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WellNow Urgent Care
  • Address: WellNow Urgent Care
    311 N Green St, 17th Fl
    Chicago, IL 60607, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 773 344 9465
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 912
  • Established: 2012
  • Founder: John Radford
  • Key People: Rudy Blank

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Rudy Blank

 Chief Financial Officer

Nancy R. Becker

 Division Vice President, Central

Tom Dent

 Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

 Mike Dupuis

 Division Vice President, Arkansas

 Ellis Harris

 Division Vice President, East

 William (Bill) Meadows, M.D.

 Chief Medical Officer, East Tennessee

 Chad Sherwood, M.D.

 Chief Medical Officer, Arkansas

 Amy Thomas

 Vice President of Marketing and Communications

 Emily Venable

 Vice President of Human Resources

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  • Nicola Sistrunk says:

    This place is so unprofessional I’ve waited three hours after signing in I came to get a physical, let’s just say this place was not busy they make them self seem so busy while waiting they’ve ordered dominoes eight went to the bathroom a few times burp call their friends on the phone laugh joke before they start calling back customers again I almost felt like I could have waited at the emergency room to finally get my name called to the front desk after waiting for 3 1/2 hours to hear I have to pay out of pocket. when I signed in it was an option to pay with insurance. which I clicked, front desk could have told me hey by the way we do not take that form of payment for what you’re requesting this is for out-of-pocket just so you won’t have to wait three hours instead she felt it was OK to make me wait to tell me afterwards shut this place down. now you’re telling me after three hours to pay out of pocket. Very unprofessional !!!
    I ask for the number for corporate they direct me to the website. I asked them to show me where on the website they were no assistance to guide me. Why do these people have a job they don’t even have an answer for you they work slow they’re gaining weight stuffing their face all day and not actually helping customers.

  • Zachary Joppich says:

    Your port huron facility is going to try and charge for 2 visits when they knew I had hypertension, and that I needed a form filled out by my doctor. I can not afford to pay 190 for a 1yr physical that comes out of my own pocket

  • dib says:

    My Husband was seen in August 21 2022. Ins never billed until I call my insurance carrier and did a conference call with a WellNow account specialist. My insurance carrier told her how to bill them correctly, (we have a medicare advantage plan) WellNow was paid within a week of the insurance getting the bill. According to my EOB WellNow was paid 9-19-22. I called so many times asking how I can pay my $35.00 co-pay and get told they are still waiting on the insurance payment. I would explain over and over again that the insurance has paid and I owe my co-pay. I spoke with a Kesha, Alisa, then finally in Dec. I spoke to a Kaila who seem to know more of what she was doing and even though I was on the phone for over an hour between explaining that they were paid and her putting me on hold to speak to her supervisor (whom she would not transfer me to)the Insurance payment was placed on the account and she emailed me a secure email bill showing our co-pay balance. The next day my husband Paid THE CO-PAY OF $35.00 thru their secure on line payment center. We do have a copy of the payment showing the amount, payment type his account number and authorization code~!!!!!! now they say we have not paid. The kicker to all this I open up the mail box and there is a check inside for a refund from WellNow and the date on the check is 2 days before my husband paid his account. I tried again to call WellNow I spoke to Payton, who said that the account is still not paid for and to wait until the end of the week because of the holidays which makes sense. Then I was asking about this check I received and we were disconnected? I called back spoke to Leticia was waiting for over 30 min for someone to answer the phone before she was able to answer. She said she did see where a refund check was issued and sent and didn’t know why either and would investigate, she placed me on hold, (while on hold I was able to do my tax prep and facetime with my granddaughter), when she came back she said I am so sorry for keeping you on hold this long (time clock on phone 65min.). “May I please call you back after we (I do not know who the we were, I didn’t ask) figure out what is going on.” I said that would be fine. I still have not heard back from her.
    I just now tried to call corp. office 1-315-454-6000, they answer the phone Aspen Dental Management, I clicked on the 7 and got an operator I asked is this also WellNow and she said “Yes, we manage WellNow”. I said I would like to speak to the chief officer in charge of finance and she transferred me to a regular account person that you have to wait 30 mins. for them to answer. When I hung up and tried to call back I could not get through, kept getting “I’m sorry we can not answer your call at this time”

  • Robin says:

    Unorganized and incredibly slow

  • Tiffiny says:

    I called Wellnow yesterday to have paperwork & disc ready for pick up the next day that Is 10-18-22 then in my way there I called again to verify it was ready and I was to go to counter and just show my ID however when I got there I had to wait that wasn’t the worst part even though it was making me late to my appointment they had me make I decided to ask the lady for my stuff she said I had to wait yet she was on her cell phone so then I was on phone and was complaining about service and the point of calling ahead of time to which she chimed in with her two cents saying to have it ready not for us to just hand it over yet she had time to be in my personal conversation and to be on her phone but not to pass me something that was right in front of her I’m so mad It must be a racist worker as I was not being rude to her until she was clearly rude first by not being busy enough clearly to just hand over a disc and paper work and had time to be on her personal phone I’m highly unsatisfied with that place and just from that one bad experience I will not go back or recommend that place to no one so disrespectful for a person who is getting paid to act that way (Niagara falls boulevard by 74th st & target)

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