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  • Address: 8200 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 208-377-9840
  • Fax Number: 208-377-0474
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 3165
  • Established: 1967
  • Founder: Ralph Ward & Bud Williams
  • Key People: Steven Lee Goddard

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Steven Lee Goddard

Chief Executive Officer and President

Gary R. Piva

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President and Director


Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

Phillip Dabill

Director and Chief Executive Officer of Discount Foods of Florida

Roger Cochell

Vice President of Labor and Human Resources

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  • Concerned parent says:

    My name is TT. My son is NT who has been working at the Winco store on SE Powell in Portland. My son almost got killed last night.

    I just spoke with Jason, the store manager about what happened last night but he was very defensive and evasive.

    My son is only 16 years old but he has to lock the machine that takes in recycle bottles and cans at 10 pm. A few weeks ago, a white homeless person wanted to hit my son. He stopped when my son said he would call security. I called the store and spoke with Jason that it was not safe for a 16 year old boy to lock the recycle machine. Last night, a black homeless person wanted to stab my son. If the black security person at the store didn’t come out in time then my son would have been killed. The black security person told my son that my son would have been attacked if he didn’t come out in time.

    Jason is irresponsible and uncaring. Why would he assign a 16-year-old boy to lock the recycle machine and dealing with dangerous homeless people. I think someone will get hurt at that store over the recycle machine if Jason continues to manage that store. When that happens, I will testify against Jason and Winco for creating an unsafe working environment and being cavalier about the safety of a minor working at the store.

    There was also a shooting outside the store a few weeks ago. My son was very afraid and told me about it when he came home. I also called Jason to tell him about the shooting. Jason also denied there was a shooting at the store.

  • Kenneth Terenchin says:

    Dear customer service representative, I recently purchased a package of English muffins from your Fresno location that contains some kind of foreign material. I do not know what it is, you may want to investigate this matter. I have pictures. Please send me an email address so I can forward them to you.

  • Sonnet says:

    The most rudest customer service I have ever come across I spend thousands of dollars in your store and get treated like crap I would like to file a complaint of one of your workers in the McMinnville store her name is Kristen I don’t know her last name she worked in customer service and I would not only like to file one complaint that she did it to me twice treated me like a piece of crap and I want something done whether she’s written up no matter what and I want you to send me whatever happens back to me because I’ve never been treated so poorly in my life and I’m a 54 year old that’s been shopping plenty of times thank you somebody need to inform you that the people in that store are not the kindest people if they don’t want to be there they shouldn’t be working thank

  • Rebecca Smith says:

    I am hoping you would consider coming to either Harrison Ar.- Hollister Mo. or Branson Mo. we use to live in Redding Ca. And then Ogden Ut. Both have our WinCo and we can’t find anything like it here. We have told lots of people about WinCo and all said it would be great to have one. Thank you for your time.

  • Mylena says:

    This evening I went and did some shopping at this store. I have dealt with rude cashier’s almost every time I shop here, but tonight was the worse out of all.
    I struggle with mental health issues; one of my disabilities has to do with panic attacks in public area’s. My anxiety and stress goes to the max inside grocery stores, using self checkout actually helps me alot because I’m busy checking my items out and it takes my attention off all the people I’m surrounded by. It also helps me get out of the store even faster then going to a cashier. This evening I had purchased 53 item’s and I know in self checkout that is a lot, but my mental health is more important to me then another customer waiting for a register to become available. Tonight took me a few more minutes longer since I had all those items, but the older lady that was working tonight had no right to say or do the things she did to me. It was instant embarrassment and very unprofessional.
    I ended up needing help with the register 3 different time’s due to me removing my bags to make room for other items to be bagged. The employee first walked over with a loud sigh saying she can just do it. Then the second time she came back she just entered her number and walked away. These 2 times when she approached me she did nothing but give me an attitude like I’m making her job hard for her. I still said thank you to her regardless of the rudeness she gave me. After this 2nd time she told a customer while rolling her eyes that she can just check him out at her register and made comments about how people like me shouldn’t be using self checkouts if there’s a lot of item’s. She didn’t realize I heard her say this to the customer but I just let it be. Then I look over and she is pointing at me while telling a lady this exact same thing about me. During that time my register needed her again and when she walked over she said ” look you have 53 item’s!, you need to go to a cashier next time you want to buy everything in the store”. So I replied with ” No, that’s okay I’m fine with checking myself out”. Then she said the same thing once again before she walked away.
    When I finally was leaving she turned her head and never said anything to me, not even have a nice night and no thank yous either.
    This WinCo does have a bad reputation when it comes to the employee’s. After tonight I decided I won’t put up with being treated like this and for an employee to bad mouth a customer to another random costumer is absolutely disgusting. She didn’t ever think about what other people deal with on life as far as mental health. Since she doesn’t know if some one has disabilities or not then she should treat all customers the same and show respect at all times. Maybe retraining the staff could help in the long run and the bad reputation can change to a good one eventually as long as they can be nice and respectful.
    I wish I had her name to give to you but I was in a panic and anxiety attack so I couldn’t focus and didn’t think to look at her name tag.
    She is an older lady with dark blonde hair in a pony tail and she is really short and wears glasses.

  • Roget miozza says:

    I googled the corporate office. An address and phone number came up in Boise Idaho . I called, it’s just a store not the corporate office of Wynco foods.

  • Desiree ruff says:

    Employee at the Chico ca store, refused to cash out the 3 dollars left on the gift card I purchased with my own money! Despite ca law that if the card is under 10 a customer can ask and receive cash value!

    I’m a single mom who makes decent money caring for my adult disabled son… his abusive father contested the conservatorship, I depleted my savings to get a attorney, my car is a Dodge Charger it’s expensive on gas, all the things that we used to afford have been gone from our life, while paying attorney fees.. my non verbal sons understanding is that of a 3 year old and he is so used to mom buying him things.

    I knew ca law on 10 -“and under but we did need laundry soap after purchase I intended to get the 3 bucks to take my son to dollar tree to get a few things, the cashier refused to cash out the card had already promised my son we would go to dollar tree, we had to waist gas to go home to the next town over, to raid hype penny bank… to use a bunch more gas to go back to Chico! All because the cashier could not cash out 3 bucks off a card that I purchased prior for 100! Berry un happy with winco

  • Mr. Pissed Off says:

    This morning I was at Lancaster CA store and an employee violently pickup up a cart and threw it against the wall and then made a snarky comment to me when I accidently stepped on his water bottle. I was watching him and he was coming my way after tossing the cart why would I look at my feet. When I say he violently threw I mean it got airborne and was kind of scary. I talked to the manager and she didn’t really seem to understand what he had done. I’ve been going here for 3-4 years and have never had a working cart even after trying several. Now I know why your employees beat them up on purpose for some reason. When I got inside the cart I had was so bad I pushed it back out of the store and left without buying anything. I’ve had a couple of employees be kind of rude and short and that’s not a big deal in the past here but this was crazy. Straight down the street to Walmart.

  • David Strobridge says:

    My car received some damage in the parking lot at the Carrollton, Texas store. The supervisor on duty took a report and took pictures and said your insurance company would be in touch with me, however it has been a few weeks and I have not been contacted by anyone as of yet.

  • Employee Owner says:

    I’m employed at the Victorville store. #67 it’s a dumping ground for rejected managers. There’s no security despite having one active shooter, 7 sexual assaults, 5 parking lot robberies, countless physical assaults and terrorist threats from customers and homeless, and daily product loss to theft right out the front door.

    Security gate at Customer Service has been broken for almost a year, broken refrigeration units with exposed wire held together with tape, employees made to run freight on hand trucks resulting in injury and product loss, chemicals stored next to food. And so much more.

  • Claudia says:

    we shop at the Kent, WA Store and today was horrible. There were long check out lines everywhere in the store. I went to Customer Service and was told that 5 checkers called in. Why don’t you hire more — or where was the store manager? We stood in line for at least 20 minutes?

  • David says:

    I am wondering if there are any plans to build a store in St. George, UT. The nearest Winco is in Vegas which is 2 hrs away. It really is an inconvenience especially when you have frozen or refrigerated items and need to do other shopping in the area.

  • Shorty Short says:

    the store in indio has poor customer service and security is very rude and inappropriate. I was promised a follow up call on an incident with security. no one has called or is concerned about the Hispanic male walking through the store harassing customers, making false accusations and false threats. within the last month I have spent over $800 in this store. I have become familiar with the night staff, since that’s when I do my shopping. I will no longer take my business to any Winco because of its lack of knowledge in GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • david Kahn says:

    good morning
    My name is David Kahn i am v.p.of sales and would like to discuss opportunities.

    • David Pellegrini says:

      Hello David

      My name is David Pellegrini, CEO of Sunfresh Foods, Inc. We have been producing Sunfresh Freezer Jams in Seattle for thirty three years. We sell to major Foodservice distributors and growing our retail grocery distribution segment.

      We think Winco Foods is a great match for our freezer jams.

      Could you please let me know who to contact in your purchasing department?

      Most appreciated!


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