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White Castle Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 555 W Goodale St, Columbus, OH 43215, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 614-294-3753
  • Fax Number: 614-464-0596
  • Email: reservations@whitecastle.com
  • Number of Employees: 2076
  • Established: September 13, 1921
  • Founder: Billy Ingram & Walter Anderson
  • Key People: Lisa Ingram

White Castle Headquarters Location & Directions

White Castle Headquarters Executive Team



E. W. Ingram III

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Ingram


Russell Meyer

Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Vice President

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  • Denise Rohde says:

    Hey… I am so sorry. I wrote yesterday that I think I got ecoli and campylobacter bacteria from jalapeños sliders from telegraph rd Castle. I was wrong. Spoke to my brother today and he had the same symptoms and we figured out it was from something I prepared last week. So glad it was not WC because it has always been my favorite. I lived in Champaign Illinois for 30+ years where the was no castle nearby and I really missed it. Since I moved to Michigan I have eaten there almost every week and when I was an activity director in senior housing I would buy crave cases for happy hour and all my residents loved it. So sorry I thought I got Ill from sliders.

  • Denise Rohdd says:

    I have loved White Castle since they cost .12 cents.
    Just wanted to tell you that there may be a problem at the Castle on Telegraph Rd in Dearborn Michigan. I ate 3 jalapeño sliders on Sunday they did not taste like usual. Next day I ate one that was left over from my 10 pack. My stomach started cramping that night and I went to e r. They say my colon is infected with Campylobacter bacteria caused by food. Just thought you might want to check on it.

  • Jodi L Frison says:

    The customer service at the Jean Nevada location is terrible. They are blatant racist. The conveniently hold the line when it’s time to serve black people. I’ve seen this on a few occasions
    Needs diversity and new management

  • mike says:

    Bourbonnais Illinois 40 minutes waiting still waiting five cars ahead of me slowest place ever

  • shaun benningfield says:

    Went to grab something to eat last night at 1:30am, store was packed as expected, well only currency i had was $2 bills, after waiting 45 min in drive through get to window for the cashier to tell me they cant except them. Who uses counterfeit $2 bills, but anyways it was embarrassing, but my time was wasted, and i needed something in my system for my medicine and had not had anything to eat all day, so not only did they not give me my food , i wasted a 45 minutes of my time.

  • Betty miller says:

    Why is the lobby closed to the public at 630pm at the White Castle in Chicago heights

  • Lisa Spivey says:

    I purchased White Castle burgers on Bellfountaine Neighbors on Wed 8/24/22. When i open my bag there was hair all over my food. I have never had any problems with White Castles but I will not eat there again. I have pictures

  • Mark knight says:

    To whom it may concern I am a resident of New Jersey can you please provide me with a list of the very first White Castle restaurants in New Jersey with the year start date thanks I am trying to make a point to a coworker

  • Mary Memering says:

    Wow,we are so upset.We went to White Castle in Cold Springs Ky.We were going to order 10 White Castles,2 small fries and 2 small drinks,the price on the Menu Board said special price $13.99,they wanted to charge us $16.99 and wouldn’t even listen.The manager said $16.99 and wouldn’t even come around the counter to see the Menu Board,so we went to Cracker Barrel.Now we are stuck with a White Castle Gift Card,we can’t use,very upset.We have been going to White Castle’s for years,but not no more

  • Gary lynch says:

    Yes I wonder if they could open a white castle restaurant in westbranch Michigan,it’s right off I 75 and a real good location,and I love white castle,I hate driving 200 miles to get to a white castle,thanks if you could

  • Ann Belew says:

    Dear sirs I worker for White Castle, good experience,I worked for 20 years and now I am retired, My last payment is when I am 80, I didn’t receive my retirement money, and I am 79. Please send my retirement money soon. Thank you

  • Yolanda Rich says:

    This store sucks-where do I began. I went there this afternoon to get lunch for my mother. It took 15 minutes for anyone to even talk to me to take my order at the drive up. Then the young man who finally took my order was talking (yelling) to another employee very inapproiprately while they were on speaker! I ordered a LARGE sweet tea and a number #2; 2 double cheeseburgers with fries, NO ONIONS and heavy pickle. Well I got the correct order, EXCEPT for the part where I said NO ONIONS. My mom is allergic to onions and both of the burgers were full of them!! I love White Castles so much, but I was so upset by this I couldn’t even eat them. This should not of happened. Store location-153 Morthland Dr, Valparaiso, IN 46383

  • Mrs. Lupo says:

    We need a White Castle here in Spring Hill Florida. If you build one we will come. County Lane and Mariner Blvd. Many homes, apartments and even a hospital. When Applebee’s opened up almost 15 years ago it’s been non-stop business. It’s always crowded. We have lots of teenagers. Think about it please.

  • Mr. Dennis Zeller says:

    My wife and I just noticed that another white castle is closing. This store # 085015 is in Mount Juliet, TN —My wife and I live at 456 Stonegate Drive, Lebanon, TN 37090 and the white castle in Lebanon closed first. We are so upset that our favorite burger place will be no more, — we do know we can buy frozen burgers in our local food chains, but its not like eating there. We will miss this dearly.

  • Carolyn Burton says:

    How can I start a White Castle, we really need one in Tampa, Florida and the entire Bay Area, the population of New Yorker and New Jersey ex residents has increased and most of them patronize White Castle.

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