Where is Winn Dixie Corporate office Headquarters

Winn Dixie Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5050 Edgewood Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32254, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 904-783-5000
  • Fax Number: 904-783-5235
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Number of Employees: 41000
  • Founder: Artemus Darius Davis, Milton Austin Davis, James Elsworth Davis, William Milton Davis, Tine Wayne Davis
  • Key People: R. Randall Onstead Jr.

Winn Dixie Headquarters Location & Directions

Winn Dixie Headquarters Executive Team



R. Randall Onstead Jr.

Chief Executive Officer and President

Bennett L. Nussbaum

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Shawn Sloan

Vice President of Operations

D. Michael Byrum

Chief Accounting Officer, Vice President and Corporate Controller

Timothy L. Williams

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretay

About Winn Dixie, History and Headquarters Information


Winn Dixie was founded in the year 1925. The company has been operational for 94 years now. The company has its origins in the year 1914, when it was founded by William Milton Davis and also his sons in Burley, Idaho, USA. The founder of the company also bought a general store and renamed it to Davis Mercantile. Then in the year 1925, the founder of the company was responsible for purchasing the Rockmoor Grocery.

By the year 1933, there were more than 33 additional stores that were opened as well. The same year, the founder of the company passed away. Then in the year 1939, the founder's sons had taken over 51 per cent of the company, and the company's name was changed to Winn Lovett. In the year 1952, the company became a public limited company. But, in the year 2005, the company became bankrupt, and almost 300 stores were closed.  Then in 2011, the company was purchased by BI-LO. As of the year 2019, there is some more store location that has been closed down as well, due to low revenue numbers, including in places like Florida, Georgia, Carolina, etcetera. The headquarters of the company is based in 5050 Edgewood Ct. The name of the place is Jacksonville, while the name of the state is Florida, USA. The pin code of the area is 32254.


Winn Dixie is an American company that is focused on providing groceries and supermarket items via its retail stores to its customers. The current president and CEO of the company are Anthony Hucker. As of the year 2014, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $10 billion. Also, the current number of employees working at the company is more than 41,000. The company was also ranked in the 24th place among the top 75 spots for American food retailers, in the year 2010. Currently, the company has around 495 stores under its name.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence to shop for various kinds of food and everyday grocery items, which include bakery, dairy items, frozen foods, meat, general merchandise, pharmacy. Seafood. Liquor, etcetera.

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  • Martin Mayo says:

    Covid-19 policies are not clear? Social distancing in the produce area wasn’t a priority and employees were not wearing masks or had their nose exposed. What are Winn Dixie’s Covid-19 policies? When I see employees not wearing masks or not properly wearing them in food departments, I will not select anything and move on.

  • Audrey Bamping says:

    Tried to call corporate office ,no answer. I live in Ortega area between Publix and Winn Dixie on Roosevelt Blvd. Dixie has remodeling 5 or more times in last 15 years but never put their money in customer service. Manager’s never step in to help. Cashiers ring and bag themselves. Take out help is not available. Lines are always long as managers hide behind water and pretend to work. The customer service counter should have the best or the best (like Publix) but you are lucky if anyone is there. Most of the time they are in office eating or in bathroom. Corporate should invest in mystery shoppers or do surprise visits and clean house.

  • Mildred L Comforte says:

    Went to your store on ST 40 in Lynn spoke to manager in the meat dept about your latest ad for sirloin roast for 3.99 lb,this was on your ad after telling us about the start of your business, and before your weekly ad. He said this was for another store now on this page it does not suggest another store. Traveled there for nothing will not frequent your stores for shopping any more, tired of hire prices and flimflam adv.

  • Anonimp says:

    Buenos dias
    A quien pueda interesar y les importe sus empleados en los fresco y mas de Miami en Hialeah los managers son unos faltas de respetos con los empleados y los tratan super mal y ya los empleados estamos cansados de que no se haga nada al respecto ya por lo menos sacaron a una Daisy Cordovi pero quiero que sepan que ella no es la unica tambien tenemos a Maria Gonzalez de la tienda 201 y al senor Norman Torres de la tienda 231 ellos son una falta de respeto y los empleados no se sienten a gusto y tienen miedo de habar ya que tienen miedo de perder su trabajo y lo mas triste de todo que cuando vienen los jefes ellos son los mas educados y Buenos y ya estamos cansados que los defiendan y que la sra Daisy Lanza nunca haga nada porque es la realidad no hace nada pero si es in empleado regular ella si actua y todos tenemos nuestros derechos y no es justo que alla tanto favoritismo yo soy Cubano y aqui en u.s.a.hay libertad de palabra y al igual que yo les suplicamos que investiguen los store mgrs. de esas tiendas ya que los empleados tienen miedo de hablar pero basta ya tenemos que hacer algo si tenemos que ir a donde sea lo vamos hacer asi sea a las noticias o abogados o a donde sea.Espero sus resultados lo mas pronto possible por favor.Les recomiendo que hagan cambios en las tiendas ya que cuando una persona lleva tantos anos en la misma tienda se creen los duenos y como nunca pasa nada ellos siguen igual tienen que hacer como Publix que los cambian cada 2 a 3 anos .Por favor cuiden a sus empleados de Hialeah que somos unos fajones y super trabajadores y adoramos a nuestra compania.Pero basta ya de tanto maltrato y falta de respeto.


  • Phyllis C Junker says:

    On Wednesday I shopped in m neighborhood Winn Dixie and purchased everything I needed to make my all time specials Turkey Chilli. While cooking the ground turkey the smell was not right but I continued on thinking it was my imagineation. When done the smell was so bad I realized the turkey was bad. Upon calling the store to complain I got a young man who told me to come in with my receipt. I went back with a sample of the bad chilli and he said he did not want to smell it, but offered to replace all the ingredients that I had purchased to make my chilli. He went with me around the store and collected all my needed ingredients, also carried them for me, and replaced everything I had lost. This young man deserves to be commended for his customer service. It was Wednesday 10/09/2019 at the Winn Royal Palm Beach. Pleas e acknowledge him for his help and perfect customer service. He was exceptionally nice.

  • Harold Roberts says:

    Your new coleslaw is horrible. A mayonnaise mess. I started to shop there just because you had the best. I have to go back to Publix for my shopping now.

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