Where Is Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters

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  • Address: 420 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 866-878-5865
  • Fax Number: 1-844-879-0544
  • Email: boardcommunications@wellsfargo.com
  • Number of Employees: 262,100
  • Established: March 18, 1852
  • Founder: Henry Wells & William Fargo
  • Key People: Charles W. Scharf, Douglas R. Edwards

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Wells Fargo Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

464 California St, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States


United States

301 S College St, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States


United States

635 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97204, United States

Wells Fargo Headquarters Executive Team

Charles W. Scharf

Chief Executive Officer

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Douglas R. Edwards

EVP, Interim General Counsel

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Derek A. Flowers

Senior Vice President, Business Development

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David C. Galloreese

Senior EVP, Head of Human Resources

Richard D. Levy

EVP, Controller

Mary T. Mack

Senior EVP, Consumer Banking

Avid Modjtabai

Senior EVP, Payments, Virtual Solutions and Innovation

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  • Michael Coletta says:

    Wells Fargo Bank wrongfully Foreclosed on my home then sold the home. There are no documents that prove Wells Fargo’s claim to be the original owner, The only document is a Assignment of Mortgage that was verified to be Fraudulent and manufactured by a employee who worked at the law firm that represented Wells Fargo, this was verified by a Private Licensed Investigator I retained. The New York State Department responded to my complaint, that Wells Fargo was never the owner, by contacted them directly. Wells Fargo responded to NYSDFS, stating: that Wells Fargo has verified that they were not the owner or investor. No other documents were ever submitted to me, my attorney or the courts that prove Wells Fargo was ever the owner, this was also substantiated by a through search of the FDIC and the Nassau County Clerks Office. I actually was paying another back for the years that Wells Fargo claimed ownership.
    Mr. Charles Scharf, claims he wants to build trust, the bank is broken, I have contacted him, never a response. Wells Fargo you want to talk?
    Michael Coletta

  • Elizabeth Howie says:

    Been trying since June 11TH to get Wells Fargo to correct charges on my account. Many phone calls to the local branch and they do not answer, you cannot speak to a banker without an appointment at the local branch. Emailed and multiple times for the past 60+ days and each time they apologize and say they will resolve issue and to wait till the next billing cycle. Called the 1800 number multiple times issue still unresolved. Now Wells Fargo shows my account past due and sending me past due notices and to call them?

  • Beth Lewis says:

    How can banker determine where
    you belong when he is going with
    gravity local hate games.Over looking that fact you had lifted
    Merchant consultant team experience in your career .However bill payment was my ideal for more Americans people
    get into electronic banking better
    Choices Betty Financial INC

  • Joseph Bukowski says:

    On June 25 I deposited a little over $15,000 in your Wells Fargo bank when I went to use it the next day it was being held the deposit I made was a lottery win with various tickets I wanna know why did Wells Fargo put a hold on my winning Tickets and make my bills be overdue they said I couldn’t have my money until July 6 that’s the biggest crock of bull I haven’t heard I want this money released as soon as possible and I don’t mean July 6 I’ve been a customer of Wells Fargo for over 15 years if I have to wait for this to be done when it’s done I will take the money out of your bank Walk across the street and put it in another bank my name is Joseph Bukowski my phone number is 817-705-7303 my address Is 220 S. East Tarrant Area Tx Ave., Burleson TX 76028 I would like this money put back in immediately these are state lottery checks if you have to hold and find out if you can get your money and I don’t need to do business with you people this is never been done before and I used the lottery Winnings for deposits before these are state of Texas lottery checks thank you in advance.

  • Michelle & Douglas Snider says:

    I have been trying to contact someone for 3 weeks now and still no response. We are trying to get $ from our 401 k to purchase our home and have not been able to speak to anyone. I have sent faxes and still no response. My husband had a call over a week ago and told them to contact me and that did not happen. I have been on hold everyday for over 3 weeks for anywhere from 38 minutes to 1 hour and 46 minutes to speak to NO ONE. Also went to a branch yesterday and was there 6 minutes before 4 and was told they were closed and I would have to make an appointment, to call back in the morning. I have called over and over and they are not accepting calls. I am ready to close every account I have with Wells Fargo. I am ready to contact the Media as well. You are holding up our purchase and have our money ! THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I WANT MY MONEY !!!

    • Denise Sousa says:

      Go high, go to the white house, or Federal office, flight high, if no , ? you can not, you have a value

  • Ben Nielsen says:

    I have been a personal and business customer of your bank for over 35 years in Fountain Valley and Gardena Calif. last Friday I stayed up until 12 midnight in order to apply for the SBA PPP loan for my business. I was told you were not ready to check back which I did every day when you took the preliminary applications I filled it out. today I received a email that you were not able to process my application and I should look elsewhere for the loan. I have tried several banks and they are all not taking application or only serving their customers. again I have several accounts with you and have had several loans that have all been paid of with Wells Fargo please advise me what to do. I guess I depended on my bank to process my loan

    • Steve says:

      I have been a customer since 2003. I was on hold at Wells Fargo for 5 1/2 hours today. At 5 1/2 hours they hung up on me.

  • A says:

    Wells Fargo STINKS!!!!! Poor poor poor customer service

  • Sharon Ballard says:

    A check was deposited into my account mobily. The check Did Not have my name on it anywhere!! Now I am being held responsible for $470.00 because the check was FAKE!! How can anyone put money in my bank and then when I spend it I am the bad guy?? Remember that this check was put in my account mobile from Janice Austin to Sandry Russell, both of whom I don’t know!! My name was NOWHERE in the check!! I checked my account and it was in my account so I used it. Way would you let a check go through my account without my name even in it??

  • brian hall says:

    e: Collateral Protection Insurance
    WF1728129, effective 10/21/2006 TO 5/3/2007

    This correspondence is in response to your letter dated 6/17/2019 regarding the above referenced subject matter. Specifically, your request that I provide you proof of insurance during the period indicated above.

    In review of my records, I have yet to locate any correspondence from you during the time in question inquiring of my auto insurance coverage/carrier. Further, I have no record of you advising me in writing or otherwise that you would be adding a CPI surcharge to my auto loan balance. Where I’m certain I never received such correspondence, I find to now learn, 12 years after the fact, that you indeed accessed this surcharge against me, without notification or to my knowledge both suspect, disingenuous, unprofessional, and illegal. To now request that I provide some documentation for a business matter that happened over a decade ago, to substantiate and support your illegal behavior is a burden I will not take on.

    What I find the most troubling and unsettling, is that you are only raising this matter after being mandated by the courts to address and rectify your error. Had you not been forced to address the matter of your wrongdoing, evidence of your past business practices, (having been detailed extensively in the news media), would strongly suggest that you would have never attempted to remedy these infractions.

    Having paid the auto loan in full, unaware of this surcharge, I feel taken advantage of and victimized. Where I was advised that the surcharge amount totaled well over $1100, I would like to request a full itemization (supported by evidentiary records) of the charges for each month it was accessed. My suspicion is that you didn’t charge me monthly but appended my auto loan balance in one lump sum. Therein, lies the the tell tell sign of your criminal intent.

    In light of the above, I request full reimbursement of the CPI funds paid to you along with a letter to support your position. My hope is that this matter can be expeditiously resolved, as I will not hesitate to file a legal claim against you with my attorney.

    Your commercials say Wells Fargo has changed… But have you regained the public’s trust?

  • Ken McConnell says:

    My wife just called me and is ready to cancel our account with Wells Fargo because of the poor service she received at the Heber City office in Utah.
    She went in to withdraw some money and obtain her lost pass word for her Visa card. Everyone was on the phone and she was told “wait over there.” She stood for 10 minutes while everyone, tellers and bankers, continued to talk on the phone. While she waited three customers came in with the same situation. All three left without being acknowledged. I’ve been a customer of Wells Fargo for many years and if my wife or I receive this kind of treatment in the future, you can bet we’ll change banks in a heartbeat

  • Joan M. Brever says:

    I have been given the run around about a “closed” safe deposit. The bill I received is for next year 8/03/19-8/03/20. I closed out the box in St. George, Ut December 28, 2018. Now, I live in Denver, Co. Somehow the St. George location made an error by not having me complete the computerized form. I gave the St. George location the key to the box and removed all contents. That branch said they would take care of everything nothing else was required from me. Now I’ve been told the only way I can completely close out is to go to a Wells Fargo here in Denver. I understand that; however, I’m 82 years old with a broken foot and I do not have transportation. I cannot just drop in. No one knows how to take care of my problem. I am not going to pay for a product I do not own. I shouldn’t have to pay and go through many inconveniences caused by St. George, Ut error. Steps I have taken include: calling the phone number on the Safe Deposit form letter; talked with the people at the St. George branch (Red Hills Drive); they referred me to Customer Service; customer service said I had to contact the original bank. My husband passed May 2, 2018. The bank had been notified including an original death certificate. His name should not even be on the letter. I had considered investing my savings in a Wells brokerage account. That is not going to happen now. It appears the Wells organization cannot take care of a simple Safe Deposit problem. What would have happened if I had invested? Please do not have a robot return an answer.

  • Michael says:

    Wells Fargo is an appalling company, the gross incompetence and laziness of whose employees is only matched by their penchant for obfuscation, dissembling and idiot level waffle. I have had an account with this outfit ever since WF acquired Wachovia 9 or 10 years ago, an account I am unable to access or track on line as I forgot my password and entered three incorrect ones. Three strikes and you’re out. I have been paying into the account ever since {and before} Wells Fargo took it over from Wachovia, usually making two or three deposits a year, without making any withdrawals. Well, I can’t, even if I wanted to – which I don’t – as I have neither a Well Fargo checkbook nor an ATM or credit card. Why? Because I live in the UK, but opened an American checking account over 30 years ago, when I travelled to the USA regularly. I have been trying to get on-line access to my account for the past 6 or 7 months, communicating with several members of staff at the executive offices in San Francisco – all to no avail. I was told I needed to be authenticated in order to be able to monitor my account on line, an elevated state of being achieved by proving that you are who you say you are. I did everything I was asked, and I offered more. My passport, birth certificate, bills from gas & electricity companies, credit card bills, doctor/hospital certificates etc. I made Western Union transfers into the account, sent US Dollar checks etc. Last week I was told that the last two deposits I made gave me authentication, and that I would be given a temporary password to give me access the account on-line . Unfortunately the smart tv I was using to visit the internet lacked the muscle required cope with the WF software, so I bought a new laptop and waited for the call from Wells Fargo tonight to guide me to my account again and give me the temporary password which my new laptop would handle with ease. But nothing comes easy where WF is concerned. Indeed, I should have known better. Contrary to what I had been told for the past 6 or 7 months, I was now informed that making deposits did not provide authentication. Oh no. Later this evening, having spoken to at least five different departments for well over two hours, I was told that the only way I could regain access to what is mine was to hop on a flight to the USA and visit any Wells Fargo branch. Oh golly gosh goody, a prospect as enticing as an invitation to Satan’s larder. Why was I subjected to the indignity of having seven months of my time, energy and wellbeing wasted, so far, based on the misinformation disseminated by incompetents and their handlers?? Because although I have a US checking account, I live in the UK, ostensibly a US ally and friend. Dream on! I think it was Oscar Wilde who said that “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in-between”. Wells Fargo, it can be argued, gives credence to Oscar Wilde’s observation It is an awful company. Given the fact that late last year deposit checks worth just under $600 sent by me to Wells Fargo by tracked mail to be paid into my account disappeared and were not paid in, one wonders if it is a further testament to staggering incompetence or, perhaps, criminality. As for my hopping on a plane to the USA in order to visit a Wells Fargo branch to get access to what is rightfully mine, I am over 70 years old, have prostate cancer and a heart condition. Wells Fargo is a company without heart and, indeed, without brain. Shame on you.

    • Orlando JCastillo says:

      Hello Michael, First of all II would like to pray for your healing and send our best from Bell, CA. I also would like to resolve severe damage caused to my train of thought after I lost $27,000 in February 2019.My account was depleted .There were three unauthorized accounts opened up a $750 money order cashed there by an employee who somehow had authorization to use my account. Giving a bank employee the OK to do this is insane . Refunds from merchants sent to my account were gobbled up like candy 🍬 on Halloween. A provisional credit $1909.53 was credited into my account (and it actually was )with a merchants refund sent to me was used to fund it. I paid it back to myself 8 times . Every call or visit was a bad experience, worse than a Freddy nightmare.
      . Cash deposits of $1,400 was diverted and placed onto my opening deposit of raising the $34,000. opening deposit amt. to $35,400 . Fees are $27,993.42 , Fee’s? This is crazy for a simple checking acct. I received a response on the $750 , they said it was” returned to me”? into what account? The darn acct. Was closed in October ’19 with a negative $1,365 . What ? how the hell do I owe that money ? I haven’t received a dime back and unless I sue them I may not .Keep trying Mike I’m calling in a few to end my nightmare on Mayflower Ave. Good luck and our prayers are sent to you free of charge! Wells Fargo won’t mind. Lanslane25

  • Sheila Ann Meadows says:

    I have applied along with having a account with your bank, and each time I was told that I had to have a college degree to be a Teller. Now, my sister-n-law have applied to the Tulare Wells Fargo Bank, and she doesn’t even have a high school diploma, and you are considering hiring her. My name is Sheila A. Meadows, and if your company hire here after I have applied to your bank, I will not just shut down my account, I will public come forth and make a compliant and sue your bank. Because each time I have applied our ask about open position I was told I have to have a college degree. I have experience and two college degree, and now your bank and branch is going to hire a women, name Tosha Meadows, when she doesn’t even have a high school diploma, and I have all three, I will sue your bank public and will have this on TV. That your bank shows favorite to people that do not have degrees and hire only black and Hispanic that don’t even have a high school diploma, you can contact the Tulare Union High School District office, to ask if she graduated and they will tell you no. So, now explain to me how in the hell can you eve considered someone that didn’t go too school. But, have on your website and when a guest ask about working at your bank, that you have to have a college degree. I’m going to sue your bank. I need a someone from your company explain to me how is this possible. ? I can be reach at 559-453-7486, or email at appleshe75@gmail.com

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