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Colleen Wegman

Chief Executive Officer and President

James J. Leo

Chief Financial Officer

Mary Ellen Burris

Senior Vice President of Consumer Affairs

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Wegmans was founded in the year 1916. The company has been operational for almost 103 years now. The founders of the company were Walter Wegman and John Wegman. The former name of the company was Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company, which was later changed to the current company name in the year 1930. In the year 1931, the company was incorporated as Wegman’s Food Market and thus also opened a self-service grocery store as well. In the year 1968, the company started expanding to other cities and states as well. It opened in Syracuse, which was followed by New York and then in Buffalo, New York.

In the year 1972, the company was the first to open up a pharmacy store, inside their own stores. As of the year 1974, the company had acquired Bilt-Rite Chase-Pitkin. Then in the year 1986, Wegmans Federal Credit Union was established and was also open for business as well. In the year 1993, the company opened its first store in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. By the year 2008, the company had stopped selling tobacco products and also offered programs in order to stop smoking among its employees. In the year 2009, the company was ranked at 29 places on the Supermarket News list, among the Top 75 North American Food Retailers, based on actual sales volume. Then in the year 2017, the company had tied up with Instacardin order provide delivery of its Personal Shopper program. The company was also ranked among the Fortune’s top 10 ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’, starting in the year 1998 and continued for eight consecutive years as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 1500 Brooks Avenue PO Box 30844. The name of the place is Rochester, while the name of the state is New York, USA. The pin code of the area is 14603.


Wegmans is an American company that focuses on providing its customers with an online as well as a retail platform to purchase various kinds of grocery items all at one place. The current CEO and president of the company are Colleen J Wegman. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $8.9 billion. Also, the current number of employees working at the company is more than 49,000. The company was ranked at No. 2 in the list of Fortune’s Best Companies to work with.


The primary services provided by the company include providing the online and offline platform for customers to shop for various kinds of grocery items, offered by the company all at one place. The company also discontinued the sale of tobacco products as well.

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  • Frank Caccio, my company is Mimi's Sweetsts says:

    Do you have candy buyer?
    Can you please send me info.

  • Ray says:

    As a Customer, I was appalled to find a piece of Salmon ( At Prepared Foods) that was $ 10.00 for a piece a week or so ago and now the Same Piece is CUT IN HALF FOR THE SAME PRICE???!!! For a Store that Brags about opening new stores should be ASHAMED FOR RAISING YOUR PRICES CONSTANTLY, YOU ARE FILLED WITH NOTHING BUT GREED AND MR. WEGMAN WOULD TURN ON HIS GRAVE IF HE COULD SEE THE GREED OF THIS CORPORATION!

  • Margaret says:

    You should really read the next-door site in Fairport, Pittsford NY. Maybe it will wake you up but I doubt it. You’re losing people by the hundreds

  • Karen says:

    Just discovered you’re charging $$ for you EV charging spots at Monroe Ave store through a new company I hadn’t heard of. EV charging at a grocery store could be free for better customer relations and to draw customers. You could do this. I would like it!

  • SCML says:

    I recently went to the store in Fairmount, NY to order some trays of small subs for a graduation party and was sent to the Catering section in the store. I wanted to pay with our Wegman’s business card and shoppers card that would bill us at the end of the month. We have always been faithful in paying on time. However, I was told that I need to order on line and cannot use my Wegman’s card and Business card for payment the bill going to our company for payment but had to use a credit card for payment. I do not have one and therefore, had to go elsewhere to order what I needed for the party and paid with a company check. Disappointed.

  • Cheryl Beardslee says:

    I think it is shameful to promote the LGBTQ agenda to your customers! There is no Christian banner hanging in our Brockport store! Why do you assume all people agree with such bizarre lifestyles? And to have it forced upon us while shopping for groceries is just wrong. Reconsider what your store is there for and please let people shop without being assaulted by anti-Christian propaganda. Children are confused enough and LGBTQ is nothing to be proud of!

  • Susan Gorham says:

    I have been shopping at the John Glenn store since the day it opened. Your customer service is still stellar. I no longer want to shop there. There are only store brands in most departments; the way meats are wrapped and no butcher; the lack of cashiers. During the pandemic, you only offered instacart. I was part of Liverpool First which was a committee of people dedicated to keeping Walmart out of Liverpool directly off route 57 within 11/2 miles of Wegman’s. We were successful. I personally boycotted Walmart for 15 years. Walmart offered groceries delivered to your car for no contact shopping during the pandemic. This service was free. Wegman’s offered instacart. How sad they could not offer what Walmart did as a community service. Nichols is a wonderful locally owned supermarket in Liverpool, NY. This is where I will go for groceries from now on. I know 6 people in my neighborhood that no longer shop at Wegman’s. It is a shame. I used to love that store.

  • Pierson HOLCOMBE says:

    Wegman’s is making an important mistake in pushing your own brands to the exclusion of traditional brands. Examples include: Oscar Mayer bacon, Dietz & Watson and Boar’s Head deli meats, and extreme minimizing Ore-Ida potato products. I understand the strategy of trying to maximize profits by pushing your house brands, but you are losing customers here in Lancaster, Pa. Folks here are going back to Giant. I hope somebody in Wegman’s leadership reads this after taking the time to try and help!

  • Susan Nagen says:

    I have been a customer of the Jon Glenn Wegman’s store in Liverpool for 30 + years I was in the store yesterday to do my weekly shopping and it looked like it was going out of business. I understand lack of help and holidays and weather but a business your size should have stock on hand and proper answers for conccerned customers. What happened to customer service?

  • Paul Cocuzzi says:

    Muffins come in cardboard boxes now and dry out in 1 day getting really hard. Plastic ones were so much better, muffins didn’t dry out and kept their moisture. Why aren’t they still available.

    • Paul cocuzzi says:

      Muffins come in cardboard boxes now.theyget hard in a day plastic ones were so much better muffins don’t dry out. Why aren’t plastic ones available

  • Renee Gaines says:

    I went into the Wegmans in Niagara Falls,NY to order a sub tray. I was told I had to order it on line or use an app. After a conversation with the clerk she did it on her computer un happily. The kicker came when I was not allowed to pay cash.I am 82 years old. People my age do not do especially well with this process. I will go elsewhere the next time I wish to purchase a sub tray. You need to think about making things easier for elderly people

  • Lynn Carrier says:

    Hi. I am a huge Wegmans fan. I paid my way through college working for Wegmans over forty years ago. I have continued to shop at Wegmans all these years. I actually met Danny a few times and he was always kind and considerate. Last week I bought a Celebration Ham for over $30.00. This is the first time ever I have been so disappointed in Wegmans. I wanted to serve it on Thanksgiving. It was so fatty and salty that no one was able to eat it. I was embarrassed to serve it. If I could post a picture I could show you how much of the ham was wasted due to fat. I am so disappointed in Wegmans whom I have always counted on.

  • Cooper says:

    Your foods are great but the people are all rude most specially the supervisor in the cheese department in Columbia MD. Y’all corporate need to find a better person to handle your business. She’s the worst manager/supervisor that I ever dealt with. She’s white and I was hurt man, she’s racist like hell yo! I’m a human being too and I went there to give you business.

  • Diane Dunn says:

    Your quality is down your prices through the roof. I will not be shopping with you anymore. No deals anymore..produce is terrible. I’m done

  • Vickie Richman says:

    i have been shopping at Wegmans in Warrington, Pa for years.i love the store however every time i go now, the items that were on one isle are now on another isle; which would not be so bad if they changed their app that tells which isle a product is on. The app is worthless without the correct information. People are going to Shoprite because they know where everything is, instead of going up and down and back and forth looking for products. Just thought you would want to know how unhappy we are.

  • Diane says:

    The Leesburg VIRGINIA Wegmans is a COVID waiting to happen!! No one wipes the carts down it’s crowded no 6 ft apart no one way in or one way out what is going on ???

  • Bob Girouard says:

    I am very frustrated with the Wegman’s in Gainesville, VA. They don’t enforce customers to wear masks and some of their employees refuse to wear masks. There are signs outside stating by order of VA State law, that masks must be worn. So why does the management just not care? We need to be diligent and all follow the rules. You need to discuss these blatant issues with management.

  • Michelle says:

    My son applied for several jobs that were posted and he received a phone interview last Wednesday and today he gets an email that he is not selected for the position. Every time I go in to the Latta, Gates, and Ridgemont stores, the managers are saying they NEED employees. Why are there no jobs posted? My son is 16 years old and this would be his first job and he was turned away, why? No specifics were given as to why. How can a hardworking, polite, young man have an opportunity to work for Wegmans?

  • Gregory Otis says:

    Why in the hell are your employees not wearing masks????? Insane.

    • Bryan says:

      no it isn’t. what’s insane is that you (and the vast majority of people) think a mask is going to save you from the bogeyman.

  • James Horton says:

    I really enjoy shopping at wegman’s and was glad they opened up a new store not too far from me. I I’ve in Durham N.C I , have to say I am deeply disappointed in wegman’s …I recently applied on line for a part time stocker job for a new store that is opening in Cary NC and got a response …Thank you for the interview……which I never had , that they decided that at this time I wasn’t right for the position. I, know without a doubt I could do the job. I have years of experience, in stock work.

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