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  • Address: ​8621 East 21st Street North Suite 200, Wichita, KS 67206 United States
  • Phone Number: 844 974 6835
  • Fax Number: ​N/A
  • Email: Contact​​​
  • Number of Employees: 500 to 1000
  • Established: ​2003
  • Founder: ​Jack DeBoer
  • Key People: ​Gary DeLapp

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Are you looking for the best hotel accommodation? Woodspring Hotelswill have your back in this. This hotel is all about giving you a pristine and an affordable room. You can book an in-room kitchen. Such thing allows you to satisfy your passion for cooking. These rooms are equipped for this purpose.

Since 2003, the hotel’s chain has been expanding. There are various branches in different locations. The hotels are open in nearly 30 states. Each hotel of the 256 branches offers nearly 124 rooms. Reports indicate that the overall number of rooms in the entire chain is 30,766.

So, what can you enjoy at this hotel? Well, the facilities are diverse. For example, Guests can use the laundry machines and vending machines. The access is available all day and all nightlong. You can bring your pets to the majority of the branches. Other perks of staying include using internet and parking for free.

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  • Guest says:

    Mendota Heights, MN Woodspring Suites
    So I have been here long enough to witness racism from your staff. I am treated very well but my skin is white and so is all your staff. I have watched the new management consistently be unhelpful, discriminatory, and threatening. To only black folks and people of any color that isn’t plain white. I am appalled by the behavior of a lady named Lisa who just began work here and a lady named Kim who lives here and now is working here. Kim refused to contact the person on duty for a young lady who had already been here for quite awhile. Lady needed to pay for here room and Kim said she doesn’t know how to use the computer and she very sternly told this young mixed lady that SHE WOULD NOT BOTHER TO CONTACT THE OTHER EMPLOYEE WHO COULD HELP HER. It was literally the middle of the afternoon. If she can’t help customers she should not be at that desk talking to anyone. Again I watched another time as Kim held the door for a white man and as she was still in front of the door and still holding the door she sees two African woman coming and she almost let the door go in their faces to step aside and let them through. Why would you hold the door for a white man and not for these woman, because you are a racist Kim. Now Lisa harassed two young people who were also African, Lisa consistently asked this young lady who clearly stated she was a minor for ID. She then proceeded to ask this young lady if she felt safe going into a room with the man she arrived with. She also while holding this man’s ID in her hand began systematically asking him for the info on his ID and she repeated the same questions over and over as if she was a detective looking for him to slip up and give her the wrong info. Well color her racist because the next guy was with a minor but he was white and she literally helped them so fast and she was smiling for the white people. This IS NOT OK AND IT NEEDS TO STOP. I am now going to be recording all of my encounter’s with these two ladies and I will record when I see misconduct and discrimination from your employees. This makes me very sad and angry and it should never be tolerated. Please inform these ladies that their racism shows and they need to check that at the door before clock in time. Because at the end of the day when you are being openly racist and not helping people who need to pay for their stay when you are attempting to kick people out and threatening to do so not everyone is civil enough to leave a message to you guys. Some people get fed up and take matters into their own hands. So please get this resolved asap. I don’t want to be in a building that someone set on fire while me and my family were sleeping because Lisa and Kim were being racist to the wrong person. We have seen the results of racism, and lots of people get hurt in the line of fire. As a business the safety of employees and customers should be priority. Racism causes violence and these ladies know that but they believe they can just kick someone out if they complain about anything because they are of color. It makes me sick to my stomach that because of your employees racism I have to be afraid of some kind of violence erupting where I stay. Racism is wrong and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! When your employees are racist and non caring they put all guests at risk.

  • D says:

    I-35 and Scott Street. North and west entrance doors have been broken for two weeks I’m on the north side so either I have to go to the east door or the front door which is really inconvenience when you have groceries or just dog-tired from work now the first floor isn’t accessible to exit from the elevator you have to get off on the second floor then take 2 flights of stairs to the first floor very very disappointed but on a brighter note the staff here are great they are very polite and friendly and very helpful

  • Ben Cardenas says:

    U charged me for a room and u had no available rooms on 06-06-2021

  • Merlin & Marsha Adams says:

    My mother, who is 100 years old and ready to pass on lives in Fort Wayne. We live in Florida. So I made reservations to stay at Woodspring suites for April 26-May 10 .I needed a inexpensive, clean place to stay so I could spend two or three weeks with my mom. I reserved a room with a Queen bed, sofa ( so we could relax a bit after getting back ) and a full kitchen.
    Upon arrival, after traveling from Florida and being exhausted in mind and body, I was informed we had no room! I was told that the people who were there extended their stay, and was allowed to do so, even though that room was rented to us! It comes to mind that you people do not know the proper definition of “extended stay”! This does not mean that if you are there, you can stay for however long you want, even though that room is rented to some one else! What it really means is, sometimes we need a place to stay for more than a night or two. Thus, extended stay!!!!!!!!!!!
    And while I was trying very hard to wrap that concept around my head, she informed me that my little, old, non shedding dog was going to cost me $200.00 for the stay, plus another $5.00 a night! Why in the Love of God do you need that much ? Especially when you have ONE maid for all four floors, no more than a quick sweep is permitted.
    Finally, they told me they had one room they could rent to us, but, regular full bed, no sofa and it’s a handicapped room. Far cry from what we reserved! They told us there was another person scheduled to check out the next morning and we could have that room after it was cleaned. So, we unloaded lightly with the hope we could move into a room as we had reserved originally the next day. But again, you proved you DO NOT know the definition of extended stay, and let them stay longer instead of letting us have that room! Now our fees are paid with no refund, we are stuck in a crappy handicapped room with no chance of escape!!!!
    So ok, we tried to make the best of it by buying two new pillows ( as ours were flat), a table lamp so we could have some low soft light instead of the flood lights above.
    We looked for our coffee pot, but to no avail because there is none! Also, there is no cups, glasses, utensils, pots, or pans! Tell me, what the hell good is a bare, and I mean bare kitchen? We were told we could buy what we needed at the office! Hell no!
    We had two towels, two wash cloths and a bath mat, and no one told us we needed to turn them in at the office for new ones, until one day we talked to your one and only maid and she kindly told us what to do.
    We were told however where we could walk our dog, nice except the grass and dandelions were so tall we couldn’t even see our small dog. And while we were out back with our dog ,we witnessed transient people working on their cars, sitting on the curbs smoking and God knows what?
    Your office staff is rude and uncaring , with the exception of Jacob and your one and only little maid. Each time I tried to talk with management there was no one available.
    Imagine that?
    I paid $914.00 to spend two weeks in hell, I really feel we need some kind of compensation!!!!!!! NOT more nights at this poor excuse for a hotel.
    We will NEVER stay at any one of your facilities again , and we will spread the word to everyone we know. Do Not Stay THERE, your room won’t be there!


  • Harry potter says:

    I see not 1of the CORPORATE MGRS have said JACKSHIT BACK TO ANY1. A couple days to get ur money back is illegal.much less 20 but if u STAND UP 4 URSELF ON ANY ISSUE…U WILL GET PD CALLED & KICKED OUT or THREATENED & CORPORATE MGMT WILL NOT CHASTISE THE HOTEL MGRS. HAD A WHITE MAN PULL AKNIFE ON ME IN FRONT OF MANY TENANTS & HES STILL HERE & MY TRUCK GOT STOLEN 2DAYS AGO on PROP & THE REDLANDS MGR SAID..OH WELL NOT MY PROB & called me a liar about knife incident & HER NIGHT STAFF ACTUALLY JUMPED IN BETWEEN HIM& I. MGR CALLED ME ALIAR TODAY IN FRONT OF THAT CO WORKER & THREATENED TO PUT ME OUT 4 SAYIN WHAT IF I Hd pulled a knife on him & U have a non violence policy-Would we still hv been allowed to stay? Long pause in front of tenants, “Im dun w this convo & no u cannot extend & u nd to be gone by the 30th. We been with W S FOR 1 1/2yrs w no incidents & NOW tossed out after bein ATTACKED IN FRONT OF STAFF!!! YES SHES WHITE AS IS THE KNIFER. DOES IT MATTER? WGAFF. WRONG IS WRONG.

  • Arnella Parrish says:

    I stayed in one in Merrillville, Indiana. The lady was very rude to my guest when she asked for his ID. To come up to my room. She asked him to leave and had the nerve to say since I couldn’t control my guest I had to leave too. I just had paid for 7 days and only got to stay for 2 days out of my seven days. She called the Merrillville police on us and gave us 20 minutes to pack my things up. I had too much stuff to pack in 20 minutes. I still think I need a refund cause I was using my funds to pay for this room from Red cross cause of I had a house fire. I needed room and board for me and my son. It took me longer then 30 minutes to pack my things up me. She called the police. Before the police left they asked her to give me 30 to get my things. It still took me longer then 30 to get my belongings. I was still was there after 30 cause I had a lot of stuff to move out the room. She said she was going to call the police to have me arrested for trespassing if I was still there. They charge you for towels they don’t come clean your room. They don’t provide the dishes and pans to cook with. You got to take your own trash out. They didn’t want to give me a clean towel when I bought the towel that was in my room and it was dirty. They said something to me about my blinds being up. I would not recommend anybody to stay there if you’re looking for hotel for a extended stay.

  • very concerned says:

    I’ve been staying at the deerfield beach fl location since November 2019 great experience but they have a guest that stays here that is dangerous disrespectful. WHY IS HE STILL ALLOWED TO STAY.MANAGMENT AND THE STAFF HERE IS WONDERFUL SO TAKE PRIDE IN THIS BUSINESS. THROW THE GARBAGE OUT.

  • Maurice Alexander says:

    She was a short brown skinned girl

  • Maurice Alexander says:

    That’s when I redid the reservation for my family member Dejuan Jefferson

  • Maurice Alexander says:

    I have been paying for the room since 7/21/20.At first it was room 209 I was paying for and then switched to 206.

  • Maurice Alexander says:

    Again my name is Maurice Alexander at the Kansas City South location

  • Maurice Alexander says:

    I also would like a refund on this from the dissatisfaction and the comments she made to me as far as what I never paid.i thought it was rude and very unprofessional

  • Maurice Alexander says:

    Hi my name is Maurice Alexander and I have been doing reservations at the hotel at the Kansas City South location.the girl that was doing my reservation was telling me what I ain’t never paid for a room.i xplained to her I thought it was 65.00.She told me what I ain’t never paid and this is with tax and it will be 88.49.I then asked her can I go online and get it for cheaper.i went online and got the reservation on today 7/26/20 for 75.45.I then went back in the hotel and showed her my reservation.She told me that I still didn’t save anything and it will be 88.49.She then looked at the reservation and said ok it will be 76.95.I went ahead and paid for the room.She was very rude and I thought that was very unprofessional.If you have any questions in regards to this matter my number is 8168745680.Again it was at the Kansas City South location on 11301 Colorado Ave.Phone number there is 816-761-4545.The girl did not have a name tag on.It was 11:30 today 7/26/20 when this happened.I have been doing the reservation for my family member Dejuan Jefferson.He was going to check out today at 11am but we were paying for another day for the hotel.i told her I am going to put more money on my card so I can do another day and that I will be right back,this was at 11:30.I went up to the store to put money on the card.Dejauan Jefferson which is the family member in paying the room for calls me and tells me she turned the key off and he could not get back into his room.He stood outside in 100 degree weather waiting for me to get back.i show up 10 minutes later and paid for the room he was already in which was room number 206.She was very rude and snobby and thought that corporate should know about this.

  • Kimberly Evans says:

    Im staying here 375 Hucthinson Ave Cols Ohio am NOT Satisfied with the treatment I’ve received since I’ve been here room. was dirty that I had to clean myself noisy loud neighbors walking over my head all hours of the night , loud music that finally was turn off woman getting beaten I would like my money back I’ve had enough mind you I have to get up and go to work left to try and find another place to stay came back no over cover or under cover no blanket on the bed pillows up side down at the bottom of the bed called and called no answer finally got a hold of the lady at the front desk brought one top cover and bottom one for the bed only I can go on and on just give me my money back refund .

  • Kimberly Evans says:

    I’ve been here at 375 Hucthinson ave Columbus Ohio for 29 days because me and my son been living in my car I have given all my savings to have a place for me and my son to stay I came in on the GM special on the beginning on June 2020 that lasted 2weeks my first payment 389+ second payment the same – one day because the room was dirty, and I had to clean it myself now am told the GM special is over the 3 week so I have to pay the full amount 427+ and I left and stay in my car to try and get a cheaper rate through book.com only to cancel because the booking was wrong, came back the next day only to be told you have to start your 30 days over you want get the tax break , you have to pay the full amount and start all over from the beginning mind you am homeless where is the MERCY of GOD,Who is out there that can HELP me I work just to give my whole pay check to stay here and pay all of this money every week all I ask the manager for a break and for an affordable discount my Name is MS Kim am here at your Woodsprings Hotel at 375 Hucthinson Ave Cols Ohio can you please HELP us out! All the money I’ve pay to stay here this is going on the 4 week.

  • Kenneth Griffin says:

    I checked into the Tampa Brandon WoodSpring Suites on Monday, 3/16/2020. I had booked for a week with a rate of $78.72 a night plus tax which came to $85.86 a night. I found out on 3/17/2020 that part of the job we were doing was canceled. I told the front desk what was going on and that I would be checking out on 3/20. Instead of giving me a refund on my bill, they changed the rates of each night I stayed. 3/16 & 3/17 were charged $85.86 a night plus $1.44 linen service, 3/18 charge was $137.39, 3/19 was $137.39 and 3/20 charge was $171.84. I was given a Late Fee Discount of $10.02 back on my credit card. I asked several times after checking out why my rates were so high and never got a response. This is one reason why I will never stay at another WoodSpring Suites. No where on the net can you go to and file a complaint with the home office.

  • Chelesa rivers says:

    Hi, you a car in Texas that has been stalking in Irving, Texas it is a gray Honda Accord and this has been stalking this area.

  • Melissa Goodner says:

    I have been a Woodsprings resident for quite some time now and never ever have I been treated like Im not important. I went to the front desk and as usual no one was in the office. So I called the 500 # to get someone in the office. I explained that my toilet seat is completely broke off and that I need a replacement. The man in the office said there was nothing he could do. Well for 1 he could have taken a toilet seat from another room that isn’t occupied, secondly he could have put us in another room until tomorrow but he chose to say there was nothing he could do. I asked for him to call manager he wouldn’t then I asked for Corporate# he said he didn’t have it. So i went to my room grabbed the clean toilet seat and took it to him and placed it rigjt in front of him he laughed said I broke a rule while playing on his phone then threatened to call the cops on me for being rude. At around 7:30 pm he calls my room and tells my common law husband that I broke 2 rules one was for bringing the seat down to him and the second one was because I told a customer that was waiting in the lobby area that it might take a while because the clerk isn’t in the office. This place is wonderful but 2 of the four employees that work the front desk are very rude to certain customers. All I wanted as a long term customer/resident was a toilet seat replacement but instead I have to use the bathroom standing up or go to a convenient store just to potty. Between him allowing my smoke alarm to continuously go off in the middle of the night all night long, and now this Im deeply hurt by this.

  • Belinda Bailey says:

    I wan my refund you are nothing but a RUDE, NASTY LOW RATED MOTEL AND SCAMMERS

  • Guest says:

    Woodsprings Tallahassee East is filthy and the staff will charge your card without authorization. Fraud!!! DO NOT STAY

  • Kenneth R Campbell says:

    Stay the in Lebanon tn need to know if the prower is back on .

  • Jacqui says:

    The Woodsprings Suites in Daytona Beach by the Speedway is downright disgusting. We picked this hotel for an event we were attending based on its price of $140. Next year when we return, we will gladly pay double/triple that for the nice hotels down the street. It looks beautiful from the outside but beware. Both beds had stains on the sheets, pillows and mattresses. I had to use a lint roller and roll my bed 3 times to get the hair off of them (pet or pubic, I’m unsure?) Our towels had blood stains on them as well. I took photos but don’t see where I can post them. We would have booked elsewhere but everything was booked up. Hotel staff were also unprofessional. Please, please do not stay here!

  • E.Christian says:

    We are staying at the Murfreesboro location. The entire 3rd floor smells of marijuana & the heat does not work in our room. Can’t call the front desk to make a complaint, only option is to leave a voice message for a return call when we get ready to leave.

    • Belinda Bailey says:

      They all are alike, Nasty and a big scam????

    • Anonymous says:

      The new one here in Indianapolis On Kentucky ave. is like that the second and third floor and you can even smell it in the elevator the front desk knows about it. One of the maintenance men I think it is was outside in the parking lot last night smoking a joint and all the ankle monitors oh my god there has to be at least eight of them here.

  • Phillip Williams says:

    I am currently staying at WoodSprings Suites in Waco, Texas. I was watching tv today when someone knocked on my door 2 knocks. Before I could get up and answer the door some man opens the door and walks in to my shock and amazement. He says he is checking my carpet and that it will be changed next week. I asked him why he just walked in and he said he knocked I yes you did but you didn’t give me time to answer the door. THIS AN INVASION OF MY PRIVACY. What if I had been in the middle of something personal. The man didn’t seem concerned that he had violated my privacy it was like he just didn’t give a shit. I called the office and talked to the manager Anthony and he said he would talk to the person and that the person was from corporate headquarters. I could not find a phone number for the headquarters so this is my only recourse. Maybe somebody will read this and something will be done about this matter.

  • Linda K Laney says:

    My husband had a reservation at the WoodSpring Suites @ 3350 N. Chestnut St , Colorado Springs.
    He checked in and found the security door broken, no utensils , no pillows and dogs barking constantly. He received no answers or resolutions to the problem and checked out. He was told by the woman that checked him out that he would not be charged. Well, he was charged for a weeks stay, and several conversations with the manager, stating he approved a refund, to this day two and a half months later, there has been no refund. All he does is give lip service and now ill not take or return calls. Five hundred thirty six dollars for a couple of hours, after being told they would not charge you & now not refunding the money after stating it as being refunded is just bad business. Who in the world do you talk to and who is in charge of the people running this hotel?

    • Belinda says:

      I same happen to me only I was charged for 28 days and was put out because the woman at the first desk was a smart but. was only there 3 days.

  • Theresa Good says:

    My son and his husband booked a room at the 1 in Florence Kentucky on Cavalier for an undetermined about of time as he and his husband had just moved to Kentucky and hadn’t found an apartment yet.They had been there over a week and had asked for some clean towels and sheets.Well that’s when the trouble started.My son was told if he wanted clean linens then he was to go to his room and get the dirty 1s bring them down and then he would get clean 1s.Then there was a problem with the wifi that I guess you pay extra for.Finally my son had had enough and he got kind of rude with them and they asked him to leave so he went to get his stuff and they had locked him out.He proceeded to try and find a new place to stay and finally found 1 but when he called about his stuff in his room at this hotel he was told he had 30 mins to get his stuff out or they would call the police to throw it out.My son doesn’t have a car so he could only take what he could as he was walking.My husband called and talked to a very rude woman who stated she was the GM and he asked her if my son or us could keep the next day to get the rest of his stuff and she flatly refused.She said we had 30 mins and we live 150 miles away.She finally stated that the problem was to my son that she didn’t like nor approve of his lifestyle.I didn’t know that was any of her business but she didn’t have a problem with taking his money for the 9 days he was there.This Gm is a very very rude person.We had asked her to please let us come get his stuff today as he was in a strange city and was walking but still the answer was no.Never stay here.Especially if you are a gay couple.

    • Belinda says:

      all these motel are alike, my daughter and her husband stayed at Woodspring in TX, paid for 28 days, the woman at the front desk was a smart butt, she nit pick over everything, finally they told her what they thought and she put them out. after 3 days, and was changed for 28.

    • Belinda Bailey says:

      That sounds about what happen to my daughter in Austin TX. The woman at ground desk was very rude. So my daughter’s husband got rude back, so they had to leave also, after paying for 28 days and only stayed for 2-1/2, with no refund, which the manager said he would fix, but couldn’t because I disputed the charges. Then almost 3 months later after me calling and sending emails after emails he tell me he’s not giving me a refund lying piece of crap. I hope they all go bankrupt

  • Candace Lewis says:

    Absolutely the worse hotel I’ve ever stayed with. I was there for one night and I almost would have rather slept in my car. I arrived at the hotel and nobody was at the desk so I called the phone only to have it ring about 20 times before hanging up. Finally, someone came to check me in. The check-in process is very outdated and not very safe, as they take a copy of your id and just leave it sitting on the desk in a pile of papers. While getting checked in, I noticed lots of construction workers but also some not so savory guests. None the less, it was for one night. I got my room key and proceeded to the elevator. The hallways were smelly and dirty and trash was all over the elevator. There were kids running up and down the halls screaming and nobody seemed to notice but me. I had been traveling all night and just wanted to shower and sleep. The room was spacious, new and clean. I unpacked and took a shower and sat in the chair to watch tv. All of a sudden I heard this loud banging and thought someone was knocking on my door so I jumped up only to realize it was coming from the room above me. The lady was screaming for someone to open the door. This went on for about 10 minutes. That was only the beginning. All throughout the night there was loud yelling, kids screaming and crying and doors slamming. After being jolted out of my sleep around midnight, I sat up in bed and decided to watch a little tv before falling back to sleep. After about 15 minutes, the tv went out and said that the signal was lost. I said oh well and just went back to sleep. I awoke at 4:00 to get ready to shower, dress and leave and turned on the tv to get the news and weather. Well the tv was still not working. I contacted the front desk but received a call center instead telling me that there was nothing that they could do and wait until 7:00 when someone would be in to start their shift. I got dressed and left and vowed to never stay there again. This has been the worse experience that I’ve had in a long time at a hotel. A Very Dissatisfied Customer.

  • Isabel Temple says:

    worst ever booked may 23rd for may 29th for sure request NON-smoking room first floor Got stuck on the 3rd floor smoking I was told they would move me Never happened was told first or second floor were non smoking I kept asking everyday at different times towards the end very rude I had stayed there before had no problem this stay was a horrible experience this location was joe battle location in el paso tx 5/29 – 6/5 2019

  • Thomas Gray says:

    Yeah I’m staying at your Norman location located off I-35 and I have no idea what the hell is wrong with your hotel manager, but she came to my room one night complaining of marijuana smells coming from the vent, the supposedly came from MY ROOM!! I don’t even smoke marijuana!!!!!! She told me if she got another complaint about it ( didn’t even know about the first one) she said she’d kick us out. And she even came in to check the room to make sure I wasn’t “smoking pot”. And then just last night 4/3/19 at 10:40 ish PM. She had her daughter posted up on the corner of the building watching me and my family! And then as soon as she saw me and my family she takes off running?! I’ve stayed here before and never had this problem, YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS I’m calling corporate on Monday.

  • Tracy Watson says:

    this hotel has been the worst stay of my life . i checked in with my 2 kids and the horror started my son used the restroom and the toilet would not flush and over flowed i had to use the towels to clean it up call for help no one came they stated they was looking for a plunger never found one till the next evening so we had no restroom to use for 2 days of our stay with feces in the toilet and no towels untill sunday night so again was not able to take a bath are for 2 days the staff has been rude i ask about a refund they refused . This is unsanitized living also inhumane as a mother you never want to expose your children to these type of living arrangements it’s hurtful , heart breaking and hard to explain to children , I need answer this is a rip off im not stoping untill i’m heard you have to take out your own trash the room and building is nasty dogs are not on a leash help me please no room service no iron, no coffe pot nothing but a bed …

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