Where Is Whole Foods Corporate Office Headquarters

Whole Foods Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 525 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 512-542-2200

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 91000

  • Established: September 20, 1980

  • Founder: John Mackey, Renee Hardy-Lawson, Mark Skiles & Craig Weller

  • Key People: John Mackey, Keith Manbeck

Whole Foods Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Whole Foods Corporate Office

Whole Foods is an American-based chain of supermarkets that sells foods that are free of artificial additives and hydrogenated fats. They sell organic foods in their brick and motor stores and online. You might want to contact Whole Foods headquarters to make a complaint or compliment about their products and services.

There are multiple ways in which you can get in contact with Whole Foods Headquarters. We’ve listed some of them below.

If you want to send a letter or a package, here is the physical address of Whole Foods headquarters.

Physical Address

525 N Lamar Blvd,

Austin, TX 78703, United States

You can also call them if you want to get an immediate response to your queries. Here are their phone numbers.

Phone Nos

+1 512-542-2200

000 1 512-542-0878


Sending an E-mail to them would be a good alternative in some cases. Here is an E-mail address that you can use to reach them.


Whole Foods are also on Social media. They are present on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Twitter – @WholeFoods

Facebook – Whole Foods Market

Instagram – Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods has two official websites. They are;

www.wholefoodsmarket.com – For American residents

www.wholefoodsmarket.uk – for EU residents

Whole Foods Headquarters Info & Photos

Whole Foods Headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, United States. However, Whole Foods has up to 500 locations around the USA and Canada, and Seven in the UK. The entire chain of supermarkets has up to 91,000 employees.

The headquarters are located in the same place where Whole Foods started in 1980. The premises measure 210,000 sq. ft. The headquarters were last remodelled in 2019. The new building could accommodate 1191 people compared to the 750 people it accommodated initially.

The entrance was remodelled to a colorful and well-branded lobby. The headquarters are built using eco-friendly materials. The remodelling was also meant to reduce power consumption. The use of bright colors and graphics within the premises is supposed to reflect Whole Food’s civic-social ideals.

Whole Foods Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

550 Bowie St Austin (HQ), TX


United States

640 N LaSalle Dr #300 Chicago, IL


United States

5515 Security Ln #900 North Bethesda, MD


United States

1180 Upper Hembree Rd Roswell, GA


United Kingdom

63-97 Kensington High St London

Whole Foods Headquarters Executive Team

Jason Buechel

Jason Buechel,

Chief Executive Officer


Keith Manbeck

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer

Keith Manbeck is the Chief Financial Officer as well as the Chief Administrative Officer. He is in charge of daily operations, investor relations, and finance. Before joining Whole Foods in 2017, Mr Manbeck served in different leadership roles at PepsiCo and Nike. He was a finance executive at Pepsi Business Solutions Group. He was the vice president and CFO at Nike.

Manbeck studied finance and economics at the University of Chicago. He has an MBA in strategy and accounting from the University of Illinois. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from his time at Augustana College.

Christina Minardi

Executive Vice President, Operations

Christina Minardi is the Executive vice president of Whole Foods Market and is in charge of operations. She is in charge of Amazon integration, real estate strategy, customer experience, and other related areas of the business.

Minardi has worked in different capacities within the retail distribution industry. She started her career in NJ in 1995. She was part of store leadership at a Fresh Fields store. Fresh Fields was later acquired by Whole Foods Market. She became the Vice President for the Northeast Region of Whole Foods. She became the Regional President in 2005. In 2018, she was appointed to the Whole Foods Market Executive Team as the Vice President in charge of operations.

Minardi has received a lot of recognition for her achievements in her career. She was named the “Most Innovative Women in Food & Drink” by Food & Wine and Fortune in 2016. She was also named a “Woman of Influence” in 2015 by New York Business Journal. In 2010, NJBiz listed her among the “Top 50 Women in New Jersey Business”.

Name Title
Leandro Balbinot Chief Technology Officer
Heather Stern Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel
Brian O’Connell Senior Vice President of Team Member Services
Bill Jordan Senior Vice President Operations
Sonya Gafsi Oblisk Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer Whole Foods Market

About Whole Foods


Whole Foods Market has had an illustrious history. It was started by John Mackey and his then girlfriend Renee Lawson in 1978. They borrowed $10,000 and raised $35,000 from friends. They opened a little store that sold natural and vegetarian foods. The store was named SaferWay.

Two years later, SaferWay merged with a natural foods grocery from Clarksville that was owned by Craig Weller and Mark Skiles. The first Whole Foods Market was born. The first store was 10,500 square feet and they had 19 employees.

Whole Foods Market started expanding out of Austin in 1984. They started acquiring smaller outlets in other areas. By 1989 the company had expanded into the west coast. By 1999, the company had a total of 100 stores.


Whole Foods Market business model has been selling natural foods and promoting an eco-friendly environment. They have evolved from brick and motor stores to e-commerce. Customers can order groceries from their e-commerce platforms. They have a platform for customers in North America and a different one for customers in the UK.


Back in 1981 when Whole Foods was just one store, it suffered a major setback following devastating floods. The store was extensively damaged on May 25 that year. Products and equipment to the tune of $400,000 were damaged. Whole Foods had no insurance at the time, and there was no way for them to bounce back. After hearing of the devastation, customer, neighbors, and staff came together to help repair the store. Investors, vendors, and creditors assisted with restocking. 28 days later, the store was up and running once more.

Whole Foods was acquired by Amazon in 2017. It wasn’t rebranded though. It still operates independently as Whole Foods Market. Amazon bought Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion. That acquisition saw Whole Foods Market’s stock prices soar on the stock market.

  • Bonnie says:

    Since Strawberries and Peaches being my favorite fruits, I’ve been wanting to send this ‘Letter’ of complaints for quite some time, after many failed attempted calls, being jerked around by Whole Foods’ chain of command staff, turning useless phone calls dealing with complaints reaching only dead ends.  Never being able to talk with anyone even using a phone no. given by a manager of Whole Foods. – What a circus!  Meaning, you guys just don’t care!  When your customers receive bad foods, most likely you already know about it since US home based businesses are more about their profits than quality.  
    I heard that the majority of good quality organic foods, (except Strawberries.  EU and UK have much higher quality berries for just about year round when using Spain berries during winter months which surpass CA berries big time!!!  UK Strawberries and their organic Strawberries taste like the strawberries I grew up with.  UK, 6 months of the year along with Spain strawberries during winter months are red inside and out, sweet and tender, and very flavorful even with all the rain the UK deals with, puts US berries to shame! from CA.) are being shipped over to and purchased by EU countries instead of our own Country due to more profits to be had at both ends when grocery stores here in the States purchase cheaper produce and foods by the so called “Global” businesses / suppliers at a lower cost and turn around selling as high as one can for added profits to be had even though not “caring enough” about quality being received by customers.  Just not selling as fresh / spent, unripe, (Most times than not, unripe peaches that are ‘mealy’, rotting inside even though hard containing very dark red colored skin, meaning it should be ripe, wrong! – April fools seems to run rampid at times at Whole Foods, especially dealing with fruit.   Produce many times being sprayed with strong antibiotics, even some of your organic produce sold country wide for the past 20 years or more dealing especially with Washington State organic apples and pears due to the “Fire Blight”.  Even though top quality producers of organic apples and pears treat the world wide Fire Blight without the use of any antibiotics.  But yet most grocery stores along with Whole Foods continue to sell heavily sprayed Washington State apples and pears with two very strong antibiotics! ???? (Many mothers wondering why they or their children aren’t able to enjoy a fresh apple without breaking out with a rash or swollen lips when ingesting a simple or once thought to be healthy food, thinking that they are allergic to apples and or pears not knowing it’s the strong sulfa antibiotics found even within the flesh of the thicker apple skin and of course the thinner pear skin even though washed well.  Disgusting how our country has come to this, lacking care that injures life, the health of so many.  Besides all the unspoken facts concerning the ill health additives in most non organic as well as organic processed foods.  For another day… Most likely you and your many associates already have that data long ago for greedy profits to continue as long as you’re in line with your competition, even keel.  Just not there yet for letting the pop. in on all the lies about their processed foods, right?  Let me guess, it’s not your job to educate the public, but it’s okay for you to sell products that are indeed very unhealthy.  Too many industries would lose profits, especially within the health industries, gotta keep them happy.  –  Seems what keeps hurting health robust for industry to make their profits from, such as plant base highly heated and chemically processed cooking oils and the farce concerning cholesterol on going. – Biggies along with grain fibers, yikes!  Today oats are in just about all processed foods for selling drubed up lies making most believe their health will improve if purchasing for ingesting an industries new way for selling more,  without someone catching them in the act of lies, or should say what is called a ‘white lie’ since telling only half truths concerning their product, (as in Oats does contain lots of fiber and iron, but what no one is willing to tell the customers especially when buying cereals along with GMO’s in non Organic foods; the grain fiber will be flushed out of the body along with the higher amounts of iron found in the oats and many important nutrients in the other foods consumed right before, during, and after ingesting the oat fiber, such as calcium found in whole milk, vits and other minerals) shall I go on?  How about “365” brand organic hot dog and hamburger rolls containing the (mTg) Microbial Enzyme, listed at the end of your rolls ingredient list.  The enzyme that fools with Proteins when being digested and allows the body to absorb more heavy metal, that are also found in the same heated processed cooking oils.
    It has always been about “The American Way” Greed Factor hasn’t it without a right from wrong conscious!  With all the hundreds and hundreds of many different carcinogens pledging human life, The real cause of ill health and early death, most all from industry’s ill ways for running their business without transparency and enforced law’s regulations that keeps a so-called real Democracy from ever being realized, allowing greed in competition to only grow worse along with health of all life forms which seems no one care about.
      Most customers, you know, never complain.  Not only are CA strawberries being sold at Whole Foods like the picture below during the height of Strawberry season, even when the whole outside of the berry contains a darker shade of ?, close to a red, many of ‘your’ berries, if not all insides are actually “white”, just the very outsides constraining seeds has color.  Seems you do not know your business or “care” about your customers receiving any ill toxic effects from unripened berries! – And “Whole Foods’ 365 frozen strawberries” are even worse if that’s possible!!! ?  Enjoy making smoothies, takes time gutting the entire white insides out that might have parts salvageable along with throwing many pale pink ones out!  Doesn’t this matter to you being right from wrong?  I guess that is the way, when being successful today. – Meaning take what you can from ill knowledgeable un-wealthy customers.  Since you just do not care about others ill-health you help to create by selling the above.  Keep in mind that the closest Whole Foods store is not close by.

  • Caroline Hurley says:

    Why in God’s name can you not find a corporate email to save your life on the internet? I even contacted whole foods customer service for HR’s email address. They told me they didn’t have one! What a load of BS…

  • Patricia Carpenter says:

    Laguna Beach location is awful. Cramped aisles, limited selection, and poor customer service. I live close by and it’s my last choice.

  • Laura Worden says:

    Why is Whole Foods now discontinuing the BEST Enchilada sauce without any warning so their customers could stock up first? The “365 Organic Red Enchilada Sauce MILD” is the only sauce my family & SOOOO many others can eat because it’s not spicy & kid friendly. Is there any way we can order what’s left in your inventory/stock of the Mild sauce, as the “365 Organic Red Enchilada Sauce MEDIUM” is just way too hot & spicy for most adults & kids. PLEASE let us know, as there are no other Enchilada sauces we can eat that doesn’t upset our stomachs, and it took us a really long time to finally find this one 🙁

  • RebeckahC says:

    Please bring a location to Manteca CA. We are an ever growing city in the Central Valley and I think you’d be quite successful here

  • Sandy Smith says:

    I live in Wylie Texas and I just saw on the news that your company does not allow any political wear by employee’s.
    I praise you for having the backbone to stand up for what you believe in . I for one find it offensive to see political opinion in a business and I do not want to support that .Thank you for standing up for what you believe in .I stand by you 100 per cent

  • Angela Lucas says:

    Hello I live in Laurel Maryland and wee have some available space for a new store the space is located on Fort Meade Rd. Route 198 it would be a perfect location and you would make a whole lot of people very happy.

  • Darlene Chavez says:

    Hello, I received a Customer Service Evaluation Tool (CSET) from a Mark Henderson, for a Secret Survey assignment for Whole Foods. I was interested initially because I believed that I would be evaluating food/customer items for Whole Foods, but the assignment is to purchase American Express Gift cards (included in the kit was a check for the purchase of the cards).
    I’m concerned that this is a scam, and would very much appreciate your input. Thank you.

  • Tom Martini says:

    Please carry Divinia Water, Idaho Falls, ID

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