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  • Address: 3100 Staffordshire Blvd, Powell, TN 37849, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 501-1000

  • Established: 1931

  • Founder: Lynn B. and William W. Weigel

  • Key People: Denise Thurston, Director of HR

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Kurt Weigel

Training and Recruiting Director

Doug Yawberry






Weigels, History and Headquarters Information

Weigel stores Inc. was developed in the year 1938 and incorporated in the year 1955. The company has about a total of 350 employees in all its centers around the world. With revenue of $139.91 million, it remains one of the top performers in its niche.

Weigel Stores has the same primary address or headquarters since its incorporation which is at 3100 Weigel Ln Powell, TN, 37849-4201 United States. To know more about this company, visit its official website http://www.weigels.com/ to do your research.

You can furthermore contact them via their official contact which is (865) 938-2042 for more details.

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  • SD says:

    I’m guessing this lady Rachel is a DM the way she treats her employees is all wrong writing them up for reasons out of there control lying to them smh just awful I wouldn’t work for her

  • Reda Kelly Sue Wallen says:

    Dec. 26, 2023. Since my favorite drink had an out order sign I decided to try the hot chocolate. Looking not locating I asked the cashier if they have hot chocolate. As if I was a bother she roughly replied its on the end of counter. I purchased and left. My first drink burned my tongue. I waited and carefully took another drink still to hot and had a weird taste. Third drink wasn’t hot, but clearly tasted horrible. A taste of metal. I called asked to speak to manager. I shared my experience with Chris who replied with well the hot chocolate machine has been out for weeks and we just cleaned it. As if I’m an idiot for using the hot chocolate machine. My reply was ok well the orange drink had an out of order sign so why didn’t the hot chocolate? Also, why didn’t the cashier inform me of that but roughly told me where hot chocolate located. She didn’t acknowledge my last question, but instead told me if I wanted my money back I need to come back now while she is there. My experience, my thoughts rude cashier rude assistant manger equal no returning customer. Yes, the few drinks left me feeling very sick. I have never felt poison in my life until this experience.

  • Christy Ledford says:

    Well don’t go to the weigles in lake city bc if your unconscious on their bathroom floor bc you have a medical reason and their employees will not check their bathrooms for hours and when shift change cums and they find you on the floor and the ambulance says that it was due to a medical reason and then a cop tells them that you will be back to get your car that’s parked outside and you go back to get it and it’s not there bc they towed it before you got back to get it

  • Rick says:

    Your new weigel’s on Lovell road could have been a little more friendly but also I spent $67.00 and had a hard time about giving them $100 bill which was all I had not a good way to start a new store for me.

  • Kim says:

    Today 11/24/22 at 3pmI was at your Weigel store on 11 W and the pinnacle. There were two guys working. I had asked if I could use my phone number to use my reward card. Realized I never call my home phone and couldn’t remember number. The older guy was very rude and told me to try harder. I turned to him with a disgusted look and said I do not appreciate your comment as it already had been a very rough and sad day. The gentleman who rung me up felt really bad as he said sorry. The older guy didn’t say a word. I don’t appreciate this service the older guy provided. Whether he was joking or not. It was not necessary!

  • CT Roberts says:

    I was at the Weigel’s at the corner of emory road and Tazewell pike yesterday between 5 and 6pm and it was busy, BUT what I heard while standing in line between what I assumed was 2 employees yelling at each other over something was really disrespectful to the customers that had to hear a heavy set woman scream to other person “suck my (blank)”. Not only was I shocked that the whole store heard it, but that she had no remorse for saying it..Now if this is the kind of people you want working in your store, then I will not care to go back.

  • Edward D. ALLEN JR says:


  • Allen Dotsom says:

    I pulled up at the weigle’s store off of Callahan drive on Christmas Day at 6:56 and the lady had already locked the door and would not let myself or quite a few others come in the store

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