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If at all you are looking for a place to solve all your financial issues, look no further. Westlake Financial is the ideal place to trust and consider for your financial needs. Westlake is a company that specializes in the provision of all the financial needs and solutions to its customers.

Westlake financial has experienced growth over the years. The company was born in the year 1978. To date, Westlake is among the most influential financial institutions with so many peoples trust at hand. The headquarters of this financial institution is in Los Angeles.

Why look for other financial institution when you have the best right in front of you? For any of your financial needs, confide in Westlake financial. This is the place that can solve almost all the financial issues that you have. It is very simple to get hold of the company. With their customer service, be sure to get help with a single call.

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  • Neil James says:

    I purchased A 07 GMC Yukon On February 19 after having the vehicle a week it wouldn’t start replaced the battery the dashboard lit up with all Connor lights hate the dealership told me to drive it a 100 miles and the light will go off After driving a 100 miles the light stayed on I contacted West Lake financial to let them know about this vehicle the representative did not documented didn’t do anything call back again later because I was told I was going to get a call ending get it only to find out that the vehicle has a bed motor every light on the dashboard is on even when I’m doing 50 miles an hour More or less took I to as certified mechanic shop and he said after doing a diagnostics that the motor was banned and that the warning lights have been turned off so that means it was done from the dealership Westlake financial help me facts all the paperwork in 2 to 3 times never called me back to let me know they decision I found out 1 may 26 That they’re not going to do anything for me I’m stuck with the vehicle I am so angry with them I even made a car payment while it’s in the shop the dealership will not return my calls and Westlake is walking away still wanting me to make my payments This is not how you do business.

  • Mario says:

    Lack of human consideration, they are the worst place to get help they are dishonest, disrespectful and unethical take your business elsewhere.

  • Miss Judy Bell,is Disabled Person, Patient,Driver and Customer of Westlake Financial says:

    I,trust Westlake Financial will assist Miss Judy Bell,as a Disabled Person to Release a reliable affordable
    Motor Vehicle contracted under Fette Ford for Judy Bell whose vehicle Dodge 2104 white 4 Door Journey stop working due to Engine Failure.Pray for me as I, Pray for you .

  • Miss Judy Bell,is Disabled Person, Patient,Driver and Customer of Westlake Financial says:

    Well,i,trust Westlake financiql Service as Corporate Entity will allow me as a customer to apply all of my
    monthly installment payments to Satisfy my outstanding Balance for a (2014 Dodge 4 Door Journey) i
    did Contract with Auto loan with Illinois Auto Sales 84-88 illinois Avenue of Paterson,Nj to Contract a New Reliable Motor Vehicle using the New Contract Amount 1,563.55+9,385.69 =$10,949.69 after
    Judy;s Monthly Installment Payments have been applied to her Outstanding Balance.

    As a Disabled Person I, trust the above by law will allow Westlake Financial to assist me for a Vehicle
    the 2014 Dodge 4 Door journey that experienced Engine failure on Friday June 21,2019 .My e-mail address is Belljudy450@gmail.com and my telephone number I, did give to customer Care of Westlake

  • Name says:

    this company repossessed my car that was paid for one month ago

  • Colby Cade says:

    Westlake financial are out to beat ppl and don’t play by the rules of law there dealing with other states but playing the law by there state laws which gonna get them sued when they could simply pay for what been done or release vehicle to auto shop that it was lef abandoned but surely they will know to play by the rules or get sued

  • Colby Cade says:

    I’m suing you all for illegally repo and not paying me for my services that was done to your vehicle which you sign off on when you got the letter to let you know we’re it was and did you want to pay fees to retain that vehicle

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