Where is Whataburger Corporate office Headquarters

Whataburger Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 300 Concord Plaza Dr, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 210-476-6000
  • Fax Number: 210-496-4001
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 22500
  • Established: August 8, 1950
  • Founder: Harmon Dobson, Paul Burton
  • Key People: Tom Dobson

Whataburger Headquarters Location & Directions

Whataburger Headquarters Executive Team



Tom Dobson

Chairman of the Board

Preston Atkinson

President & CEO

Dino Del Nano


Mike Gibbs

General Counsel

Rob Rodriguez

SVP Restaurants

Ed Nelson


About Whataburger, History and Headquarters Information


Whataburger was founded in the year 1950. The company has been operational for almost 68 years now. The founders of the company were Paul Burton and Harmon Dobson. The year after the company’s founding date, the two founders ended their partnership. Paul Burton had become the owner of the company’s franchises in Texas, while Harmon Dobson was the owner of the company. By the year 1968, the company already had 17 stores opened. The company continue to expand more than more, and by the year 1972, there were 100 stores. In the year 1974, the company also changed the design of its stores as well, in order to support larger dining rooms and also accommodate drive-thrus as well.

By the year 1980, the company had opened its 300th store as well. In the year 1983, the company also added two new recipes on its menu too. In the year 1999, the company had also opened a Whataburger by the Bay store in Corpus Christi. It was the largest store in terms of the overall size of almost 6,000 square feet. In the year 2000, the company had celebrated its 50th anniversary along with the 575th store opening as well. By the year 2007, the company had 700 stores and was raking in more than $1 billion in revenue as well. Starting in the year 2011, the company began to advertise itself on the television as well. In the year 2015, the company had celebrated its 65th anniversary. As of the year 2019, it was reported that the company would be bought over by Morgan Stanley. The headquarters of the company is based in 300 Concord Plaza Drive. The name of the place is San Antonio, while the state name is Texas, USA. The pin code of the area is 78216.


Whataburger is an American chain of restaurants focusing on the production and selling of various kinds of fast food products, recipes and dishes to its customers. The current CEO and president of the company are Preston Atkinson. As of the year 2018, the company has its presence in over 828 locations, over the USA. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2012, is more than 22,500.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a restaurant like an experience at the company’s stores and enjoy the fast food manufactured and served by the company itself. The fast food items sold by the company include a chicken sandwich, hamburgers, french fries, fish sandwiches and also milkshakes too.

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  • Chris Compton says:

    How come is there an employee working out in rain whit out a jacket just wondering how come and service has dropped off inside make me wonder how you treat your employees

  • BEN says:

    What in the world has happened to your store in Palestine Tx.? Today(2-8) and several days past, you only had 1 person taking orders. Then this person is delivering orders. Why isn’t the manager filling in to provide service? You have more competition than ever in Palestine and it seems like you are trying to run customers away. POOR MANAGEMENT

  • Stephanie Simmons says:

    Hi my name is Stephanie and your Whataburger store on Fuqua in Houston Tx has let me down once again! I am disabled and used door dash at times, 3 times now have I not received a complete order from Whataburger, today again I didn’t receive all of my items and when I called spoke to a manager Maria who was not very nice, I asked to speak to her manager and she told me she was the only one there but when she saw I was not going to back down she all of a sudden had a general manager Chad, before Chad took the phone Maria was mocking me about complaining as she did not put the phone on hold, Chad was a little more helpful and is currently working on a refund, but Maria actually said they can’t help if the door dash driver keep some of the items, I think that is so unprofessional to blame a service that works for you guys instead of just being accountable and fixing the problem. Maria doesn’t seem like management material to me!

  • Gary Kilgore says:

    You have a problem at your Austin Hwy. location. We pick up burgers from that location several times a month, and haven’t had any problems until today. My son went through the drive thru lane, then after he pulled away, checked the order. The order was wrong. He wasn’t allowed to enter the building, so he had to go through the drive thru again to get the order corrected. Unfortunately, he didn’t check it at all this time. When he got home, he apologized for taking so long. Well, when I got my food out of the bag, they had gotten the order wrong again!! I took a photo of “what ever that is” that was in the bag. I called the location and asked to speak to the manager….dead silence…..I asked again…..dead silence…..finally the person who answered the phone told me that she “is a manager”….I asked her for her name (which I won’t post here)…..I told her what happened……dead silence…….finally I realized that she was probably the person who made the order and said that to her…….dead silence…..

  • m says:

    The Whataburger in Kaufman Tx is not wearing masks or gloves. Not even the manager. This is not safe. They are not taking the covid19 serious. I hope management will tell them to be safe.

  • Jeannette Day says:

    The Whataburger restaurant 404 in Spring, TX continues to serve cold burgers and fries every time I go there. I went on November 9th and was served a cold burger and fries. The second burger prepared was raw (pink) on one side and the bun was soggy. This location used to be really good and I ate there a lot. However, that is not the case now. Apparently the manager is not doing their job ensuring the food being served is hot and cooked properly. I will NOT go to this restaurant anymore, as I am tired of their sorry food.

  • Dennis says:

    I find it very disgraceful that the Whataburger, being started in a Military town and then moving to San Antonio, a very dependent Military town does not offer not honor active and veterans who have identification cards a discount like so many businesses do. Hopefully this will SHAME them into start accepting the Veteran and Active Military personnel discounts.

  • Beverly Ogden says:

    Since Whataburger was taken over by Chicago investors, they have taken away Military discounts unless you are in uniform. That is an insult to all Retirees, Disabled Vets, and spouses. No privileges, no business with me again! Shame on YOU!!

  • Terry says:

    Comment #4
    I think Whataburger is at a crossroads in which they either get better or they go down in the history of terrible service and bad product. I don’t know how many times my whataburger had half the bun hard as a rock with burnt marks on it from the device that toasts them. I stopped ordering fry’s as they are never any good, half of them limp and white as raw potato and the other half hard like it sat there and got picked up with what they just dumped in the bin. When I order them well done they are too far gone to be any good. Why is it so hard to cook great fries?
    Something happened to your taquitos too, maybe you changed an ingredient, but they taste fake and dry heave awful.

  • Terry says:

    Comment #3
    Why is it Okay for your manager to address me at the counter to take my order when the phone is glued to the side of their head and they are talking on it and trying to wait on me. What a crock of …(place whatever expletive that applies) South Loop 336 West Conroe, Texas.
    Not just once, but seems to be the habit of this particular person and once I tried to call him out on it and he walked away from me.

  • Terry says:

    Comment #2
    For more than 30 years I have done informal and formal tests about this weird human phenomenon; I like the justaburger as it has a unique flavor. I think it needs a few more pickle slices though, and thus order it with extra pickles. So, when I order it without any changes I usually get about 5 to 9 onion chips, very small onion pieces, which is about perfect. When I order extra pickles the cook always puts a ton of onions on the burger even though I didn’t order extra onions. It never fails I have tried so many different ways of ordering, even telling them not to change the number of onions and sometimes they misunderstand and give NO onions. Now, the justaburger is a delicate creature in that a little change will dramatically change the taste. But I rarely get it delivered correctly as I don’t like to scrape off the onions, it is a hassle because I usually eat them while driving. SO I have to pull over and scrape onions with mustard off in the vehicle, what a mess
    There is something very complicated about this simple request as I have told a dozen different managers about this and they have never been able to provide one correct justaburger with extra pickle, even when they have just been told no extra onions. It seems to be an impossible task.
    So how are these managers able to run a restaurant??? Why do cooks assume we want extra onions when we want just extra pickles??? This will go down in history like the reasoning lemmings kill themselves.

  • Terry says:

    Comment 1
    From the West Davis SH 105 in Conroe, Texas, I received two sausage breakfast on a buns at 4:45 am and went to the concrete pour and when I tried to eat, found egg shell in them, too much to eat. Later I called the manager and he offered to give my money back or replace them and I told him; I don’t need my money back, I just want your place to improve the quality, he thanked me and we hung up. Later that day I went to the Whataburger on South Loop 336 in Conroe to order a vanilla shake and had a dime and five penny’s along with the bills and my order was 4.16 cents to which the person bringing my order made me pay him the penny so I had to give him a bigger bill and get the change. SO in essence I gave Whataburger $8 they didn’t deserve and made me pay a penny I didn’t have. This philosophy is untenable as I will just stop going to Whataburger. I haven’t been to McDonald’s in over 12 years and stopped going to Chick-Fil-a about 5 years ago when they gave me food poisoning from a market salad. There is nothing stopping me from never spending another dime in your restaurant.
    What happened to Whataburger’s quality???

  • Jeff Griffin says:

    My Texas Family and friends here in Missouri would love nothing better than to have a Whataburger in Rlloa Mo. If Rolla is too small then Springfield, MO would be a good place as well. We have Braums out of Texas in Springfield for ice cream but would sure loove to have a Whataburger! Thanks.



  • margaret torres says:

    I went to Whaburg in Wharton Texas .Ihad a bad experience .I order a whataburger w/cheese . There was no cheese . I went inside to tell them. The casher said I didn’t tell her.But Idid .The casher at the window said it would be extra. I paid the extra. I know I ask for cheese .I always order #1 with cheese. The sad part was ,they threw the cheese in the hamburg it wasn’t melted. The hamburg was cold.I always go there but I don’t know now. Restaurant 467 Wharton Tx10319 US 59 Road , casher sounded rude

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