Windstream Headquarters


Windstream is a leading provider of telecommunications services including phone, high-speed Internet, and digital television services.

The company traces its roots back in 2005 and is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

It is listed on the S&P 500 index.

Windstream Corporation was a result of  Alltel Corporation's landline business’ spinoff and partnership with VALOR Communications Group, Inc.

It provideas a wide range of IP-based voice and data services and advanced phone systems and equipment to small to large businesses as well as government agencies.

It serves more than 8.1 million people in 21 different states.

In 2019, Windstream introduced Kinetic.

Windstream Headquarters Executive Team

Tony Thomas

President & Chief Executive Officer

Age: 45 years

MBA: Wake Forest University

Bachelor's Degree: ​University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

Bob Gunderman

Chief Financial Officer

Age: 44 years

Bachelor's Degree: University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

Layne Levine

President - Windstream Enterprise & Wholesale

Jeff Small

President – Consumer & SMB

Jack Brooks

Chief Human Resources Officer

John Dobbins

Chief Network Officer

Kevin Halpin

Senior Vice President –Process Development and Project Management

Lewis Langston

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Contact Information of Windstream

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  • Ten Tows towing says:

    Your service is less than stellar, We were switched to your virtual service, I have been paying the bill ( proof aval ) however you have turned us over to collections saying we have not paid in months. You cant get anyone who speaks English and honestly I think they continue to screw it up but proceed to tell me that its all fixed . and to be honest they cant even find my account most of the time. If my business did not HAVE to use you I would quickly change. My dog has a better chance of fixing this than your customer service. And now to top it off you reported us to the credit bureau as a collection! do you not realize the liability you are creating ? We pay our bills before they are even due. I’m giving your company 1 week to fix this b4 I seek legal action ( If your not aware I have to by law give you notice before I do seek action this is it !)
    Ten Tows Towing
    P.O.Box 105
    Wilber NE 68465

  • L. Frustrado says:

    The affirmation of utter failure on behalf of Windstream/Kinetics staff is so overwhelming that it is easily ready content for CSR training of what not to ever do.

    In a nutshell, as an ongoing auto-pay subscriber of theirs, they cancelled my service in error after mishandling a copy of an old order changing me from business to residential service last year. As a retired VP Service Manager, I handled customer complaints in our company and also served in limited technical capacity when it came to our internal LAN and internet accessibility. It does appear that a copy of that old cancellation was again functioned on our residential (not business) account and Kinetics/Windstream is hopelessly incapable of restoring service. So, after 13 days of no service, being billed for it regardless, and having robotic incompetence mislabeled as Customer Service I have decided to go elsewhere. And so should you. My indignation is well quenched by loss of service and revenue.


    You never get to speak to an AMERICAN. You are told one thing then another thing happens. I was told that my service would be fixed within 24 hrs. Then I follow up and my ticket is set to be fixed within 7 DAYS… I called to see what the issue is and the only thing that can be done is move my ticket to the up two days…. terrible service..

  • Anna L. Richardson says:

    Good afternoon. Please have Mr. Tony Thomas call me at 404 285 6321. Anna Richardson Thank you.

  • Bobbie Daitch says:

    It is pointless to tell you that the Customer service is inadequate, incompetent, and fails to make any caller feel like a valued client. The reviews above confirm the fact. WS C/S does not exude that clients are valued
    We are a large medical facility with a surgery center that has been without telephone service for two days. Our failure to communicate with patients, other providers, and essential services is a liability as it compromises patient care, HIPPA, our reputation,and cost us thousands of dollars.
    The corrective action and possible legal action that will be taken will not fix the staff time, stress, and frustration of the staff and patients.
    We need the problem fixed immediately. The ticket is 46842398.
    The two people I spoke to were lovely. So why didn’t Customer service recognize that as a medical facility that we should have been deemed a Level 4 immediately, and we should have been given at least given a temporary fix.
    I will be happy to provide customer service training and an improvement plan…no company can be profitable with an unprofessional customer service department.
    The other reviewer was correct in stating that Windstar should “be embarrassed.”
    Quality starts at the top, so why doesn’t Tony Thomas fix the problem? Make every client feel valued.

  • David Rascavage says:

    Unable to reach someone that could help us get our refund from 8/2019. Everyone keeps transferring me until I am cut off. We are owed $120.78. No one claims to know where or who I need to speak with. Supervisors do not pick up their phone or call you back. Emailed the above contact form 2 times-no one contacted us. Poor Customer Service/Finance Dept. Monday I spoke with 7 people who kept transferring me from Customer Service to Finance. Its very sad that customers are treated like this.

  • Sandy Rosenbrerg says:

    Sorry this was for Windstar notWindstream.

  • Sandy Rosenbrerg says:

    I was on my 4th trip with Windstar Cruises Athens to Athens,July 25 -August 11 2019.Aboard The Wind Surf. I must tell you,the staff was absolutely (6 star )fabulous.I have been to approx.40 plus countries on many different yachts and cruise-lines.First mention. The Captain was the most visible Captain that I have ever seen. Second The General Manager,Gets the supreme award.He watched every guest with awareness.He was always their if you needed him, He also made everyone that he came into contact smile. On top of all of that he watched every (and I do mean every) staff member to make sure that things were operating properly. You were able to see that the staff truly respected and would do anything to keep their boss happy. The crew, from the lowest position to the Captain was amazing in every department. I could go on a lot more however I am sure that you are well aware of all the comments that I would give,PS should be a 5 star rating I couldn’t change the above. I personally
    give six stars. The other Windstar ships and staff was exceptional however the Windstar Staff was SPECTACULAR
    I don’t get impressed easily.

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