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If you are interested in physical fitness, you need a reliable fitness center. World Gym can give you this and more. It is not just about top-notch fitness equipment. The center possess saunas, swimming pools and sports courts.

The reputable gym comes from a passionate bodybuilding and fitness expert. Joe Gold founded the center in 1976. For more than 4 decades, the gym has added a lot to the world of fitness. The center has achieved great success that exceeded the borders of the U.S. There are various branches of this gym in different parts of the world.

In addition to commitment to fitness, the center is offering gym garments. You can take a look at the items online. The atmosphere at this gym is all about motivation, work out passion and being a part of the team. If you are enthusiastic about meditation and yoga, the center provides the right spots.

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  • Abrhim says:

    Hope that boss of World Gym should dismiss John Edward Caraccio.
    World Gym in Taiwan has earned a really bad reputation and most of members and Taiwanese strongly believe that the gym is truly the merchant of Venice.
    Please send some staffs who understand Chinese language to Taiwan and secretly investigate, never lie to your boss who should call back or dismiss his managerial team of liars. Staffs are liars and their boss must be a liar too.
    God does not guide liars and evildoers. Liars will not success.

    Watch this, see how Taiwanese think of the Gym:






    Yours faithfully,
    Abraham Chen

    Card no.104627788 and 082935673
    Member of WG

  • robert says:

    I go to world gym in Brooklyn Ohio i walked by some other member and he wanted to start a fight with me over nothing i told the manager Anthoney and he did not seem to care much i do not feel safe in this gym and i do not under stand why members that want to fight with other members are not kicked out because that is a big rule that is broken .

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