Where is Winn Dixie Corporate office Headquarters

Winn Dixie Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5050 Edgewood Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32254, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 904-783-5000
  • Fax Number: 904-783-5235
  • Email: customerservice@winsupplyinc.com
  • Number of Employees: 41000
  • Founder: Artemus Darius Davis, Milton Austin Davis, James Elsworth Davis, William Milton Davis, Tine Wayne Davis
  • Key People: R. Randall Onstead Jr.

Winn Dixie Headquarters Location & Directions

Winn Dixie Headquarters Executive Team



R. Randall Onstead Jr.

Chief Executive Officer and President

Bennett L. Nussbaum

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Shawn Sloan

Vice President of Operations

D. Michael Byrum

Chief Accounting Officer, Vice President and Corporate Controller

Timothy L. Williams

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretay

About Winn Dixie, History and Headquarters Information


Winn Dixie was founded in the year 1925. The company has been operational for 94 years now. The company has its origins in the year 1914, when it was founded by William Milton Davis and also his sons in Burley, Idaho, United States. The founder of the company also bought a general store and renamed it to Davis Mercantile. Then in the year 1925, the founder of the company was responsible for purchasing the Rockmoor Grocery.

By the year 1933, there were more than 33 additional stores that were opened as well. The same year, the founder of the company passed away. Then in the year 1939, the founder's sons had taken over 51 per cent of the company, and the company's name was changed to Winn Lovett. In the year 1952, the company became a public limited company. But, in the year 2005, the company became bankrupt, and almost 300 stores were closed.  Then in 2011, the company was purchased by BI-LO. As of the year 2019, there is some more store location that has been closed down as well, due to low revenue numbers, including in places like Florida, Georgia, Carolina, etcetera. The headquarters of the company is based in 5050 Edgewood Ct. The name of the place is Jacksonville, while the name of the state is Florida, United States. The pin code of the area is 32254.


Winn Dixie is an American company that is focused on providing groceries and supermarket items via its retail stores to its customers. The current president and CEO of the company are Anthony Hucker. As of the year 2014, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $10 billion. Also, the current number of employees working at the company is more than 41,000. The company was also ranked in the 24th place among the top 75 spots for American food retailers, in the year 2010. Currently, the company has around 495 stores under its name.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence to shop for various kinds of food and everyday grocery items, which include bakery, dairy items, frozen foods, meat, general merchandise, pharmacy. Seafood. Liquor, etcetera.

Winn Dixie Headquarters Photos

  • Bertin says:

    Good afternoon. I am writing to you to let you know how disappointed I am. I returned to work at Winn Dixie 1504 after 5 years of taking a break.When I returned there part time I hired on at the front end as a cashier. I use to do GM. I see now why people won’t stay there. You should walk in some late nights and see what is going on. Your people at the service desk leaned on the counter and never bother to help. Usually on there phone. They don’t back up the lines or help. Other cashiers sitting on the bagging area. Even your self checkout people sit down. I turned around one evening and one cashier that was being trained was eating a container of sushi in front of customers. That’s rude and embarrassing. Too much favoritism and the schedule is a lot to be desired. Just pop in unannounced during the week around 8:30 or so and see the service desk leaning on the counter. I was told before I went back it had changed alot but was not expecting what I got. No teamwork and the store is dirty. Go see sometime and look at the checkout lanes. The guy that does the floor is terrible at what he does. One evening I went in for my shift and two of the four toilets had feces all over and it smelled bad and no paper towels. And when I mentioned it to the girls running the front end they say it’s been that way all day the guy didn’t work. They did nothing about it nor did they care. They have no pride where they work. They made it hard to come in there and work. And the man that complained, the one who is a retired judge, is a very rude man. I was told after you came up there and screamed at Deana we were to give him whatever he wanted. No confidentiality as you can see in there at all. You go to management about something and it’s all over the store. That’s how I know you came in there and screamed at them and made Deana cry. All over the store. I was the one trying to help that man. The service desk people sure won’t do it. So I will no longer be going to work there especially after I saw my latest schedule on top of everything else. Just thought you would like to know.

  • Lucky Hicks says:

    To Mr Randall Onstead. I met you many years ago in Houston where you ran some very nice stores of which I competed with as a member of Kroger.
    My message today is very simple. My wife and I retired to Bonita Springs Florida and we would shop at the Winn Dixie here, of course it closed. Then we found a WD in Naples, 35 minutes from home.
    My point in sending this message. I had said to my wife if our store was as well conditioned as Naples it would have never closed. Today our experience would suggest the Naples store will be closing sooner than later. Conditions for two weeks straight were totally unacceptable. Produce unacceptable, DELI CLOSED at 3:30, meat department, a destination OK.
    I write to your not as a critic but someone just hoping the ship gets righted. Operation team is simply ruining this store.
    Location of this store is Mission Hills Drive.
    Thanks and best to you and the team. I am aware of the challenges in retail today so GOOD LUCK.

  • Donna says:

    I shop at the Winn-Dixie in Sebring Florida and the customer service there is terrible. The deli personnel has an older lady who is very nasty to customers and acts like you are a bother to her. She never wants to slice your needs the way you want it she does not listen to you and they let you stand there for 5 to 10 minutes without even acknowledging you. They look at you but they don’t acknowledge you. I went in there on February 20th for the buy one get one tastykakes and I was charged for one of them at regular price did not give them to me at buy one get one was told not all of them were included. The sign and the flyer had no mention of selected items it just said tasty cakes buy one get one. When I took it to the customer service desk the girl was very nasty about it. She informed me that there are signs specifying which ones. But the main sign only said tasty cakes no specific ones. I go out of my way to go into Avon Park to shop unless I’m short for time and I need to run in for one thing then I will go there otherwise I go out of my way to another store. Customer service is what makes a business this Winn-Dixie does not have customer service.

  • Von says:

    For the third time in the past 4 months I didn’t receive my order from Winn Dixie website and they don’t care one single bit. So since I am disabled and unable to get to the store I will be hanging this over to my Attorney

  • John Schiffer.. .. . says:

    I’m writing you a letter


    I have just started using WD Pharm. Eric a pharmacist who was on duty at the The Village on Burnsed Rd. came to the window & angerly said-you never checked auto refill. I told him I ordered it on line & it said pick up tomorrow. “Well it is not ready. You need to check auto refill in the future.” He gruffly asked me what the drug was & I told him I would pick it up tomorrow. The next day was not any better. “I only have 9 of the poss. 27 the script calls for.” “Do not know what happened to the other 18.” I told him fine-just give me the 9. He could just be having a bad day, but if this is his personality he has no business talking to customers.
    Having been an RN for 30 years in surgical dept. I know a thing or two about talking politely. I did check the site & could not find the autofill button.

  • Ms. Johnson says:

    I frequent store #203 in zip code 33009, not because of the service, but because it’s the only one in the neighborhood that I am aware. So, on September 16, 2022 at 6:23pm there was one register opened and the Customer Service area which I stood in line for approximately 20 minutes waiting to be serviced by two not so adequately trained young ladies. They were so confused and going back and forth trying to figure out whatever they were doing. The line grew and grew, finally a male manager appeared from the back and proceeded to stand there until he saw my frustration as I took a photograph of the management team whose photos are on the wall. However, he finally acknowledged the need to open another register and prioritize the customer’s needs. Three years ago this store was amazing to shop in, but now it’s frustrating and the customer service is awful; especially when the staff seem NOT well-trained nor supervised. Winn Dixie may or may not make the necessary custom service adjustments through your staff and management but please at least act like you all give a dam. My apologies for the last few words, however, a bit necessary. My cashier’s name is Cheryl, according to my receipt.

    Thank you,
    Ms. Johnson

  • Sharon H Godwin says:

    Winn Dixie Store: 99 Eglin Pkwy, Fort Walton Beach Fl, store #0566002101
    Storer Manager: ALBERTO
    Cashier: Ashleigh

    On several occasions when shopping at this location Ashleigh has called me a “nigger” very softly when I enter the store. I will not accept this behavior. I wear a police body camera and I have her recorded. I reported this to the store assistant manager on duty that day. 09/03/22 at 4:11 p.m.

    The store manager, Alberto also has been doing some racial profiling on me. I am a White-Native American and I will not tolerate this behavior.

    I was having a friendly conversation with a white customer on the way the world is changing and all the threats that China is presenting to the United States. After our conversation Alberto followed the customer and asked her if she was ok with me speaking with her. She was upset that the store manager felt the need to interfere with our conversation and she sought me out in the store to tell me about the intrusion from Alberto.

    Racial profiling is a crime and Walmart has just recently had to pay out 4.5 million to a White-Afro American male.

    I had in the past always liked Winn Dixie, but my opinion is Changing! I know that Winn Dixie is owned by Southeastern Grocers. I thought Winn Dixie and Safeway were the same. However, I see Safeway is owned by Albertsons Companies. My husband is a White-Jewish American and if we ever hear the word “nigger” again we will pursue legal action for racial profiling!

  • J. Joseph says:

    Today Aug. 20, 2022 , At the WinnDixie In Zachary, LA 70791 my worse experience at any store. The Cashier named Heaven, who rung up both my wife and I, had the most disrespectful and disgusting attitude I’ve ever encountered in any retail chain. Our shopping experience was quite pleasing. We got everything we came for, but for our products to be thrown carelessly into the bagging station with total disrespect is unacceptable. I work retail so I am sympathetic to the demands of the job, but I am also huge on customer service and that was poor service to say the least.

  • robin greulich says:

    HELLO, my name is Robin I want to tell you that on 8/5/2022 my husband and I went to buy grocersat our winn Dixie,we spent $373.75 got home and was putting sutff away we had bought a bag of chicken leg quarters,my husband opened the bag and the smell was horrible!!!! they were so spoiled almost made me sick. I returned them to the store and was ask if i wanted my money back or a new bag. i went to get another bag but again the smell was horrific even in the meat case.the manager came back and i had him smell ,and as soon as he got closer he could smell the bad order. i told him he should take all these out and discard them.Iwas given my money back,but was very disapointed in your product this was not the first time this has happened but i wanted to tell somesoneso they can fix the problem.We live in between winn dixie and publix and would like to continue to shop at your store but afaid to buy meat and poultry. thank you so much. my address is 2116 brewster dr deltona fl. the store is on howland blvd,deltona fl

  • Pam says:

    I live in Hattiesburg, MS and shop at our local Winn Dixie. There is a wrecked vehicle in the parking lot for at least 5 month, maybe longer. I can only assume it’s abandoned. Regardless, it’s an eye sore to say the least. Weeds are growing up around it. I can’t imagine why it’s still sitting there. It’s one of the first things
    you see when pulling into the parking lot. Looks like the beginnings of a junk yard. I wouldn’t want that as
    a first impression if it were my business.

  • Brittany says:

    This information is out of date, the email is no longer valid.

  • Alma Felix says:

    I have a complaint, I will be calling Headquarters on Tuesday – 6/5/22. Reference to pricing.

  • Sharon says:

    Winn dixie Montgomery Alabama and weptumpa al both stores i brought crab legs and the crab legs didn’t have any meat in them 100,s of dollars wasted they shouldnt be up for sale if winn Dixie want to sell garage I’m not going to shop there anymore and ill let all my friends know not to shop there..

  • Cheryl says:

    The employees at store on Cypress Lake Dr and US 41 in Ft Myers, FL are the best…kind, courteous and helpful. Thank you

  • Cindy Buie says:

    I do not like checking out at a self check out. This morning while shopping in WD at 1151 Ross Clark Cir, Dothan AL I had no options. I saw two workers and they were over at the self checkout helping other customers that apparently aren’t self checkout savy either. If this becomes a habit that WD continues I’ll start shopping at Publix.

  • Beverly Cooley says:

    All those lines at corporate. No one answers at 9:30 in morning, what is going in. Tried all extensions over a week, no one answers. HR forget it. No one picks up.

  • Dana says:

    Today, 5/10, around 8:15am I brought a prescription to the Pharmacy at Snow and Airport, in Mobile, AL. I told the employee that I was going to grocery shop and asked how long it would take to fill. She was rude and told me an hour we just opened. There was no one in line or in the pharmacy area. So shopped and then left and in about 2 hours later we called to pay for it over the phone and was going to pick it up on our way back.

    My husband had just had surgery was in the car so we were trying to make it easier. 15 minutes later we arrive at the store still on hold. I go inside and there were three pharmacy employees and no customers and they still had us on hold. I told them I could see that they were very busy and couldn’t get back to us on the phone. The lady in the pony tail made a big smirk and nodded her head and yes we are, and so did the other young girl Krissy. After further confrontation, I told them that we could just move all our prescriptions to another pharmacy with service like this and they seemed delighted and encouraged us to do so.

    The prescription that I brought in at 8am was still not ready for pickup and the pharmacist asked if I wanted her to “fix it” or “take it”. At first, I had no idea what she was saying then I realized it wasn’t done yet. I told her I wanted it filled so I waited while they helped other customers. When I came to check out I had a problem with the machine and Krissy said you didn’t follow instructions! WHAT! This is very rude service and we have been going there for years. There are many places to go for sure but most people prefer to use their community store for “convenience” and to support them. Well with service like this I can’t personally continue to use them. You should try to be customer service oriented especially to regular long time customers. There is going to be a real shakeup when Publix’s open soon. If you can’t stand out with good customer service, people will move their prescriptions and will shop somewhere else especially when a Publix opens down the street and Winn Dixie by far has probably the most highest prices in the area.

    I don’t understand customer service like this. It use to be that people would use the pharmacy in the store while they shopped. What happened to this type of service? Why then do you even have a pharmacy located it in a grocery store? Convenience, yes…fill you prescriptions while you shop, sounds like a good idea. What happened to this service???

  • Catherine Copertino says:

    Recently shopped at my Winn Dixie in Sebastian. The girl at the deli counter not only was rude with an attitude, it was an effort for her to listen to me requesting paper between the slices which by the wat she did not do!

  • Ronald Stewart says:

    We’ll, here we go again…just bought chicken thighs and paid for 1 and 1/4 lbs of packaging.

    I know business is tough all around, but cheating your customers on 22.5% of meat price is crazy.

    I’ve privately written to corporate in the past, I’ll now be public about it.

  • Michelle K Watkins says:

    Do not use the pharmacy location at 1520 university Blvd west, Jacksonville Florida. If you have any issues with them and complain, the corporate office never addresses it. The complaint is sent right back to the people who are causing the problem. I have sent several complaints and it has now carried over to my medications not being called into my physician. I have confirmed that my medications never were sent to my doctor by her office. At least other companies try to act like they give a damn. Now it’s turned into what has the appearance of retaliation. I will be transferring my medications as soon as I see my doctor and sign a new pharmacy agreement.

  • David says:

    Employees DNA all over my groceries sneezing fits.. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I have called the customer service line and cannot seem to get anyone that speaks clear and fluent English..

  • Robert Weber says:

    The manager at the W.D. liquor in Dunnellon Fl. 34432 is a very rude person and she needs training . I can not buy cash pop because she does not know how to print them therefor she can not teach her workers. And I asked her for some and very rude person !!!!!!!

  • Gregory fuller says:

    I feel Winn Dixie is the worst store I’ve ever shopped in the employees are nasty think they are better than me will never walk in there stores again

  • Altagracia says:

    To whom is my concern this is about an complaint that l want to make to the store in 2960 Curry Ford rd . Orlando FL 32806.this is regarding the manager of that store Melissa de Leon and other employees my number is 321-424-8363 .thank you

  • Theresa Carvello says:

    Why do workers have to wear masks? Its very hard to breathe & not healthy. Shoppers do not have to wear them, why should we? This is still a free country, we should have a choice.

  • Mary L Kaminski says:

    Thank you for fixing the problem….

  • Mary L Kaminski says:

    When I called nobody’s picking up the phone…..About running a scamming business with Bonus rewards…Here is the Number Winn-Dixie gave me to call 8447450463 the Man couldn’t speak English ….

  • Mary L Kaminski says:

    Winn Dixie is scamming shoppers by not giving them rewards points also the Market give me a number to call about my points 844 745 0463 I should have about $15.00 dollars in rewards but I only have $4.50 .I went shopping this week and last week spend over two hundred dollars last week this week $170.00 last week Deal of the week and this week Deal of the week Guacamole didn’t receive any points for last week and this week …My phone number is 727 5145835 ….I been shopping at winn Dixie for about 7 years.I have decided to go back to Walmart because winn Dixie is scamming people for Bonus rewards and Deal of the week ….When I call the number 844745 0463 about my rewards
    the Man couldn’t speak English They are running a scamming business making lots of money off of Bonus rewards and deal of the week …Here I come Walmart

  • carlos Astete says:

    HERE IS 407-274-0127

  • carlos Astete says:

    i have a complaint about a manager at the store locate at 1565 us 41 apopka fl
    i need to speak to the general manager about manager
    name valery i wil tray to contac the new media please let me know if win dixie care about the costumers thanks sep 03 2021

  • Charli brown says:

    #249 is the store with just one door open. In miami.

  • Charli brown says:

    Way do the store i go to every one comes in and out the same door. They have one of the doors close. I asked and the answer was is broken. But is been close sense the Covid-19 started the store is in miami. #279

  • Matthew Dymond says:

    I’m being harassed by workers in their WD store #0226 Harbordale, fl. for no reason multiple times.(I have his name) Rude employees checking which cart you can take and if your mask was pulled up over your nose. I saw 2 employees at the store that day who had them pulled down and not wearing. Today, I had a mask on and planned on wearing it even though I have a medical condition that doesn’t require me to wear one. I was yelled at again as I entered because I didn’t pull it up fast enough lol. I told the idiot ok sorry but I really have a medical condition and I can opt out if I like under HIPPA because my medical condition requires I breath Oxygen. This is the 3rd time the same guy has yelled like an a******. At this point we feel threaten by him, he has done the same to my wife with her as she walked through. I have filed an official complaint.

  • Judy says:

    What is wrong with the corporate office not to mandate wearing a mask for its employees and anyone entering a Winn Dixie store here in Florida? Are you not following the latest news updates that we are experiencing A surge in the COVID-19 cases here in FL. As a loyal customer of Winn Dixie I Will no longer shop your stores. shame on you!

  • Peter says:

    It is disappointing to see other large firms taking responsibility to effectively mitigate covid-19 by requiring masks, but not Winn-Dixie. Many of your customers are healthcare workers while others accept the viral transmission benefit to wearing masks. We all have a choice with where we shop. Therefore will be boycotting your stores; and exclusively shopping at Publix.

  • Beth Zilinskas says:

    7-4-2020 2pm! Yesterday, Foley Alabama
    As a resident of Foley Alabama I was shocked that no care seemed to be taken in the local WinnDixie ! No social distance ! At least 10 people on one aisles with No maskers- Several employees NO Masks ! And as I was leaving the store the manager with NO Mask !!! Is this a way to help the city with coronavirus????

    No markers of 6’ distance, no arrows for directions, what is WinnDixie doing ??
    Is the store even clean ?
    Thank you for your time
    You may call or text

  • Elsie Beebe says:

    I have been a customer for many years and always have had great service at the store and drug store, but I can’t continue going to your store and wearing my mask while some other customers are not wearing any. I am 78 yrs.old and take all precautions to protect myself.I do not rise early in the morning , I shop about 12 or 1 in the afternoon. Please have all customers wear masks,I don’t want to stop shopping at Winn Dixie because of something that is so easy for you to correct. The virus is flaring here in my area again, so please keep our heath in mind. Thank you, Elsie Beebe, Amite, La.

  • Ray Jarrett says:

    I shopped at Winn Dixie in Edgewater Florida this am. I wanted to pick up a 12 pack of tonic water. I could not find it on the shelf but was on the cart being filled. I reached for it and the stocker said “you cant take that “You have to wait till I put it on the shelf”. So I went and talked to the manage J D. I told him what happened and asked him to come back so I could show him who it was and show him how it happened. He said no. He said would talk to him and he copped an attitude toward me. He said I’m not going holler at someone in front of me. I said I don’t want you to holler at someone, just let me show you. Apparently he just has a bad attitude. If this is the direction that Winn Dixie heading then the future is not very bright.

  • Martin Mayo says:

    Covid-19 policies are not clear? Social distancing in the produce area wasn’t a priority and employees were not wearing masks or had their nose exposed. What are Winn Dixie’s Covid-19 policies? When I see employees not wearing masks or not properly wearing them in food departments, I will not select anything and move on.

  • Audrey Bamping says:

    Tried to call corporate office ,no answer. I live in Ortega area between Publix and Winn Dixie on Roosevelt Blvd. Dixie has remodeling 5 or more times in last 15 years but never put their money in customer service. Manager’s never step in to help. Cashiers ring and bag themselves. Take out help is not available. Lines are always long as managers hide behind water and pretend to work. The customer service counter should have the best or the best (like Publix) but you are lucky if anyone is there. Most of the time they are in office eating or in bathroom. Corporate should invest in mystery shoppers or do surprise visits and clean house.

  • Mildred L Comforte says:

    Went to your store on ST 40 in Lynn spoke to manager in the meat dept about your latest ad for sirloin roast for 3.99 lb,this was on your ad after telling us about the start of your business, and before your weekly ad. He said this was for another store now on this page it does not suggest another store. Traveled there for nothing will not frequent your stores for shopping any more, tired of hire prices and flimflam adv.

  • Anonimp says:

    Buenos dias
    A quien pueda interesar y les importe sus empleados en los fresco y mas de Miami en Hialeah los managers son unos faltas de respetos con los empleados y los tratan super mal y ya los empleados estamos cansados de que no se haga nada al respecto ya por lo menos sacaron a una Daisy Cordovi pero quiero que sepan que ella no es la unica tambien tenemos a Maria Gonzalez de la tienda 201 y al senor Norman Torres de la tienda 231 ellos son una falta de respeto y los empleados no se sienten a gusto y tienen miedo de habar ya que tienen miedo de perder su trabajo y lo mas triste de todo que cuando vienen los jefes ellos son los mas educados y Buenos y ya estamos cansados que los defiendan y que la sra Daisy Lanza nunca haga nada porque es la realidad no hace nada pero si es in empleado regular ella si actua y todos tenemos nuestros derechos y no es justo que alla tanto favoritismo yo soy Cubano y aqui en u.s.a.hay libertad de palabra y al igual que yo les suplicamos que investiguen los store mgrs. de esas tiendas ya que los empleados tienen miedo de hablar pero basta ya tenemos que hacer algo si tenemos que ir a donde sea lo vamos hacer asi sea a las noticias o abogados o a donde sea.Espero sus resultados lo mas pronto possible por favor.Les recomiendo que hagan cambios en las tiendas ya que cuando una persona lleva tantos anos en la misma tienda se creen los duenos y como nunca pasa nada ellos siguen igual tienen que hacer como Publix que los cambian cada 2 a 3 anos .Por favor cuiden a sus empleados de Hialeah que somos unos fajones y super trabajadores y adoramos a nuestra compania.Pero basta ya de tanto maltrato y falta de respeto.


  • Phyllis C Junker says:

    On Wednesday I shopped in m neighborhood Winn Dixie and purchased everything I needed to make my all time specials Turkey Chilli. While cooking the ground turkey the smell was not right but I continued on thinking it was my imagineation. When done the smell was so bad I realized the turkey was bad. Upon calling the store to complain I got a young man who told me to come in with my receipt. I went back with a sample of the bad chilli and he said he did not want to smell it, but offered to replace all the ingredients that I had purchased to make my chilli. He went with me around the store and collected all my needed ingredients, also carried them for me, and replaced everything I had lost. This young man deserves to be commended for his customer service. It was Wednesday 10/09/2019 at the Winn Royal Palm Beach. Pleas e acknowledge him for his help and perfect customer service. He was exceptionally nice.

  • Harold Roberts says:

    Your new coleslaw is horrible. A mayonnaise mess. I started to shop there just because you had the best. I have to go back to Publix for my shopping now.

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