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  • Carolyn Hefner says:

    The last 3 Whirlpool washers I have purchased all have had the same problem. I have called to inquire and have had technicians to look at them. I recently purchased a third washer within 7 years and all 3 washers have had the same problem. I have called the company about the problem with each appliance and all I get is wanting to send a technician. The problem with all 3 is and has been that the sensors that sense water level do not work for the amount of the load. It seems that there is not enough water to adequately dilute the detergent and or the fabric softener. I just washed 5 articles on gentle cycle and when taking the garments out noted that they still had soiled spots and did not clean and dry spots that never had enough water to actually wash the item. Dark garments continually have strikes through them where the detergent or fabric softener did not have enough water to dilute. This causes me to wash and or rinse a second time. My daughter has your washer appliance also and has for several years and experiences the same issue. I have a few friends that have the same issue. I just paid over $1,000.00 for a brand new Whirlpool washer and the same problem exists. When I made this last purchase I discussed the issue with the Lowe’s sales person and he related to me that his wife has been having the same issue. He stated as you know I wear dark pants to work and a dark vest and in order to have nice clean garments his wife washes them twice, once with detergent and once without. This being the third Whirlpool washer purchased and I have tried to let you know that there is an engineering issue with the water levels. In a world in which we live we are encouraged to conserve and especially water. I have no problem but with your appliance when a person has to either wash clothes 2 times or rinse 2 times on deep water that is not conserving nor is this economical for the customer. My water bill reflects the higher use of water. When calling the company there is no one that will actually listen to the customer and will not forward you to a person to really explain the issue. They want to send out a service person which I have accepted many times. Yet the same problem exists. This is not a single service issue it is a manufacturing flaw that you really don’t want to hear about. The people I know that have the problem says they just continue to do what I do use deep water and or two rinses. They relate they just don’t have the time to call a go through the effort because the company doesn’t care and nothing get done. The very first call several years ago the representative told me it was the detergent that I was using and I should call them. I did call and I have tried many brand name products and the same with fabric softener yet no change in the outcome. IT IS A DESIGN ENGINEERING PROBLEM. SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH WATER OR AGITATION TO DILUTE DETERGENTS AND OR FABRIC SOFTENERS. I have even had to send items to the dry cleaners to get the strikes out which is very costly. I have washed clothes for over 60 years and I know when an appliance is not working. Never had the problem until you started adding all these options which all we want is to properly wash the clothes without continually having to take extra time to wash and rinse twice. But as most companies today you and they really do not care what we think or how frustrating it is you get your money and move on. Most consumers today just feel they have to accept it and do as I have been doing continue to use extra water to go through additional cycles because of the hassles. YOU JUST DO NOT REALLY CARE!!!!! I JUST SPENT OVER $1,000 in hopes the problem would not exist but it does. There is nothing further I can do except wait until I can maybe have enough money in the future to invest in a washer that is not manufactured by you as I know you manufacture different brand names and hopefully I can find one that is manufactured by a US company that has no relation to you. I live on a limited income being retired and it sickens me of how consumers are taken advantage of in todays world.

  • Ken Freeman says:

    Range top Mod. WFC310S0ABO the center of the burners are so cheaply designed and built it brakes and the heating element still works but you have to buy the hole burner at a cost of $95 to $123 each to replace them.

  • William Melton says:

    Terrible product and even worse is trying to get service

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