrawing the bank account of an essential worker while working in town. I called several times, and none of your employees care to fix it.
    I have filed a price gouge during National emergency complaint with several agencies and a fraud complaint with my bank.
    I spend a lot of money with you, perhaps you would care enough to fix my overdrawn account?

    Jason Martin

  • Jon says:

    I’m so sick of Wyndham, besides the obvious we have fought our way to cancellation that has taken 7 months. For some reason Wyndham feels the need to not honor the contract they had me along with returning all of my money back. I have been waiting for months for my check that was stated in the cancellation contract. I would give then the benefit of the doubt because of covid but apparently, they are still sending a bill to my wife for payments on a canceled contract. If only companies we’re as hasty to give hard earned money back as they were to take it.

  • Denise Feltes says:

    Due to COVID 19, we had to cancel our upcoming stay, April 6th to April 8th, at Wyndham Bentley Brook in Hancock, MA. Our issue is that 8,750 points (of the 9,750 points) for this trip have been returned to our April 17, 2017 to April 17, 2020 use year. We obviously attempted to use these points by April 17th, 2020, but COVID 19 changed our plans and now we are not able to use them. We are requesting that these 8,750 points be put toward our October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020 use year. Please do not make us forfeit these points.

    My husband and I have been in contact with owner care specialists who may not have the ability to honor our request so we are turning to corporate.
    As of Friday, March 27, 2020, the Massachusetts Governor is instructing all travelers to self-quarantine for 14 days. https://www.wcvb.com/article/coronavirus-update-massachusetts-gov-charlie-baker-march-27-2020/31954042#
    Our trip was for 2 days. So we would have had to travel to Hancock, MA, only to be quarantined to our room and we would have had to board our 2 dogs. Not cost effective.
    We understand that we had 3 years to use these points. If you check our reservations/cancellations, you will discover that we had booked a reservation for Club Wyndham National Harbor for check-in date April 3, 2020, confirmation #RCO0012786768BR that was cancelled that involved the 8,750 points. I was working with a friend to rent this getaway from us. The couple cancelled on February 3, 2020.
    Through the 2017 to 2020 time frame, this cancellation process happened a few times but we always figured we would be able to use these points.
    Due to this unique COVID 19 situation, we are requesting a one-time waiver of Wyndham regulations. Please put 8,750 points into our contractual points.

  • Ananmious says:

    I’m an employee for Wyndham and we are booked and I’m scared bc of this coronavirius we have no lysoly are anything Jesus take the wheel

  • Jasmine Mason says:

    My husband and I have been owners for a few years now and have enjoyed it up until this point. As we know, there is a global emergency with Corona Virus and we are asked to not travel if not necessary. I have a stay booked for this upcoming weekend and attempted to cancel it and save my points to use at a later date. There was an email sent out saying that “If you wish cancel your reservations for arrivals prior to May 15, 2021, you may do so online or via phone up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled arrival. Within 72 hours of receiving your request, we will put your vacation points or credit back in your account and return your reservation transaction.”

    Now, this is where I have the problem… This email was sent out, however, this is NOT being honored. I called and held on the line for nearly 2 hours only to be told that there is absolutely nothing that could be done with my reservation due to my points having to be used by a certain time and that I would lose them no matter what. I’m not sure about others but I work hard for my money and don’t enjoy giving it away, and at this point, that’s exactly what I feel that I am doing with Wyndham.

    The representative that I spoke to was very kind in the beginning, however, as i expressed my dissatisfaction with his statement that “there was nothing that he could do” he grew rude and condescending. I requested to speak with his manager, however, he refused to allow me to speak with him and stated that a manager would be calling me that afternoon. Here is is, 3 days later and I have not received a call from anyone.

    If not handled properly, I will be seeking legal action.

  • Maria D says:

    Dear Executives,
    I have been a happy Wyndham Owner since 2008. My family and I have traveled to beautiful areas where Wyndham Resorts are located and we have been very pleased with the staff and facilities.
    I recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent a mastectomy and I am currently undergoing chemotherapy. I will not be able to travel for, at least, the next six months until I finish all the necessary treatments I need to be back on track.
    With this said, I was not able to finish using the remaining points before the end of 2019. Therefore, I called Wyndham VIP member services on 12/13/19 and spoke to Sam. He explained to me that the cut off to transfer points was the end of June and no exceptions could be made. I asked him to please speak to his supervisor and see if he or she could make an exception because of my condition. Sam reached out to his supervisor and she stated that no exceptions could be done.
    Today, 12/14/19, I decided to call again and request to speak to the supervisor myself to explain my current situation. I had Bailey, the representative, re-state the same situation Sam had explained to me yesterday. Therefore, I requested Bailey if I could speak to her supervisor today. First, Bailey stated that could take 10 minutes to speak to one. I told her I would wait. However, in less than 5 minutes, Bailey was able to speak to Hannah, a supervisor, who stated there are no exception to the rule.
    I asked Bailey if I could talk to Hannah, supervisor; however, Bailey stated that all supervisors are very busy to take my call and I will have to call Sunday 12/15/19 when there will be more supervisors to take my call.
    I must say I am very disappointed on the treatment given to me. I am not asking for anything I don’t believe Wyndham cannot deliver given the circumstances.
    I am reaching out to you because of my situation. If medical letters need to be sent you, I can ask my physicians to provide the letters. I have multiple medical issues going on at this time and traveling with my family is impossible because all of my family are taking care of me.
    I plead you reach out to me and request any necessary supporting information to roll the remaining of my points to next year as a courtesy given my current medical condition. Thank you.

  • Tom Schmidt says:

    Wyndham…what a ripoff. I reserved a room for four nights online and called my destination hotel directly and told them I wouldn’t arrive until 5:00 A.M. or later the following morning but wanted my room. I was told no problem. I arrived this morning at 5:45 for my room. My reservation had been cancelled as a NO SHOW, I was charged for the room, and I was not allowed to enter a room because I did not have a reservation any longer because they cancelled it. WHAT?? So in summary, I booked a room, told them when I was arriving, arrived at that times, was refused my room, and was charged for it!! I’m not making this up. The people at Wyndham are thieves!!

  • Leola Williams says:

    Dear Executives:
    I recently stayed at your Wyndham Hotel in Savannah, Ga. The service there was great. We even
    forgot some items and contacted the staff and they provided us with instructions for the items to be returned to us. We received them and want to thank you for your hospitality and good service.

    On the other hand, I stayed at your Wyndham TYRP Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in July and was a guest in the room of my sister, Barbara Sims. We were there July 19-21, 2019 for our Black Family Reunion. I reported that a piece of jewelry was missing from my luggage and called management to your hotel to report this. He has returned no phone calls. I contacted your corporate office and was told it would be handled by the hotel. I have also had my attorney to write a letter on my behalf. I would like for this issue to be resolved to my satisfaction and am requesting that you all pay the $150 for the replacement of the necklace that was taken from my belongings. Thank you.

  • Jessica says:

    Dear Executives,

    On October 30, 2019 my business associates and myself were guests at Wyndham Resort located at 220 House of Burgesses Way in Williamsburg Virginia 23185. A few hours into our business meeting we decided to requested more pillows as our meeting ran into the later hours. This is when we were greeted by an employee named Victoria. Victoria gave us the pillows we requested and upon visual inspection I explained to Victoria and asked is it customary standards to provide pillows with hair and stains on them? When I explained to Victoria this type of service is unacceptable Victoria said” your honky ass should have brought pillows with you”. I ask who is your acting supervisor? Victoria replied “not you”. In my years of traveling I have never been confronted by such uncanny, bias behavior. I thought as human beings we were past this type of behavior but obviously not when it come to professionalism, dignity and a place of business. Sorry executives you really drop the ball in your standards and quality of services. Be assured I will inform the executives in my company not to book any stays at Wyndham indefinitely.


    Jessica Ball

  • Del Moody says:

    My name is Del with StateFoodSafety. Keeping track of food safety training and certification requirements for each state with Wyndham Hotels can be a daunting task. We can help!

    At StateFoodSafety, we specialize in regulatory compliance and have worked hard to ensure that our training and certification meets government requirements. As a result, we are approved in more locations than any other provider.

    The following are some reasons people choose us as their food safety training provider:
    We design and produce our own courses in-house, which enables us to make necessary updated alterations as well as rapid customizations for large corporations like yours. We have made such customized alterations for Whole Foods, Exxon Mobile, and many others and we can do that for IHG. There might be a charge for this service.
    We have ANSI-accredited and regulatory-approved programs tailored to be more relevant and engaging for food workers.
    We can integrate with your LMS (learning management system) so that all of your food safety training is available alongside other training items. No additional usernames or passwords are necessary.
    We don’t charge any additional fees for LMS integration, implementation, or account maintenance!
    Corporate discounts are based on volume and Wyndham Worldwide Corporation would certainly qualify.

    We offer four training and certification programs:
    Food Handler Training
    ANSI Accredited
    Available in 8 languages
    30-75 minutes (depending on local requirements)
    98% pass rate
    Food Protection Manager Training and Certification Exam
    ANSI-CFP Accredited
    Available in English and Spanish
    8 hours of training material
    96% of people who take our training also pass our exam
    Food Allergen Awareness Training
    ANSI Accredited
    40 minutes
    99% pass rate
    Alcohol Server/Seller Training
    Customized to meet local requirements
    60-210 minutes (depending on local requirements)
    96% pass rate

    I would love to visit you to discuss this further.

    Please call 385-325-2446 or email dmoody@statefoodsafety.com.

    Best regards, Del

  • Jennifer says:

    My family stayed at a hotel associated with Wyndham and all I wanted was acknowledgement of the errors that occurred at that hotel. Instead I received 2 1/2 months constant calls asking it they were going to do anything about the Troy hotel. From the lack of staff to guest cleaning rooms in the middle of the night and trash everywhere all day long. From the GM calling me a liar to me proving in pictures how right I was. Then to finally being told I had to take it back to the hotel for compensation. They as the namesake could do nothing. To me that is not customer service. The hotel has a standard to uphold and should not put a family in jeopardy by allowing persons that are not employees to act as such to get some sort of compensation. That makes the guest of that hotel feel insecure. Something should have been done not push us back to the very hotel that calls us liars. Your response was sadly at the end of the day a learning experience to never have family or friends stay at hotels associated with your name as you don’t truly care about your customers.

  • Duwane says:

    I received your Hotel response I regret to say I will never have the opportunity to stay at a hotel associated with hotel Wyndham again. We just retired last year we spent $2,500.00 in hotel stays this year. We plan on traveling over the next ten year health permitting. We stay at ten to fifteen hotel spending on average $150.00 to $200.00 per stay. We will stay at ten plus hotel just driving from are home to Arizona and back each year. I my not be able to stop other people from staying at your hotels but I will never stay at one of your hotels again. I hope you understand.

  • Duwnae Dack says:

    I booked a hotel by Wyndham Days Inn& Suites Niagara Falls Buffalo NY. 2821 Niagara Falls Blvd. Niagara Falls NY 14304 Us. My wife and I were going to celebrate our 45th anniversary in Niagara Falls. We booked this hotel based on location and their web site pictures. After a 2day drive from Minnesota we found the hotel to be run down. The outside stairs were shaky and rusty, generally unsafe. The room they showed us on the second floor smelled like old carpet or mildew and they tried to cover it up with some type of spray. We told them we were not going to stay because of the condition of the room. We were told that they would charge us anyway. The front desk clerk called the manager on the phone and the only option was to stay one night and they would refund the second night. When we received the room bill it was for $228,47 for one night stay. For two night stay we were to be charged $380.78 even with sales tax $10.88 and county tax $5.55 this is not even close to right. When we asked about Wyndham Military discount we were told no-way, they we already getting a discounted room. They were privately owned and don’t need to honor Wyndham policies. We were treated with disrespect and incorrectly charged for the one night we had to stay. Confirmation #83345ECO15390

  • Rick Bender says:

    I’m just going to paste the correspondence between me and La Quinta

    Subject: Fw: Your stay at La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Ft. Pierce

    Rick, boy they really think it’s no big deal. Some simple apology is all they offer. I don’t think I’ll stay there anymore.

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Jommy Joseph
    To: Richard Bender
    Sent: Monday, August 19, 2019, 01:39:12 PM EDT
    Subject: Your stay at La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Ft. Pierce

    Dear Richard,

    Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience at La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Ft. Pierce. I am sorry that your experience did not meet your expectations; please allow me to express my sincerest apologies.

    Your feedback is very important to us, and I am saddened to hear that you encountered this issue during your stay. Please rest assured that we are taking the appropriate measures to address the problem and prevent any future occurrences. Here at La Quinta Inns & Suites, we continuously strive to meet your needs and expectations.

    We appreciate the time you took to share your concerns, and it is our hope that you will give us the opportunity to better serve you in the future.

    Jommy Joseph

    Subject: Fw: Your stay at La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Ft. Pierce

    Rick, boy they really think it’s no big deal. Some simple apology is all they offer. I don’t think I’ll stay there anymore.

    From: Rick Bender
    Sent: Monday, August 26, 2019 11:36 AM
    To: lq6117gm@laquinta.com; Michael Booth
    Subject: bed bugs at Laquinta


    First item wrong email address, why didn’t my address transfer when they transferred my Laquinta rewards number W7263951 to Wyndham rewards,
    My rewards number now is 176398582C my rewards should go to that number my email should be attached as Rebender-nc@hotmail.com Mike was kind enough to forward your response to me. So moving on your response was boiler plate you pulled up another response and did a copy paste. Problems we encountered BED BUGS,I pulled up the cover on the mattress and it looked utterly disgusting for a renovated room. No coffee pot , no frig, lamps didn’t work, no microwave, the morning breakfast was to say the least less than appetizing. Truthfully we should have stayed at a motel 6 we would have probably had a better experience. We’ve stayed at other laquinta’s and had a much better experience we will not stay at this one again.


    Richard Bender

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10
    Subject: Fw: Your stay at La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Ft. Pierce

  • Cheryl Burns says:

    Good Morning,
    I would like to say thank you for a fine staff of people. I learn this summer that LaQuinta and Days Inn are now Wyndham. Well I really want to thank Melissa Labra @ the LaQuinta in Layton, Utah. She was the top of the line customer Service and helped me and my family connect to the Days Inn of West Yellowstone where there was a mix up with our rooms, but the smile on Milehail Green’s face helped relieve the stress he put us at ease and was able to provide the rooms needed. I just really want to thank these people in a special way. They really made our vacation special because that is one busy hotel. I was amazed at how not only did he and Javier Mendoza have great attitudes they treated every customer with great respect.
    Thank you
    please keep workers like them happy they are a great bunch of people.
    Cheryl Burns

  • Vicki Orcutt says:

    I don’t think you want me to share this post with my friends. I will let someone read the actual post vs the automated message that has been sent to me.

  • Vicki Orcutt says:

    I had to attend a family funeral in Ann Arbor Michigan and stayed in your Days Inn by Wyndam – Ann Arbor. I booked 3 rooms for my family (R1586454787, R1586444192, R1586422538) through Getaroom. While I knew a Days Inn was not a 4-star hotel I did not expect a company like Wyndam to associate their name with the property we ended up staying in. There was what appeared to be mold in the bathrooms, wallpaper coming off the walls in the hallways, walls in the room with patchwork. My daughter and her family went to their room and found the door open. The pool was unusable. I get that you get what you pay for but I paid over 100 dollars a night and even had to pay over 200 for one night to keep my family there for one additional night (this was before we arrived). Again as a company do you do any type of quality control before you associated your company with this property? Do you have a scheduled maintenance checks or do you as a company have a set of standards a hotel must meet before you add them to your brand. You know the property is bad when my 10-year old grandson says: “Nana, you know they take the pictures of the hotel when its new.” I had hoped my family and I could have found some peace and a little time at the pool during a difficult time but instead we had the most uncomfortable stay and in fact I left two days early (without getting any reimbursement based on the great price I got (I hope you can hear the sarcasm) I was not able to change the dates. I have already written them about that portion of my experience. Before this experience I associated your name with a quality product at a reasonable cost. That is no longer the case and I will make sure everyone I have an opportunity to tell about this experience is made aware so they do not encounter the same experience. I was stuck and needed rooms for 11 people to attend a funeral and not only did I have to go through that experience I had to spend over 1600.00 dollars for 12 nights of rooms in a place that you felt like you needed to take a shower after leaving. All I can say to you Mr. Brown is shame on you and your entire corporate executive team. You should no better than to misrepresent people with false advertisement and unacceptable conditions. The more I type the madder I get because you are taking advantage of people. Again…shame on you.

  • Gerald Rauwerda says:

    I was a guest at your hotel on August 11, 2019 (Confirmation # 88915EC005740) at the LaQuninta Fort Myers Airport, Ft Myers,FL. and was looking forward to enjoying the hot tub and pool. Once I got to the hot tub, there were 15 young adults and 5 adults in the hot tub. There was pizza and drinks all around the hot tub area which they pretty much took over the whole area. Upon complaining to the front desk, I was told one person at the pool had booked the room and the rest were not guest of the hotel. Pool and hot tub were closed that evening due to unsanitary conditions. I had asked the front desk if I could bring a drink to the pool area in a plastic cup and they said it was allowed in the pool area, but yet , you allow 20 people to disrupt a paid guest hotel services. This is not right! Someone on your staff should be monitoring the pool area or have signs put on the hotel grounds PAID GUEST ONLY in pool area. I have used LaQuinta hotels at different locations in the past and always enjoyed my stay. I felt there was a need to express my disappointment. I have sent this message to the email address at the hotel and have not received a response as yet.
    Gerald Rauwerda

  • Hope Williams says:

    I stayed at the LaQuinta Inn off of I-20 in Longview, TX on 8/10/19.This was the one of the worst and traumatizing stays I have ever had. I have nothing bad to say about the rooms or breakfast or even the clerk when I checked in and out, which was the same person. She was very friendly and did apologize which none of it was her fault at all. The night clerk and hotel manager are the one’s who should be apologizing as the night clerk is the one who gave a key to another guest and the manager doesn’t seem to care about the guest at all. They said the room was empty only to have the another guest walk in and find me and my boyfriend asleep in bed with nothing on but a sheet around us thankfully. It was very traumatizing to be awaken by a stranger staring at you only to find out they gave them the room key and after they left hearing nothing about it. I know that it is partially my fault for not locking the extra lock so I take responsibility for that mistake but what I don’t is the way the whole situation was and is being handled. First not only did the night clerk not make a note of the computer glitch or her error on the situation as the day clerk knew nothing of the incident. Therefore, I asked to speak with the manager and I was told he would be back Monday afternoon. I was given his card and did promptly call Monday afternoon to speak was told sure hold on then she asked my name and after giving it was told they would take a message and he would call me back. I then proceeded to email the manager and as of yet have heard nothing back from the manager. I also filled out a complaint on their website and was given the message a representative would contact me soon but still haven’t heard anything. I will tell you this looks very bad for a hotel to have this happened and then it to be blown off as if oh well when something serious could have happened. I just wish to get a response from anyone an apology or something.

  • 4All Structures says:

    Correction-Watertown not Waterford
    The Super 8 Hotel in Watertown consistently loses our reservation or doesn’t book it under the business name. In the beginning one week it would be one rate and the next week a different rate depending on the person at the front desk. When complaining to the manager he indicated well this is the rate moving forward, which was more than what we were initially billed. One week we are a Gold Member and the next week because of how they book the reservation we are Blue Member. We stay at this hotel every week. There is one worker at the front desk that is consistently crabby, doesn’t know what is going on, and it is getting to be ridiculous. We are ready to take our business elsewhere. How can you not know what is going on when we stay there on a weekly basis? Highly dissatisfied!

  • 4All Structures says:

    The Super 8 Hotel in Waterford consistently loses our reservation or doesn’t book it under the business name. In the beginning one week it would be one rate and the next week a different rate depending on the person at the front desk. When complaining to the manager he indicated well this is the rate moving forward, which was more than what we were initially billed. One week we are a Gold Member and the next week because of how they book the reservation we are Blue Member. We stay at this hotel every week. There is one worker at the front desk that is consistently crabby, doesn’t know what is going on, and it is getting to be ridiculous. We are ready to take our business elsewhere. How can you not know what is going on when we stay there on a weekly basis? Highly dissatisfied!

  • Jim Loomis says:

    Mary Lynn Clark

    Wyndham Vacation Rentals (President)

    Please contact me at 603-224-9710 in regards to two rooms for five day at the Camelot Resort in Myrtle Beach. This is the last time I personally will concact you.

  • CAROL THOMAS says:


  • Suzan Jones and sister Sherry Tolson says:

    addendum: I forgot to mention by noon on Saturday we were so discourage about the pool, we checked out and went to La Quinta who had a beautiful pool and a lovely pool. Krista refunded one day of our stay because we had to relocate.

  • Suzan Jones and sister Sherry Tolson says:

    Friday 7/19/19 we stayed in Days Inn by Wyndham in Hillsboro Tx. We planned a sister weekend just to hang by the pool and relax. Krista (a very lovely lady) at the front desk checked us in and offered options around town to do if we wanted to get out. Since we came just to hang out in the pool we checked in and were extremely disappointed to see that the pool was so nasty and cloudy. Krista said owners were at a hotel conference in Dallas but their son would come late in the evening to work on the pool. Since we could not get in the pool we just ran around town and came back and sat outside and talked. Jodi (another lovely lady) the night clerk came to check on us in the evening and again apologized for the pool being out of order. I have a pool and it looked like it had been backwashed into the pool instead of out. She and Krista tried to make our stay as good as possible without the reason we came. The room left much to be desired with a huge hole in the wall, no phone, very nasty carpet, but since we came just for the pool the room was secondary. This could be a very nice hotel if it were maintained properly and updated and cleaned up. It was featured in the movie Bottle Rocket 1996. It has a nice layout with a huge field behind it where the pool is located. It could be a wonderful place to hang out but the owners seem to be skimping on maintaining it and it is in very bad condition. Wyndham may want to consider making this owner upgrade or take their name off this hotel and not associate with them at all. The ladies at the front were awesome and tried to make things right, but since they do not have a pool maintenance person, they could not help. The owners should address this.

  • Kim Dunlap says:

    I recently stayed at the Days Inn by Wyndham in Myrtle Beach (July 7-9th). I provided the hotel with my Wyndham Membership Number but I didn’t have my card on me, so I had to contact a Wyndham Representative directly.
    The Rep was nice enough to provide me with my number so I could give it to the hotel. I asked Rep if he could mail me another card and he stated he needed to transfer me to another agent that could help me with my request.
    That agent (didn’t get her name) was nice enough to help me and stated that I should receive my card in 4-6 weeks. She also asked if I would be willing to listen to some Wyndham Vacation offers and said it wouldn’t take much time. I agreed and she transferred me to
    Michael a Wyndham vacations Representative down in Orlando Florida. Michael stated that just for listening to the great offers, I would receive 500 points. I listened and I loved what I heard and didn’t know Wyndham has such great vacation offers and the many different locations.
    Michael made me a wonderful offer of 4days,3nights stay that I would have up to a year to use at various locations (like Myrtle Beach) for $199 but unfortunately I was not in position to make the kind of financial obligation. Michael also stated that the package was $199 and I would receive
    A $200 spending money (via card) or I could choose to take it in points. And again, this sounded ideal but I couldn’t commit to that offer, especially while I was already on my mini vacation.
    Michael assured me that I could call back at any time as Wyndham has lots of vacation offers. He also assured me that I would still receive the 500 points for just taking the time to listen to his offers and double check, with me, my Wyndham Members number so he was sure to credit the correct
    Account with the points but when I check my account, it does not show the 500 points promised.

    I called yesterday (7/11/19) and spoke with a nice woman named Jasmine. I asked her about my points from my stay at the Days Inn Wyndham and how come I wasn’t seeing those points for my time and she informed me that it takes about 5 days to post to my account.
    When I asked her about the 500 points I was promised by Michael, she stated that although he stated the conversation was going to recorded for training purpose, she was not seeing the conversation, or where he credited my account with the 500 points and provided me with this email address
    And suggested I send an email about my concerns.
    My account is currently only showing the 3000 Points I have left over from last year and is only showing my stay from last year.

    If anyone could contact me via the below phone numbers or this email or my personal email (I just updated that information) that would be great.
    I just like to know why was I promised 500 points but never received them? Or does that take 5 days as well?

    My Membership number is – 166795985E

  • thomas brown says:

    After a 10 day trip in the Northwest I had booked a room (2 bedroom town house) at the Hawthorn suites in Kent, Washington(SEA-TAC) on July 10, 2019. All went fine at check in (3:30 PM; the desk attendants were helpful and knowledgeable concerning the surrounding area.

    After hauling 40 lb. bags up 1 flight of stairs we began to settle in. The TV in the main room did not function, while the bedroom(2) TV’s did. Upon calling the front desk, I was told that the “server was down” and it would be fixed the next morning. ( I was leaving the next morning by Plane at 5:00 AM).

    There were no hangers in the closet and the shower(tub) had mold in it.

    After supper out, I needed to check in for my July 11 flight with the Airline and decided to use the Hotel’s computer for our boarding passes. I needed help printing and ask the front desk for help and was told “be right with you”. 15 minutes later no help. Went back up to the front desk and ask a different person where my help was? After finishing with her current guest, She came over to the computer and informed me that the printer located at the computer did not work and I would have to EMAIL the printing request to the front desk in order to get my boarding passes.

    Never-the-less, the stay at the Hawthorn was not what I expected for the money charged and I will notify my Travel Agent to not check me into a Wyndham anywhere again.

  • Clyde & Darleen Hogg says:

    We stayed at the Days Inn in Rochester Hills Mi. and it was one of the worse hotel we have stayed at these are some of the problems we had neither the room phone or clock worked, weren’t informed what time breakfast was. the hallway were we were in didn’t feel like it was part of the hotel, the shower was terrible, AC was so loud it keep waking us up, view from our room was a wall, the picture on the Tv keep breaking up, couldn’t reach the front desk about problems no one answered finally found some one from housekeeping to get clean towels & more toilet paper after 4 days. I know I will never stay here again and will never reamend this hotel to anyone. My wife is a reward member that’s why we try to stay in wyndham hotels when we are visiting family in Mi and traveling in the country and this trip staying here has been a total mess.

  • cathern l barnhart says:

    I recently stayed at your hotel La Quinta Inn and Suites in Batavia. It is a beautiful hotel. We stayed July 6th to the 9th. This hotel is pet friendly. Within a hour of being it my room, my allergies started to act up. I am very allergic to pet dander! Figuring I could get a different room I went to the front desk. I was told there that you do not have pacific rooms for animals. That when a pet stays you make sure to do a thorough job cleaning. He laughed and said of course I pick the one hotel that allows pets. I have stayed at other animal friendly hotel and didn’t come across this problem. My brother was with us, who also has allergies. We did go and get medicine. I would wake in the morning with my eyes all messed up and problems breathing. I don’t understand why the hotel doesn’t have certain rooms for pets. You must know people have allergies. Unless you steam clean the rugs and bed people with these allergies will become sick.

  • Ramon Medina says:

    I had an 8am flight from Jacksonville on the 21st of February. Because I live in Crawfordville and did not want to get up at 3am so I book a room at the Travelodge Inn & Suites Wyndham on the 19th for the 20th. My bank account was charge, which to me meant I had a room. When I get there I was told my room was given away, but for $40 more they could give me a room. I could not get my money back for days. I did not want to sleep in the car, after driving around to find a place for the night I had to use all of my travel cash for a higher priced room because my card was tied up by Wyndham. Your policy seem a bit crooked.

  • Rebecca Williams says:

    On Nov 21st my family checked into the Wyndham Days Inn in Arbor Michigan to visit with family for Thanksgiving. The initial room we were given the key cards didn’t work, the 2nd room, the toilet backed up! When contacting the front desk, I was advised to walk down the hall to the public rest room!!! Once I asked what if it’s 2am in the morning I’m to walk down the hall?? Finally, I was give the 3rd room, somewhere between the 2nd & 3rd room, my daughter and I awaken the morning of check out with bug bites! I’ve discarded our clothing and including a brand new coat purchased for this trip due to cold weather in Michigan!! I want to be reimbursed for my clothing and the inconvenience that we have to suffer.

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