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Disney was incorporated in 1923 by brothers Walt and Roy O. Disney. It is headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios complex in Burbank, California. It started as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio; as well as under other names such as The Walt Disney Studio and Walt Disney Productions. In 1986, it was finally renamed to The Walt Disney Company.

The Walt Disney Company is an American multinational mass media and entertainment company. The company is really famous for its film studio division, The Walt Disney Studios, which includes Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Fox 2000 Pictures, Blue Sky Studios, Fox Searchlight Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. Disney’s other main divisions are Disney Media Networks, Experiences and Products, Walt Disney Pictures, Disney Parks, and Pixar. Along with all these, Disney also owns and manages the ABC broadcast network; cable television networks such as FX, Disney Channel, National Geographic, Freeform, and ESPN; music, merchandising, publishing, and theater divisions; and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, a group of 14 theme parks around the world. Mickey Mouse, a cartoon character created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks is one of the world’s most well-known characters and is also its official mascot.

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  • WALT DISNEY says:

    LORD ROMEO C.e.o. SHELL SHIEK E.P. INSPECTOR 12 WALT DISNEY I am Mon Ami avowed format by WALT DISNEY WORLD SECURITY ORLANDO, FLORIDA location I am LittLe Man and I say If you Love me Like I Love you no knife can cut our Love in two somebody come be with me also I am at waltdisney@025gmail.com

  • Lu Vickery says:

    @Disney Disney owned Hulu is refusing to run Democratic ads on guns and abortion. Looks like I will have to look for another streaming service.

  • Angela Russell says:

    I think it was rotten of you to fire Johnny Depp from the role that he made great!! He is an amazing actor and person. You should have waited till the trial was over before you did anything to him. It is because of you that Pirates 6 may not make the money you Amy be expecting because Johnny Depp made that movie!!!

  • Mr Carl j Gallagher says:

    Grogu was ripped of gremlins bullocks. mogwi was ripped off tribbles watch the star trek episodes Yoda esd 1980 gremlins 1984 was Yoda born old. sorry to say in star wars return of the Jedi emperor says about Luke’s lightsaber much like your fathers but looks nothing like it but obi wans looks nearly the same

  • Mary Christine Hartnett says:

    Why is Disney in the business of abortion. I understand Disney is helping women to get abortions.
    The business you are in serves family and kids . So what are you thinking? Abortion is not health services. It’s in the business of destroying life before it is born.
    I will never go to your fake family friendly theme park again . I maybe only one but will spend not one penny to support that.

  • ANgelo says:

    I have cancelled my subscription and i am never going to bring my kids or grand kids to your theme parks again, you people are intent on poisoning our kids minds with your personal garbage,, i and many others i know have had enough, Disney use to be a happy word, now its just a woke organistaion with people pushing their own personal agendas, what has happened to just making movies with no message other than fun and good old entertainment.
    Goodbye forever

  • Victor B. Borden says:

    I have an upcoming trip to Los Angeles. I’ve been to Disney World (Orlando, FL) many times, but never Disney Land. I had planned to spend the day (and LOTS of money) at Disney Land this June. Instead, I’m going to go elsewhere for entertainment. What’s more, until Disney stops the intentional and proactive promotion (and indoctrination) of young children to LGBTQ+ and transgenderism, I will NOT be taking my grandchildren to the parks, as I did many times with my children. If I had any Disney stock, I’d get out while the getting is good. It’s going to plummet!

  • Lawrence Hrazanek says:

    If Florida goes through with removing The Reedy Creek Improvement District I hope Disney does nothing to help. They own the land the buildings and all the fire trucks, ambulances, work vehicles, etc. Plus having to now pay the 2 sherriff depts for over 100 police.
    Where is Florida going to build all those replacements, buy the stuff, and hire all those employees, in less than a year.
    As a stock holder I do not give Disney permission to give the property away

  • Bill says:

    Please fire Chapek, Now !!

  • Regina Evans says:


    I am so upset with my recent experience with your customer service line. I waited 20 minutes to speak with a supervisor she told me I can not speak with her manager and eventually hung up on me when all I’m trying to do is reschedule my visit because my father passed away and his services are on the same day we had scheduled. There are no other dates available for us to use.. I was not expecting this from a company who emphasizes a magical experience. This is unfair and as a patronizing customer I deserve so much more than what I received. You do not have any dates available for me to select and my daughter has been looking forward to visiting California adventure, but unfortunate circumstances is keeping us from this experience. I expected so much more from your “supervisor” I asked for the corporate number, she advised she does not have that information and refused to provide that information. I asked for a manager she stated they do not speak to customers. That statement in itself is beyond me because I know she cannot be the final step before the CEO or executive offices.

  • Maryann says:

    Disney Family/CEO,

    First off, DID YOU READ the Florida Bill “Parental Rights in Education” , I don’t think you did, because if you would have, you would know that NO where in the Bill does it say “Don’t Say Gay”! But if you would have read it, you would know it is all about a “Parents Right” to what they want their children to be taught in School about Sex, Gender, etc, etc. IT IS THE PARENTS RIGHT to oversee their CHILDS education, plain and simple!!! Keep your “D” Mickey ears out of Politics and just worry about keeping your Park Guests Safe and Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Connie Roberts says:

    Your decision making concerning gays & all those other immoral people involved with your company clearly goes against everything God’s word says about it. “ Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind, it is abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22, KJV). Shame on you for turning a family friendly organization into a shameful one. That is not what Walt Disney had in mind when he created Disney. We see enough of this sick alternative lifestyle in our world today & now you, who caters especially to children & our youth today want to incorporate it into your movies & theme parks. It is disgusting & you’d better remember one day you will answer to God. Children are not safe in any of your family friendly places anymore, not with the type of people in your employ.

  • Catherine says:

    Dear Walt, I know you’re still listening to us kids at heart that learned so many foundational life lessons through many of your films. I ask you to step up now and produce a modern day block-buster production or series of films of Animal Farm. The lack of awareness/education regarding of the power of propaganda on all of us is apparent. The art, your art is needed toward this. Thank You So Much.

  • Informed citizen says:

    Absolutely appalled by your for gender education on children. After 28 years I am depleting ALL of my holdings with your company. 137 shares!

  • Janeen Porter says:

    I find it very hard to send this message. I have read all the comments on Disney stepping away from the dream Walt had. Disney has been drawn into the “Woke” idealism. I am going to Share my love of Disney and how it saved my life. I as born in 1959, last child in a family of 6. We moved from back east to sunny California when I was 6 months old. My family was going thoughts a very hard time in relationships, my parents did not get along well. But coming to California seemed to be the answer. I can remember back to about 3 or 4 years old going to Disneyland we went all the time. I grow up at Disneyland it was the only place that our family had fun, being in a place that nothing else mattered but having fun, forgetting how horrible our life at home was. We could dream all the wonderful dreams of magic and wish for our own prince to come save us from the hurt and pain from drunken parents and uncles, that would touch you in places that made you sick to your stomach. We were safe at Disneyland from it all. I looked so forward to going all the time. My life was so toxic, Disney was my safe place, so much so that I work for the Mouse and to try and bring joy to all the children who came. Praying that if their life was like mine was that I could give back to them like Disney helped me. I have never told anyone my story because it was my nightmare and I had to over come or die, Disney helped me over come. I loved the joy and wonder Disney Magic would daring to each child, the happiness in their eyes. We had a card that we carried as cast members with a list of important things we were to remember each day while working. The most important one to me was “Protect the Magic”. Every day as work I “Protected” that most important job requirements because that was what protected me as a small child. I am now 63, my children and grandchildren have grown up Disney. Year after year, every weekend, vacation or just for a date night that is were you would fine us. So it’s hard for me to watch what is happening to this Magic and safe place I hold so dear. Disney, I am heartbroken and sick that you would stop “Protecting the Magic” and walk a road that for me and my family we will not walk with you, we must part ways with your company and all you stand for, because you surely do not stand for family’s anymore and we will not support your move to “groom” small child for sexual assault. Disney! you have forgotten to “Protect the Magic”.

    • Lourdes del Calvo says:

      I congratulate you, I went with my son to Disney’s Grant Opening in Orlando, a single Mom at 26 because I refuse to have an abortion, my husband left, I did it alone only with the help of God and institutions like Disney and Hallmark, and now at 85 years old i will cancel them both.
      I cancel my Disney Credit Card, cut to pieces the Card and now will make copies for me, and send copy to Disney, and the Card to Chase Bank.
      And to Hallmark, I’m writing to the company with copy to every CEO that I will stop watching Hallmark Channel, which I love and enjoy BUT I do not appreciate watching two women kissing nor men doing same.
      I am not the only person that feels this way.
      I’m so happy Ms. Porter for your strong principle
      and conviction. May our Lord God bless and guide you and your love ones always,

      Please pray for our Country, for Conversion and World Peace, we cannot let evil Communism take over and continue to destroy our great Nation. Thank you again for speaking up for what’s RIGHT, God and Country.

  • JOHN ROMERO says:

    I have cancelled my subscriptions to Disney+ due to the unethical and irresponsible decisions to proactively promote and indoctrinate very young children to LGBTQ+ and transgenderism in their film productions and theme parks.

    • Lourdes del Calvo says:

      Congratulations and God bless and guide you for what’s RIGHT. God and Country. I did the same, also to Hallmark they had the Hallmark Cable channel two women kissing.,.,SHAME of forcing us to watch such crap. Well Disney lost me and my family and Hallmark the same I can watch better entertainment in other channels and me and my family (and many friends) will stop going to any Hallmark Store to buy anything….we are doing the same when we go to the stores, we look at the label WHERE’S MADE any product made in CHINA we put it back. We cannot send USA dollars to our biggest ENEMY,,,,.think about it everyone. God bless you all and may our God Bless and Guide these Great USA land of the Free and the Brave. We cannot let them take our FREEDOM away. Thank you to all.

  • Leanna Lopez says:

    I know you are extremely busy, but just wanted to again bring to your attention the most valuable and important children who would love to and deserve to see that happiest place on earth.  You provide many different discounts for different varieties of people and at the top of that list should be our foster kiddos.  They have been through so much in their lives, some short lives and other for many many years before they are placed in foster care where us foster parents are providing them with the much needed love, attention and care they should have had all along.  So if you could please provide some attention to my quick email and let me know what has or can be done.  Again we currently have 3 foster children in our home that we would love to take to all the parks at Disney World and give them a time away from all the things that they have been through.  Us foster parents can provide foster certifications if need be.

    Thank you,

  • Paul says:

    Disney keep up the fight against hate and fascist ideology dividing this country. PUNISH the Florida GQP by sending less tax money to the Nazis in Tallahassee. Make a planned closure at your Florida theme parks for two weeks. Cripple the central Florida economy. You are now an unwanted guest in Florida according to the fascists in Florida. Pack your bags and leave this godforsaken state. It’s pay-back time in the culture wars. And, this is just another attempt by the GQP to gin up their base . WOKE UP!!!!

  • Harold Tropp says:

    Just letting you know that I’ve held Disney stock for close to 20 years. As of last week, I am completely divested of all shares. Your woke addenda for a “kid friendly” company is disgusting. The board should be held accountable for this horrible leadership.

  • d skinner says:

    Dear Madame,Or Sirs, you need to fight D’santos(?) . Tell Fl you will take your business else where ! you have the power, do not let trumps oligarchy destroy our country. thank you

  • Audrey says:

    Bring back Johnny Depp.he is NOT the guilty one…

  • Chuck Rogers says:

    Disney….leave Florida, and come to Texas…Between Austin, San Antonio, and Houston…SeaWorld’s in San Antonio already…FXXK DESANTIS, he’s a FREAKING SCUMBALL

    • carolyn says:

      The current Disney corporate culture would horrify Walt Disney, the man. He was all about family and making a safe and happy place for children. He would no longer recognize his dream. The current Disney administration has crushed all the good intentions Walt had. Following this WOKE agenda is a California, liberal disconnect. The core of the American population do not support, follow or accept these outlandish agenda and Disney is walking off a cliff. I am currently a stockholder and have been a loyal patron of Disney products for many decades. I’ll be divesting of my stock and boycotting Disney.
      It’s not too late to pull Disney out of the morass.

  • Larry Chidders says:

    This political BS is not what guests want at Disney

  • Matt says:

    I will not spend another dollar while this woke, child sex indoctrination continues. Stock sold, Disney Plus canceled. Anyone want my Disney vacation points? I’m out….

  • DEB says:

    Not sure about “woke” stuff folks obsessed with but…many characters/actors in/out costumes and creative minds and hearts behind beloved Disneyana came from gays and straights. Artistic minds. Not forcing anything on anyone like the governor is. Just standing up for all walks of life. Never heard of K- 3rd grade taught any of this anyway. People in Florida cannot afford a roof over their heads or insurance and food, but he pursues trivial matters not even issues until he decides to create his own desantis land. He does a good job at defending the unthreatened while threatening. Should Florida pursue the ending of the agreement with Disney, perhaps they should go their separate ways. Many states would love to have them! The jobs, tourists, tax revenue. Makes sense. The taxpayers can foot the bills for services to the park if they stay, and see property taxes alter quite a bit and quickly. Then start state income tax to make it up. My opinion is not one side or the other, but until Mickey accosts one of my children or there is a movement to recruit to be queer, this bill and the outrage are ridiculous. So don’t go anymore. Sell your stock. It’s a corporation. Not gonna matter. Less crowds at the park for rest of people. As for Walt in his grave, you’re kidding yourselves if you think he didn’t know it’s business. He was just blessed to get wealthy doing what he loved. Disney/straights/gays will always be around. It’s Disney. Fantasy. Real to create it comes from ALL kinds of hearts and minds. So now the attacks. From all those lifelong Disney junkies who learned nothing from it like open minds/hearts and frankly just basic manners or kindness. Probably cheered when they heard the gunshot in Bambi. All be safe and well!

  • Tim says:

    You throw a fit about the “don’t say gay” bill in Florida and then edit the gay references out of your newest release for the Chinese market. Stop with the political theater and catering to the smallest minority of people trying to sexualize children. And keep your employees pedo hands off our children.

  • Joe. L says:

    I first went to Disneyland in 1964. I was 6 years old. It was amazing! Over the subsequent years, I have been dozens of times, taking my own children as well.

    I live only 15 minutes away from Disneyland, and always enjoyed the So. Calif Pass with my family.

    I had looked to take my new granddaughter later this year, but this will not be happening.

    As a father and grandfather, I can no longer support Disney in anyway. In fact I’m purging everything Disney from my apparel, to videos, DVD’s and extensive book collection, which I had looked forward to sharing with my grandchildren.

    The once “Family Friendly” place on Earth has become “unfriendly” to family values…. And are more interested in “grooming and indoctrination” of our children.

    So very sad to see such a safe, traditional family institution disregard the voice of the many, who will no longer be part of this new “Sodom and Gomorrah” wokeness.

  • Yolanda says:

    I am very disgusted with the decisions that Disney has made.
    We live 15 minutes from Disneyland in Anaheim and we will NEVER ever go there again !!

    We’ve had annual passes and will never renew them.
    We have a young granddaughter that will never visit Disney. We are getting rid of all our Disney videos, cd’s, DVD’s, books and apparel.

    You are no longer a family orientated theme park but rather woke and perverted !!!

    Goodbye Disney FOREVER!!!!

  • Victoria says:

    What a major disappointment your “management” has made. This woke business of transgender, lesbian/gay business being a part of this once magical place probably has Walt turning in his grave. I shall not buy, visit, watch or have anything to do with Disney again‼️ The female executive that went on video bragging about her two queer kids and stating Disney will hire 50% LGBTQ employees and whatever else sexual orientation they are…is what did it for me and my entire family! Disney is no longer the happiest place, it’s become WOKE with the demons of Satan himself. Your investors should be looking to dump & run because your stock prices shall continue to fall and Tinker Bell cannot save you, she can only cry alongside Mickey, very very sad.

  • Beth Husom says:

    Saved some money–canceled Disney Plus, blocked Disney channel, went other places on our recent Florida trip. My young son’s response to seeing a Disney exec’s video about LGBTQ and gender. “Mom-why doesn’t Disney think it’s OK that I am a boy and want to stay that way? Why do their people kiss on TV? Why do they talk about sex? Would they try to do bad things to me there? I am scared of it and they are gross.” More eloquent than anything I could have said.

  • Sherry says:


  • Donnamarie moore says:

    Was a life long huge Disneyworld fan…now it’s just a chaotic money pit…rides closed…epcot under constant construction…useless fast passes…no more perks for staying on property…alcohol served all day in the parks…saw folks fighting and drunk! 3 hour waits for rides….can’t walk look around and enjoy the experience…you bump into someone. Water $5 bottle…and huge lines to get some…bathrooms jammed …long time to hold it….and downtown Disney is now an expensive shopping strip…again ..lots of booze flowing…prices ridiculous…food cost outrageous…rides out of commission ..and they don’t tell you when you book! …passes and bracelets that don’t work…had to find us a supervisor to find out why!!! Waited 40 minutes at the park to get in…they had no clue why this was happening…and it happened at every park!!! Where’s the magic….for us it’s gone…all about the money honey!

  • Thomas Buck says:

    My wife and I have so enjoyed Disney movies and parks with our children, but no more. Your woke political indoctrination is abhorrent. We go to Disney for entertainment. Full stop!! We do not go for a lecture on woke cancel culture. We will NEVER spend another penny on Disney products of any sort. I hope tens of millions of people make the same decision.

    • Beth Husom says:

      Mr. Buck-others are definitely making the same decision. My young son saw one of the podcasts, doesn’t know why Disney doesn’t think it’s OK he’s a boy, got grossed out they were talking about sex so much. We thought we were going to have a tough conversation about altering recent travel plans to Florida. Instead, he asked not to go to Disney because he felt scared someone would hurt him there.

  • Catherine says:

    Dumb and dumber! We’re they Disney characters? Well, they should be. What a stupid move you made. I cancelled my tv account and so did my family members who have small children. We will never go to a Disney movie again and we definitely will not go to your amusement park that is no longer amusing. You will rue the day. Thanks for everything.

  • toni says:

    you have destroyed walt disney corp that was started so many years ago with your woke b.s. as well as everything else california has destroyed

  • Arthur Aumock says:

    I recently went to Walt Disney world in Florida with my family. On trying to enter the magic kingdom, we spent an hour and half arguing with the person in the booth and her supervisor, about my identification as a veteran. I presented my Veteran drivers license and my VA hospital ID’s with my pictures on them.The discont tickets I had for my grandchildren, my wife and myself, were purchased on the base at Fort Eustis with the same ID. I was told these were not valid IDs. After some back and forth, we were allowed to cash in four day hopper, with genie, passes to receive three-day hopper passes, with genie at an additional 1100 dollars. We were, also told, that neither ID was on a sheet of paper hanging on the wall. Those ID’S were the only acceptable ones the government would allow.

    Walt Disney World is not the happiest place on earth and should be sued for false advertising. The genie program does not work, and the cost of admission, food, souvenirs, and clothes, makes it very hard to handle. I am a Vietnam Era veteran and belong to several military organizations. I will be spreading the word to all those people to be careful and wary of Walt Disney world.

    My family made the journey to Walt Disney world, every two years in the past, and were happy to do so. I really thought your organization, was finally recognizing the American services. So I am going to say this, my family will not darken your gates again.

  • Lisa Grace says:

    Disney World has become a sexual predator of small children. One of their production members Latoya Raveneau is on Video describing how she is inserting “Queerness” into all of the Disney movies. Walt Disney World is sexually grooming children with their adult sexual agenda’s and pushing them onto children in their movies. This is the main reason they are fighting against the Florida Law giving parents rights and for children from kindergarten to 3rd grade to not be indoctrinated and sexually groomed by teachers, schools etc.

  • Athanasius says:

    Count me out as a supporter of Disney Corp. I will encourage my circle of friends and families to do the same. What betrayers of the American People you are. Clearly you have jumped the shark!

  • Jim Warren says:

    Took our youngest daughter and her family to DISNEY WORLD last year. Traveled there many times when our children were young. Took all our children and grandchildren there to celebrate our retirement.

    However, will never go back due to your uninformed stance on Florida’s parental rights law. Go play with your ridiculous woke friends.

    Walt must be crying!

    We are too as you have lost your way,
    Jim Warren

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  • Ellen says:

    Stay out

    Of politics and stop. I itch the woke

  • Al Jaramillo says:

    You Woke Idiots need to focus on your own children not Ours. This is the USA and we can Boycott you out of business which we will now do

  • Angelo Colace says:

    Walter Must be turning in his grave.

    What is wrong with you people.

    I have been to Disney many times with my family.

    Why would you people get involved in Politics anyways?

    You would think you would be protecting our younger children.

    You should have stuck your wonderful park with all its entertainment.

    You people have no idea what you’re talking about, did you actually read the bill.

    I have had enough with all this wokeness Bullshit.

    I was planning a trip to Florida to your Park…I just canceled it!

    I have canceled my DisneyPlus.

    I am selling off my Disney Stock.

    I will not have anything to do with Disney anymore as long as you practice your wokeness.

    • Beth Husom says:

      Mr. Colace; Thank you for your eloquent message. Our family did the same with our accounts, stock, and my young son was the one who first asked that we alter a recent Florida trip. He saw some of the Disney execs talking, and got nervous people would hurt him there.

  • Tina Gruenstern says:

    We will no longer buy your products, visit your theme parks and buy your stock. You have lost your way and poor Walt is probably turning over in his grave.
    I know you probably don’t care about me and my family and friends. But know there Arwen many of us who will no longer support what you are doing to hurt our children and push a false narrative. Shame on you and remember eternity is a very long time to pay for your sins.

  • Paul rider says:

    Sold our stock after 40 years and no one in our family will ever go again

  • Bill says:

    I just cancelled my Disney Plus service. Through the years we have spent thousands of dollars at Disney World. Disney has seen my last dollar. Woke doesn’t work for me and my family.

  • Debi says:

    Just letting everyone at Disney that you just lost all of my family and extended family business.

    We are tired of all of this wokeness. Kids need to be kids without indoctrination. Everyone I have talked to are going to do the same.



    Debi S

    • Beth Husom says:

      Ms. Debi-You don’t know me, but I am in Minnesota. All the families I know have already, are in the process, and will also cut off all future Disney interaction as well. I think there will be millions.

  • Ellen says:

    It’s time to boycott all things Disney!

  • Andrea Kersch says:

    I have been to Disney 23 times. No more!! I am a kindergarten teacher and I can tell you young children have enough to worry about and do not need to focus on sexuality. It is inappropriate. This is not a religious opinion , this is common sense. Someone’s sexuality is no one’s business much less a kindergartner.The world has gone mad and Disney is pandering. They have lost my money!

    • Beth Husom says:

      God bless you Ms. Kersch, for your strength as being a great advocate for kids. My young son saw one of the Disney exec’s video messages, and got scared someone would hurt him at Disney, first because he is a boy and likes it, and second, because they make “people on their shows kiss and like each other and want to have sex, so they may want kids to do it in real life.”

  • Anthony Baldwin says:

    As a father and grandfather who has visited Disney World 36 times with my family and stayed in the park you have alienated us by destroying our “happy place” by your activist position. Stay out of it. Entertain us. Stick to your knitting. Please tell us “openly” that you don’t support ANY discussion of sex or sexual orientation or preference in schools with K-3rd grade. Come back to us and we will come back to you. Schools and parents should teach our children to respect EVERYONE. I am selling my Disney stock today.

  • Michelle says:

    To do what you are doing is a shame! I am on a band wagon to have and inform as many family and friends about your current stance. It has gone viral and have thousands cancel their Disney+ and not purchase product or visit the parks! It makes me sick what you are doing and believe there is so much more your doing we don’t know about and for how long. I raised my children visited 18 times well not again! This truly was suppose to be the Happiest Place on Earth and now its just disheartening as to what your pushing on our children. May God have Mercy on your SOULS!

  • Calvin Moss says:

    Walt Disney would be appalled how you have changed the happiest place on earth, to the anti American, anti family, WOKE company today. We can no longer support such a group with our visiting Disney Facilities, or purchase Disney products. It’s a shame. Walt, and Roy are probably turning in their graves. You have permanently tarnished the Disney image.

  • Jan says:

    I have taken my kids and grandkids to Disney for 40 years and I have gone with friends on many occasions, however I’m done. Disney should be Disney, not Mickey sleeping with Donald or Minnie dressed up as Mickey. We will never go back, there are hundreds of amusement parks to choose from, so I will spend my money elsewhere. My son and I took his daughters to Disneyland 2 weeks before he went off to serve our country and we made beautiful memories on that trip, unfortunately he came home in a casket and that was the last time we saw him. Now those memories are tainted and we are so sad. His youngest daughter is gay and she even says she will not go back. So I hope your parks can sustain and stay in business to cater to the very small group of people who just want to prove a point. Most gays, and transgender people do not want this kind of publicity, they just want to live their lives. There are a few that do however but I doubt they small group can keep the doors open for you. I will find go ahead and find a truly happiest place on earth for my family

  • Diane Jones says:

    Just want you to know, I am proud to be a woman and was happy to be a girl. Being an “it” isn’t that appealing. Why don’t your execs wake up and start following the science, there really are males and females. They are truly idiots!

  • Scott Leist says:

    Ditto, we aren’t coming either. I think we will rent an RV and go to the Black Hills. They are not yet Woked!

  • Carrisa Treadway says:

    My family and I were so excited about our trip to Disney World during the 50th anniversary in October. Now thanks to your twisted and woke ideology, we have decided to go somewhere else where they are not trying to twist and corrupt the minds of young and innocent children. You should stay in your lane of entertainment and let parents teach their kids what they need to know about the real world. So disappointed!

  • Albert says:

    Hummmmmmm secret gay agenda ! what would a group of gay people be doing in a childrens theme park that they’d want to keep Secret !!!!!!

  • Jorel Crispan says:

    I’ve become so “disenchanted” with Disney. I suppose you can include much of corporate america as you all look to cater to this woke mentality. I’m not sure if your actions are given to a genuine belief in what they espouse or simply acquiescing to attempt to ameliorate this band of shouters. Perhaps it’s true. That it’s the squeakiest wheel that gets the grease. It doesn’t make it right or true. The Left in this country has become completely unhinged. And if those of you in the executive suites are unable or unwilling to see the truth of it, you soon will when you watch your profits shrink quarter after quarter, year after year. I am not a lone voice in this. Remove your blinders and remove yourselves from your lofty perch. Only then can you see what is going on. Families being challenged by our federal government and state municipalities who’s aim it is to decay our sense of morality and decency. If it is your intent to side with that form of governance then indeed have the lines been drawn. Then let it be so. For I am confident who will ultimately come out victorious.

  • Susanne says:

    This company should be ashamed of themselves. They are money hungry. Walt Disney would be sick over the way his company has turned out. You take away our dividend (small as it was) but can freely give away money to all sorts of causes. You get rid of annual passes for long time pass holders and then charge and charge again to get into the park. You call on the phone for help with things and it’ a wait time of over 168 minutes. You have royally screwed up Disney . Time to bring back dignity to this company and stay the help out of politics. Bring back Michael Eisner someone who knew what the hell is was doing

  • Cindy says:

    Very disappointed in Disney’s woke policy agenda. Children are children and should be allowed not to be involved in your agenda. Stick to helping make nice memories for families and boys and girls. I’m grateful for all the years we visited Disney so our children could enjoy innocent times. Apparently it’s no longer the case when Disney thinks they can mold children to some narcissistic agenda. This isn’t about tolerance and civil rights but something much more that can’t be good for innocent children. I would also like to suggest others that send comments might want to show a little decorum with their use of language if they choose to be taken seriously while offering their opinion. Another area where children would be served better, as they watch how adults express their opinion in a respectful manner.

  • EAO says:

    Stop lying about the Florida Parental Rights Bill – it protects young kids (K -3) from being taught about sex (of any kind!). It has nothing to do with ‘don’t say gay’, it’s not anti-gay’. What has happened to Disney? Protect children!

  • Mikey D says:

    My wife and I were planning to surprise our (only) granddaughter and her parents with 3 days fully paid, once in a lifetime experience to Disney World Hotel and theme park in Orlando. Needless to say. It’s off! Unfortunately Disney has gone Woke. How sad! Disney has abandoned the family values they once stood for.

  • Jo says:

    Disney cares nothing about our children their focus is the lbgqt crap and propaganda to influence our normal children. You are disgusting. Goodbye…deleting Disney from our family life

  • Ken says:

    1% of Americans are LGBTQ, 3% gay! Why are you pushing your agenda so hard towards these abnormal behaviors!? Your “woke” agenda is sickening and the exact opposite of what Walt Disney’s wanted Disney to be. Disney is dead to me until you realize your misguided ways and support children as they should be…children!

  • lisa mehrmann says:

    Does anyone there read? A bill to not discuss sexuality, in any form, for k-3rd grade, is a problem? YIKES! So you are pro grooming? Pro pedophiles? Your company has theme parks in countries that hire children as laborers and are committing genocide, but this is what you want to fall on the sword for? Here’s a bit of advise: Companies should stay out of politics, especially since it appears that you have a bunch of woke bozos promoting an agenda that will not sit too well with most parents. Much better for your bottom line.

  • Greg Trapp says:

    My family and I will never go to any property owned by Disney, but Disney products and we are cancelling our Disney Plus subscription.

  • Brian Barrett says:

    I think Gary said it perfectly.Your Wokeness is disgusting for many reasons.Since you like to suck up to China too to gain “ market share” … why don’t you just close up shop in the USA and open up in Shanghai? Let us all know how that works out.

  • Veronica says:

    It is appalling that Disney company thinks they have the right to override the rights of parents for their own personal leftist agenda. I don’t care where your stance is on the sexuality of others but I am the parents to my children which means it is MY right to have a day as to what and when my children are taught something personal. As a teacher, It’s my responsibility to teach academics not replace the parents of whose children I teach. I also don’t know when it became your business to be involved in politics when Disney is a theme park centered around magical children fairy tales. That was the whole purpose of Walt’s vision was to have a place for families to enjoy a place away from everyday life. You have slandered what he built and you can say goodbye to $$$ my family of 5 have given your company. Universal and others have won over some new customers since unlike you, have decided to stick to entertainment, not try and override a parents rights. I still and behind the bill signed In Florida and am thankful for a governor who still has the right mindset.

  • Laura Martin says:

    Your company has become a corporation of degenerates who want to infect the minds of innocent children with your disgusting and perverse mentality!! I wish Disney would get the hell out of Florida! We don’t need you! Walt Disney created something great and beautiful for children and you’ve ruined it!! Will not spend another dime in your parks!!

  • Gary Buckholts says:

    Fuck Disney & Fuck “Everything” Disney!

  • J. Paul Burns says:

    Apparently Disney is ok with grooming grade school children. Apparently, they don’t realize that they’ve just alienated the “normals” in the world.

  • Heywood jablowme says:

    Screw Disney ,go woke go broke ..I have purged my families life of all Disney crap .your companies pander to children and then support perverts and pedophiles (8 Disney employees arrested in recent child trafficking sting) your rebuke of the sensible education legislation (wrongly called don’t say gay bill) is quite frankly repulsive to most citizens,is that what you do at your theme parks ,talk to 5year olds about penis and vagina reassignment? Maybe you can have a ride sponsored by Pfizer ,”the come on kids let’s have an addadictome op it’s fun” 🎶it’s a trans world after all🎶 ..your mouse is dead to us ,Walt is rolling in his grave(or spinning in his cryogenic tank) you guys better not reanimate that popcycle ….he’s gonna be pissed…

  • Mark Landeck says:

    Time to draw a line in the sand! Pro LGBT or anti LBGT. Which is it? Your employees or your bigoted heterosexual audience? Pick!

    • Heywood jablowme says:

      I just built a theme park run by trans ,gays and pedophiles…guess what marky ….no one came..

  • Mike Chuven says:

    If Disney admin caves to its employees in Florida, I will start a boycott of Disney on the basis that you hire and support pedophiles which is a danger to the millions of children that enter your park. I will even post the crimes of Disney employees against children in your parks. For your employees to get offended by a Florida law that doesn’t want adult issues taught to kindergarteners is truly disgusting. The problem with causes is they don’t know when to quit. Transgenders won their equal rights which they should have had all along, but trying to force their beliefs on kids who still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny is reprehensible.

  • Lowana Radel says:

    When Walt Disney opened Disney World in Florida My husband , daughter and myself went to Disney World had a great time . We now live in Sioux Falls, SD . We finally decided to revisit this year for Disney’s 50th Anniversary.. We went at the end of February! I was so excited to be going back. We had the worst time -way too many people in the parks. Couldn’t get on any rides or shoes – lines way too long . Couldn’t shop counter lines way too long. I’m in my 70’s and can’t walk or stand for to long . I wanted the Disney experience one last time and try to capture the thrill of my first time at the park. I’m so disappointed .. Covid has everyone on the move . Disney Corporation needs too bring down the number of people in the parks . Lines needs to be shorter and Disney needs to respect your senior citizens and help them enjoy Disney like they did in their youth!!

  • Nannette Badger says:

    I am having a terrible time with my passes and the nice people just keep transferring me around and I always, after hours, end up on a voicemail that never gets answered. I had 3 accounts with 6 passes. During covid you guys added months to the passes, very nice of you, but months later my passes are all on the wrong contracts and attached to wrong dates. Two passes I didn’t want to renew are still active but my grandsons pass is cancelled. No one can help me.

  • Stephen Nesbitt says:

    Rude nasty employees and when I make complaints which ride personal and security and with guest service it seems like my concern was not addressed properly. Other than the few issues I had a fun fay

  • Tina says:

    Just trying to confirm my reservations for park entrance. Have been calling and transferred to help desk and then the call is disconnected. This has been going on since Wednesday evening and I started early Thursday morning. same results

  • Jonda sewell says:

    I am disabled & planning a trip to Disney in Florida next month and was extremely offended & my disability rights violated by video phone operator Lillian

  • Gloria E. says:

    I am a Disney shareholder and disappointed that Disney in Florida continues to promote tourism during this pandemic.

    Governor DeSantis is evil and does not care how many Floridians perish. Florida has the highest Covid 19 rates in the USA because of this ignoramus. People are dying and lies about their deaths and statistics. Sinister?

    We go to Disneyland/Disneyworld yearly and are afraid to go back to Florida because of the weak building codes and building collapses.

    No one wants to take a cruise from Florida because many people are not vaccinated who embark from there. You are risking the safety of your crew and passengers.

    Disney is a major company and they can make a difference by speaking out against the intentional and orchestrated genocide by their sinister governor. Shame on De Santis for killing people.

    • lisa mehrmann says:

      You are ignorant. Do you actually read anything other than what is fed to you on CNN? Read any John Hopkins studies? Any of the studies out of Sweden? Israel? Do you understand what a pandemic is and how long they generally last for? Have you seen the latest reports about masks and how they are completely INEFFECTIVE? Stay home if you are so afraid and feel that is the right thing to do. Look at the world now………. All these reports are coming to light. Look at Australia and how hard core they were with lock downs………..they have one of the HIGHEST rates of the vid, currently!!! They are one of the highest vacinated countries. WAKE UP and read a little. Nobody forced anyone to partake in a cruise or go to Disney. Don’t go, but stay out of everyone else’s business.

    • EAO says:

      Turns out Gov. Desantis was right. Do some research – lockdowns did more harm than good, school closings big mistake, masks don’t work (per Fauci and CDC – CDC says only N93 masks work) and vaccines have many problems (not effective as just announced w/ J&J, side effects, requiring more and more boosters).

      Also, you can’t get on a cruise anywhere without being fully vaccinated and take Covid test before getting on ship. The ships make their own rules – private businesses. (btw, Ruby Princess just had Covid outbreak on board with fully vaccinated crew and passengers – and this is not first outbreak on a fully vaccinated cruise ship).

      BTW, real estate booming here (people moving from up north to free state of Florida) and tourism is above pre-pandemic levels (up 7% and summer vacation season still to come!).)

    • Donna marie moore says:

      Hooray for calling that idiot desantis out! He’s a menace to society…

    • D. Duck , I love everyone! says:

      Got rocks for brains? You are not aware of fact.

  • R. T. GRIGGS says:


    • Mary says:

      Has anyone responded to you? We had an issue on 12/6-12/7 at Disneyworld and I’m trying to figure out who to contact.

  • David Corwin says:

    Since the Disney Corp. acquired the Fox network, l and many of my friends had hopes of that networks news personal would learn to become responsible in what they broadcast ( telling the truth, not merely politics ).
    I was hoping for the same corporate responsibility that has always been the benchmark of disney projects. Misinformation is a dangerous thing !
    Is the message from Fox News Corp. going to become helpful or continue to be a danger to the public ?

    We would like to see a change for the truth, and the safety of their viewing public.

    I would like to receive a response to my email.
    Thank you.

    David Corwin

    • Gary says:

      They did not purchase Fox News, only Fox Network which broadcasts the following showsThe Simpsons (1989)
      Family Guy (1999)
      Bob’s Burgers (2011)
      Duncanville (2020)
      The Great North (2021)
      HouseBroken (2021)etc.

      Fox News is not owned/controlled by Disney.

    • Ken says:

      What are you talking about I think you got it mixed up with MSNBC. Disney does not own Fox news which I watch all the time. You got to be right before you go on here and spread lies.

    • Heywood jablowme says:

      Woke dork, keep watching that pillar of truth MSNBC ,Rachel maddow has been spreading dis information for 6 year ..moron

    • Bob says:

      Not at all surprised that a brain dead liberal would think that Disney the company of Pedo’s purchased Fox News. Thank God they did not. That is right thank God something that Disney knows nothing about or they would not be in bed with the CCP who saddled the world with Covid !

    • EAO says:

      Disney does not ‘own’ Fox News Corp.
      Keep listening to CNN and MSNBC ( do online search for ‘fake news’ and you will find pages and pages, all documented, of lies by liberal media). Ever notice that the lib networks don’t have opposing views on? Fox News has dozens of liberals on every day!


    We were here all week and never needed to used our finger print , come to Hollywood studios and get told we have to use our finger prints in case our bands get lost. Was also told this was park wide . Again this is our last day here and first time being forced to use to scanner or we would be escorted from the park. I called corporate, My 1 child is 5 one is 14 . You so not need my childrens finger prints. I feel its against our and my underage children to be forced to use finger prints. The lady at corporate said it was for security When I brought up that none of the other parks were using this method she said they should. So your security is not working and your parks are unsecure? Very unhappy and will see if my childrens and my right were violated! Feel free to email for further correspondence

  • >