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Wellstar Health System Corporate office Headquarters

Wellstar Health System Headquarters Address and Contact

Wellstar Health System Logo
  • Address: 805 Sandy Plains Road Marietta, GA 30066, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Email:
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  • Number of Employees: 10,001+

  • Established: 1997

  • Founder: 

  • Key People: H Speer Burdette III, Board Members

Wellstar Health System Headquarters Location & Directions

Wellstar Health System Headquarters Executive Team



Otis A Brumby III


Dr O Scott Swayze

Vice Chairman

Candice L Saunders




Wellstar Health System, History and Headquarters Information

Headquartered in Marietta, Wellstar Kennestone Health System is a subsidiary of Wellstar Health systems. They are major operators in health care services and primary based form of care especially for the old even though they attend to everyone who needs their service.

The primary address for Wellstar Kennestone Health Systems is based in Marketing & Public Relations Department, 793 Sawyer Road, Marietta, GA 30060-1101, United States in case you need to visit their official headquarters.

For communication purposes, customers have been advised to call directly to (470) 644-0100 for any issues, complains, suggestions or orders.

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  • Melissa Wakamo says:

    Please do not have a procedure at Wellstar. They have a history and reputation (do your online research) for billing incorrectly, then passing the exorbitant charges on to the patient. I had an outpatient knee surgery and they gave me 2 anesthestic injections that they did not pre-authorize and were not part of my estimated charges. When insurance didn’t cover the injections because they weren’t pre-authorized, Wellstar started billing me…..$9000 for TWO INJECTIONS! I have spent hours and hours on the phone with people who are unqualified to understand the issue, let alone offer any assistance. It has been almost a year and it still isn’t resolved. If this is the only place your doctor performs services….find another doctor. Seriously.

  • Samantha says:

    It’s sad, how lightly healthcare is taken in this country at the expense of people, who should have the best medical treatment. But, it’s not, it’s all about the money for companies, like WellStar. I spoke to an attendant for WellStar — Atlanta, she pushed me into signing up for a payment plan, because it goes into collection after 120 days (which is false), even if it does or did. It just shows me how much more WellStar has no actual concern about their patients or people in general.

    I haven’t had any problems paying for the last 6 consecutive months, I pay every month. I don’t have money growing off trees in my yard, nor am I any kind of person sitting on gold or have people giving me money to take care of myself. I have a pretty standard 9-5 job, with all sorts of bills, but still willing and able to pay down on my bill. But, forcing people into payment plan seems very petty and unnecessary, wit everything that’s going on. I’ve paid nearly every month, after receiving the first statement. I feel a very appropriate and meaningful amount. But, to have collections threatened or imposed. It’s damning of the industry. I have no problems paying more, but to have it as threat. I wish WellStar all of the worst luck in the world. Will never go to any of their hospitals ever, again. I swear on it.

  • Tracey Richardson says:

    I went to wellstar urgent care on Delk Road In Marietta on Dec 31 for covid test, I gave my insurance information, but I was charged $320, when I inquired about it I was informed it was for office visit, I have had other covid test at other urgent care centers and did not have to pay anything and was never billed, this doesn’t seem right. What’s the point of having covid testing done if I have to pay for it, It was told to us that it was free, so why charge an office visit. Then I had to wait 10 hours for it, after getting there at 8am, since it was not told to me that all wellstar employees are seen first, so I get there early to wait til 10 just to sign in, and not get seen until 6pm, that’s a full day of work.

  • Shannon says:

    I was hospitalized at 667 Church St, Marietta, GA, 30060. The nurse (didnt catch her name) of the morning of Sunday Dec. 19th at 8am was very rude and arguing with me about my IV. As I’m explaining how I’ve NEVER in my life received 2 IVs (one for fluid, one for blood) she then proceeded to say in a sparky tone “well why didn’t you just go the that hospital then.” Then as she walked out the room, then states “well we all have degrees here”. This type of attitude and remarks was COMPLETELY unacceptable, and you as a business should not condone this type of behavior from your staff.

  • Carolina Miller says:

    I’m always treated unfairly when I visit wellstar. When I call and make complaints no one ever calls me back. Why?

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