Where is Wienerschnitzel Corporate office Headquarters

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  • Address: 4501 Jamboree Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 949-752-9626

  • Fax Number: 949-851-2615

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1961

  • Founder: John Galardi

  • Key People: Cindy Galardi Culpepper

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Wienerschnitzel Headquarters Executive Team



Cindy Galardi Culpepper

Chief Executive Officer

J. R. Galaridi

Executive Vice President

David Kreitlow

Director of Management Training

Ken Peters

Director of Franchise Sales & Recruiting

About Wienerschnitzel, History and Headquarters Information

Are you looking for the best weiner place in town? Weinerschnitzel is a place which serves the best weiner you could ever try. This American fast-food has been serving great dishes for over half a century now. This is currently known as the “World’s Largest Hot Dog Chain”. They offer a wide variety of food like hotdogs, burgers, sandwiches, fries, and so much more. You can surely get what you want. But what’s really great with Weinerschnitzel, is that they care for your health.

Unlike any other fast food restaurants, they don’t just make their food delicious, but also nutritious too. Most of their food are made with low fat or zero fat at all. Consumers don’t have to worry about gaining so much weight from eating their food. How great is that?

This company can now be found in over 50 states which make things so easy and convenient for their customers. They are headquartered in Irvine, California.

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  • Sergio/jorge says:

    The wienerschtinezel located 6346 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85704 hire illegal people so they can pay low wage. Im working there at this moment and there multiple illegal working here with me. They are using social from their children. Also recently cut my hours for no reason. I believe so was done so they can get a way with cheap labor. Either you guys can do the proper thing or I can escalate this matter

  • Janie says:

    Went through the drive-thru on the Wienerschnitzel on Baldwin and Ayers in Corpus Christi Texas and your drive-thru guy was very unprofessional while asked a question he was being rude and was yelling at us we just left our food there

  • Anna Simmons says:

    Bring wiener Schnitzel back to Ft Worth Texas we need one here

  • Lucio says:

    Y did you guys have to change the chili cheese dog recipe they were perfect i woulda ate a cold 1 month old chili cheese dog all day and now i cant even eat one they suck

    • Lydia says:

      You are so right Lucio. We . DISGbought 5 chili cheese dogs (beef) only to get home to find they had been re-heated…they were so hard we couldn’t even bite into them.

  • Joe H Logan says:

    I think yall should also have chilli cheese slaw dogs. Yes chilli cheese and coleslaw on a hotdog. They’re great

  • Allen Manning says:

    We have bought chili dogs since you opened in texas.

    You have gone up to 2.30 per dog and the quality has decreased. After so many years we will no longer shop at your stores. Times are hard for Americans and I believe you are pricing your self ou of business.

  • Addy Hansen says:


    It’s football Sunday in Colorado and nothing like some pre-made hotdogs to enjoy watching the Broncos play. So, I went over to my near by Weinerschnitzel to pick-up some favorites. No one else was in line in the drive-thru & I asked if they could really darken my Brat dog very brown. I insulted them or something – so, I got my order with no receipt and they won’t even answer the phone for me to (actually) thank them for browning one-side of the brat. Customer service died decades ago – but people in businesses should STILL answer their phones – don’t you think? (I called 4-times; no answer – just s big hang-up each time. (Not every call is a complaint – mine was going to be a thanks!)
    (Austin Bluffs Parkway & North Academy Blvd
    719-418-5690 |)

  • It would be nice if you got some girls that knew what they were doing there says:

    I stopped at the DerWienerschnitzel on foothill and Garry in Pomona October 24 at about 6 PM and ordered some chili dogs. I told the girls make sure you put onions on them and I get home and there’s not any onions on them. It would be nice if you got some girls that knew what they were doing there

  • David says:

    Cherry Avenue in San Antonio location to Wienerschnitzel Long Beach. The vehicle in front of me waited until finally the cashier stop saying just a second just a second, it eventually got his order in when I pulled up to the microphone same thing just a second just a second so I finally got his attention is just a sec it again and this happens to every vehicle at that location it’s a man young man with a piercings on his face and the top of his head and say something like a bush or something anyway it’s just backing up the line and when I pull up there’s no person in line or at the window just a second just a second I don’t wanna go back there anymore now !

  • Semi Benson says:

    This is rather a complaint posted in the comments section. I am shocked to know that growing up with the schnitzel through the years, they have changed a lot. The food used to be tasty, but now that taste is gone! The food is bland, the hotdogs are very salty, and plastic-like, the chili is not chili, and is in the wrapping rather than the hotdog. The fries are half fried and soggy.
    This restaurant is located in Yucaipa, CA. Please perfect your product again (DO OVER).

  • Terry says:

    They need to shut down shut down all the wienersschinitzel in Amarillo Texas cause they treat people like crap on Ross streat

    • Adam Inman says:

      Yup, I’m actually dealing with them right now. And filling a complaint. Place is trash and very rude to customers.

  • Mary says:

    If I were all of you and service is so bad and not giving refunds. Just go there and order a lot of food and when you get to the window just leave

  • Jose Moreno says:

    The Antioch store in California doesn’t honor what corporate puts out there. Today was national hotdog day. 4 chili dogs for $4. What a disappointment.

  • Jose Moreno says:

    Went to our weinersnitchtzel for national chili dog day. Only to be told their not honoring the 4 chili dogs for $4. Big disappointment. This store is not like it used to be I’ve love weinersnitchtzel since I was a kid. Please do something

  • Jeannette says:

    Why don’t you have drinks for kids, like juice boxes

  • Clifford Kennedy III says:

    Complaint against the facility in Orange, Tx.
    I will not go back. The beef weenies are overcooked, could hardly eat them with a fork much less bite into them. This has happened several times so we are done unless something changes.
    Everyone in our community was so excited when it opened back up and I’m afraid the business is going downhill. There use to be long line waiting now maybe 2 to 3 cars.

  • Bonnie says:

    Visited for the first time in years and was disappointed that the hot dog buns are now different. They’re larger, not like the thinner ones that we used to get. The Glendale Arizona location had larger buns and it just wasn’t the sanw

  • Alexis salas says:

    I have not been paid for about 2 years now I need my check before I sue

  • Christina Madrigal says:

    I just had a horrible experience at your Brea location. I went in to pick up my food I had ordered through Uber eats and the employee asked for my phone for proof of order/purchase? I have her my name which is on the receipt. She said they have to verify abs I told her I’ve been on her 3 times prior with no one asking me for verification. I asked for her name abs she refused to provide asking me why I needed her name. Do you mean to tell me that people have gone in with exact names to the orders abs taken them?

  • One ton says:

    What time does winnie close. And since when does winnie stop taking cash and cards only at 11.30 at night and last of all y do it take so long to chew a hot dog can u tell the store in national city to stop these habits i will give u a chance to speak to these people thanks again

  • Michael oglesbee says:

    Hi I have a suggestion. To add to your menu. How about u add Carne asada..and make street tacos . U can also add chili to them . And call it weinerschnizel chili tacos. You guys have the best chili..you can also make Carne asada chili fries..you could evan make chili Carne asada fries .. I know I’d eat them . And im sure I’m not alone . Especially in California.. street tacos are the thing . With your chili on it would a whole new thing ..love your food . Just a suggestion ..please let me know what u think . Happy Holidays…

  • Tekessa Gobert says:

    I think store #362 in Stockton Ca on March lane the service was bad I didn’t get my receipt. There was something wrong with my food tried to call but I didn’t get anybody to answer. I went back today talk to General manager Maria she was Incompetent. She said I couldn’t talk to nobody in corporate. I would have to go to the website. I bought the Brisket fries brisket was all fat no meat. Maria couldn’t even help me with the complaint. She kinda laughed about it in front of the employee.
    October 4, 2021

  • Ernest F Sanchez says:

    I’ve had a problem with a particular franchise located in salt lake city, Utah for months. I’ve taken time from work to physically go down and wait for the owner to complain since calling isn’t an option. I’ve called corporate and voicemail says will call back in 24 hours unless on Friday. I’ve gotten 1 call back and a voicemail telling me the franchise is independently owned and up to the owner who they hire. Meantime the trouble employee has WEINERSCHNITZEL on his shirt. I love the food, but customer service is NON existence and have chosen to walk away.

  • Yvonne says:

    I would like for someone to contact me. I went to store #140 in North Highlands CA. Was told my card was declined twice so used a different card. Went to the bank and my card WAS NOT declined it went through! So I paid $25,09 TWICE! The number online is a fax and your corporate numbers is disconnected. I want a refund

  • Jimmy says:

    You have a man named John.. in victoria tx. On the Houston hwy. Manager. He is getting his dick sucked and handing out bonus. Except the guys. Now I want yall to know that I am going to go hurt that man because my daughter just told my wife about him. He wanted her to suck his dick. She said no. And she quit.

  • Norma says:

    The El Paseo location in Las Cruces, NM, served our hot dog on moldy buns. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Gary Ray says:

    Why is San Bernardino County in California the only place that they do not have nuts to put on hot fudge sundaes and banana splits I will continue to go to Dairy Queen until you change that policy

  • None ya says:

    I had a a bad experience and I reached out to them. All I got was a uncaring person named Randi

  • SUSAN says:

    I am already having a difficult time moving, only to find out there are NO Weinerschnitzel in Camden, SC. Columbia, or Sumter South Carolina by a military base.

    Do you know how well people would love this there? A lot of folks from California, Texas, and other states live out there and would LOVE LOVE LOVE for a restaurant too be built!

    Please, think about a Southern location,, it’s just to far to drive for lunch and dinner to California.

    I know you’d do fabulously there!

    Please consider a new location, and bring the incredible taste of Der Wienerschnitzel to people who are craving the taste of home!

    Thank you

  • Martin Stanovich says:

    0n July 14th I went to the Weinersnitchel on Pacífic Coast Highway in Lomita. I ofereix two chile dog combo medium, and two mustard dogs with a small frenchfries
    I use my dc. I discover I was charger 44.04. I was not given a recept. Call the mànager yesterday, he would back has not. There was no transaccions number on my .Some is scanning us at your store, please look into it.

  • Ebony Williams says:

    Wow. Went to your Amarillo location on Amarillo Blvd and ordered food and the mini corndogs for my children were completely burnt to a crisp. I will never eat at any location again. That is unacceptable.

  • Tina Leal says:

    I need to file a complaint on the store in Lubbock Texas 301 North University there’s people that drink there there’s no Management on duty the general manager she goes in and then she clocks in and then she leaves for hours and hours and hours just basically no management whatsoever the store needs to be under surveillance 24 hours a day

  • Candice says:

    We attempted to grab a quick dinner in Amarillo Tx. At the Blvd location to be exact. We had a awful experience!! Terrible customer service, facility was dirty and the manager was a absolute disgrace!!! She not only acted terrible but continued to cuss and act tacky to every single customer in the building!! I have never left a review before and decided to today!! I literally asked my 3 children to step outside and come wait for my money back and refused to stay and eat/give them my business!! I will NEVER be back to this location and absolutely whole heartedly believe they need to rethink their entire management/employee section at this location!!!

  • Lissette says:

    I need to file a complaint about one of your stores in Riverside, CA. Corp. number has been disconnected. I would like to speak to someone about transgender discrimination. That or post a message on Twitter to blast your company, or file a complaint to EECO OR DFEH. I hope to hear from someone soon.

  • Jeremy says:

    You should drug test all your employees at your Norco Ca location…..

  • Sophia Trujillo says:

    Can you please build a wienerschnitzel in Rio Rancho New Mexico we need one desperately thank you

  • Russell says:

    When are you going to open up your dining room in Las Vegas

  • Daniel R Dunn says:

    Please open up a Wienerschnitzel in Prescott Valley Arizona. We are growing in leaps and bounds. We currently have a population of about 50K people and neighboring Prescott has a population of about the same. I’m familiar with Wienerschnitzel as I’m originally from Corpus Christi Texas. Please consider opening up a Wienerschnitzel here.

  • Sharmai boehler says:

    I was a recent employee at Wienerschnitzel in fife Washington I have worked in a lot of places but this one is far by one of the worst places I have ever work I walked out it was so bad the lady that ran the place Sharon was just so unprofessional and rude I can’t believe she would talk to her employees the way she did and hang up on one of the employees when they called to see if they work the next day after she hung up proceeded to tell another employee that I fucking hate when they call just bring ur ass down here and fucking look for ur self

  • Yvonne says:

    I have been in the drive-through for 20 minutes because the lobby is closed due to COVID and still have 2 cars ahead of me. If I may make a suggestion have an employee by the door for pick up orders should not be that difficult. Regards, Yvonne, DoorDash Driver

  • Tatum says:

    Yes the caf ed on east ave J ice cream is always out. WHY. PLEASE. TELL US.

  • craig says:

    We are in Nampa Id. May people living in this area are from areas that had Der Weinersnitzel restuarants. We all agree. We need a Der Weinersnitzel here in Nampa.
    Craig Draper

  • Rick says:

    My name is Rick and I live on Borwick St. in Bellflower Ca 90706. There are approximately 150 homes in our neighborhood. I’d like to inform you that we very rarely see your weekly ad delivered to our neighborhood. I know you spend a lot of money to have the post office to deliver them. You should demand your money back because we’re not getting them. The Bellflower Post offices phone number is 562-920-1776. I and my neighborhood look forward to seeing your weekly ad deliverer again.

    Thank You
    P.S. I would like to remain anonymous please

  • Marie says:

    I had a terrible experience at the wienersnitzchel in Ontario Grove/walnut the manager Allen was angry at his employees and was yelling at them. I told the employee who seem to be a minor not to allow him to yell at her. She seemed distressed and just kept working. The employee was very nice hard worker and patient and just kept working. I’m very upset at managers like this one, he shouldn’t be running a business. I will call corporate and complain about this. He is looking into having FEHA get involved this is unacceptable!!!

  • Wendy says:

    I just left the Wiener schnitzels store on nederland Avenue in Nederland, Texas. I haven’t been in a few months because the order is usually cold and incorrect. The workers do not seem trained. I thought I’d try again today. I love the food…. but I’m mad and disappointed. The hot dog weiners were tough like they have set out all day. The cheese was thrown on it unmelted. I repeated my order 6 times because they said they couldn’t hear me on speaker but I had to repeat it several more time at the speaker. There were no customers are employees cars. I thought they were closed. I usually don’t complain but 1 bite I had to throw all 6 hotdogs in the trash. Please fix the store are the employees. It was teenagers I didn’t see an adult on site. Thanks for your time.

    • David says:

      When I can’t hear you on the sound system for whatever reason just pull up to the window for direct contact to get your auto correct and pay attention to you

  • Tamara Hogan says:

    Tried to call the store because they messed up on an order and they were rude. At first they only gave us one bag, then after I started to check the order then they gave us the second bag. Then without letting us check it she closes the window she got to the end of the building where we found that we were missing a chili cheese dog. I tried calling 5 times and no answer. The line wrapped around the building so my husband that is not a patient man left. So now I am out 2.09 and a chili cheese dog short for my 2 yr old. So now I go hungry because of your worker not taking pride in her job. Nice job!!!

  • LJOHNSON says:

    To whom it my concern, I went to the santa Monica location. I received a coupon for a free chilli dog first the employee told the deal expired he couldn’t do basic math. He Then decided to put the code in gave me the item. Received another freebie went back and he accused me of doing something wrong. How! Told me to contact the manager because I couldn’t receive two freebies no body can. Would not put in the code or anything basically pushed me away

  • Bonni Martin says:

    Hello! I was @ your food place on university parkway @ around 5:30 on 6/12. My family was in the drive thru and I went to the restroom. There was no hand soap and I told a young lady. My bad was saying it defeats the purpose. She said than don’t use the restroom. I just thought it was so mean. I don’t think I deserved that. They were all young with no one in charge. I did call and a guy said he was a night manager and said call manager Lindy who will be there in the morning. He didn’t ask if there was a problem. I think the girls name was Rosie. My sister went in and tried to read her name tag. Don’t want to be petty, but
    Ike I said wow! I was not being a difficult customer! Thanks for hearing my complaint.
    Sent from my

  • Sheila says:

    I just left the drive through In Inglewood California specifically Century and Crenshaw Boulevard. When I approach the window a young man appeared to be angry using profanity to no end when he finally came to the window to get my debit card I was still pulling it out of my purse which seem to irritate him because I wasn’t fast enough he muttered some obscenities and walked away. I asked the young girl who was near was the manager available. Diego the manager, came to the window and I voiced my concerns to him regarding the guy who was still cursing, This time directed at me. Since Diego appeared to be a bit passive, I asked the young guy what his problem was and that his behavior was unacceptable, rude and unprofessional. He stated to me that he is one of their best employees I told him not today he wasn’t. He still continued to argue with me which I thought was ridiculous I stated to the manager as well as him that I was calling corporate. His reply was “go ahead and call Corporate. I thought his behavior was unacceptable, rude and a little scary at the same time. He was definitely having a serious moment and lashing out on anyone that was in his path.

  • Denise says:

    I too had a horrible experience at Wienerschnitzel in Stockton Ca. On Harding road. The girls once again didn’t have masks or gloves on. I had paid for the food and after watching no hands watching after handling food and money. I wanted my money back. The girls were allowed to open the register. Was told come back. When I did I was cussed out by the owner called stupid. All this for $2.19. Shame on you. Good luck

  • Candice Johnston says:

    To whom it may concern;
    I went to Wienerschnitzel on Walnut Ave. Ontario, Ca.
    It was the most discussing place I have been to. I drove up and the Ice Cream machine had something oozing from the grill. Looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a while.
    The French fryer looked dirty also. Not just a 1 day not cleaning. It made me gag. I wasn’t sure I even wanted my food.
    Then to top it off. No Dr. Pepper, cold chili cheese fries. The chili cheese dog was ok.
    So $9. later… what a waste of my money…
    Please CLEAN this place…
    Not going there again… 🤮

    Candice Johnston

  • Mike says:

    I am a trucker and have been working through this corona virus pandémic. Since the pandemic all dining in has been shut down and only drive thru is available. Shame on you WEINESCHNITZEL in Mojave California for refusing me service because I did not have a car and you would allow me to walk through!!!! After being on the road for many hours all I wanted was a meal. Without truck drivers like myself things would some to a halt!!! Be considerate of truckdrivers

  • Dolores Barbosa says:

    Now with health phase. You should offer : chicken & turket dogs. Just an opinion.

  • Sheryl says:

    Horrible experience at the Wienerschnitzel on Blackstone and Gettysburg in Fresno, California. At the drive thru waiting on my food, my window was up, I was waiting for my food, when a employee sneezes while handing my food to his co-worker to hand to me. My window was up, we looked at each other and I cancelled my order. Could not get a credit because I was not giving them my card back or rolling my window down. These people should be wearing masks and the managers need to manage their people. With all that is going on right now, this is the type of thing that is irresponsible and dangerous to others. This cost me $9.03 and I won’t go back. This just really makes me sick and angry. How many times has this happened already?? Not good…

  • Laura says:

    I am very disappointed to see that with the corona virus in full effect , none of the employees are wearing masks or gloves! Who trains these managers and why are they still serving food without the appropriate protection for them ,their families , their fellow employees and their families!

  • Ken says:

    As a uniformed first responder, Thank you for not being able to eat there. The walk up window was open, the service door was open with a clear view to cooking area and freely accessible but only serving from the drive up window. Could not fit the ambulance through there..

    935 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95110

  • Wendy says:

    Worst experience ever the manager is Lorenzo he took my food back and then would not even give me my refund

  • Rudy says:

    I recently visited one of the Wienerschnitzel on Crenshaw and Century in Inglewood. First, of all they were all talking and not paying the customers no attention, secondly, when I ordered my food from the drive-thru we had to practically scream for them to hear because of them playing. so when I finally did get my order it was cold and not fresh like it had been sitting there for hours. I ordered the $5.95 deal the corn dogs was
    cold and the chili dogs stale. I would like a refund or a free coupon for the same deal.

  • Shemaia says:

    Food was cold and gave me diarrhea. The store on artesia
    Called and spoke to manager was very rude and said he wouldn’t refund my money

  • Tiffany Sanchez says:

    Hello. We are looking for some help. I am a church goer at a church here in Vegas. Our location is in the same facility and share the same parking lot as a Weinersnitchel for years. Recently a hispanic church moved in a few doors down from us. We are a majority black and Hispanic owned businesses. Recently the owner of this Weinersnitchel has threatened both us, the hispanic church, and a couple other businesses that they will tow any vehicles parked on a certain side of our shared parking lot. He can’t do that and there are on signs up. Yet he has a friend that’s a tow truck driver who towed 6 cars out of the parking lot while we and the other church was in session. Unlawfully. The owner of the building is not helping. Cops aren’t helping. We need this to go viral. Please help. Also contacted the news stations in our town. Racist owner will be getting weinersnitchel a few lawsuits already and more negative attention if he doesn’t stop targeting minorities.

  • Genevieve Ramirez says:

    Wienerschnitzel In Norwalk California on imperial highway

  • Genevieve Ramirez says:

    It is February 5, 2020 We went to the Duaner Snitchin in Norwalk California on imperial highway one block away from us for me my children and my grandchildren we ordered chili dogs chili fries and shakes the chili tasted sour I don’t know if it’s old someone try to change the recipe this is not the first time it happened I like the regular old recipe I wish someone would stop messing with original recipe I’ve been going there for 50 years I shouldn’t have to be going to a city over just to get the original chili recipe enough is enough stop messing with the chili recipe

  • Alex Padilla says:

    Ordered 2 chili cheese dogs at #841 2:34pm today, however only one had cheese. Very disappointing.

  • Unhappy customer says:

    I visited the drive thru at store number 762 in Mesa, AZ. I was NOT impressed and actually left there worried about the safety of my bank acct. I paid with my debit card and the cashier took my card and brought me back a couple of pieces of paper receipts and told me to sign one. I did and she took the signed copy. My problem is that she didn’t return my debit card until my order was filled (which took a good 5-7 minutes of sitting in the drive thru line). I received all of my food and had to ask the cashier if she could return my card. She replied at first that she didn’t have it then changed her reply to ‘oh it’s right here’ and grabbed it from UNDERNEATH the register. I don’t know what policy is for this but I see no reason that my card should have been put under that register instead of given back to me with my receipt. There were no other cars behind me so speed obviously wasn’t an issue. That was the main issue but the other issue was that I waited so long in drive thru that my 3 shakes that were handed to me first had already melted. The worst drive thru experience I’ve ever had and I won’t return!!

  • Sheri kuhl says:

    I called the number for corporate office it’s a store they have no idea about anything where is the office and how do I contact them?

  • Christina says:

    Hi I went to a store here in Las Vegas Nevada. Store #583 on Rock Spring. I have called that store numerous times. A recording comes on or a fax a few times. They messed up my order and I don’t have a car at the time. I refuse to take a bus there and them give me crap about my order. I’ve left messages because it says they will return the call. This is the number I have 702-838-3555
    I’ve called other stores to see if they have e a different number or even a corporate number to complain. No one knows shit. It’s very frustrating. I’d like to know what actions will be taken. This is wrong to put a number on the receipt and then not answer or return the call.
    My number is 7028340176
    If you call & I happen not to answer please leave me your name and a call back number. I’d appreciate it. Thank you
    I don’t use my email much so I prefer not to use it. But I can’t complain unless I have an email. Not everyone in the world uses this. I know plenty of people who don’t.
    You truely need to fix this problem.

  • Schmaltzy says:

    A couple of things. First of all, know that I love your restaurant. Wonderful food and excellent prices. I can get 5 of your chili dogs for the same price at only 1 at the speciality hot dog places here in Pasadena, CA. And yours are better. Now the issues:
    1. The write up on this page about your restaurant comes off as very amateurish. And touting your products as healthy is misleading. Hot dogs healthy? Oh come on. Not many healthy items on your menu. I just feel it impacts your credibility. And the style of the write-up comes off like Amazon product descriptions written by suppliers in the far east. Not racial bias here. Just speaking about the tone of the write-up.

    2. I received a survey from you today and emailed surveys always make me a little bit suspicious because sometimes they are fake and trying to phish info. from the recipient. One of the key items I look for in the survey is correct spellings. I’m an editor and writer by nature so these things pop out at me. In the survey I am looking at right now, I see the word, “mysef” when it was supposed to be, “myself”. While a very minor error, it does create the possibilty that the survey is not legit. I thought you’d want to know that. Not bashing you as a company. As I said, I love Wienerschnitzel so much.


    Steven Perlis
    626 440-0460

  • Karen Biehl says:

    I want to speak to someone at corp about a complaint for store # 685 in Cathedral city- the number for store and one on receipt is no good its a disconnected number , please respond

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