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  • Address: ​8621 East 21st Street North Suite 200, Wichita, KS 67206 United States
  • Phone Number: 844 974 6835
  • Fax Number: ​N/A
  • Email: Contact​​​
  • Number of Employees: 500 to 1000
  • Established: ​2003
  • Founder: ​Jack DeBoer
  • Key People: ​Gary DeLapp

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  • Theresa Good says:

    My son and his husband booked a room at the 1 in Florence Kentucky on Cavalier for an undetermined about of time as he and his husband had just moved to Kentucky and hadn’t found an apartment yet.They had been there over a week and had asked for some clean towels and sheets.Well that’s when the trouble started.My son was told if he wanted clean linens then he was to go to his room and get the dirty 1s bring them down and then he would get clean 1s.Then there was a problem with the wifi that I guess you pay extra for.Finally my son had had enough and he got kind of rude with them and they asked him to leave so he went to get his stuff and they had locked him out.He proceeded to try and find a new place to stay and finally found 1 but when he called about his stuff in his room at this hotel he was told he had 30 mins to get his stuff out or they would call the police to throw it out.My son doesn’t have a car so he could only take what he could as he was walking.My husband called and talked to a very rude woman who stated she was the GM and he asked her if my son or us could keep the next day to get the rest of his stuff and she flatly refused.She said we had 30 mins and we live 150 miles away.She finally stated that the problem was to my son that she didn’t like nor approve of his lifestyle.I didn’t know that was any of her business but she didn’t have a problem with taking his money for the 9 days he was there.This Gm is a very very rude person.We had asked her to please let us come get his stuff today as he was in a strange city and was walking but still the answer was no.Never stay here.Especially if you are a gay couple.

  • Candace Lewis says:

    Absolutely the worse hotel I’ve ever stayed with. I was there for one night and I almost would have rather slept in my car. I arrived at the hotel and nobody was at the desk so I called the phone only to have it ring about 20 times before hanging up. Finally, someone came to check me in. The check-in process is very outdated and not very safe, as they take a copy of your id and just leave it sitting on the desk in a pile of papers. While getting checked in, I noticed lots of construction workers but also some not so savory guests. None the less, it was for one night. I got my room key and proceeded to the elevator. The hallways were smelly and dirty and trash was all over the elevator. There were kids running up and down the halls screaming and nobody seemed to notice but me. I had been traveling all night and just wanted to shower and sleep. The room was spacious, new and clean. I unpacked and took a shower and sat in the chair to watch tv. All of a sudden I heard this loud banging and thought someone was knocking on my door so I jumped up only to realize it was coming from the room above me. The lady was screaming for someone to open the door. This went on for about 10 minutes. That was only the beginning. All throughout the night there was loud yelling, kids screaming and crying and doors slamming. After being jolted out of my sleep around midnight, I sat up in bed and decided to watch a little tv before falling back to sleep. After about 15 minutes, the tv went out and said that the signal was lost. I said oh well and just went back to sleep. I awoke at 4:00 to get ready to shower, dress and leave and turned on the tv to get the news and weather. Well the tv was still not working. I contacted the front desk but received a call center instead telling me that there was nothing that they could do and wait until 7:00 when someone would be in to start their shift. I got dressed and left and vowed to never stay there again. This has been the worse experience that I’ve had in a long time at a hotel. A Very Dissatisfied Customer.

  • Isabel Temple says:

    worst ever booked may 23rd for may 29th for sure request NON-smoking room first floor Got stuck on the 3rd floor smoking I was told they would move me Never happened was told first or second floor were non smoking I kept asking everyday at different times towards the end very rude I had stayed there before had no problem this stay was a horrible experience this location was joe battle location in el paso tx 5/29 – 6/5 2019

  • Thomas Gray says:

    Yeah I’m staying at your Norman location located off I-35 and I have no idea what the hell is wrong with your hotel manager, but she came to my room one night complaining of marijuana smells coming from the vent, the supposedly came from MY ROOM!! I don’t even smoke marijuana!!!!!! She told me if she got another complaint about it ( didn’t even know about the first one) she said she’d kick us out. And she even came in to check the room to make sure I wasn’t “smoking pot”. And then just last night 4/3/19 at 10:40 ish PM. She had her daughter posted up on the corner of the building watching me and my family! And then as soon as she saw me and my family she takes off running?! I’ve stayed here before and never had this problem, YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS I’m calling corporate on Monday.

  • Tracy Watson says:

    this hotel has been the worst stay of my life . i checked in with my 2 kids and the horror started my son used the restroom and the toilet would not flush and over flowed i had to use the towels to clean it up call for help no one came they stated they was looking for a plunger never found one till the next evening so we had no restroom to use for 2 days of our stay with feces in the toilet and no towels untill sunday night so again was not able to take a bath are for 2 days the staff has been rude i ask about a refund they refused . This is unsanitized living also inhumane as a mother you never want to expose your children to these type of living arrangements it’s hurtful , heart breaking and hard to explain to children , I need answer this is a rip off im not stoping untill i’m heard you have to take out your own trash the room and building is nasty dogs are not on a leash help me please no room service no iron, no coffe pot nothing but a bed …

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