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  • Address: 1021 S Main St, Houston, TX 77002, USA
  • Phone Number: 713-512-6200
  • Fax Number: 713-512-6299
  • Email: Click here
  • Number of Employees: 15,500
  • Established: 1894
  • Founder: Wayne Huizenga, Dean Buntrock, Lawrence Beck
  • Key People: James C. Fish Jr. (CEO)

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  • Barbara Geezil says:

    Waste Management and Harvard and Massachusetts do not pick up our trash maybe every other week now I haven’t had my trash picked up for two weeks I need help

  • Enormous says:

    WM missed to pick up our green waste at service day and for a whole week procrastinating to send out driver regardless of us reminding them “not to forget ours” at service day! All they say they have sent a driver but went to wrong address?! How is it possible??!! Whose fault is it? The customer or WM?! Now, they are saying our address got into their driver’s route after more than 22 ( twenty two) years living at the same address and getting service for green waste they still don’t know how??!!
    I give them Zero point and not recommending them!!

  • Gayle says:

    I just wrote a letter to the VP of Operation regarding billing for services not provided. It will be interesting if I get a response.

  • Leslie says:

    Started Paying $60 every 3 months and then it jumped the following October and every year since then.
    Now it raised again!
    3 months ago, $83 and this month $96!
    This is bull! I’m disabled and live on a fixed income, with no other trash pick up options because WM has bought everything in my area.
    With the way other things are rising in price, how are people like me supposed to live.
    These guys don’t even do senior citizen discounts or anything else to try to help older customers.
    Calling the local company you get met with long hold times and rude behavior.

  • Tom ODriscoll says:

    I applied for the job of residential driver in Hernado fl.I have experience with trash removal and they shot me down.so I applied for the mechanic assistant because I have had a trash company in Massachusetts and I am familiar with working with trash equipment and again I was shot down. Why are you advertising for jobs and not hiring experienced drivers who know the job

  • MKC says:

    It amazes me, all the negative comments Waste Management gets and they do nothing, every time we change companies, Waste Management buys them out and we are back to square one. If you can’t beat your competitors service you buy they out. Its a wonder the board of directors has not stepped in with the amount of customer existing

  • Michelle says:

    We are still waiting for debris pick up since Hurricane Ian. Our area was not hit that hard just lots of yard debris and no one at waste management can tell me when it will be picked up.

  • Cheryl says:

    As soon as I get the okay from my boss I am canceling the service. We pay $24,000 a year for crappy service. See how they like that cut !!! We are a business with crappy trash service and they don’t return calls or care about their customers.

  • Cheryl says:

    I receive the worst service from waste management. I manage a business. I guess because they are the only waste business in town they can give horrible service and not return customers calls or complaints.If there were another waste business I would change in an instance. Can’t even get the route supervisor to return my calls.

  • Patricia Yovaish says:

    After Hurricane Ian, Friday, Oct. 7 was our regular pick up day and we were asked to only put out kitchen waste garbage. They sent a recycle truck and the mechanical arm could not pick up regular garbage cans. There was no indication from WM that they were sending around a recycle truck. We were then told to put our garbage into the recycle bin and they would send out a truck on Sat. Oct. 8. No truck, no pickup. Monday, Oct.10 a regular garbage truck came around to pick up yard waste. We have rotting garbage. After numerous calls we were told we would have pick up within 24 to 48 hours. Today, Wed. Oct. 12 a truck did come but not the truck that could pick up the garbage laden recycle bins. Upon questioning the driver said “no one would tell you to put garbage in a recycle bin.” But the people at WM did just that. So we still have rotting garbage. WM needs people who know what they are doing. They do not work well in a crisis. They have created a health and critter problem because of their incompetence. You are a national company and thise poor performance makes me wonder just how smart your people are.

  • Amber says:

    Waste Management is the worst trash company I’ve ever dealt with at least once a month my trash does not get picked up for some reason or another, Yet we pay for them to not do their job. I would never recommend this company. NEVER!!! And I’ve literally been trying to call Corporate to complain and it literally just keeps hanging up on me..

  • F T says:

    It’s inappropriate to back door a price increase after I already paid my bill in full, especially when WM didn’t provide any notice of the price increase and the bill did not mention any price increase. I’m disappointed in WM policies and poor customer service. Calling the WM local and corporate offices were no help and did not resolve my issue. WM has a monopoly and I do not have other options so these unfair business practices are unchecked.


    I have had WM for 2 years and the service has been terrible. I have recently canceled your service and now the company won’t come get the trash can that’s been sitting out front of my house for 2 weeks!!! This is unacceptable.

    Please advise.

  • Aaron V. says:

    Frustrated. They billed me for services up front about 2 weeks ago, and I still haven’t got my trash or recycling bins yet! Then they tell me they don’t offer recycling services in my area even though their website stated they do, they charged me accordingly AND my neighbors all have them!? They claimed they were going to pro rate me and I see no evidence of that yet. If something doesn’t happen soon I’m gonna cancel, this is ridiculous and I’m just getting the run around and being told what I want to hear.

  • Tammy Liles says:

    Terrible service in my NC area. They don’t pick up half the time and I call and complain and still no pickup. I have now told them they are fired and to get the cans, I will switch to a better service.

  • Tammy Liles says:

    Waste management on my area of NC is horrible. Very bad service. I told them to pick up the cans because they don’t do their pick up half the time.

  • Dina Conklin says:

    I had been a customer for many years. This year I cancelled my service after months of calling for trash not being picked up. First time it took them a month before they finally picked my trash up. Next time 2 weeks and 3rd time and last time!! It was a week, and I cancelled my service with them after just paying my bill. So cancelled June 29th 2022 and was told by Erin I would get a refund check for $63.51 in 6-8 weeks. So here we are 7 weeks later and no refund. So I send and email to the main office and Iam told a refund of $25.01 was reversed on my debit card that has been cancelled because I changed banks. First of all the amount is wrong and where is that money because that debit card is closed. I sent a email of course about all of this. But Iam at my wits end with this company. Please do not use them, you will be sorry you did. After months of bad service, I still stayed and tried to give them a 3rd chance because the manager asked me to. In good faith I did, and now Iam wishing I didnt because they are terrible and lie also. I know a call to the corporate office will be a waste of time. Iam just putting this out there so this company doesnt get your buissnes.

  • Dan Berner says:

    My service for trash and recycling removal has been interrupted. When can I expect service to my home.

  • Bill says:

    Office contacts are good. Equipment good. Getting time commitment on pickups bad. Getting worse.

  • Karen says:

    Auto pay fail. AFTER 30 days WM sent a letter US Mail. I received 7/15/22. On 07/15/22 they charged me an additional $5.00
    I am filling in email but I do NOT use email!

  • Karen says:

    Nine years I am a paying customer. I fell for their “never miss a payment” “one less to do to worry about” “use auto pay” Well auto pay had a failure. They did NOT call me on the phone. They did not text. They did not send a letter by US mail. After the bill was thirty days late they sent a letter by US mail. I tried calling. The phone number in the letter had NO option to speak to a representative. I tried online chat. My phone screen would darken and close. I had to start over. Finally I get a chat rep.He is snippy. Gave me a number to call. Recording says too busy will call me. Does not happen. Hours later I call them. 15 minute wait is 35 minutes. Why is there no option to hold in silence?? Annoying music and ads. Cannot mute. I would not know when they pick up! My favorite ad is auto pay!! Rep gives me a number to call the next morning. Assures me they are open on Saturday. That I can cancel service and prorate and pay the bill. WRONG. They are closed. I am told they sent me an email. I do not do email! I search my email. Find it and reply. My reply is returned as WM does not monitor email!! They expect me to! On the phone Monday I am told they do not pro rate the bill or collect payment here and now. This was after the infuriating hold (again) listening to annoying music and ads. Silence, please!!!!!!!
    IF WASTE MANAGEMENT CARED TO PROVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE, they could have contacted me when auto pay failed. The issue could have been rectified. Instead I spent hours over three days (weekend) spinning my wheels getting no where. Perhaps I would have remained a customer. There had better not be a late fee charged!!! The rep on the phone said she could not tell me as she is not billing! $186.16 for one quarter. $62.05 a month! And ZERO customer service!

  • Celia says:

    I can’t get anyone from WM to call me back for my service issue. I have made multiple calls and tickets and now complaint #9707052 with no call yet. Please help!

  • Brandon Adkins says:

    You got a bull dozer driver thats very rude and a jerk to all the drivers in the Great oak landfill in randleman North Carolina he is screaming hollering and cussing truck drivers for no reasons and threatening the band them from the landfill for absolutely nothing if you sent somebody up here that had a CB radio turn to channel 3 and nobody knew who it was you would see what I’m talking about these guys don’t have a clue of what they’re doing down there I have waited in the longest lines to tip my truck out of five different landfill and this is a small one compared to the other ones with half the truck traffic this is absolutely the worst landfill that I have been in and I go in a bunch I am a trash hauler myself but this man cussed and 65 year old man today like he was a dog very uncalled for I don’t know who the manager is over this landfill but this really needs to be taken care of and addressed before he gets a driver mad and things turn bad

  • Pete says:

    Their customer service is trash!

  • Deerpath Associates says:

    As a long time commercial customer, I would like to share a situation and a warning to other customers. I have been trying to straighten out a problem that was created by WM billing and customer service departments. This process started with a duplicate payment that was made in the month of March. We canceled our automatic payment and had to make a manual payment. It was confirmed that the automatic payment function was removed. This was the start of the issue, because the monthly payment was still taken along with the manual payment. It’s June, and we still have not received proper credit for this extra payment. We have been in contact with about 10 different customer service representatives, including managers and have been assured that we would be receiving our credit by probably 5 of the employees. The latest person even said she would follow up and make sure it was credited. Just another stall. No contact was made. My phone call today was never returned. I was given the credit confirmation number and the date it was to be received by our bank. The first time it was about a month ago. This time it was by the end of this week. June 3th. Still no refund. Is there anyone in your company knowledgeable and capable of handling a simple credit? It appears your customer service representatives, although very cordial, don’t know how to follow through and get a problem taken care of. Any suggestions as to where or who would like to tackle this credit issue? After doing business with this company for over many years in many locations, I’m sorry to say that I would not recommend doing business with them, not because of the service they provide, but with the way they run their business.

  • Marilyn Jones says:

    I live in Moreno Valley, Ca, trash day is on Thursday. I live in a Senior gated private community with HOA. I called Waste Mgmt on May 16, 2022, s/w a lady name Aaron for extra service items to be picked up. She told me it would be picked up on Thursday 5/19/22. Item sat out Thursday for pick up, WAS NOT PICKED UP. I called Friday 5/20/22, s/w Pattie regarding item not being picked up, she said ticket was still open she would send e-mail out for item to be picked up, I also s/w a supervisor on Friday name Aaron, explaining to him I needed item to be picked up , because it could not stay out on the crib, HOA would give me a fine. He said he would send someone to pickup or pick it up himself. Well item was never picked up. Pick up service is BAD ! I PAY MY BILL ON TIME, and the service is not good. Also, your truck leaks oil.

  • Jeanna Herren says:

    What is the problem in Doraville Georgia. Pay to have dumpster picked up M-W-F. Only get one pick up a week

  • Bobby Bruce Claiborne says:

    Its poor service that your truck picked up our garbage can and dropped it into his truck and nothing was done to replace the can. Now you want us to wait till the next pick up. That’s crazy!!!! I’m sure your office isnt holding the trash till the next pick up so how can you have the audacity to ask a paying customer to do that. I need a call from corporate to get this resolved because your customer service reps act like they cant resolve this minor issue.

  • William Stefek says:

    Called WM last Thursday to see if they would pickup tree shaving from a tree stump grinding. They said they would and to place them in a yard waste bag, max 50 pounds. My wife and I spent an hour weighing and filling 10 bags, 50 pounds each. Placed on curb that night. Friday the drive comes by, throws one bag in the trunk and then proceeds to pick up the other nine bags and leave them on the drive. Never weighed any of them, placed an over weight sticker and drove off. Spend more time picking each bag and writing the ticket then just throwing them in the truck.
    I called the WM customer number, explained what happened and was told she would contact the driver and send him back. Early after I called again and was told they will be back. Called again before 5 pm and assured they would be there by 6 pm. No show! Closed over the weekend so I called today at 9 am. (And over the weekend, it rained several times so the bags are more then 50 pounds now.) Explained the whole episode again and was assured they would be here today by 5 pm and receive a call from some route manager. Didn’t happen. Calling again Tuesday morning. This company is bunch of morons! I’m going to every day until Friday which is our pickup day and load the truck myself if I have too, and I’m 73! Have the whole thing on ring video as well.

    • Julie Bluesky says:

      I agree with you 100%. Not only are they idiots but they are crooks. I am putting my complaint in writing to their CEO with a copy to the BBB.

  • Jason Clearman says:

    Can’t get ahold of anyone to get a w2 form

  • Clint McGauley says:

    When I moved in to my new home in Lancaster Ca. I had to wait almost three months for all my bins to be delivered. The trash on my street was neglected for two straight weeks after Christmas. It was reported as collected on my WM dashboard. I called and complained and it was collected the next day A few weeks later my trash bin was taken by the waste collector. I know it was him because I have cameras on my house. I called and reported that. I was told to put my trash in a trash bag and leave it on the curb and that it would be collected the following week and that I would receive a new bin in a week. The morning of trash pickup I did as requested and the trash bag was mauled by crows within the hour. “Great Plan” so I had to pick up all the trash again and put it in my garage. Got home from work, no new trash bin, go figure. I called to find out what happened and was told my bin was in fact delivered. They even sent me a picture of some house with a trash bin in front of it. The address was clearly different than mine which you would think somebody would have noticed. So instead of an apology and having a driver bring one out right away, I got, “Do you want us to call you or email you when we can have another one sent out.” I opted with email as I didn’t want to express my anger towards the girl on the phone. It has been five days now and still no email. I have two weeks of trash building up in my garage and so far the only thing that has been consistent with the Palmdale, Ca. Waste Management Company is their billing department. Sadly, I am not the only person on my street that this has happened to. My next door neighbor had their bin taken and a couple a few houses down experienced this last year. That’s just my little street, I can’t imagine how many other families have gone through this and are paying for this horrible service.

    • Julie Bluesky says:

      I sympathize with you. I’ve been trying since April 18th to get the WM dumpster removed from my premises and have been given nothing but excuses. As of today it is still here sitting next to my dumpster of the new provider.

  • Michael crabtree says:

    Awful service. You call surrounding office and they hang up on you. Almost monthly we’re paying $100 -200. Suppose to be every 3 months billing. Four years and I’ve never got one bill…past 2 months we’re paying 400! Always late or suspended or ast due or something they always say to where we have to pay more.worst customer service I’ve ever had to deal with.i ask for a number higher up where we can figure all this out and we get told this is it and they hang up….

  • Nope says:

    You have a driver sitting in a landfill who’s been there for 4 hours with a broken down truck. The mechanic that was on his way 3 hours ago also has a broken down truck and cannot reach him. So he has been sitting there for three plus hours waiting for a tow truck. That’s my husband he will be there at least until 7 from what we understand. Unacceptable so freaking unacceptable. You want to pay him $30 an hour to sit in a landfill then you’re an idiot. I would like to have him home for dinner. Pasco County someone needs to get their s*** together

  • Melina Martinez says:

    This company is a complete joke I’ve been calling several times for a bin to be picked up that doesn’t belong to us and the idiots keep emptying that bin instead of mine. How hard is it to just pick up a bin!? and how hard is it for a manager to call me back!?

  • Patrena says:

    Horrible customer service and very hard to speak to anyone.

  • Stellar Customer says:

    I have NEVER been late on a payment in the 11 years I have lived at this address. My pick-up days are Tuesday and Friday. I haven’t had trash pick-up since Tuesday, November 30. Friday, December 3rd came and went, no trash pick-up so I called to enquire why. I was told there were service alerts in my area, they’ll pick up Wednesday. Nope. So I called and asked why. “Operational delay” I was told. Then they questioned whether my trash can was ever set out for pick up. It hasn’t moved from University Drive, unobstructed, since Thursday, December 2, 2021. Mesa, Arizona. I just paid $129.11 for trash service for the service period of 12/01/21 through 02/28/22. I suggest I find my trash can empty by end of day Friday, December 10th.

  • William Black says:

    I’ve been waiting about 6 weeks now for (1) 96 gallon green waste container to be delivered. When I first called in I was told container stock was low or nil. They were expecting product and that as soon as it comes in one would be delivered. After about 4 weeks I called in again because no container has arrived. First I was told no order was on file. Next I was told I would receive one on my next pickup date. That means another 2 weeks wait. This past Thursday (delivery date) I called in to verify the delivery and was told it would be there by 6pm. Guess what? Nothing. I again called in and was told they would try to expedite the request and call me back. After 2 hours I called in and was told they would deliver by 6pm today (Friday). Again no container. Now to top it off I got my invoice and a charge for said container is on it.

  • esequiel benavidez says:

    I live in Pharr Texas. I contacted your WM office in San Antonio, Texas ., in ref to a very bad incident involving WM employee, by the name of Gracie Ramirez. This women is the most arrogant, uncourteous and unprofessional person I have had the displeasure to meet in a long time. She is acts completely empowered to be very rude. Her boss, Jaime Lopez has made NO effort to call me to discuss this issue. My case # is 13454058. I would like to discuss this with a corporate representative. I have had many years of very positive experiences with all of the field workers from WM. Thk you

  • Ruth Garrison says:

    For 3 weeks straight WM failed to pick up our recyclables bin. After repeatedly complaining, by phone and email, they finally picked it up. The very next week, AGAIN they’ve failed to pick up our recyclables bin!!

  • Les Peterson says:

    My name is Les Peterson, I am the Manager of Nut Tree Mobile Estates in Newberg, Oregon. We pay for our Residents garbage and recycling, 115 unites. This is generally done on Friday mornings. Last Friday the local Waist management picked up the Garbage and not the Recycling. They said they had. They had NOT!

    I called them Monday morning and customer service person said she would get back to me an and arrange a pick up. They did not call!

    On Wednesday I call customer service and they said it would be done today. I notified all my Residents and told them to put out the containers. Thye just called me to tell me that they can not do it today.

  • JoAnn Mulrey says:

    I live in Cumming Ga where Waste Management just dumped a large area of service. Not only did the stop service they cashed my check for the next quarter on the very day they discontinued our service. I want nothing more from Waste Management but my $51.00 back and for you to pick up the empty trash and recycling containers. My name is Jo Ann Mulrey 6835 Nantucket Cove Cumming GA phone 770 543 9511 and my customer ID #5-74330-92376. If you ask me to rate the service of WM I can only tell you there is not a number low enough to describe the terrible service WM has provided. You should work harder at customer service and less in buying up smaller waste disposal services.

  • Justin Phillips says:

    Hello member of the awesome Waste Management team , I am an ex-employee of Waste Management in the Walker,La are by the name of Justin Phillips , and I would highly appreciate it if I could speak to someone and inform them of the corruption going on at that district. I have been terminated due to false accusations made by a supervisor on behalf of racial discrimination. And I honestly love my job. I love to see the smiles on my customers faces. So if there is anyone that can help , please contact me at (225)-441-7263
    -Justin Phillips-

  • Randy Harris says:

    Official complaint issued to BBB. Contacted WM about waste product and oil residue being deposited thru out our neighbor hood. WM assigned a case number 10360392, to have the district account manager address the issue’s. Pick up today once again left waste product and oil residue. Response by email or text message due to outside calls being ID a SPAM.

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