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Jonathan H. Weis

Chairman, CEO & President

Scott F. Frost

Senior VP, CFO & Treasurer

Kurt A. Schertle

Chief Operating Officer

Wayne S. Bailey

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Logistics

Robert Cline

Vice President of Talent Development and Vice President of Associate Relations

About Weis Markets, History and Headquarters Information

Formerly known as Weis Pure Foods, Weis Markets Inc., was incorporated by two brothers, Harry and Sigmund Weis in 1912. Unlike others, they operated only on cash which also helped in reducing the prices by up to 25%. They expanded their business rapidly and followed the format of supermarkets and turned all of its corner grocery stores into self-service supermarkets. It is based in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. They also started offering gas at some of their stores under the name Gas n’ Go in 2004.

Weis Markets is a food retailer company. It handles and runs 200 stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and West Virginia. They mostly sell groceries, dairy products, frozen foods, meats, seafood, fresh produce, floral, pharmacy services, deli products, prepared foods, bakery products, beer, wine, and fuel, health and beauty care, and household products. Currently, there are over 23,000 employees who serve their customers base.

It sells its line of products under its various private brand labels which are Weis Quality, Weis Organic, Weis Signature, Weis Quality Premium Meats, ValuTime, Paws Premium, TopCare, and Full Circle Weis 360. The endorsement of its products is done via weekly newspaper circulars, radio advertisements, and bulk e-mail, online through its Website, social media, and mobile applications.

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  • Charles David WELLMANN says:

    Your deli dept is too slow. Please consider 1/2 lb increments of common cheeses and meets to be precut and stored in your cool box on the floor. Currently they are 1 lb increments. Many customers purchase 1/2 lb increments. This would save your store lots of manpower hours and me as well. I have mentioned this to store management as well but to no avail. Suggested i contact Weis corporate.

  • Kristine Lackey says:

    I shop at Weis market in Elmira N.Y.and use the pharmacy there,I have watched the pharmacy change in the last year,employees that I know were gone,pharmacist gone and most recently not even opened when they should be. I have now left the pharmacy when my recent visit noticed the pharmacist holding a pig.I was told it’s a therapy pig,really! If this is your work force I really I’m sorry. I’m now a Walgreens customer.

  • Maryanna MacIsaac says:

    Wondering what became of some of your most popular Full Circle products. Are you phasing full circle out? We miss our Full Circle products.

  • Vicki says:

    Weis rewards program is ridiculous. I don’t know what it does for me to shop there. I do get all of my prescriptions there and the Pharmacists are great especially Gary. I’ve been a customer there since Sept. 2008. I spend a ton of money there!!! I have a balance of 2300 points and that’s after I used 400 pats for turkey. Why only 1 turkey this yr? You can’t even get bananas, Weis ice cream or Weis eggs with your reward points. Oh u can get a 5 dollar off coupon to use on a 25 dollar order for next time and then it expires fast! So, please tell me why does it pay for customers to shop at Weis Markets??

  • Nancy says:

    Weis in Hagerstown Md, the Conamar St. store near post office/Lowe’s is a giant COVEY SPREADER.A total nightmare. I complained to the manager, who was working on a Sunday night, (red hair, overweight, rude). I didn’t get her name, because she screamed at me and told me I had five minutes to leave the store after I complained that workers were not wearing masks over their noses. Half the young cashiers and especially the people stocking the shelves wear their masks under their noses every single time I go in there. My family and I will no longer shop at Weis. Please do something!!

  • Rose Speelman says:

    I am getting tired of Weis market having such dirty carts I was not going to put food in such a rusty cart I got the wipes out of machine and tried to wipe rust off a it then showed lady the cart and she said it was just an old one.omg we left. Have been shopping with this.store for many years and it just gets worse. Bathrooms are so dirty had to take my husband home for use of bathroom. You need to send someone over to inspect it before anyone gets really sick. Your store number is #120 735 old harrisburg rd. Gettysburg I am not a person who complains but can’t take this anymore.

  • Robi Thomson says:

    I have just learned that Weis Markets will no longer be flying an American flag nor allow their employees to wear any American flag symbol to work! I hope this is not true! If it is true, I will no longer shop there and will encourage everyone I know to never shop there again!! This is America and it’s time for businesses and true Americans to stand up for their rights and for their country!! Stop bowing to these ungrateful communists in our country who are trying to take over! I love my country and my freedom…and I want to keep it! Please Weis- tell me it isn’t true!

  • Pamela says:

    Went to Weis on Security Blvd in Windsor Mills Maryland on 4/18/2020 ..Sign on bacon said $4.99 but ring up up 6.99…look at receipt when I got to my went back in the store and she would not take it back mind you it was within five minutes didn’t leave the parking lot…This was the second time with bacon not shopping there anymore.The staff is just rude..

  • Louise Myers says:

    the weis store in Carlisle is a JOKE. Every time I shop there their specials are listed at regular price. I have to walk around with their flyer and show the clerks the correct price. Last Saturday I want to buy the Hanover Kidney Beans, special price on shelf, $1.99, Flyer said $1.70 Again I had to show the clerk the regular price. Have been buying there for years, but now buying at Karns.

  • claire lowe says:

    I need to contact the CEO of Weiss Markets about an embarrassing situation done at the Naticoke, Pa store. Been shopping there for years, have very good credit. Most always pay by check. We are not welfare people. Our funds are always there to cover our bill. We bank a The First National Bank of Nanticoke. Been there for at least 40 or more years. We spend a lot of money there, always liked the service, the checkers, pharmacy and more. We are senior citizens but we are not senile. For my husband to have a check denied today is very embarrassing and humiliating. We have the funds to pay for our bill. We build gas points as we go and don’t complain. This store has gone to you know where and it’s a shame cause a lot of people shop their and they too are complaining about different problems they are having. We will be leaving this store if this should ever happen again, why shop where you are treated like idiots? I personally will spread the word to other shoppers to stop shopping there too.Word of mouth works.
    My name is Claire Lowe and my husband’s name is Elmer who does all our shopping.
    Our phone # is 570-825-4479
    We live in Warrior Run and it’s Hanover township.

    Hope to hear from you soon cause I need to get more groceries and there are other stores!

    Thank you
    May 10, 2019

    • Kathleen Stephan says:

      you shouldn’t mock and say NOT WELFARE PEOPLE!! There are individuals that are disabled and single and need that help so it is not fair to state something like that!!!

  • kenneth schindler says:

    i live in state college pa, i shop at weis until what happen, i visited all three store’s in state college, you ran a sale on pepsi products, when i went to the stores more than three times in one week to get the soda you never had the product, i ask the staff and they said i will have to keep a watch when its comes in, well i went to giant foods and found that they had plenty of stock and almost the same price, so im going to start going to giant. your customer service needs upgraded, three stores and no soda, really, i think this was false advertising.

  • .Michelle stone says:

    A few weeks ago I came in your store Callaway store #282 , their was a young lady and not sure what her name was any how, my mother was their shopping and for some reason my mom was having a problem with her bank card, well this young lady was doing her best to help my mom so this lady went to her office and came with her own bank card and paid for my now grocery, I want thank her for doing this, their is not to many people that are good, for her to do .something like this for a total stranger is a beautiful thing. Please give her my blessing and thank her for us. Michelle stone. P.S. My mother said this lady has her hair up in a bun

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