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  • Address: 4 Copley Place, 7th floor, Boston, MA 02116, USA

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 7,751

  • Established: 2002

  • Founder: Niraj Shah, Steve Conine

  • Key People: Niraj Shah (CEO);Steve Conine (Chairman);Enrique Colbert (General Counsel);Michael Fleisher (CFO)

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Niraj S. Shah

Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, President & CEO

James Savarese

Chief Operating Officer

Michael D. Fleisher

Chief Financial Officer

About Wayfair, History and Headquarters Information

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, the company was incorporated by experienced entrepreneurs, Niraj Shah, and Steve Conine in 2002 as CSN Stores. In the first year, they sold media stands and storage furniture. By 2003, they widened their focus and included patio and garden goods suppliers, among a wide variety of offerings. In the next few years, they targeted international markets and started shipping and selling in the USA, Canada, Germany, and the UK. In 2001, they rebranded CSN Stores as Wayfair. Wayfair.com was launched in 2011 and In 2019, Wayfair was listed on the Fortune 500 list, securing 446th position.

Wayfair is the destination for the people who are looking for home furnishings and decor items. It has a variety of products across home furnishings, decor, home improvement, kitchen & dining products, patio & garden, housewares and more. Currently, there are 12,124 employees across all offices. In addition to all the 10 million products, the company also gives facilities like choosing furniture, decor, decorative accents, seasonal décor, and other home goods via its five online sites which are: Wayfair site, Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane, and Perigold.

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  • Carole Thompson says:

    I just wanted to make a comment regarding Kelly Clarkson in your ad. She is as much as a show off in your ad as she is on The Voice. She seems like she wants to be the center of attention even in your ad on television. Hope you change to someone else soon.

  • jen says:

    I purchased a Tv stand from Wayfair. It stated that it would fit a 55″ TV. Turns out a 55″ tv does not fit on the tv stand and I’m out the money. Wayfair will not refund me because it was assembled. I would not have spent my time assembling the tv stand if I knew it would not fit the tv. DO NOT BUY ANY FURNITURE FROM WAYFAIR save your money. Extremely poor return policy and customer service.

  • Robert David Waite says:

    I have made several purchases at Wayfair in the past. Unfortunately, i will no longer be doing business with you in the future. You have unjustly removed the My Pillow product from your company for political reasons. I will inform all my friends about what you have done. Please remove me from your email alerts list and close my account immediately. It is a shame that you are bowing to political pressure.

  • Judy says:

    I’ve purchase several pieces of furniture and have had a nightmare trying to return one. I’ve tried several times to have a nightstand picked up, and NO ONE has picked it up yet. They were supposed to pick up 2 days ago!! This is BAD customer

  • Mary Voorhees says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I’ve been a regular Wayfair customer for many years. However, it has come to my attention that Wayfair is participating in the unfair “CANCEL CULTURE” practice of cancelling people whose free speech goes against the Democrat narrative. What you’re is doing is gutless, not right, and it makes me sick that you and others are complicit.
    As long as My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell, is cancelled from selling his products at Wayfair, I will cancel Wayfair shopping and will delete my account as well. Also, I will urge my friends, family, and acquaintances, who believe in American liberty, as I do, to do the same.

  • Chris Metzgar says:

    I requested a cancellation for an order I placed on a sectional sofa on August 28. I was told that it hasn’t been shipped yet. According to your policy if it’s not shipped then it can be cancelled well I get an email saying that it was shipped. I don’t live at this address and I would appreciate it if this shipment would be stopped.

    “You can cancel any order before it ships from My Orders. However, once an item has been shipped, it cannot be canceled.” Pulled from your website!

    I have an email saying it wasn’t shipped yet.

  • D.C. says:

    Couch I bought in January is splitting at the seems. I am a ht. & wt. proportionate (6ft/175lb) person who purchased a new couch from these charlatans, a call resulted in denial of any refund or repair. If I could drive this pos to their HQ I would dump it in their lobby and torch it probably.
    So even if you want to use Wayfair for other that human trafficking you are S.O.L. I hope for a class action lawsuit, but sadly I have to pay another $300 to get this repaired properly.

    Now I know why the Irish policy of “kneecapping” was so prevalent for fraudsters. Burn in hell Wayfair!

  • Robert Riley says:

    On June 30 I ordered an outdoor fountain, order #3363489487. I was told upon ordering delivery would be July 13. July 13 came and went and when I checked status on my account page it said delivery would be after Aug 5 so I decided on July 20 to cancel my order. At that time I was told I couldn’t cancel as my item had shipped. I have never received delivery updates from your company and only get information by going on my account page which by the way now says delivery will be after Aug 19. This means you have had my money for almost 2 months and I do not have my merchandise and no clue as to when I might have it. Your customer service is horrible as I have tried to get this resolved and was only told if I returned the item, going on the assumption I ever get it, it would cost over 200 dollars to do so. I will never order from you again and will inform all who will listen not to also. This has been a nightmare

  • Con G says:

    I am waiting on the final piece of my sectional. Your customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. NO ONE WILL FOLLOW THROUGH ON ANYTHING THEY SAY THEY WILL. How do you ship out 3 of the 4 pieces? You had a tracking number on all of them and fed ex only took 3? How do your warehouse staff not see that. I want a refund!! I will contact my credit card company and dispute this charge!!

  • Linda Catanzano says:

    I ordered mugs that stated their country of origin: USA. I took this to mean that they are made in the USA. Wrong, they had a Made in China sticker on each mug. According to the Wayfair employee I spoke to about returning them, she stated that “country of origin” means where it is shipped from. Really? Because I received 2 blankets from country of origin: India and they arrived in 3 days. Did they ship from India? I don’t think so! This is blatant false advertising and I’m so disappointed in Wayfair.

  • James Stimson says:

    I guess the consumer can’t even find a way to contact someone in charge. I contacted your customer service team regarding a Kuppet Ice Maker that I purchased. I originally looking for information on troubleshooting it. However, your customer service advised me not to worry and that she would be sending out a replacement. I advised her of an address change. I was then told that she couldn’t change the address. She would cancel the order/shipment. Then she would verify the correct address and have it shipped right away.

    Bare in mind, this is all under your so-called “We’ll make it right” campaign.

    The cancellation and the emails between myself and the CSR were less than 12 hours. When I inquired about the new shipment, I was then told that Wayfair is out of ice machines until December 31, 2020. I was stunned that the one and only cooler that was just cancelled is now out of stock.

    I was then advised by yet another CSR that she just refunded my money. I didn’t request a refund and I certainly didn’t expect one. I want a replacement ice maker. I would have actually expected you to send a replacement whether it’s the same brand or not. I feel that Wayfair has certainly let me down with their promise to make it right.

    Yet the tale continues. Then I’m told that Wayfair doesn’t do substitutions but she sent me links for other “brands” of ice machines so that I could purchase one. When I advised her that Wayfair set my expectations with the replacement that I certainly would not purchase another one. Had I not been told of the replacement, all of this would be a mute point.

    Now I’m plain angry and feel completely victimized. And to top off the insult, the same CSR had the audacity of sending me a 10% off voucher. As I told her, I’m one of those people who will actually tell all of my friends and family of this situation and suggest that they don’t use Wayfair.

    Very disappointed and pissed off.

  • Carmen Gutierrez says:

    Hello i just saw on indeed that you are hiring for the remote customer service position and it is early Saturday Morning ; your site to apply is defected. The questions with a drop down arrow is not working so not able to answer them and the questions with a check box is not working either? the only questions one can answer are the ones we can click our mouse to fill in the dot. In Summary , unable to answer all the questions therefore making it unable to submit the application. Hope this message gets to you . Here is the link for your perusal to check out and fix. thanks.

  • Richard Fierson says:

    They were supposed to refund my money, but somehow the price I paid and what they want to return are different. I have called, These are terrible people to do business with. Don’t buy from them, go to Amazon or any honest business! Buyer be wear when you shop this company!!

  • Fuck you. says:

    We know you’re trafficking children. We will get you all.

  • Sarita Squires says:

    I have ordered my dresser and Chester draw and you delivered one Chester then call me with a lie saying my other dresser was in the truck and I never received it but it says delivered. Then I try to call you and nobody answers the phone. I will never order from you guys again and I will be taking you to court

  • Richard Fegley says:

    From: Richard Fegley
    Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2020 4:40 PM
    To: Wayfair Service
    Subject: Re: Cydnie T. has replied to your message!

    ​THIS FIASCO IS GETTING RIDICULOUS! Now I just received a BILL requesting
    I want this item picked up NOW! No one contacted me in this matter, and I am not receiving
    any message REPLIES from Customer Service! As I told you, this carton has been sitting in
    my living room, now for six days! ​ ​Now, ONE WEEK [7 DAYS]!
    PERHAPS $25.00/DAY. $175.00 today! $200.00 TOMORROW!
    NEXT THURSDAY >>>> $400.00!

    I have just mailed the statement, along with a copy of your original communication to “COMENITY-
    WAYFAIR, P.O. BOX 659617, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78265-9617. I hope this was the correct place to
    send it!
    “To err, is Human. To Forgive is Divine”. An old saying, but until this mess is cleared up, I am not
    in the forgiving mood.
    I contacted you ONE WEEK AGO, immediately after it was dumped on my front porch. Very heavy,
    started raining, and I had to get a neighbor to help me get it safely inside.
    to move, as I lost my wife to Alzheimers, and am all alone. I am 91. I am hoping that this heavy
    crate sitting on my living room rug does not cause irrepable damage to that rug!

    I was impressed with your ORIGINAL fast reply to my report of this error. You said someone would
    contact me. NO ONE HAS, TO DATE. I am losing confidence in Wayfair!
    Richard R. Fegley
    123 Denton Street
    Reading, PA 19605 Note: I have a War related hearing disability and cannot hear
    voices over the telephones. Please communicate with e-mail.
    From: Wayfair Service
    Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2020 4:02 PM
    To: Richard Fegley
    Subject: Cydnie T. has replied to your message!

    We’re ready to help
    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    I want to apologize for the frustration you are experiencing with the Westhoff Console Table being delivered when it most definitely should not have been. I have notified my supervisor about your issue and you will be contacted as soon as possible for further assistance. Please look for a call, voicemail or email from them.

    We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience associated with your order. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Thank you for shopping with Wayfair!

    Cydnie T. – Wayfair Customer Service Agent
    Order #3270127419

    Your last response on 06/18/2020:

    Something else Account Name and Email: Richard Fegley ([ickday1@hotmail.com](https://www.wayfair.com/session/secure/account/account_welcome.php?force=1&fromEmail=ickday1%40hotmail.com)) Customer Reference Number: 45-34-04-92-5 Details: Something else Attachments : [CpWz 2020-06-18_12-59-34.png](https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/im/07858082/scale-h1000-w1000%5Ecompr-r85/1208/120877802/CpWz+2020-06-18_12-59-34.png.jpg) Message: Today, a large, heavy item was delivered. It was a WESTHOFF 50″ CONSOLE by Gracie Oaks, W001740268, listed @ $379.99 [total $402.79]. A month ago, this is one of the tables I was considering, but BEFORE shipment, I cancelled theis order! [via telephone call]. I then ordered, instead, a different Console from Wayfair! [delivered 3 WEEKS AGO]. I HAD CANCELLED THE WESTHOFF CONSOLE OVER ONE MONTH AGO. Now I have a gigantic [unopened box] [70 pounds] sitting in my living room. REPEAT !!! This order was cancelled via telephone. [Certainly I have no use for TWO [2] TABLES! As such, I wish for this parcel to be picked up IMMEDIATELY and returned to Wayfair. And, full restitution in form of payment returned. The person I had talked to, who failed to register my cancellation, should be reprimanded! I am 91 y.o., and had to ask my neighbor to get this Parcel into my house. [Because it is raining]. I want this resolved IMMEDIATELY!

  • Neal Maher says:

    Wayfair has gone downhill fast in the last few months. It seems to coincide with the pandemic and an apparent increase in online sales. One would think they would quickly staff up and otherwise adjust to take advantage of a temporary windfall such as this. But it appears they have not. Virtually every item I have ordered recently has been delayed at least a few days, some as much as 2 weeks. The worst part is that within a day or two of the order you receive an email saying the item has shipped and are given a tracking number. The problem is, days or weeks go by before the shipper receives the item to deliver. Wayfair’s response is vague, blaming the delays on the pandemic but never saying whether it is an inventory, staffing, or shipper problem. In one case they assured me they would be happy to issue a refund if an item arrived late, only today they told me I would be responsible for return shipping charges, even if I refused the delivery. When I asked to have the issue escalated to a manager I was told I would have to be patient, managers are 12 to15 days behind in responding to customer issues. What could be more important than customer issues in a retail business, or any business for that matter?
    I’ve also noticed that recently they have added a number of rather inexpensive non-furniture items some of which I made the mistake of ordering. Solar garden lights, which only light for an hour or two after dark even though they get full sun all day, and garden figurines that are pitted and stained after barely 2 weeks in rather mild Northeast spring weather. There are no clear markings but I would guess Made in China, perhaps the only place they can get merchandise nowadays. Today I was told I could not return them because I ordered them over 30 days ago, they count from the date of the order apparently, NOT the date of delivery.
    I have asked Customer Service to close my account, cancel any outstanding orders, and send me a final statement for my credit card which I will pay in full within 30 days. All of that too has to be handled by a manager in 12 to 15 days. Obviously I would advise any Wayfair customers to stay away, at least until the tone and tenor of these reviews improve.

  • Ray Vieira says:

    I have a good one…..I bought a chair and then cancelled it due to lack of service and guess what……they delivered a chair to me over a month later and I never paid for it nor do I want it……I will never buy anything from Wayfair again……called several times and they say the waiting time is over 60 minutes…..do they really think I would wait over an hour on the phone to return their giveaway Lazy Boy rocker reclioner? How the hell can you run a business and allow a $500.00 chair be delivered and not paid for nor ordered in the first place……for real Wayfair?????

  • Stephanie Yefimov says:

    I placed an order for Wayfair’s branded outdoor furniture – Sol 72 and received it in April. It has been kept on a covered porch with little use and already the seems on two of the cushions are pulling apart after a short and easy 3 months of use. I have called customer no service and sat on hold for over an hour and was then disconnected. I am now sitting on hold again. There is no place online to action my complaint, nor is there a chat available for customers who have problems with their prior orders. I spent over 2k on this order – the least someone could do is offer me some new covers as these clearly are not even close to quality. Really sick of waiting on hold to never get a real human being. Is this what I can expect from your company? If so I’m better off shopping Amazon – at least they give me a refund timely and don’t expect me to sit on the phone for hours to resolve my issues.

  • Cecil Collins says:

    Where is my refund

  • Sick of Waiting says:

    No replies must be your policy. I recently cancelled an order because of your lack of professionalism and failure to deliver. I’m waiting for my $140 to be refunded but doesn’t look like you’re in a hurry to refund. If you refunded as fast as you collect I would have had my money the minute I cancelled. Get off your asses!!!!

    • Patricia Melsha says:

      I have also been trying to cancel an order. I cancelled within hours of placing order. Have spoken to customer service three times. Gotten one email response saying it’s pending. Today I got shipping info. These people are awful. I’m waiting for almost $1100 refund to my account. Never never agsin.

  • FRANK says:


  • suzzanne yuhasz-johnson says:

    this site is the worst ever i will never buy from them again

  • olivia perez says:

    I have purchased 4 pieces of furniture from Wayfair and always considered you a good company until over 2 months ago when I received a damaged accessory cabinet. After many phone calls and promises to replace it and many days waiting for promised delivery on a new one which has yet to happen I have to say that now I think your company as a scammer, I have not been able to reach anyone at Headquarters ,you have never responded to my letters, Why? All I wanted was for the damaged cabinet to be replaced, was that too much to ask. Most honest companies would have done that immediately, Why not you?

  • Cecil Collins says:

    Your company sucks!! I’ve been waiting over a month for a swing I ordered that was sold to someone else with no approval from me. I’ve contacted your crappy company several times thru email, phone, and thru this comment page but still can’t get an answer. Somebody better get off the pot and let me know what’ going on. My patience has reached the boiling point.

  • Phyllis Galus says:

    Horrible company to order from. Fed ex horrible shipping agent. That’s who they use.

  • Cecil Collins says:

    I want to know where my swing is I purchased? I know you sent the original one that I was supposed to get on 5/18 and haven’t heard a word since. Someone better start answering some questions. Sorriest company I’ve ever seen. You have my money, I want what I paid for!!

  • laura williams says:

    I was very happy with Wayfair until today. I have ordered over 20 items this year alone from Wayfair. Today, I was scheduled for a delivery of a couch. I have received multiple phone calls and emails and texts in regard to today’s delivery. This morning they called and emailed to tell me that they can’t deliver the couch because it is “lost.” This is unacceptable. I took the day off and already removed the other furniture from our living room. What are you going to do to rectify this situation?
    Order #


    I have been trying to get a purchase taken off my card for two weeks now. Finally they told me that it was taken care of and that I will get the assembly charge for free. well when I went to look at my statement I was charged the amount of $67.99. so I called to tell them to take this off spoke to a manager and he told me it will be taken off within 24 hours. Checked my card once again to only see that they charged my card for the FULL amount. How imcompente is this accounting dept. I will have my lawyer deal with this. I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Monfort says:

    I am quite disgusted. I have, for an entire week, been trying to simply purchase through the financing that I was approved for on the Wayfair site. Whatever issue there is, it is being passed back and forth between Zibby and Wayfair. Never getting a straight answer and not being resolved. I was directed to “Charge After” department, had to leave a message. NEVER called me back. It is 2019 and technical issues should not take a week. Apparently Wayfair does not want my money. Customer service reps were very nice but no one could help at all. Giving until end of today and will NEVER bother again.

  • Fred Reynolds says:

    Warning to everyone: Wayfair is a foreign corporation enjoying protections normally reserved for US businesses. These folks are criminals by every definition, stealing from the very customers they claim to service.

  • cathleen says:

    these people who walked out, fire them all. You’re fulfilling a necessary order with a very moderate price point for the government. I, for one, appreciate it. Where exactly, would your employees prefer the kids to sleep? of course, there’s one more option…they could send all these kids back from whence they came. The treatment these children receive here is more likely better than any they had in their “home” countries”. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been dragged by their parents miles and miles in dangerous circumstances for a promise not likely to be fulfilled. So you keep on manufacturing what you do, or importing as the case might be. Do not let the mobs dictate your corporate policy. and yes, I am a customer.

  • richard hollan says:

    please please “can” those un-informed idiots that walked out — they are easily replaced – and – with people that want to / need to work / skillfully work — not to mention those dimwits (lets follow even if we don’t really know why ) have zero loyalty to company or to counrty

  • Independent voter.. says:

    We still support the company and we bet not one of your employees have stepped up to be a host family for the illegal migrants, or made a financial contribution to support them. We cant have millions of people running all over the country to appease the Democrats. Yes it is unfortunate for the conditions and what they have gone through in there country. That’s the answer its in their country, not here. We are importing poverty at an extreme rate in order to have the anchor baby votes for the Democrats as soon as they start producing them. We are independent voters and not Republicans but need orderly border control not the invasion wanted by the sheep party. Even though we support some of the ideas from the sheep party we just need to be all smarter about this.

  • Pete says:

    Sad to here your employees walk out. Disgusts me. Will never buy anything from your company. Hope sales go down and they lose there jobs.There heads are up there A_ _. Illegals. We have Laws.

  • Rich says:

    I am disgusted by the walk out of your employees today. I am a stockholder and I would expect that action is taken on these insubordinates from docking pay to total dismissal. I will be selling my shares in the morning

  • JBS says:

    DO NOT BOW DOWN TO YOUR EMPLOYEES!!!! There are thousands of people that would gladly take their jobs!

  • Craig says:

    Hey employees who walked out today in protest of the company selling beds to migrants. How about you offer up your homes to these illegal immigrants? You’re mad because they’re sending beds to people who don’t belong here, but are fine with veterans in Boston sleeping on the streets? You could stay away from work forever. Time to get a new job!!

  • Fred says:

    Concerned Wayfair employees open up your homes and volunteer to take in all illegal immigrants!

  • Arleen Harris says:

    Fire the brats that walked out to protest. They should not be allowed to do this….they are working and the border needs the beds. The owner should fire them all.

  • Michael Alexander says:

    I support the company’s position.
    People who abandon their jobs should be replaced.
    Thank you

  • Judith Gold says:

    Thank you for not supporting those striking against you. I know this is difficult for you but you are doing the right thing.

  • E.A. Hunt says:

    Due to your employees political (misguided) stance on US Border issues, my entire family, extended and otherwise now choose to not do business with you. Living in Texas one knows the extreme and dangerous reality that the deluge of illegals flooding our borders has created. May we send the problem to you and MA.!

  • Jaime says:

    A corporation that would do business with government however horrific is unlike those who did business with a certain villain in history. Wayfair’s excuses for supporting child torture is as disgraceful as those who supported the annihilation of the jews in history. Cannot do business with such an organization. Would never do so.

  • Celeste Crowley says:

    Disgusted to read that employees are planning to walk out to protest dealing with detention centers. If those snowflakes are not unionized, I would fire their asses! You offer good jobs and benefits. If they don’t like how you do business, let them leave to start their own businesses. Ingrates!!

  • >