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  • Address: 1102 SE 5th St, Bentonville, AR 72712, USA
  • Phone Number: 479-273-4000
  • Fax Number:N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 2,300,000
  • Established: 1962
  • Founder: Sam Walton
  • Key People: Greg Penner (Chairman) Doug McMillon (President & CEO)

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Brett M. Biggs

Executive VP & CFO

Enrique Ostalé Cambiaso

Executive VP and Regional CEO of U.K., Latin America & Africa - Walmart International

Jennifer Fleiss

Chief Executive Officer of e-Commerce Investment Arm Store No 8

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  • IC says:

    Walmart requires customers to have everything you buy put into a walmart bag but walmart does not and will not supply stated bags for your purchases (smaller bags of dog food, ice etc…) They are to cheap to supply these. This sets paying customers up to be accused of stealing as they leave the stores. Some gestapo will require you to prove you paid for this item in actuality accusing customers of stealing, all because walmart will not supply the bags they themselves require!! Is this not an asinine rule. If you require items to be bagged then supply your customers with stated bags and stop setting paying customers up to be accused of stealing and stop harassing the customers that keep your doors open. No matter how you put it, you are requiring customers to prove they paid for an item because of walmarts neglect or cheapness. This is not the way to treat honest paying customers that keep walmarts doors open. Pathetic for any company to act in this manner. You don’t treat customers this way. I for one will not be harassed in this manner by any store that receives my hard earned money. You, walmart, do not have the right to set your customers up and then harass them!!! Remember the customers money makes your stores. You are losing customer every day do to this insanity and harassment. Walmart should be ashamed and embarrassed of their attitude and harassment toward their customers. Just a matter of time before you find yourself in a harassment litigation suit. You create this mess now resolve it. Resolution is simple. Supply bags if your are going to require everything to be in bags. Stop being so cheap and supply the bags. You are an embarrassment to your customers.

  • jason capley says:

    hi. I work at the 0192 store for 19 years and I was hired in at 36 hours but I was told today that doug and Deanna our assistant manager said that they was giving to many hours to certain employees and they deducted mine to 31 hours and she doesn’t understand my benefits is gone..she said this is for I think 6 weeks or 12 weeks…I know this is not right….like today she gave a associate 12 hour shift…now, I work hard at this company and this is making me worry….did I get punished for working hard….if you can help please…….oh. I ask her is there any other place that is doing 40 hours fulltime and she said not on my shift….I was being nice…so, I told her well I got bills like everyone else and think you…..I couldn’t tell if she did not mean it in a mean manner but she said it and I did not like that…she wouldn’t help me to get 40 hours to make up for the crap that everyone else is getting….

  • Judy says:

    I have a complaint of the walmart store. When I go shopping in Lincoln,IL, The manager jumps all over their cart guys. Now there is only 1 on the clock,I seen this young man walking very fast to get the cart inside. These men work in cold weather,hot weather and never get recognized,instead they get yelled at. I was there one day when it happen. Most of the employees inside said pushing carts is one of the hardess job there, They need 2 out getting carts at all times,that why they can not keep help outside.

  • LOUISE says:


  • jimmy wiggins says:

    also, I understood walmart to be a corp that does not hold old disabilities against a person, not that the disability would hinder my work; I just need the job where I can work every day possible ; I need the job because I feel that I’m going down hill without work to keep me mentally stable;;;

  • jimmy wiggins says:

    I have gone online and filled out an application;;;I assumed I did but, never heard one way or another; I am ,just turned 62, still young in lots of ways, feel a job at walmart would finish up the next few yrs until I can retire; am on ssi disability ,have been because of a girl running stop sign nearly killing me,i am healed up and wish to give walmart my next few yrs;;;at carrollton georgia

  • Connie says:

    The junior clothing falls apart the material dissenteragates as you wear the item this is the second shirt jersey style both short and long sleeves the material goes to a see through state and cant be wore. You pay 12-15 dollars for rotten material

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