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Wawa was founded in the year 1964. The company has been operational for almost 55 years now. The founder of the company was Grahame Wood. The company has its origins back in the year 1801 when it had started as an iron foundry. Wawa had begun in the year 1803 mainly as a dairy farm. George Wood had imported cows and had sold milk to school children, who used to become sick from drinking raw milk. Wood also had doctors to approve his milk as safe too, which convinced many parents to buy Wood’s milk for their families as well. The company started to grow rapidly, as demand for dairy products increased as well.

During the 1960s, all the consumers began to buy milk from grocery stores, so Wawa transitioned to a convenience store as well, in order to sell their own milk too. In the year 1964, the company founder had opened his first convenience store in Folsom, Pennsylvania, USA. The Wawa Food Market stores were also a part of a new trend in retailing, which was the convenience store. The company had opened a convenience store in the first place and then later than traditional supermarkets. The company had also carried other foods and beverages besides milk and as well as other items from the Wawa dairy too. In the year 1977, the company began sharing ownership of the company with its associates through profit sharing plans as well. During the year 1992, Wawa had formalized its associate ownership with its Employee Stock Ownership Plan or ESOP scheme, with stock being awarded to associates annually based on the prior year’s service as well. Because the company was privately held, the company secures an independent assessment of its stock value at regular intervals to ensure that the ESOP is reasonably maintained too as well. As of the current day, the ESOP accounts for more than 40 per cent of the company’s stock. By the year 1989, there were almost 400 Wawa stores. In the year 2003, the company had begun to construct a new distribution centre in Carney’s Point, New Jersey, USA. The company had also launched its own line of soda in the year 2007. The company was among the first convenience stores to implement self-service computerized touch-screen menus for all the food orders, in an attempt to improve order accuracy as well. The company also provides charge-free ATMs too, which was the result of a partnership with PNC Bank – which was started in the year 1985. The company had also implemented this program in its own stores in the year 1996 as well. As of the year 2010, the company had surpassed almost 1 billion transactions under the PNC brand. The headquarters of the company is based in 260 W Baltimore Pike Red Roof. The name of the place is Wawa, while the name of the state is Pennsylvania, USA. The pin code of the area is 19063.


Wawa is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of consumer foods and products, with the help of its convenience stores and supermarkets as well. As of the year 2018, the company has over 800 stores under its name. The current CEO of the company is Chris Gheysens. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $10.6 billion. Also, the number of employees working in the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 31,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of consumer products, that are marketed and sold by the company itself. The products of the company include coffee, prepared foods, gasoline, beverages, dairy products, snacks, etcetera.

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  • Tonda James says:

    The wawa app has the most issues out of all the apps I have ever used. Half the time it don’t work, half the time it is working the gas prepay is not working, and the other 1/3 of the time when working it will not refresh the order and gets stuck and wants kicks you out to repeat the first 3 steps over to even get it to try to work. Can someone please help WAWA out and make a new app that works full time for us wawa lovers? I’m starving at my desk this morning in Portsmouth. Va because the app is down again and I only have 30 mins to run out for lunch and the only way I have enough time to eat is to preorder and pick up. Please for the love of everything Wawa fix the WAWA APP ASAP!!!

  • Suzanne Williamson says:

    I have a gorbaphobia which means I’m afraid to leave the house so when I order my smoothies I usually order them at like 4:00 in the morning and I go when there’s no one in the store so my I don’t have to worry about having a severe panic attack during anxiety well however this lady named Mackenzie MacGyver who is some kind of a manager at the store 1,000 masona Beach Florida and she is so rude I went in three days in a row and my smoothie has looked like it’s been sitting there for 20 minutes waiting for me to get there cuz I pre-order them she is so nasty she tells me she will not remake the smoothie because there’s nothing wrong with it well how do you know nothing’s wrong with it when you’re not the one drinking it I took a sip of it and all I could taste was pure syrup and Nancy whipped cream that tasted bad which got me sick because bad dairy is the worst thing to drink she told me she didn’t care if I call corporate on her I’ve made three complaints on her this is going on for when do you think well was going to do something about it I have to be in fear now to go to this store because of the way that she treats me she is so rude she blatantly tells you that I’ve made a complaint about her slamming things throwing things around stomping around like a little child because she has an attitude problem when are you guys going to take her off that midnight shift so I can go in there and feel free to go in there and comfortable and not feel attacked and demoralized and I buy a smoothie every single day that’s times that by 7:00 okay times have by 30 I don’t deserve to be treated the way she treats me in there how do you have a manager who says she doesn’t care if you complain on her she doesn’t give a crap she doesn’t care she says freely here call corporate on me like how do you treat your customers your customers always right so what I did was I did a return I returned the smoothie and everything I had in my bag so Wawa lost the $15 sale this morning because of her attitude this is three days in a row on Christmas she yelled and she screamed at me yelled and screamed at me and and bullied me right out of the store was smoothie that ice wouldn’t even I couldn’t drink it because the ice wouldn’t come up with straw the ice was blocking the rest from coming up to stroll it wasn’t ground up enough Wawa this is terrible I will never go into that store again somebody needs to do something about it they need to move her to a different shift of her because I’m going to tell you I’m sure I’m not the only customer that she’s going to run out of there

  • Patrick Feeney says:

    The Wawa on south Salisbury blvd is the worst store in the world they are always out of coffee cups and the homeless people out front of the store begging is unreal please try store is dirty inside thanks

  • Matt Glisson says:

    I am writing to you regarding John McGlynn, he was the assistant manager at store 216 in Bridgeport, PA

    It has come to my attention that he was terminated because of a comment he made not to a customer, but to himself aloud that unfortunately the customer did hear. The comment by my standards seems very trivial, something like “religion is stupid” which he apologized to the customer for when he realized that it had upset them. He didn’t single out a particular religion or even swear in his comment. If you ask me, it’s his opinion or should I say belief, isn’t that what the first amendment is all about?

    I have been coming to your stores for decades and John’s store in particular because of the clean and efficient manner he has kept them. He is always pleasant to talk to and very helpful not only to customers but the fellow employees as well helping them in every aspect including driving them home or to work on many occasions. From my understanding he has reassigned to various store in order to teach them the high standards he has always tried to work by, isn’t that the type of employee every company dreams about?

    It saddens and disturbs me that 20+ years of dedication to your company can be destroyed by a non-threating comment or opinion, I believe you have made an egregious error by terminating John from your company. I will be commenting more about this on my social media site to see if others agree with me on this matter.

    I don’t know if I can continue to patronize your stores knowing John will not be there to help, serve, and at many times make laugh. I truly hope you will reconsider your decision and reinstate John back to his position, It would be the right choice, “in my opinion”.

    Matt Glisson

  • Cassidy Jones says:

    Worst ordering ever

  • Gilbert melcone says:

    So unfortunate….
    I guess no one in Wawa’s organization gives a who.
    Not that anyone in wawa’s organization care but, this will be the first and last contact, either to file a concern or as a customer.
    BTW I kinda agree with your customers comments only because I am experiencing an app situation that no one in your IT dept are able to resolve.
    After downloading Wawa’s app, I must’ve made at least a dozen calls to customer Svc at 800-444-9292, trying to resolve loading my credit card info to no avail.
    Obviously, without it I am unable to utilize the app benefits of which it was implemented for.
    Long story short, I am positive records will reflect my disappointment. Needless to mention your IT dept knowledge as to inability to resolve the problem…practically everyone with a different non sense answer.
    Based on my conversations with varies customer service reps, it appears that Wawa’s app had, and still do, lots of issues. Some don’t even make any sense to an average customer knowledge.
    So, if Wawa wanted to be in the app, gift and credit cards business, to join the big guys developing business and gain customers, they ought to go back and start over, look little harder and solve these issue at much quicker rate.
    Finally, I realize I can take my business elsewhere…and I think I will.

    • Gerald Alderfer says:

      I refuse to load any credit card info onto the app regardless of the promotions. The app continues to have many issues which Corporate ignores and throws back on the consumer. Wawa has gone downhill exponentially the more it grows.

  • Kathleen Devine says:

    The store 00142
    The service has gone down completely downhill. It looks like they only have three employees during the day that work everything. When you only have a half hour for lunch in your stand more than half of your lunch waiting in line, that’s when it becomes a problem shopping at your store. I need to hire more help instead of worrying about putting money in their pocket.

  • Kathleen Devine says:

    Ever since the new managers have taken over store 0014 to the service has gone totally downhill. Looks like there’s only three employees working everything all at the same time and I feel terrible for these girls when the lines get long and they feel frustrated it’s not fair and it’s not their fault. The new manager needs to hire a new people to help these hard working girls.
    Sincerely frustrated customer.

  • Catherine says:

    I won’t be going back to the WAWA at Beach Blvd and Southside Blvd. in Jacksonville FL. Dirty bathroom, long lines and the milkshake stand is never opened.

  • MARK RAUNSER says:

    Hello : I am a paying customer here in Virginia . Store Rosemont Rd. Va, Beach, Va 23452. Can you tell me why you don’t program your computer register to accept .15 cent OFF gas when purchasing Fuel WITH CASH. NOT all have WAWA app. Great mines often fail when customer lose 15 cent per gal times the number of gallons.

    Best Regards
    Mark R. YOUR #1 customer. Veteran USNR/USN

  • Jesse Cutler says:

    Potential Dangerous Hazard at the rear entrance of WaWa in Winter Park .a large deep home at the turn it. BEWARE OF A POTENTIAL LAWSUIT OR WORSE.

  • Anonymous says:

    While visiting the Dover DE area I went to the store at 2800 N Dupont Hwy. This was Saturday July 27th between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM. To my surprise there were 2 dogs in the store that were clearly not service dogs. They were not well behaved or trained. The sign on the door does say, in small print, No dogs allowed unless they are service dogs.
    I would like to know exactly what WAWA’s policy is and if stores are supposed to enforce it. I do believe that certain stores are OK for animals and service dogs are certaily OK. I just don’t think all dogs in all stores works well.

  • Ana Marante says:

    Why don’t we have a Wawa in Titusville , Fl , we have lots of tourists for the rockets launch and they ask for Wawa and for us Titusville’s residents will be a great idea

  • Michael Joyce says:

    Yes I am a Wawa associate and was under the impression that all associates were to be paid for the Juneteenth holiday, even though the holiday in New Jersey was celebrated on the Friday prior to the actual holiday and the federal celebration was on Monday which I worked both Friday 6/17 and Monday 6/20 , I was told I didn’t qualify for holiday pay because my day off was Sunday 6/19. Don’t seem fair

  • Regina D’Annunzio says:

    Hello there this is a Regina D’Annunzio I am with Cambridge Security for the Wawa on 1007 E. University Ave. and I heard that there was a complaints on me from an employee and A manager and I would like to know how this came about & occurred bc we all get along very well me and all the employees at that Wawa I want you all to know that I am not that type of person that would do such a thing especially when my daughter is dating an African American man we do not discriminate in my family and what I would like to know is I would like to see the video and hear what has been said upon me apparently making a racist comment I have had that job for 5 months now and there has never been any kind of trouble or any kind of remarks made I love my job I love where I work I love the people that I work with and I’m a very caring person I know you don’t know me but I want to fight to keep my job I am a single mother with a daughter who has disabilities and I have to work I know that you don’t really know me or who I am or how I conduct myself but everyone that has ever gotten to know me we tell you that I’m a very caring loving happy and honest person I really would like for you to please take this email into Consideration about me coming back to work with Wawa and doing security for your company please I am copying and pasting this to my files

  • frederic w kinney says:

    The store in NJ on rt 22 East is so bad and your associates on there phone txt. Not waiting on customers. I go too your store all time but now I m going to Quick. Your corporate need to walk your store and talk to your customers . I was so upset with your management team in that store. I was going in that store 7 day be for work


    To Corporate:

    Hello, I am writing this letter in leu of the
    10205 Kirksville Ln, Dunkirk, MD 20754 Store

    @Wawa-Store 573

    You had an Employee there by the name of Lane Hall He recently gave the Head Manager Pricilla 2 weeks notice (Pricilla wrote that down as I saw the paper ) to go to a job that he had great opportunities with. Lane had told me that it was such a hard decision to leave WaWa cuz he took pride in his work at WaWa and we were such a Team.

    Unfortunately, due to Lanes Cystic Fibrosis he could not handle the extreme heat in the kitchen as he was dropping weight at a fast pace Ones with CF, that can put them in the hospital quicker then you can say Bye so in turn he had to quit.

    Here is why I’m sending you this email. When lane put in his 2 weeks, Pricilla hugged him as I was there and lane said “ Please keep me in the system as if it doesn’t work out I would love to come back” as he had seen others do.

    Lane called Pricilla to see if he could come back and she said “ NO” that she fired him and never gave him a reason WHY she fired him. As it turns out she “ Blacklisted” him she didn’t have the “Balls” to even tell lane that info. Us employees had to look it up and WE told lane he was blacklisted. He was like “WHY, what did I do to deserve such a act ? I’m sure she will lie if you ask her why she Blacklisted him to save her butt ! Lane was very upset/hurt

    Lane NEVER had a write up, NOTHING ! He IS loved by all his co-workers at WaWa. We all wrote on the blackboard that we love lane, we will miss you lane etc and Pricilla erased it. Not only that, you can ask all us employees, the customers , in which they came in the store just to see him. He ALWAYS had the BEST and MOST compliments from all the Customers, and I’m sure he never got a Pat on the back for working with the customers in such a pleasant manner to KEEP THEM COMING BACK TO OUR STORE.

    Lane was anywhere from an hour to half hour early every single day. ! #FACT You have employees that are hours late almost everyday and they never get fired or Blacklisted . #FUNFACT

    If Pricilla gets mad at us or we come to her and complain abt Robert she will cut our hours back to nothing. She is spiteful and NO ONE likes her nor Robert. They NEVER listen to us, they know EVERYTHING, we mean nothing to them. I often wonder why they are still there. A great Boss listens to their employees who essentially run that store. Robert yells at us, cusses us daily in front of customers. Lane went to Robert many times and communicated his issues and ours as a Team. he basically treated lane and us like a fly and swatted us away. NOTHING was solved , nothing ever will be solved having 2 Managers acting like we are not to be heard just seen #Frustrating #Bullies #WhataJokeTheyAre

    LANE TRIED ! Even though I’m a bit older then lane he has more adult ways then I and EVERYONE else.in that Store

    We are thinking that Pricilla Blacklisted Lane because we as a whole Team made Lane to be our
    “ Spokesperson “ who went to Pricilla / Robert to tell them our grievances cuz we were all scared and lane knew how to talk to them in a professional tone and it was no surprise she cut his hours in half after he came to her with our issues at WaWa. We all felt bad about that, That’s not how a boss shld act !

    Lane never had a write up, was never late, maybe missed 2 days at best only cuz of his Dr Appts which are crucial to his health. He was very patient with new hires he taught the WaWa ways. He was so good at his job, the customers loved him as well as us. .

    We want to know WHY he was Blacklisted and we want lane back. He was such a big part of our Team.

    WE NEED HIM ! He kept our Spirits up, he cheered us on when we wanted to walk-out and leave. It’s too bad Pricilla and Robert never saw that part of Lane because all they ever see, is the negative in us ALL

    He did NOT DESERVE TO BE BLACKLISTED ! We want Lane back like yesterday

    Sorry this is so long but this is our testimony of Lane Hall. He deserves more recognition then what I said here. It’s also a shame you all at Corporate never got to meet or saw Lane work. He is def one of a kind worker and a friend to us here at the Dunkirk MD WaWa
    Hope to hear from you soon or even better ……. Have OUR Co-Worker, Lane, walk through those doors wearing his name tag #WeBegYouCorporate #PrettyPlease #ActFast

    Anonymous Employees

  • Antwon Sweeney says:

    5 week ago, I met customer service supervisor at Wawa, like i told css “please remember my name and i’ll email you, soon”. So like later he called my aunt that it say thursday at 2:30 the interviewer meet me. Aunt told css, like sorry, i bring his america sign language interperter then he rejected me as deaf.  I give the address 6101 allentown road. i want you to investigate wawa caller for a maryland store and i want you to fire wawa css..

  • Giuseppe says:

    Went to WAWA on Narcoosee and Boggy Creek for a breakfast sandwich
    Found a LONG hair cooked in the Croissants and Egg
    Where can I send the Throwup we did

    Florida WAWA,are the WORST branches. We are from NJ…..major difference

  • Jon Cochrane says:

    Has anyone ever gotten a response back from any of these negative comments ? I’m sure everyday the big wigs are laughing there ass off reading them drinking Starbucks coffee. WaWa coffee not good enough for them. Wait did you just hear that ?? There laughing again.

  • Jon Cochrane says:

    You really need to paint your poles that protect the pumps
    At night you can’t see them especially on the route 313 new store. I trashed my van just turning out from the pump. There not like other wawa on a island there to far off the pump and can’t be seen. 2K damage on my truck just from pulling out. They all have damage from people hitting them so my fault ?

  • Pat Capaldo says:

    I comment on April 18th with no reply from you. So, here is another reason that you are not a good neighbor, why shoul I wait in line with ten people in front of me, when people run all over this store stealing??? All day and all night long…

  • Pat Capaldo says:

    Not only is your store on 2nd street, a hang out for dirty doormen who beg, trash all over 2nd street and food and cigarette buts all over the grass, after the bars close, we now have a empty box of from pizza, crusts and used plates in the window for over a week. You are not a good neighbor, I go out of my way not to walk past this store… ( pictures available) ..

  • Jeffrey Hayden says:

    The Norfolk VA store on North Military Hwy is a hangout for thugs. The store is filthy and the day manager I think his name is Mark when they get busy he goes outside to smoke a cigarette. They need to do a surprise inspiration during the breakfast or lunch hours to see how poorly this store is run. The homeless are panhandling on a regular basis, I don’t mind helping those in need but the same ones are here every day, after hours of begging you for your money you will see The get in their cars which are usually better than what we drive. Wawa pay attention and do your job and get these stores cleaned up!!!!

  • Susanna Milgram says:

    Hey WAWA’s CEO,

    Why All Employees are Dressed in Black?
    Is WAWA a Mortal Place or Live Inviting Place?
    Hey CEO, What Color Is your toilet

    Screw you,

    No Regards to you f……


  • John Hammond says:

    I have a great location for you to investigate for a Florida store. There is a vacant lot on the corner of rt. 41 and river rd. Just up the street is south Florida college and above that is Cool Today baseball park home of the Atlanta Braves spring training. Also quite a few new housing development at Welles Park. I used to live in Chester County and know about Wawa.

  • Rob says:

    Don’t bother calling their corporate number cause fucking nobody answers a phone,

  • D. McGhee says:

    Store #660 is out of all creamers for coffee….yikes! Twice this week…wawa coffee has to have wawa creamer….

  • Shannon says:

    What I have been noticing at multiple locations that when you order food it is half assed or half empty. I ordered a turkey bowl from a new location in North Wales , Pa and to pay almost $8 and get it filled half way is stealing my money that I do not appreciate.

  • Eric Irslinger says:

    The fact that you are making your staff wear masks like servants while all the customers can be mask less is preposterous.
    I will not shop at any of your stores again and will advocate to everyone i know not to shop there until you take the masks off your staff.
    The science has proven that masks DO NOT work.

  • sue says:

    Your new Wawa on Acres Drive in Ridley Park is already having fights in the parking lot since you opened yesterday and today. I live in the apartments right next to your new Wawa. This is horrible. Yelling and cursing real loud. It just only brings in the riff raff.

  • Kevin Hardaway says:

    Hi my name is Kevin Hardaway I was at one of Store in New Castle Delaware and I went get water and the store clerk told me I have to pay for water even though I was getting gas never heard of that I been in plenty of wasp’s never in my life

  • George Yip says:

    Why doesn”t Wawa maintain enought change on hand to provide customer with the correct change. Its getting out of hand just not funny anymore kind of sad.

  • Jorge B. says:

    El mantenimiento de los baños de las estaciones de servicio son deficientes y dan mal aspecto.

    Ejemplo: Estación Wava en la ciudad de Orlando, Florida ubicada en Universal Blvd y Sand Lake.

    No hacen aseo y el deterioro de los sanitarios y orinales es asqueroso.

    Si así son los baños cómo será la cocina y la preparación de los alimentos.

    Sería bueno hacer visita a éste lugar . Crea mala imagen corporativa.


  • Jennifer says:

    As a customer and former employee of wawa I walked into store 790 in redbank nj and got verbally assaulted by 2 associates for quitting. I can assure you that I’ve been in many wawa’s around nj nd have never been treated with that much disrespect.

  • Courtney Walls says:

    I would like to know why you all have a employee that stalks and harasses me! She came to my home trying to harm me, my fiancé and my small children! Alicia lopez needs to be terminated and in jail! Very dangerous! Anyone going to staples mill location steer clear from her she is mentally unstable

  • Anna Grieco says:

    It would be great if you could make the extra caffeine coffee a permanent coffee in your line up. many places carry an extra caffeine coffee please keep this one it is very good

    Anna From Phillipsburg NJ.

  • Bob says:

    Wawa at 1250 West ave, ocean city NJ has had no change for 2 days, and is rounding up the price.
    Yesterday I spent $4.23 gave a $5 bill and was told,” sorry no change”. Today I spent $5.58 gave a $10 bill was given $4 in change and told “sorry no coins/ change”.
    So I hope somebody is investigating why the store is so poorly run.

  • George says:

    I was at Wawa three days ago a 235 wanna you cashier which is now my ex why I told me a asshole while I will walk away from the count in front of customers I don’t know what y’all want to do about it probably enough but I will not stop in there anymore if she’s there and I’m going to put it all over the internet if you don’t do something it back know what the hell that got I know you’re not going to do nothing about it but her name is Cheryl Russell and if something ain’t done I’m going to spread the word so do what you want but I

  • Jenn says:

    Would like to know what to do about a FSA/manager that is unprofessional and racist at store 274 in muhlenberg it’s getting out of hand and when you let the GM know of this problem he does absolutely nothing

  • jack coleman says:

    I would like to understand why management at your store 5219 forced an employee to stay in freezer for 3 hours, while management stood at door to make sure she did not come out, she had to contact someone by phone to get her released? She has been to doctors because of it, and still seeing them.

  • j says:

    why is employees that work for wawa an have to stay home cause somebody at they store have covid 19 why is you not paying them guys that don’t have it but still have to stay home because somebody in the store have it.These people who have to stay home cause they store has it is not getting paid so how do you expect these people to pay the bills.Somebody need to compensate these people especially i they don’t got it an still don’t get paid an have to stay home.

  • Thomas Menie says:

    Is it at all possible to get the contact information for the person responsible for decisions regarding viruscides and sanitation cleaners for in-store applications, specifically in regard to the current pandemic

  • Bill Wermuth says:

    My name is Bill Wermuth and my summer internship was cancelled. I would love to work with WaWa this summer if they have any opportunities available. I am a rising sophomore at Stanford University studying economics and computer science. Any communication would be fantastic.

  • Curtis Lilieholm IV, PA,CPS says:

    How do i get in touch with Mr. Chris Gheysens. I would like to email him of inventory of PPE items that i have at below market value, some made in the US. Hand Sanitizers, Isolation mask level 2 with ear loops & other personal protection items. I have worked in the Operating Room’s of Hospitals for 33 years and we need to continue with protecting everyone we can from Covid-19.

  • Juan Cortez says:

    Long Ago Time Juan Write Country Chart Wawa Franchise World Country

  • Grace Carnevale says:

    I am inquiring about having disinfecting wipes at the order screens in all of the Wawas. I inquired about this 2 store managers at your new location at the Promanade in Media. Have a container at each touch screen and a small trash can for the disposal of the wipes. Wawa has done an amazing job, cleaning all handles and areas clean, but the touch screens are not. Please consider what I am asking you to do. It’s just one more easy step to keep the Wawas clean and hopefully germ free.
    Thank you,
    Grace Carnevale

  • Darlene Wilkinson says:

    I had super service at the Wawa store #8632. Rebecca went above and beyond to provide excellent service. Thank you!

  • connie smith says:

    wawa needs to come out with the single serve hot chocolate k cups.

  • Sally Ingram says:

    Please put wawa’s in South Carolina they need them

  • raymond hoffman jr says:

    on the way back from the shore yesterday I stopped at the denisville nj wawa and got a coffee and a turkey and whiter swiss cheese sandwich after I got down the road on the way home I opened the sandwich and looked at it the Lettice looked like it was put on last yr. the rest of the sandwich looked ok so I ate it bad move the day after I had bad cramps and direa I think somebody should check on the quality of your food before its sold to the consumer just wanted let you know thank you r Hoffman jr 159 state st pennsgrove nj 0806

  • Maureen says:

    What kind of cold cuts do you use ?

  • Guy Kline says:

    my daughter eat at one of your stores in dover, de. she now has food poising. I like to know what you intend to do about it, she will be calling maybe tomorrow. I told her if you don’t want to take care of this mishap then to call Delawares board of health this could be a big problem if this gets into the new media.

  • >