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Pharmacists are health care professionals who provide prescribed medications to patients. They also offer their expertise on the safe use of the medications. Pharmacists and pharmacies are required in the delivery of health care services. Sometimes, it might happen that you may not understand your doctor’s instructions regarding the dosage of medicine. A pharmacist is a person who is well-skilled to provide you with healthcare information about any kind of drug.

In the year 1901, Walgreens started their journey as a single drug store and now it is a global leader in retail and wholesale pharmaceutical, health and daily well-being products. Walgreens is now present in more than 25 countries. They are responsible for delivering millions of medicines every day in-store- as well as online. Not only just products, they also required to deliver and understand every need of their customers. Walgreens took numerous steps to deliver great customer service to all of its customers. 

Walgreens Headquarters Address – You can use the below-mentioned address for sending a courier to them.

200 Wilmot Rd,

Deerfield, IL 60015,

United States

Phone Number – 877-250-5823

Email – not available

Website – You can visit their official website for more information related to Walgreens. Customers and investors can use this official website. https://www.walgreens.com/

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The Walgreens headquarters is located in Deerfield, Illinois.

Walgreens opened a new office in Chicago, where 1800 employees are expected to work. The infrastructure of the new office space is designed to provide a digital and technical experience to its employees as well as its customers.

However, the HQ of Walgreens Boots Alliance will remain in north suburban Deerfield III. The headquarters employ around 3,200 employees of the Walgreen staff. It was decided that the executive suites of the headquarters will have stainless steel elevator doors and exquisite decorative interior.

Walgreens Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

108 Wilmot Rd Deerfield (HQ), IL


United States

200 Wilmot Rd Deerfield, IL


Hong Kong

China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai Hong Kong

Walgreens Headquarters Executive Team

Kevin Ban

Kevin Ban

Chief Medical Officer

Tracey Brown

Tracey Brown

Executive Vice President and President, Walgreens Retail & Chief Customer Officer

Min Cho

Min Cho

Chief Format Concepts and Design Officer

Name Title
Rick Gates Chief Pharmacy Officer
Jeff Gruener Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Walgreens
Rajnish Kapur Senior Vice President and Chief Sourcing and Supply Chain Officer
Linh Peters Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Luke Rauch Senior Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer
Rina Shah Senior Vice President Pharmacy of the Future and Transformation
Bala Visalatha Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer

About Walgreens


The journey of Walgreens began in 1901. Charles R. Walgreen bought out his employer and he had set up the first Walgreen store in Chicago’s south side.

Walgreen started the store because he was fed up of how other drug stores used to work. He became a registered pharmacist, learnt to mix and pack drugs himself as he wanted to maintain a good level of quality and affordability.

By the year 1925, Walgreen had more than 65 stores. The company went public after two years and their business expanded to 500 stores spread out across New York and Florida.

By the year 1975, the sales of Walgreens had crossed $1 billion.

Walgreens had successfully opened their 1000th store in the year 1984.

In the year 2014 Walgreens merged with European-based company Alliance Boots. The merger led to the formation of the Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. 


Walgreens is the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the United States.

Their services include filling prescriptions, supplying health & wellness products, giving healthcare information and providing photo services.


  • Walgreens provides its in-store and online services to approximately 8 million customers every day.
  • In the year 1943, Walgreens opened a non-profit drugstore in the Pentagon, which covered an area of 6,000 feet. All profits from this store went to the Pentagon Post Restaurant Council.
  • The famous malted milkshake was the invention of Walgreens in the year 1922. People were filled with so much craze about the “double-rich chocolate malted milk” that they used to stand three and four deep, waiting in line, at soda fountains inside the drug store chains.
  • On November 21, 2013, an environmentally friendly net-zero energy store was opened by Walgreen. A geothermal system buried five hundred and fifty feet below ground is used to support the store. A huge amount of solar and wind energy is produced by the use of 850 solar panels and 2 wind turbines.

  • Kay says:

    Sharing two complaints, 1) medication overcharging,
    Picking up patient’s diabetic supplies previously purchased for $.33 and billed under Medicare Part B, was told Medicare did not pay as this was covered with drug plan. I explained they were wrong showing paperwork where Medicare did cover and had paid for supplies preciously.Told by the pharmacist that he nor his staff knew how to bill Medicare AND diabetic supplies were the responsibly of the patient who had to pay the cost of $100.00. Advised to pay the cost or go elsewhere as the staff did not know how to bill Medicare.

    Advised I’m a licensed insurance agent and would file a fraud claim. Received text message alert from Walgreens as I exited store, -a reminded to pick up the diabetic supplies The cost $125.
    A $25 increase.
    Immediately contacted Medicare providing information to review claim. Discovered WalGreen’s never submitted a claim under Walgreens. But possibly under Rite-Aid.
    Advised by Medicare Not to use Walgreens due to major issues. Advised I was correct and to file a fraud claim which I did.

    2) Had doctors call medications into another pharmacy. Attempted to pickup medication and told medication was showing as cancelled at Walgreens plus it showed the medications had been picked up.

    Until Walgreen corrects and releases the hold on the heart medication it can not be refilled. It is a medication to control the rhythm of the heart.

    Called the corporate offices and spoke with a pharmacy tech who transferred me back to closed store.

    The liability Walgreen is assuming by acting negligent must be investigated to avoid a potential lawsuit.

  • Tracey says:

    I work in hospital pharmacy and have worked in all aspects of pharmacy for over 30 years. I fill all my Rx at one Walgreens only, and know to call ahead for items I need that may need to be ordered. What makes me mad lately is even though I do this, am told the medication is in stock, when I call next day to find out if it’s ready, I am told it’s out of stock by the very same person! And the attitude I get when I ask if it will be ordered is so unprofessional. Does no good to complain to management, as far as there concerned if you’re unhappy then leave! That’s one less Rx they need to fill.

  • J D says:

    What do I need to do about reporting a pharmacist

    • Howard E Weinstein MD FAAN says:



    I received a bill from Walgreens, POB 653036, Dallas, TX for $233. It is a bill from a Dexcom G6 order dated January 18, 2022. A representative at the above noted location argued with me, refused to give me the physical address stating the store does not have a physical address and basically, was very uncooperative. If in fact I owe the bill, I will pay it after proof of the charge, charge made at what Walgreens, insurances billed (when) and the amount was paid; an itemized statement showing the information. I believe this to be a scam, hence the requested information to rule it out. Thank you for your assistance regarding this issue. sj

  • Teresa says:

    My name is Teresa I have been a customer of Walgreen for many years. I called to get my test strips for diabetes and finally after to weeks or more I receive a call to come and pick them up. I would like to thank one of the managers her name is Paulesha she made the necessary phone calls to help. Also the staff was very helpful.James one of the s pharmacy managers could use some customer service skills to help customers. Over all the service was good. Walgreen # 64446 3965 Holland road Va beach . Thanks again Paulesha.

  • Vanessa Robinson says:

    Happy Holidays, as a customer for approximately 14 years with my family at one location, I was informed by pharmacy customer representative at the front to find another location or pharmacy to filled my prescriptions ,the phone service was 1-1/2 hours with intervals every 10mins of picking up the phone “pharmacy please hold”, my medication is Oxycodone 15mg , q I d , routine meds, the refill date was 12/02/2022, has of this date 12/31/2020, haven’t received my medication. Before this year finished The store # 2790i, it’s located Miami Fl , The rude representative Riza,if it’s possible can I get help me with this inquiry? Please , thanks Happy New Year may you see many more

  • Natalie says:

    Walgreens 6800 Ogden Ave Berwyn , IL 60402 is/are the worst store in the whole United States. They are ignorant, rude mean and obnoxious to all the customers. My mother has been waiting for her medication for a week. Have not received any calls, she is 80 years old. Most of her friends are gone but all the rest are not using different pharmacies, Walmart, Rite Aid etc. Send someone and correct the problem (Managers and Staff)before someone dies because of your Walgreens disrespect of whether someone dies or not because the pharmacy refilled the wrong medication the staff caring even less. I am sending thios memo to the Attorney General Kwame Raoul so as to when someone dies I’ll make sure someone higher up pays for their lack of caring and others and myself get paid once we file a lawsuit against Walgreens.

  • Regina says:

    I use (used after yesterday) the Walgreen’s on maxtown rd westerville ohio. My first experience: called was on hold for 1 hour during lunch and had to hang up go back to work. Same evening on hold 45 min then drove to store waited in line and told pharmacist I was still on hold. Showed her my phone. They need to “Answer the phone!”

    My second experience: Dr ordered Prednisone for asthma flair. Went to pharmacy (trip 1) they were out to lunch until 2. Went back (trip2)-not ready come back in 1hr. Went back (trip 3)-not ready come back 20 min. Went back (trip 4) picked up script in drive thru and went home again. At home realized they gave me someone elses meds. Went back (trip 5) got right script. Cant call as they put you on hold forever (God only knows how long?) I really feel bad for these folks. They are trying but this needs addressed. No where to talk with anyone at corporate office. I work in health care. Feel sorry if a older somewhat confused patient gets wrong meds and just opens bottle and takes them. This is very bad situation. Will be going elsewhere from now on. Will call my health insurance carrier as well, this is who they recommend. They better have other options.

  • Karen Albertson says:

    I have shopped at Walgreens on Young Circle in Hollywood Fl. store No. 00456 since it opened in the 1960’s and I have an account for discounts. Well today I purchased Rogue touch up hair spray, the sign said it was on sale for around $9.50. Okay I brought two up to register since it was a coupon item. I was charged $11.49. I asked why and brought them the yellow sales price. Oh no can’t have it for that because I had no Walgreens APP on my phone. Hummmm I lost $4.00 Since I have a savings account but no APP. THAT IS JUST RUDE. Cvs HERE I come.

  • Guest says:

    September 27, 2022
    TO EVERYONE THAT HAS POSTED ON THIS SITE!!! You are not alone! I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and there are 5 stores in Linn County. I have no issues with 2 of the 5 stores but, the other 3 stores need SERIOUS OVERHAULING! Some of the staff are very rude and obnoxious in the store specifically in the 1st Ave location, and in my opinion need to be fired. I have had problems with the pharmacies and the problem has usually been traced to my insurance being stupid. But, on the whole they are a nice group of people and I get along with them all and they work with me. As for the store employees and management, I get along with most of them but, there are three of them that should be terminated just for there bad behavior or severe lack of interest in their jobs.
    I have read the comments that have been posted on here and I truly sympathize with all of you. But to be fair, this pandemic has hit all of us very hard specifically the workforce situation. It is very hard to find hard working people anymore as most people would rather sit on their fat, lazy butts and collect welfare or unemployment checks. Then you have others that just plain out right steal and thanks to Walgreen’s Policy of not being able to chase the thieves down, the employees are powerless to do anything about it. A policy that was put in place because of an incident occurring in Florida that cost this corporation 2 million dollars. I learned this from an ex-employee who happen to be working in that store at the time. I also know a number of other things that have gone on with this corporation but, I won’t say it on here right now.
    I do have a plan though and if all goes well, the stores in my county will be getting that much needed overhaul and I will be on the Corporation’s collective butts to clean up there act. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

  • no name says:

    I have called Walgreens on Stateline in Texakana for two day now. When ever i call there’s always three caller ahead. I waited for over two hour on hold to speak to someone in the pharmacy no one every answered. I understand that they are busy but that to long for any customer to have to stay on hold.

    Thank you
    unhappy customer

    • Guest says:

      I have called Walgreens on Pleasant Hill and John Young Pkwy today and received the same treatment. Was told on Wednesday the day prior to Thanksgiving that my meds would be ready on Sat. Nov. 26. Was placed on hold for an hour and a half listened to their silly music, was told there was 4 callers ahead of me. Nothing, no answer, when it came to my time the recording just continued saying that the pharmacy was answering other calls. I finally called back, spoke with a part time manager and was told that the pharmacy closed early. I then called a Walgreens about a few miles down the highway and was told that my pharmacy was closed all day and customers have been coming to his Walgreens to do their shopping. This Walgreens Pharmacy on Pleasant Hill and John Young Parkway in Florida is really in bad shape except for two or three workers that really go out of their way to help. Perhaps the Corporate Office should send someone that is incognito to observe what is happening.

  • Brad says:

    The Walgreens in Anderson,SC on north main st is very rude and discriminate every one that’s like me in there. The manger called me a faggot for just asking about a price on cigarette product and that really hit me hard since i’m an open gay. Those people shouldn’t talk to people like and still keep there job something needs to be done right now. Because if they cant except me for who i am they cant respect there self as an human being.

  • DEQOAB says:

    TO EVERYONE THAT HAS POSTED ON THIS SITE!!! You are not alone! I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and there are 5 stores in Linn County. I have no issues with 2 of the 5 stores but, the other 3 stores need SERIOUS OVERHAULING! Some of the staff are very rude and obnoxious in the store specifically in the 1st Ave location, and in my opinion need to be fired. I have had problems with the pharmacies and the problem has usually been traced to my insurance being stupid. But, on the whole they are a nice group of people and I get along with them all and they work with me. As for the store employees and management, I get along with most of them but, there are three of them that should be terminated just for there bad behavior or severe lack of interest in their jobs.

    I have read the comments that have been posted on here and I truly sympathize with all of you. But to be fair, this pandemic has hit all of us very hard specifically the workforce situation. It is very hard to find hard working people anymore as most people would rather sit on their fat, lazy butts and collect welfare or unemployment checks. Then you have others that just plain out right steal and thanks to Walgreen’s Policy of not being able to chase the thieves down, the employees are powerless to do anything about it. A policy that was put in place because of an incident occurring in Florida that cost this corporation 2 million dollars. I learned this from an ex-employee who happen to be working in that store at the time. I also know a number of other things that have gone on with this corporation but, I won’t say it on here right now.

    I do have a plan though and if all goes well, the stores in my county will be getting that much needed overhaul and I will be on the Corporation’s collective butts to clean up there act. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

  • Bonnie says:

    I paid on line. Picked up prescription at old Orchard Road and Crawford, Skokie. Kid at window did not listen. Charged my account again. I want my account credited. Kid should be fired. I’m getting nowhere with phone to corporate or live chat. This Walgreens does not have a manager on premises today. So the kids are running the store.

  • Jj says:

    Wahlgreens in Miami sucks.
    They never enter the prescription correctly so I have to call MEDICARE OR SILVERSCRIPT to correct and call the pharmacy.
    Wahlgreens sucks !!!!!

  • Tara says:

    The homeless disabled victimized yet again by Big Pharma and America! It’s not bad enough being run off assisted housing after 20-years in the middle of Covid, but who would guess post-Covid could be worse(?) I currently have gone nearly a month without critical bone density medication that requires daily injections and refrigeration, but now Walgreen’s employees think it is a joke to pick up my call and put me straight back on call waiting for over an hour now! It is up to me to see to it Walgreens calls my north Florida pharmacy to have critical prescriptions moved to south Florida. No chance of doing this over the phone. I have no vehicle, TKR in both knees, three fractures in right wrist which makes using my walking support viciously painful and the nearest Walgreens is over a mile from me. Top it off…my over hour waits for my call to be answered just ended with a disconnection on their end!!!!
    F-you America and yet hideous display of disrespect for the disabled.
    Keep your religions and your bigotry to yourselves because the truth is “it is each dog for itself.”
    Walgreens is simply another display of “please hurry-up and DIE you economical deficit to society THE DISABLED!”

  • Jason S. says:

    I am a medical provider and our local Walgreens pharmacy staff in Atascadero, CA will lie to our patients and tell them we haven’t sent medications even though have sent them. As a result we get calls several times per day from angry patients mad at us for not sending the medications. I know they’re lying because I will have my staff call to confirm they received the order after we have been yelled at. Every time it is indeed they have received the order but they are busy and will take hours to fill. I’ve even prescribed medication to my family if I’ve seen them in my clinic. I would go pick up the medications for them after I get off work only to be told, “The provider hasn’t sent the medications yet.” Funny thing is that I was the provider that sent the medications and I know for a fact I sent them. They are the only pharmacy that does this in our area. I never get complaints from patients that use other pharmacies. Look Walgreens if you’re too busy and can’t fill a medication for hours, don’t lie and say we didn’t send it. Just be honest and tell your customers you’re very busy and that you won’t be able to fill it for a few hours. As a result of you doing this we have angry patients calling us and then we have to take the time to calm them down and then call you to verify you’ve received the medication order. This interrupts clinic flow and our business. So please stop it and do better.

  • Jennifer Orosz says:

    The Walgreens pharmacy told me I had to wait until September 10th to pick up my son’s medication for his epilepsy. They calculated that is when he would run out when his doctor called to increase his dosage because hes having a lot of seizures. On the 8th I spoke to the pharmasist in person to verify they would have the medication. Its now the tenth. And, Opps we dont have it in stock. Someone else must have needed it. We wont have it for 2 days. So now they are calling around to see if they can find another store that has it. Ive been waiting for a call back to find out if my son can get his meds today or if hes probably going to end up in the hospital this weekend. Which would be his 5th emergency room visit in 3 weeks.

  • Bob says:

    Since Walgreens decided to close their pharmacy on weekends, it’s time to switch to CVS. I’m tired of businesses using covid as an excuse for everything. DEAL WITH IT!

  • Marilyn says:

    My go to Walgreens is at 7150 W. Archer Ave., Chicago, IL. I have noticed every time I go the store it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in quite sometime. Especially by the cash registers. The floor is filthy. It looks like they never sweep or mop. The dirt on the rug and the floor have been there for quite sometime – never cleaned!! How do you expect customers to go in and shop when it looks so disgusting! Something definitely needs to be done with that store. Even the outside area needs to be cleaned up. I have always liked Walgreens and have been to other stores which have been presentable and clean, but this Walgreens needs a huge makeover!! At least clean it up!!! I am very disappointed in Walgreens to let it go like this. I’m hoping corporate will make some improvements and take some pride in their stores.

  • Cindy Demorest says:

    I was harassed and humiliated by the security guard at the Walgreens On Powell st in San Francisco and all I went there for was to use the ATM

  • Cheryl Jensen says:

    I use to shop at the Austin Minnesota store but do not anymore . I was treated very rudly. Never heard back from anyone when I called to complain.I was buying some toddler shoes that said 8.99 when I got to the car I was charged 17.99 regular price. So I went back in to get the price difference and the manager lady that finally came up front said that she could only refund me 14.99 due to COVD and it could not be put back on the shelf. I said I do not want a refund I just want the sale price. She argued with me till I just left . I paid 17.99 they would refund me 14.99 so I could rebuy them for 8.99 and I had just purchased them 10mn. before asking for price adjustment. The manager lady told me she would be fired if she gave me more than the 14.99 refund. Wow what has happened to this world! I think my request was a good one!

  • Scottie says:

    I purchased a full refill of Tresiba, that includes 7 pens, on 7/29/2022 for $99.00 at your Dyersburg TN location. Your pharmacy only had one pen available, and I was told to pick up the remaining pens the following week. When I returned on 8/3/2022 I was denied the balance and was told that it cost the same for a partial as the full refill. I was not told this up front and there is no way I would have purchase one pen for the same price as the full refill. The only reason it was a partial is because your pharmacy did not have the inventory. I have been robbed of 6 pens of Tresiba.

  • Tim says:

    I have medications i need to pick up. They are filled. Both locations in Mass are closed, and no reason was provided? What is going on? I need my meds and should have been notified the dtores would be closed especially for more than one day.

  • Jenny says:

    My Husband and I use Walgreens in Jacksonville, Al. We visited a few days ago with a problem and an employee named Renae went above and beyond to help us. We left happy and satisfied to be customers of Walgreens. It is our recommendation that this young lady receive commendations or a raise for her hard work. She deserves it.

  • Mary Eure Gloria DeWitt says:

    Have been purchasing freestyle lebra2 from Walgreens and couple of times they didn’t work.
    (01) 00357599800000
    (17) 2211231
    (10) KTP003723
    (21) 3MHO60CGXC4
    (91) 71992-01
    Purchased on June 30 2022
    The sensor was bad and would not work.
    Took it back the next day ask Walgreens to either refund me or give me a new free style sensor and they refused to help me .
    I am asking for your help in this matter.
    Walgreens 25th street
    Cleveland Tennessee.

  • Jazmin Ruiz says:

    The Walgreens in my area gets robbed of merchandise every time I am shopping there. Please get them a full time security guard before someone gets hurt. Store #215.

  • Wanda Myers says:

    Walgreens in Germantown, MD contacted them 6/13/22 @ 6:30pm and had me on hold and never came to the line. I finally hung up the phone at 8:05 pm. I will never have a prescription or anything to do with this Walgreens. This isn’t the first time this has happened at this location but it will be my last time spending money there.

  • Jaime moore says:

    I had bought baby forms for my new granddaughter an come to find out she’s alergic to it so I go to Walgreens with my receipt an they refuse to refund me my money an treated me as if I did something wrong.I’m going to bring this to corporate attention cuz I clearly read the return policy an I have 30 days to return with my receipt an the manager argued with me in front of customers an embarrassed me by the way he treated me an he walked away in the middle of our conversation yelling at me about trying to scam Walgreens an I have my receipt.I was humiliated embarrassed an most of all pissed off by how they treated me an talked to me as if I was trying to do some criminal activity so not only will I be contacting corporate I will be contacting my attorney this is against the Walgreens policy an the manager did not fowllow proper procedures of the return policy

  • Henrietta Allarid says:

    Is it possible to receive a print out of my history with Walgreen ‘s pharmacy?

  • Conniepettey says:

    I went to Walgreens in Hartselle Al to pick up my seizure medicine the pharmacy said that he put a hold on my medication on the 10 and didn’t tell me till today here it is the. 29 tell me to get this medicine will be 1500 without insurance or go to the emergency room or walked in clinic that is not right I will be out come Tuesday night

  • Lady D says:

    Walgreens at 2035. Candler Road Decatur Ga 30032 is the worst. I waited at the drive through for 35 minutes before anyone came to the window to assist and then they had a very nasty and unpleasant attitude. They all need to be replaced

  • Jj says:

    The manager of your pharmacy located in 11430 Beach blvd Jacksonville fl 32246. Is absolutely terrible, very rude, mean. Just terrible. I left without my prescription I’d rather go back when she is not there. Her name im not sure , issie,
    Or something. Very rude . I’ve come to this walgreens for a long time I have never encountered such a horrible experience. Everyone is usually so nice. Not this woman terrible. In this profession you should have compassion, be kind. She needs to be somewhere else.

  • Rose says:

    I have a complaint with the Pharmacy area. I was at the Walgreens 925 Soundview Avenue in the Bronx. At approximately 7:10PM I arrive at drive thru, I waited there for a bit then I press this white button that was broken. A man comes out and tells me drive thru is closed and points to a sign. The sign said drive thru everything else was covered by big sticker on the window so even if I saw the sign the only thing I could see was “Drive Thru” I tried to tell him that I had been there for awhile and that the sign was covered. He rudely turned and walked away. He did not even give me the chance to talk. I then had to park and go inside. I got on the line got my meds and approached him and asked for his name. He was really obnoxious with me in front of other people that were there. I was never so embarrassed and disgusted at the same time about the rudeness of someone who is suppose to be professional. He has to deal with people that are ill. That deserve compassion. I went to get meds for myself, at that moment my pressure was high because of what I was feeling because of the way I was mistreated. I asked for his name and he only gave me his first name and told me I don’t have to give you my last name. I told him I was going to report him. He said he did not care. I told him he needed customer service training. The man was from African decent, I recognize his accent. His first name is Lukmon, and I believe he was the Pharmacist on duty. The pharmacy did not have a sign stating who was the pharmacist on duty was, which is a violation. I did ask some of the other employees there and I was told that. I am always getting messages that pharmacy is open until and it was not even 8 and the drive thru was closed and the window where you place your order was closed. I am requesting for some type of change be done this man. He needs training in how to treat people. I would also like a response from Corporate. I don’t think I will be going back to Walgreen’s if these are the kind of people you have working for you.

  • Clif Steward says:

    Your store at 330 so main street Scranton Pa is becoming more increasingly more USELESS . They have reduced pharmacy hours to nearly nothing . Only open til 2pm Thursdays and NO weekend hours . Wait times at the drive up are simply ridiculous
    And store management responses are terse and impolite . Not at all courteous , helpful or apologetic . For all the good this location is worth . It may as well be closed or entirely restaffed with people who actually give a damn about people . Or have an iota of customer service skills . Run this by Mr. Ashworth I am certain he will EXTREMELY interested

  • Nonya says:

    How can a pharmacy close on the weekends? I guess people do not need meds on weekends? This is insane. If you are short on staff, maybe you should just cut your daily hours so you can be open 7 days a week, or get out of the pharmacy business. I’m sure you will be losing many customers over this, I know of many who are leaving our local Walgreens for one who is open 7 days a week!! Good Luck Walgreens!!

  • Carla Cantrell says:

    I entered a complaint about an extremely rude young technician and a manager. In addition to telling me I could no longer get my medication the way I always have they lied about not having my medication in stock. Told me I’d have to go somewhere else. They did have it and one of the regular techs got it filled for me. These two are dangerous. I gave you the date and time. I’ve never heard a word. I’ve been a customer of this Walgreens for over ten years and have never been treated this way. I don’t think these two are old enough to handle their responsibilities. I’d like to hear from you about what is being done. You have all of my contact information. To lie about a prescription is pretty serious stuff. Do I need to take this to the next level?

  • Michael walker says:

    Why is the pharmacy in Rancho Mirage calf not filling my refill. Keep telling me to come back later. It’s been five day of this. Someone is going to get sick or die..

  • Barb says:

    I am a customer at Walgreens and am wondering if you have considered moving to a ECO friendly pill bottle? I am very disturbed about how many plastic bottles just our household goes though including prescriptions, vitamins, etc. and in speaking with our local recycling center, most end up in landfills. Please consider changing this practice.

  • Tara Barksdale says:

    Your store at 4555 North Shadeland Ave in Indianapolis Ind should be closed. I can’t ever get my congestive heart failure medication cause they’re always closed. If I have a heart attack I will sue Walgreens’s!!!!!!! I have called My Attorney cause this is a on going battle with this store. Plus the people you have working there are RUDE!!!!! I have called the BBB. I will do whatever I need to for you guy’s in corporate office to do something about this Store!!!!!!! I just need to know the names of the people I need for my lawsuit when it’s time.

  • Larry Quick says:

    Yes I’m having a very large problem with your store in Apopka Florida, cutting my meds, changing my dates, my doctor and insurance companies have no problem with, I’ve been with you for 14 or15 years, I know every month is something different , my name is Larry quick my phone number is 407 399 5 410


    My wife and 14 year old step son were illegally stopped, detained and questioned by a Walgreens employee who doesn’t no how to operate a machine to tell a real from a fake $100.00. This detention resulted in the Allen, TX police department conducting an interrogation and dis-robing of my wife in the middle of the store located at 1226 W. McDermott, Allen, TX 75013 at 7:20 p.m.. This is outrageous in unforgiveable.

    I demand that Walgreens preserve the video for the lawsuit that’s about to be on their hands. When you humiliate hard working folks and a 14 year old boy, expect to answer in Court.

  • E. Dorris says:

    Walgreens on the corner of Memorial/N.Thompson in Murfreesboro, TN
    I placed a called to what I thought was Walgreens’ Corporate Offices this morning to register a complaint because for the third time my medication has been shortened. One by an entire refill and the other two by 30 days worth of medication. Which if I hadn’t of caught it and tried to pick up or refill my medication in 30 days after I ran out Walgreens would’ve put the blame on me and I wouldn’t have had any medication for 30 days and I would’ve just lost the other refill which was for a controlled medication. The staff would have never owned up to their shortening me my medication 30 days later! I’ve tried dealing with this staff and they act as if it’s no big deal! When I called your Corporate Office I thought you all would get to the core or the issues at that store. Instead I got a phone call from a nasty disgruntled employee! Who had absolutely no intention of listening to why I even came complained. She was only interested in explaining why they made their mistakes!! Not good at all. Not making 3 mistakes on medication 2 of which is a controlled medication. I’m sure I’m not the only one that they’re making mistakes on!! The manner in which my complaint was handled was in poor taste of a grand level!! Especially considering that 2 incidents involved a controlled medication! You all make sure you hold us to strict guidelines but it seems like when it comes to the pharmacy staff they can keep medication, steal or lose it and nothing is inquired of the situation!! I’ve been on the same medication for about 20 years and I have never had anything like this happen! I’ve been using Walgreens for years and this has never happened. Contrary to what they want me to believe, numbers don’t just change in computers. Human beings change numbers. You all need to look into what’s happening at that pharmacy!

  • Mike says:

    Why do you have 2 junky re cycle Bowes on your parking lot at Bryant Irvin rd ft worth tx. These are not for charity but private.

  • Deborah says:

    This is in regards to a Walgreens in Dunedin, FL, and to recognize a cashier working at the front register last night. The young lady at the register was Joyce. I was in the middle of a scam in progress, and for some reason hadn’t figured it out until I went to check out with a Google Play card. She asked me how much I wanted on it, and I told her $200. She then asked me what it was for, and I told her that I was told by an Amazon representative to do this. She called over a manager and they both agreed it was indeed a scam. She saved me so much! Who knows how much besides the $200. Thank you, Joyce and all the fine people who work at Walgreens in Dunedin, Fl.

  • Jen says:

    Walgreens pharmacy in El Dorado Hills Ca, has got to be one of the worst pharmacies. Literally my entire family (husband, myself, elderly mother & my adult children) never can just go & pick up a simple prescription & it be ready. Sometimes it’s hours or even a day or so?!? This is completely unacceptable when a medication that a Dr intends on having you start immediately! Why on earth doesn’t CORPORATE Walgreens wake up & insist that their pharmacies hire enough people/pharmacists & techs to handle the flow. Instead it’s always an excuse of how swamped/short handed they are?
    Why don’t you do your patrons a favor & just shut your pharmacies down until you are better prepared to handle daily prescription requests?

  • Ray Tarrach says:

    Purchased a prescription from Walgreens on 2/9/2022 for Econazole Nitrate Cream 1% 85
    Grams. The price was $310.99 my insurance paid $164.83 and I paid $146.16.
    I went on line and found the exact same product for $32.00 from MediPond.com. You can imagine my surprise at the difference in cost. I would be
    Most interested in an explanation as to the substantial difference in cost. One would certainly think that my insurance company and I have been ripped off by Walgreens. I would very much appreciate an explanation.


  • Michelle says:

    Someone high up needs to help the Walgreen’s in Grants Pass, OR. My daughter has a prescription where the app was saying prescription delayed and now it has vanished. She called and couldn’t wait any longer. I called and put my phone down and did my daily chores. After 3 plus hours, I called the store. The store manager wasn’t in and I talked with a Kelli who wouldn’t give me her last name or the store managers. The month before when she called it in they informed her don’t do that it will be weeks before it gets filled. I will go after work today and wait in line about hour and 40 minutes. How do I know this? I wait once a month with my dad in the line. In January, he got out of the hospital and he needed the prescription. We waited the hour plus 45 minutes and we were told the prescription wasn’t ready. He could wait another 40 minutes or call to see if it was ready. You see the circle. I understand an off day but it is time for someone to fix this issue. The Walgreens is closed on Saturday and Sunday. This means all prescriptions need to be filled during the rush hours of the day where they can’t keep up. This system is not working.

  • Mary says:

    Walgreens in Addition Illinois is definitely the worst Walgreens I have ever dealt with the people they lie put you on hold never answer after they put you on hold for over twenty minutes whoever hiring these people need to be fired not paying attention to them to see if they are doing there jobs .I plan not using Walgreens and I will be complaining to my insurance company about how they treat the customer with the prescriptions all they need to do is call the doctor if the customer tells them it’s wrong people do make mistakes doctors are very busy could have wrote wrong amount of pills to get I ask several times for them to call the doctor back to see if it’s a 90 day supply. Walgreens is getting worst than better standing around getting in late to start work I’m very dissatisfied with this Walgreens.

  • Tess says:

    I was in Walgreens in Aston, Pa. an elderly gentleman came in to ask about his RX the Tech (woman short dark hair) berated him for not calling his Drs office, he said he did for about a week and it’s still not here?! She said loudly did you ever think of going into the Drs office and asking?! This is only a courtesy here …call your Doctor or go in!!!! Ugh should she really be working with the public especially the elderly?! The other Tech a spineless young man never said a word!! Heartbreaking…

  • Justifying comment says:

    Walgreens’s is hiring just about anything and anyone now. Without any common decency or respect whatsoever and when asked they say that’s the way they were trained, guess what I truly what I believe it. Upon speaking with a higher up manger she made a egregious comment about me and could’ve made sure the phone was hung up but she didn’t. Then they wonder why their staff is content with disrespect and confrontation. The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. The saddest part of it all is Walgreens doesn’t care because they figure they have enough customer revenue coming in to make up for the $17,000-$20,000 leaving their store.

  • Tammy Nichols says:

    Please… someone make sense of this HR policy you are condoning. The FL store at 915S US 1 in Vero Beach is hiring new employees snd cutting hours of their loyal workers down to 1 day per week. This manager needs some training in HR and employee retention. Does it make sense to hire and train new people and basically lay off experienced loyal staff. I really wish you would address this and my previous concerns. I have resisted posting derogatory statements about your company on other sites in expectation of some response from your company to address these concerns. Of course, these people can get other low level, low paying jobs such as those at your stores, but to find out you are only scheduled for 1 day when the schedule is posted it is impossible to find a job to make up these lost hours. This is unacceptable from a company in your sector. You are contributing to poverty and homelessness if you support these HR policies. This manager seems to be retaliating against workers who are well liked by their peers while she is not well liked by those that she manages. How long does it take for your company to moderate these comments. Your lack of concern for the treatment of your workers is abhorrent. I would appreciate a response to this and my previous concerns as to your company’s views of these policies. I expect to hear from you before having to pursue other avenues to address these unfair labor practices.

  • Haven says:

    I had two very bad and disgusting experiences shopping here this week due to a team member her name was Hayley gillian. I know her full complete name because I made sure to gather her information before I left the store on my second visit. My first bad visit was on a Saturday the 5th at 7pm. I had to put in 4 canvas prints at 7:30pm on sat then had called the store asked that they could be made same day. The manager polity said she would do her best to complete them. I then called back a second time to see If they were ready for pick up and an employee named Hayley answers and rudely tells me that I just put that order in that I would need to wait another day to call in the morning she then goes to hang up the phone not knowing I’m still on the phone and the phone did not hang up as she is complaining to the manager extremely disrespectfully yelling at her telling her that she is not doing the canvas order. I can hear the manager politely asking her if there was any way they could team up to get it done but Hayley refuses and i can hear her saying she’s shutting down the printer Im assuming that makes my canvases so she did not have to do them. You can hear the manager trying her best to calm down this employees as she is disrespecting the her because she did not went to do her job as the manger was trying as well. I was then called by the manager Erica 5 mins after this situation and she politely telling me that My order would be ready in the morning and she apologize for the wait and how I was rudely spoken to by the employee she then explained that the printing machine is currently down and that they would be back up in the morning. The second experience I visited the store was on on monday at 7pm to pick up my photos. As I arrived to the store you could hear the same employee Haley cussing and yelling at the top of her lungs as the manager Erica was also working at the present time she was doing her best at trying to run the store and count registers and handle customers in a polite manner along with trying to calm this rudely disgusting behavior employee down. What made me walk out of the store and not care to purchase my 160 items was because I could hear Haylie cussing and saying nigger this and nigger that and that she is not doing nothing that the general manager better be there to do his job or she is walking out she was even yelling on the intercom asking the manager for several breaks as the manger was doing her best at trying to run the store. I was not the only one that walked out I had other customers that left as well they were also very unhappy and uncomfortable with the way this employee was acting not only towards the customer but toward the manager as well. I was also very impressed with the way the manager Erica had handled the situations and helped me and handled both situation on both days that I visited the store. Erica handled everything to the best of her knowledge and the best way that she could she went far beyond doing her very best at not only trying to satisfy me but the other customers that we’re waiting patiently and seen with their own eyes how this other disgusting employee was towards the manager and the customers. No one should ever have to go through that and Erica If you can read my review your AWESOME! Thank you for trying to apologize and offer me a deal on the photos for the unpleasant experience but the fact of the matter is you should not be the one apologizing for someone else’s mistakes and behaviors she should have been the one. knowing that she prepared my canvas I was not interested in purchasing them especially after hearing her disgusting language and her disgusting Behavior
    Tho this store is in xenia ohio on hospitality drive

  • ps says:

    Walgreens in Lowell Indiana will not carry the n95 masks told me to go 35 minutes south of where I live .
    why? they are very rude at this store

  • Nicole says:

    Walgreens in apple valley, ca
    Very rude and poor customer service! I don’t get how pharmacy takes 24 hours to get your prescription ready. The manager is stuck on stupid can careless how customers are treated. Walgreens are poorly ran!

  • Tammy Nichols says:

    This company has some major HR issues. People leave GOOD paying part time jobs for the promise of full time employment rather than trying to coordinate 2 part time jobs. Never get full time hours but 30-35 hours. Then because some employees are not reliable they over hire and cut everyone’s hours. Not fair to the reliable employees they had. As a corporate office do you really condone this treatment of good, hard working employees? How do you expect people to live on part time hours at just barely above minimum wage? I would really appreciate hearing your reasoning for this. Never did hear back about my previous post. Seems you treat your customers as poorly as you do your employees. It’s shameful. Unfortunately, I’m sure “you’re too big to fail.” That’s too bad. Your treatment of good employees is deplorable. From the comments I’ve read on here and other sites you obviously have the same disdain for your customers as you do your employees. Do you ever read or respond to the comments left on this site or is it just another thing you don’t care about. You will lose your good, loyal employees if this continues. But just like your customers, there’s always plenty where they came from. But just look at the comments and you’ll see the caliber of most employees in your stores is questionable. Shame on you especially during this tough time.

  • Tammy Nichols says:

    The most recent CDC guidelines state that a person should quarantine for 5 days and if they are symptom free they can re-enter society but wear a mask.
    So, how can Walgreens INSIST that their employees not work for TEN days but then only pay them for FIVE, especially when the CDC guidelines state differently???? Most of Walgreens employees make barely minimum wage, losing a mandatory 5 days without pay creates a major hardship for them.
    This policy is unfair. And… while I’m at it, you may get a better caliber of workers if you paid a bit more and provided full time hours to those that WANT to work. Seems to be a rarity these days and rewarding people can make all the difference in workers’ work ethic and job performance.

  • Alan Crosby says:

    Walgreen’s service is not working properly. A refill is promised to be filled by 9am 36 hrs prior over the phone and when I came to pick it up around 11am was told it would be ready after 2pm Prescription Sent to the pharmacy 7days prior with a pickup note for a 7day delay for pickup (controlled substance) and on day 7 told could only fill a partial amount and contact the provider to resubmit a Rx This has happened several months in a row and there does not seem to be a concern to the staff There seems to be a central area where Prescriptions are filled and no authority is attempting to correct the problem of the delays The excuse that we are short on staff gets old quickly with no change noted after several months

  • Brandon morris says:

    I’m certain if Mr Ashworth was to call the locations in Henderson, NV, to refill a death sensitive medication, he’d be apauled to discover that EVERYDAY the phone/drivethru wait time is over 45 minutes at racetrack and staff is stressed. Then get to next nearest at boulder highway, you’ll find 1 hour drivethru, very rude staff that claims to not be able to fill inhaler as it is at another location! No honoring scripts from another store UNLESS, you come back tomorrow to wait again in line because they are too busy to transfer the script locale and fill the “problem” issue that made his chain 2nd in it’s class. Now I’ll get my friends and family to find out why your all-time competitor remains ahead.

  • Jo Ann summers says:

    Sorry to leave wal -greens love the people in Manchester Tennessee pharmacy but because your contract changed we are having to go to a more economical store ! Wish you didn’t fill you had too dig deeper in seniors pocket! I’m sure you executors could do without a bigger advancement on pay! Look a little closer at local store and will see not all are as well off as you! Times are harder for us all! Thanks and soling!

  • RP says:

    Your Walgreens at Sharon Rd, and Morrison looks like one in Baghdad . Trash all over the parking lot, trash cans haven’t been emptied in weeks. Cash registers are not taking credit cards and asking for cash only . No receipts being given.
    What the hell?

  • Dennis Welch says:

    I’ve been trying to get prescription filled but it taken more than 1 week. It is a workers comp. Insurance so I understand needing to get authorization but enough. I call they said insurance did not authorize but I called my lawyer and now it’s been in progress for a couple or so hours. When I check it said available for pick up at 9:00 AM on the 13 January which has passed. Im not sure what is going on. I have had problems with this store and how they treat me and how the treat people that have had to pick up my prescription for me. Thought you should know.

  • Williams says:

    Here at the Walgreens on JFK in NLR, AR, the store manager is a horrible person. I waited 2 hours to get through to the pharmacy so I called the store manager to see what the adjusted hours were for this location. He didn’t want to help, but when he finally did, he kept me waiting a long time. The phone hung up, I called back the person picked up the phone but never greeted me. Instead I could hear her check people out at the register for about 20 mins. I hung up and called back the lady act like she didn’t know who I was, she cut me off and put the manager on the phone, then he told me they close for lunch and then close at 4pm. I followed my gut feeling and can to the pharmacy anyway. The pharmacist said they did not close at lunch, but will close at 11pm. Patients need help with assistance at the pharmacy and customers need help in and on the phone with Walgreens store. The way the manager of the store lied to me is very unprofessional and has no customer service skills needed to do the job of managing the store. This incident happened on 1/20/2022 at 1:30pm.

  • Doris R. says:

    I’m seriously thinking of changing pharmacies. My pharmacy is closed today and I desperately need my medication. Yesterday was a 9″ snow storm and I couldn’t get out. I tried to call and got a most obnoxious recording that makes it very hard to if not impossible to talk to a person. Right across the street is a Hy-Vee that is open 7 days a week.

  • Kathleen Green says:

    Walgreens Pharmacy in Carteret NJ decided to change their hours. Now they are not open on Saturdays or Sundays which makes it very hard for people who work during the week to pick up their prescriptions. They didn’t even give their customers any notice. Now I have prescriptions there that I can’t pick up unless I go to work late, how is this fair to the customers??

  • Mae Carr says:

    I was going to transfer my business to local Walgreens. I took my prescription there three days ago. They said they would text me when they were ready. They never did. I tried to call, they said my number was not in the system, which is not true because I have had medicine filled there before. I wanted on phone for 30 minutes & phone hung up. Next day my husband went down there. They said the had a stack ever so high & my husband said & you have had those prescription for three days & my wife needs her medicine. They said they would fill that one. He had to go back to get it. He tried to call could get no one again. They claim they are shorted handed & they have so many they are running into each other. Still do not have other prescription! Needless to say I will NOT be using your pharmacy!!! My husband still does not have his insulin & other diabetic medicine & he is about out. I can’t count on this drug store I don’t care how close they are. These people are more interested in cutting up than actually working! There are always long lines!!

    • Edith says:

      Same thing happened to me! I transferred my prescriptions from one pharmacy to Walgreens. On a Monday the Doctor sent my pain meds in and Walgreens didn’t have enough to fill one of the prescriptions ( only 10 out of 60) , so they said the delivery to the pharmacy was going to be on Wednesday. I stopped in on Thursday and they still didn’t have it and said it wouldn’t be in until Friday! So I can’t imagine all these other people that would have the same type of medication as me would go without for a week while I’m still waiting for the rest of my script to be filled. Live 20 minutes away and I’m on a fixed income so I can’t be going into town several times a week. So here it is I’m going to be making two extra trips that I shouldn’t have to and wasting gas that’s supposed to last me all month. I’m switching back to my old pharmacy.

  • Calandra Myles-King says:

    a minute agoNEW

    If I could issue zero stars, I would. Twice in the last 3 days, I’ve been hung up on after waiting 33.28 minutes on one call and 25.24 minutes on the second call. I sent my husband to Walgreens to pick up my medicine, low and behold they gave me someone else’s prescription. After returning the meds, they told me the meds were on back order, which I can understand because you’re not in control of your stock, so no complaints there. However, I asked them could they check to see if the meds were located at a pharmacy about 40 minutes away. They told me “You can call’em!” I’m like, at least the courtesy should have been offered after you gave me someone else’s medicine. Absolutely horrible, Walgreens in Cleveland, MS. And shame on you, Walgreens in Greenville, MS for parking your calls without the intent to answer them. Completely unacceptable. I know that your jobs are stressful, and I get you’re overwhelmed. But, many of us only want our meds. We are not trying to cause any problems. Don’t treat us like the villains.

    • Justifying comment says:

      Whew I have had plenty of peoples prescriptions and taken them back, hopefully they destroyed them. I’m pretty sure they received mines in return also. When asked where mines were I was faced with backlash until I made the play back the cameras showing they never gave me my scripts. Since then the Pharmacist is gone from Walgreens all together, they’ve been through so many you can’t even count.

  • S Blades says:

    Walgreens is suppose to be a pharmacy for every medical supply needed, but the Walgreens in Georgia never have the pharmaceutical items in there store and don’t no when they will ever come in.

  • karen vogeli says:

    On Mon, Dec 13, 2021, 6:16 PM Kami S. wrote:
    “Dear Valued Customer vanderbilt86@gmail.com,

    Thank you for contacting Walgreens.com customer service. This is in response to your e-mail regarding your order.

    I am sorry for any concern caused. So that I may know which customer I am addressing and locate the order, may I ask to confirm some of the order details?

    Order Number:

    If possible, may I ask if you would rather receive a refund or a free replacement?”

    I replied: “If a replacement is requested, please provide your full shipping address.
    If you have a replacement that would be great. I attached the information on the order. It was a 40oz bottle. But, if you have something else in mind I am open to suggestions.”
    I gave the requested name, address and tracking number info. Since then I have requested updates 5 more times. NO REPLIES RECEIVED.

    On 12/15/2021 I received this from a different email:

    “Dear  Valued Customer,

    Thank you for taking the time to email us with your concern regarding our store at 3251 FREEDOM DR. I truly apologize for any inconvenience this experience may have caused you. Walgreens takes customer comments and complaints very seriously, and we will continue to try to improve the way we do business.

    Please be assured that all the facts of this matter have been documented and forwarded to management for review. A member of management will reach out to you within two business days. I’ve included your case number below for your reference, should you have any questions.

    Again, thank you for taking time to bring your comment to our attention. We hope you’ll give us another chance to serve you.

    Marilyn P
    Consumer Relations

    Case #: 16229918

    I have requested updates 6 times from that email.

  • Gary says:

    Thanks to the heavens for Wegmans. Walgreen pharmacy is so bad. Dr called in script twice and Walgreen had no record of it at the North and Delaware store in Buffalo. Need to reopen 24 hr pharmacy in Amherst.

  • Jerry Vespo says:

    I am seeking Media coverage to expose Walgreens failing to provide proper customer service at a criminal fraudulent manner. Your staffing and management has failed and you are now a fraudulent company. This can’t continue and needs to be corrected, the consumers are being victimized daily. The elderly and infirm are being victimized the most. It is unfortunate you are putting monetary gains far above customers needs. I had to get my local police agency involved in my last visit to walgreens because of staffing problems, this was the final insult that prompted me to seek exposure on a national level.

    • karen vogeli says:

      Thank you Jerry. I am in the same boat. I have received 2 emails from different places. Both expressed their sadness for my inconvenience. Neither has rectified the issue.

    • T says:

      Very poor customer service at Store #18090 Vermont I was shorter 100 pills on my script took days for them to inventory & verify mistake. No apology for their mistake just grief & delays most every script since. Now because of staffing issues the pharmacy isn’t open on weekends!!!

    • Nancy Drew. says:

      3480 S JONES las Vegas NV 89147 does illegal selling of pharmacy drugs out of there location. This must be a nationwide problem.

  • Raul Beltran says:

    We went to Walgreens in Phelps and State in Rockford ill…looking for a covid test…a worker tell the all Walgreens was out of the test …and we went to in other one and we find the test …How a employee answer a question if doesn’t know…anything about the stores

  • Gail Thompson says:

    I read from your remarks below that I’m not alone. Waiting for the phone to the pharmacy is beyond long. It is so long that I have to plug in my phone after an hour wait. Drive up is slow waiting 45 minutes at times. Going in is no better waiting for some one to help. MORE STAFF IS NEEDED and customer service needs to be addressed. I go to Walgreens in Avon Park, Florida. Thinking of changing pharmacies and I’m not along. Friends here have switched. I never complain on any website. Always just let it go but this time I felt it was important and bad enough to let it go.

  • Disatified Customer says:

    Walgreens in Vero Beach Fl. 17th Street. The pharmacy phone wait time is past ridiculous. I was caller #2 in the queue when I called. It is 11:06 pm and I am now caller #1 in the queue after being on hold for 1hour and 55 min so far.
    One hour and fifty five minutes to process one caller is beyond ridiculous. There is no excuse for this poor level of customer service.. Walgreens is a large major corporation and is expected to be better than this low level of service.
    The pharmacy closes at 12am, at this rate will I even speak to a live person or just be cut off at closing. 2 hours and still holding!!!

    • karen vogeli says:

      I understand every issue on this page regarding the pharmacy. I went to pick up a FedEx package and figured while I waited for the driver to arrive I’d get my Covid-19 booster. I was told I needed an appointment. There were 8 people in the store. 6 of them were employees. They didn’t make an appointment. I was in the store for over 3 hours & didn’t get a booster.

  • LAURA Moody says:

    The staff at the Walgreens in Charlotte North Carolina on cool Oaks Drive is prejudice I have been waiting for my medicine to be transferred over to a different Pharmacy and I was told that they will transfer it 3 days prior they never transferred it so by the time I called back to check on them they told me that it had not been requested so I told him to go ahead and fill it and by the time I got over there they told me all that they transferred it to Cannon Pharmacy but they never did by the time I got back over to Cannon Pharmacy I was told that they never transferred it so in essence they gave me the run around on a holiday weekend when I

  • Erica says:

    Your Walgreens staff at the 103rd street and Ricker Road in Jacksonville,Florida have got to be the worst. They are the most unprofessional, indignant group of people I have ever encountered. Even the Pharmacist lack people skills and is extremely rude. Today was it for me I will be taking my business else where. Your store will never get another dime of my money. I’ll move my prescriptions to mail order.

  • Buddy says:

    Your Walgreens in North Little Rock Arkansas is loosing business left and right! Went to JFK and McCain location where prescription was called in, 3 hours earlier, only to be told they were closing early and that I should go to North Hills location to get it filled. I waited in line for over an hour at North Hills only to be told they were under staff and couldn’t fill it. I asked for a copy of prescription so I could get it filled somewhere else and was told they can’t give me a copy. Will not be back to Walgreens again and will let everyone know what happened.

  • Gillian Smalls says:

    I can’t get my medications at the time due to the pharmacy tech not putting my order in when I call for my refills. My daughter have gone to pick up my medications 3 to 6 hours later and she is being told that the tech must have forgot to put my order in and there is nothing that can be done at that time and they tell and told her to come back the next day after she had been sitting in the pharmacy area for 2 to 3 hours. My medications that I call for my refill is for my psychological reasons and my MS medications. Today is the 3rd time this month that this issue has happened and no one in the pharmacy is willing to help not even the pharmacist. I use the Walgreens address 1316 North Battlefield Blvd. Chesapeake VA. 23320. I understand that the pharmacy have busy times so I call 3 to 6 hours before I have my daughter to go there after I’m told that my prescriptions will be ready in a hour and 30 minutes and hours later.after they are not ready at all

  • Lisa says:

    I’m a new employee. I’ve worked for the store since the beginning of August. I understand “retail” has crazy hours however I did not expect what I was dealt.
    I’m a retired police officer. I understand working holidays when it’s warranted, however when I worked this past Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day, I was thrown for a loop! I worked Christmas Eve night until 10:30 and again Christmas Day at 2:30. I’m not happy with my hours especially when there are 2 other employees who are much newer than me and one wasn’t scheduled for the entire week while the other was only scheduled for Christmas Eve. Doesn’t sound like a big deal? My hours were 5:15-10:15 and then 2:30-6:30! Not like I could have dinner on either night with what family I have left! The bottom line is, when I signed up and knew holidays were involved, I thought the store was open because of the “Pharmacy” AND I thought they would schedule by seniority because that is what I was told! The Pharmacy wasn’t even open Christmas Day! WTH ! Everything around us was closed!,
    Walmart, Murphy Gas Station and Burger King…..ALL Closed Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day! Not happy. Thought more of Walgreens until now. Hoping changes come. If not, Im out!

  • Christine Newberry says:

    Your Christmas advertisements is very inappropriate and disrespectful. I can see from reading the other comments on this site I’m not the only person who is NOT happy with these ads. What is the matter with a corporation that believes that it is funny to have people use disgusting language in conjunction with Christmas.

    • Eileen Boege says:

      I TOTALLY agree!!! I’m going to write to the corporate office and BOYCOTT Walgreens!

    • Troy Fall says:

      I agree! Totally stupid and inappropriate and definitely not funny at all. I was a regular Walgreens customer but no longer. Sorry Walgreens. You will not get another penny from me. Maybe it might be a good marketing tactic if you made a commercial and apologize to your customers. I would return as a customer if this were to happen. Ya, right like that’s going to happen.

  • Katzz says:

    I thought that Holiday Adds Were supposed to be of good vibes and Cheer and warmth and Joy, NOT WHAT You Did This Year With Them. Yuck Phutuie Phutuie!
    It’s awfully awful of YOU that you took the unchristmas route out of your commercials this year. Because I only hear the vulgarities in them. Everytime I hear one of those vuglar adds you made this year for the Holidays it makes me so discusseded and adds to my disscust Everytime one or 2 in a row come together. I was lead to believe that a potty mouth made you look undereducated. So What DOSE this SAY about Your Add Campaign Team People You’ve hired looks like they Must be A Very Undereducated group of Employees.
    Happy Holliday’s. Kattz

    • Diane Mullins says:

      I totally agree with you. I was sitting here in the family room along with my eight year old grandson. The commercial was on that concluded with son of a and my grandson said, I know the other part and it starts with a “B”. This is pretty sad. And I did have respect for Walgreens now I am debating. We hear enough of this garbage mouth everyday and even from the mouths of babes.

    • Eileen Boege says:


  • Rachael Martin says:

    I have never been so insulted in my life. My regular Walgreens told me they had my prescription ready. When I went to pick it up they told me they only had 5 pills and sent me to the North Main Street location in High Point. While waiting for my prescription the lady at the drive through would not allow me to sit at the window and wait the 10 minutes they said it would take to get the prescription ready, even though we have sat for over 20 minutes at other occasions. The level of customer service at your North Carolina Walgreens is atrocious. Please do better. Hire smarter people or train better.

    • Patricia Todd says:

      O agree totally since you started the vaccine delivery, reg and body The vivid testing, I have the worst experiences getting my prescriptions. I call a head… not ready
      Then they get one ready, so I have to return, wait in lines and get the second time same thing. All had refills mo need to check or call anyone. Just fill the darn things and get me out of your way.
      You a have some real nasty commons …. Clean up your acting. Politics more brick and mortar building up you only cause more congestion and road traffic l, in more and more over crowded cities!

      Patricia Todd
      Raleigh, NCN28613

    • guest says:

      Don’t block all others from utilizing the drive through window while you wait 10 or 20 minutes for your order!! Do you realize that you have just forced all the other customers to add YOUR wait tine to their own? I can’t believe someobe has to tell you this. How blatantly thoughtless and inconsiderate you are. Of all the places to park while waiting! Do you park in front of a gasoline pump while you go out to dinner??? There are other people besides YOU in this world and their time is ALSO valuable.

  • Glenda Dossett says:

    I use Walgreens (Saraland, Alabama) & have for years. I appreciate the customer service, everyone for the most part have ALWAYS been very helpful, prompt & courteous.
    I don’t complain again the above comments However… your TV commercial for this Holiday season, personally I find offensive. Totally unnecessary to insinuate inappropriate language. If you thought it to be appropriate you would have used the actual words!
    I do understand this is my opinion, but as a Walgreens customer you’ve taken what should be a cute commercial & taken it in a negative direction.

    • Angela Hall says:

      I totally agree. I just saw this commercial and went online immediately to file a complaint. This is inappropriate and not a good example to set. young children eyes shouldn’t see this nor hear this. I am very disappointed. Whoever approved this commercial needs to rethink their decision cause it is not family friendly.

  • Gwyn says:

    I find your 2021 Christmas commercials very disappointing and tasteless. We usually get to view two of them back-to-back. We endure the jolly wrapper running of paper and describing that as a “Pain . . .,” only to be followed by the forgetter of a gift using, “Son . . . .” How very sad that your commercials, which were quite costly, chooses to honor the Christmas season with such expressions as those chosen by Walgreens, expressions that cause our children to look at us questioning the use of such phrases each time your commercial is viewed. Both could have been turned into the thankfulness of the participants because there was a neighborhood Walgreens right around the corner – with an employee extending their purchase to them as they entered the parking lot.

  • Debra West says:

    You folks need to rethink Covid testing. Sat in drive thru line for 36 minutes to get my husband’s insulin. If I’d known everybody and their brother were getting tested I’d gone inside. But that’s happened before and it wasn’t much faster. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.
    Sincerely Pissed off customer

  • Sharon Deslatte says:

    Your new commercials that suggest cursing is very inappropriate especially for Christmas.

  • Cyndee says:

    Walgreens store #05398 the pharmacist is very rude no ethics he was very rude to my husband when my husband asked for his script that they said was ready
    Then he was very rude to me when I went in to pick up my husbands medicine. Walgreens needs to look into his ethics
    We are changing pharmacy.

  • Nancy Felean says:

    I am very disappointed that walgreens would stoop to vulgarity in their advertising. It is obvious that your store is no longer family friendly, so my family and friends will no longer be patronizing any walgreens stores.

  • Barbara Rector says:

    I don’t understand why Walgreens commercials have resorted to having half curse words. It is disturbing to hear . I’ve decided if that’s the route your on I’ll not patronize your stores any more. I’m disappointed in this new tract your going on especially since you used to be one of my favorite pharmacy’s.

  • Denise says:

    As a Christian, I am so very disappointed in your choice of what is appropriate for a Christmas commercial. What are you thinking?!!!
    As for me & my family, we believe Christmas is a time of worship, celebrating God & the birth of His son, Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior, gathering with loved ones, and just the overall sharing of joy & love. Personally, I am terribly offended by the inference of cursing, ESPECIALLY at Christmas! This is so offensive to me, I simply felt the need to speak my opinion. I will change my channel every time I see it on. My grandchildren are taught to worship God, to love Jesus, and I will not let them hear it. I am truly disgusted that you think this is an okay way to represent your company. AND, the latest one, which runs constantly, the “Betty” one, should be banned from television!

    Extremely disappointed in you guys.

    • Denise says:

      I mistakenly put “Betty” in my message before, I meant the commercial
      Christmas with “son of a…Beth”. I’m just shocked & disgusted.

  • Judith says:

    It’s not necessary in your commercials to make it sound like the customer needs to curse. Only saying a portion of the word. Have some respect to your viewers. It just makes people not want to visit your stores. Come on, there is absolutely no need for that. Once a few stores do it, they will all start doing it. Set an example please!

  • Michella says:

    Your Christmas commercials are disgusting. Sadly it looks like the “woke” crowd has gotten to you. They hate Christmas and the connotation of “cussing” because Christmas supposedly is a big pain in the A.. and is annoying to have a “friend” come over to share with you! And saying Son of a B….! What kind of Christmas spirit is that! This is exactly what the “woke” want, to destroy Christmas. I will not shop at Walgreens anymore and I am pulling my prescriptions and taking them elsewhere. Again this is disgusting

    • Katzz says:

      I’m already with another pharmacy a few months ago and now I don’t feel so guilty for switching because I was a Walgreens pharmacy customer for years. Exact are pill packs sites into pillow packages, covered by Medicare. It’s So Nice🧑‍🎄

  • Debbie says:

    Jumping on the bandwagon, just agreeing with everyone else, your commercials are terrible!! who are the ad wizards that came up with that?? Very disappointing, very very disappointing, Is that really the messages you want to give at Christmas?? Wow!!

  • Mary says:

    This is such a special time of year – full of beauty, faith, reverence, and hope. Imagine if Walgreen’s had chosen to point to any one of these in this holiday season of advertising? Your choice this year was a great disappointment. Some may consider it clever. To me, sad and sophomoric. Walgreen’s is better than portrayed in the 2021 seasonal advertising! Perhaps next year a more appropriate direction? Merry Christmas!

  • Rick says:


  • Rusty says:

    Your Christmas commercials are horrible. I know that where I live people don’t care to go to Walgreens.

  • Sheila Shotwell says:

    I can’t believe your so-called Christmas commercials. These are not okay. Even though the actors don’t say the words the intent is there. I would rather shop somewhere else.

  • Elaine Graham says:

    Your Christmas commercials on TV are horrible and offensive.

  • SH says:

    Please stop the commercials that imply disrespectful language. It is a poor role model and doesn’t reflect well on your company.

  • Jose Garcia says:

    3 different phone calls in 3 days. I have been waiting for more than 40 to 45 minutes to speak to somebody at the Pharmacy to find out about a prescription refill.

    I was not able to speak anybody, I guess you do not need the bussiness.


  • Guy Smallridge 2543002377 says:

    Hate your commercials. You think it’s ok to have people act like they are cursing on tv. What is wrong with you and people like you😡😡😡

  • Sarah Kuipers says:

    I’ve been on hold trying to talk to a person from coorporate for over an hour. I am simply trying to fullfil a prescription called in by my doctor. I was told by the Pharmacist (Katie H. Pharmacy manager is Danielle S.) at store number 9626 (400 Atlantic City Boulavard, Bayvill NJ) that she would not be filling my prescription. This is because she did not like what the prescription was being used for. This is unlawful in New Jersey.

    NJ Rev Stat §45:14-67.1 (2013) – A pharmacy practice site has a duty to properly fill lawful prescriptions for prescription drugs or devices that it carries for customers, without undue delay, despite any conflicts of employees to filling a prescription and dispensing a particular prescription drug or device due to sincerely held moral, philosophical or religious beliefs.

    This needs to be rectified immedidately. It is not a pharmacists job to withhold treatment due to politics. Shame on this pharmacist and you too Walgreens, if you do not make this right.

  • Phyllis Ingram says:

    Seriously Walgreens…. What did you pay the advertising agency for the Christmas commercials you are running on TV…. What about those commercials reflect The true meaning of Christmas to you guys!!!! Nothing about those commercials make me want to shop with you. Just sayin!!! I’ve brought all those commercials to the attention of all my friends and have ask them to do the same……
    O Holy Night❤️
    The Birth of Our Savior
    Merry Christmas
    Sent from my iPhone

  • Donnetta G Powell says:

    Let me tell you my story. I was transferred from Rite Aid to Walgreens on 145th and Aurora in Seattle WA . 2 yrs ago. To no fault of your own you kindly took on more clients than you were able to handle. I’m a Cancer Survivor, with Autoimmune deficiencies that keep me suffering and in pain. In addition to Diabetes and Obesity I’m 75 yrs old.
    On several occasions I’ve asked how to get my prescriptions mailed to me. I offered to give them my debit card, but they said they couldn’t do it…I had to go Online. After several attempts within the last year, I became frustrated, I felt like I was getting the run around. Recently, I wanted to get the flu shot and booster (as a walk-in) I was told to go online. But to no avail. Recently, I was able to talk to an excellent CSR, she was extremely helpful, even mentioning my local Pharmacy could of handle this for me. Although it will take the Arizona office, 7 to 10 days, I was still very grateful. Then the local Pharmacy calls me and asked for my Debit Card info so she could send out my meds. What!!!? So where are my meds? You are extremely busy, nowadays so I can commensurate. But Headquarters don’t have a clue about what is going on. Please work harder at making your business one who really cares about the people they serve. And could someone please follow-up aon my meds. I have 8, that I need. .Thank you. D.Powell. (425) 970-2919

  • Annaka says:

    I am a previous employee and I must say my time working here wasn’t the greatest, when I told my manager I was thinking of looking for a different job, she started treating me different, she was rude to me, she cut my hours,I would work for maybe 3 days then be off for a week,I like working it keeps me busy.So she fired me because I didn’t receive a bag check, now I was told that we were supposed to get our bags checked if we had bought something not our purses or lunch boxes, my mother has worked for Walgreen’s for many year’s and they have never had to check the employees purses,just the items that they purchased.She fired me because in my opinion I was looking for another job and she knew I was leaving.

  • Rhonda J. says:

    I will drive as far out of my way as necessary to not utilize Walgreens pharmacy. After being hung up on 3 times and then put on hold for almost an hour in regards to a prescription refill (still not filled 5 days later), I finally drove to the store while on hold. After another 20 minutes, I finally was able to speak to someone (I was inside the store) and it turns out, the prescription I was waiting for all those days, had been filled but was lost! It was a controlled substance for insomnia! Controlled!!! Not so much. It had to be refilled, so I waited…while waiting, I heard one employee tell a drive through customer “we have over 400 prescriptions to fill and we are busy.” Another employee told a customer in the store, “we are filling 400-500 prescriptions and it takes as long as it takes!” Finally, a third customer, a very elderly lady, came in for her “water pill” the doctor called in for her that morning, it was after 5 pm at this time, and a third employee tells her “it’s not ready, you’ll have to come back tomorrow.” The lady inquired and said, “but he called earlier this morning, so I could get it today.” The employee again restated “you’ll have to come back tomorrow.” As an RN, I am acutely aware missing one or two doses of a “water pill” can land someone, especially with CHF, in the hospital. But Walgreens “was too busy!” I’ll do my part and take my family’s business elsewhere to alleviate some of your burden! Shame on you, that day showed me Walgreens’ customers are nothing but a number for profit.

  • Nancy Franks says:

    Love your Christmas commercials!!!!! Started shopping there because of them!!!!

  • Ron Epp says:

    Walgreens is going downhill, staff are rude, prices are high, pharmacy sucks, some places you can find some decent staff but for the most part they’re overworked and short all the time, if you notice one thing with your complaints nobody cares, Walgreens doesn’t care that’s for sure, when you complain, they don’t do anything about it, nothing is fixed, that’s why they treat you that way because corporate allows it. I suggest you look up their employee complaints, they put on a shiny front but really are all about greed and not the customer. Unfortunately that’s what our world has come to. Customer service is equal to your trash and nobody wants to help! #TheyJustWantYourMoney

  • Shae says:


    Being that Walgreens is the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States, I have to ask why your stores do not provide security for your employees that work at night & close the store usually close to 11pm in Baytown , Texas? My husband and I were in there right at closing time and checking out. We only saw 2 employees in the store. 2 females, one young female probably early 20’s and another female employee possibly 40+. We left the store and this particular store is not in the best area of Baytown and has had numerous drug addicts strung out come in the store and when the manager sees them she has told them to leave and I’ve witnessed them walk down the aisle and knock everything off the shelf. I’ve seen it more than once. However, this particular night we got in our car and my husband noticed only 2 cars in the parking lot. He said he was wondering if those 2 cars belonged to the female employees. His exact words were he hoped they weren’t closing the store alone and having to walk out at 11:00 at night by themselves to their cars, there are bushes all around the parking lot so the parking lot is not very visible from the street. We drove off and got home and my husband said I don’t like that these 2 women are alone to walk to their cars by themselves so he ran back up there and waited in the parking lot. As they walked out he told them we had just been in there and he wanted to make sure they got in their cars safely as employees are not allowed to park up front closer to the store and lights. He asked if they ever have security here and they told him no. So he waits for them to leave and comes back home. I asked if everything was ok, and he said they got in their cars safely and he drove out after they both drove off. He said they were extremely thankful that he watched them to make sure they were safe. ( my husband is a retired police officer) and he let them know that. My question is with the kind of money Walgreens brings in, why would ANY of your stores not make your staffs safety a priority? If I was the mother of the younger girl walking to her car at night with no security or police officer present at the time they close, I would be furious. These employees I see on a regular basis and they are the nicest, most helpful people. The younger lady is an absolutely beautiful girl, always sweet, works in the pharmacy & the floor sometimes, she always greets us, asks if we need help finding anything and when she’s working the pharmacy, she is so helpful and sweet and greets everyone with a smile and a wonderful attitude. I’ve seen people throw items at her because their prescriptions aren’t ready, or some entitled people think they should have their prescriptions filled ahead of the others that were submitted before theirs. I have witnessed grown men curse her out when she’s just doing her job, and not 1 manager does ANYTHING about it. She has no control over the times the prescriptions are filled. One lady threw a big bottle of lotion at her and she moved thankfully because if she hadn’t, she would have been hit right in the face! I was furious and I even said something to that lady and she cursed me too!! I have watched that young lady work her tail off and she has never been rude to anyone when I’ve been there and we frequent that store very often. I watched her break down and cry after being cursed out by a man using the F word at her. If that was my daughter and I witnessed that, I would have probably jumped on his back and scratched his eyeballs. People forget, these people are doing their very best and are treated with so much disrespect and they aren’t allowed to say anything back. Why doesn’t the manager ask the aggressive customer to leave and fill elsewhere? Why do they have to put up with abuse? They don’t get paid enough to take the abuse I’ve seen from customers. It’s disheartening knowing the pharmacy I’ve faithfully used for years and years allows their employees to be treated as such and for such little pay. They deserve more than what they make. I know what they make because I have a family member work at another Walgreens. So my questions are, being the 2nd LARGEST PHARMACY in the US, why can’t y’all pay them more for the non stop work and multitasking along with putting up with verbal abuse and what I witnessed seeing someone throw stuff at this young lady? Also most importantly, why don’t y’all provide security at the store for the safety of YOUR employees? It is absolutely NOT ok for two women to lock a store up at night alone and walk far into the parking lot to their cars that late at night. I know if it was YOUR daughters or wives you would want to know they were safely getting in their cars and getting out of the parking lot. I would think that’s asking for a lawsuit if one of any of the employees were attacked walking to their car or even worse. There are bums, drunks, addicts that hang out in the back of the building, sit in front of the building at night, and I’m not understanding why you cannot provide security at the very least for the night shift. Or even security all day till close to handle aggressive customers and to see that every employee gets out safely to their cars or their rides picking them up. Step it up Walgreens, this is pathetic, scary, and basically paying them ridiculous pay and telling them you don’t care about their safety. I hope this reaches someone that can make a change. I will be calling tomorrow as well.

    Thank you,

    An EXTREMELY concerned citizen and faithful Walgreens customer.

  • Judy H. says:

    Walgreens on Elm Street Pittsfield, Ma was on hold on the phone for 1 and1/2 hours and hearing that I was 3rd. Caller. Hung up and traveled to the store to discovered that the pharmacy was temporarily closed with no one knowing when it would open again. MEDS that were called in a week ago were supposedly ready. Aren’t you afraid that some will pass away from not having BP MEDS FOR OVER A WEEK OR DON’T YOU EVEN CARE. BETTER WITH RITE AID BEFORE YOU TOOK THEM OVER!!!!!

  • gary james says:

    hello,iam a father of a son who was a manager at a very busy store in lakeland fl.i was so proud of him,he was there for 18 years worked hard to where he gotten to store manager .this boy picked up vaccines from all over central and the eastern side of florida,a new district manager came in,for reasons i cannot talk about for one thing it wasnt stealing make that clear,he is an honest young man.during the covid crisis in 2020 he had to try to get help for the store,according to company policy he should have not done the thing there making a big deal over,he had the permision of the prior district manager.so the new district manager put him on leave til the investigation is over about 2 weeks,he recieved his answer,they said he would have to leave the district and sign a final right up,they did offer him a position in the tampa area very far to travel,this man is raising two daughter 10 and 14 years old he has them in sports he”s there with them all the time,he is a hands on parent,i know rules are rules.but i feel the unjustly did him wrong.he dosent even know iam writting to you,if any thing they could of waited til after christmas to do this.one more thing.me and my wife dont want to celebrate christmas,i have to do it for him and my granddaughters.thank you

  • Christina Gallina-Flood says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I feel your Christmas commercial with the lady saying what a pain in the _ _ _. Is tasteless. My question why? For goodness sake you can’t come up with anything better then that.

  • Paul Hammett says:

    I am a retired Air Force Command Chief. I have watched your stores being devastated in some communities, and absolutely admired your response today, to AOC’s misleading comment about minimizing the overwhelming snatch and grab crime wave sweeping our country. I know it took great courage to stand up against this young ladies insensitive comment! You have renewed my faith in your organization, and your efforts to change this trend, with honest responses and comments, of your own, is a trust well-placed!!! The thing that strengthens and holds our bodies strong and upright, is our backbone. It is great to see an organization like yours, renew my faith that you have found yours! Again thank you, Paul Hammett

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Richard Kuhl says:

    I needed to have a prescription filled at the Walgreens at Elysian Fields and Gentilly Blvd in New Orleans on Thursday morning. While waiting outside for the store to open at 7:59 am I watched the staff have breakfast at the register. Upon entering I went to the pharmacy area and it was closed. I then asked an employee when it would open. He said the pharmacist was not there yet. At 9:10 am two employees I assumed worked in the pharmacy and I had seen having breakfast in the front of the store. Still eating breakfast(s) the roll up window opens and the pharmacist who I try to hand my prescription to wiping his breakfast from his hands BTW I had just left the emergency room and was in a lot of pain as I had kidney stone and they were on the move. I asked the pharmacist if he could expedite this as I was visibly in pain. His response was to tell me to calm down the breakfast employees began to see humor in my situation. I pointed out that I had been waiting patiently while they opened late. As more laughter from the staffcontiued the pharmacist told me to get it of the store and tossing my paperwork back at me. I could not believe this was happening I have never been talked to that way by a business I use all the time. I would like to speak with someone re this immediately.

  • Jane DeBaets says:

    Walgreens @333 Hunt Hwy San Tan Valley Az 85143
    So it took me around 3hours to set up 3 Covid 19 boosters because their app and site is not user friendly at all I was trying to set up for the booster of the J&J but for some reason it’s not available WHY NOT !!! the appointments were set up at 15 minutes apart when we go to our local store I stand in a line to check in the Covid booster are supposed to be free but they asked for our insurance information and while I don’t mind paying for our care this is supposed to be a free shot , and I then find out that we can only get the J&J booster on Fridays

    My husband has pancreatic cancer and my son had brain cancer My husband has lost most of his muscle mass and needs help with everything For some reason these companies seem to think that our time is not as important as theirs we had to wait over an hour and my husband could not get out of the chair and needed help getting up no one from Walgreens even offered to help me get him up even though the person that was supposed to give us our shots was watching me try to get him up then she wanted him to set down again to give him his shot we told her it would be impossible for him to get up again if he sat down and asked for a chair that was higher which they had in the pharmacy she said they didn’t have any and that the pharmacist would not allow her to give him his shot standing up we so we all left with out our boosters these are the rudest people and could care less about the person in front of them or their time, our time is just as important and valuable as yours and when you have an appointment you need to be on time as we need to be if we are late we are not seen and it cost us

    Their were at least 5 to 6 people behind the counter but no one offered to help us
    A kind person in line help me get him up

  • Kristi says:

    A pharmacy tech decided to look up my finances number from the walgreens computer and star texting his phone. When I made a complaint over violation of hippa yesterday she then also gave the number to her boyfriend because I contacted her work. This is not ok and when we told her to stop texting she did for a little while and then she texted again. Something needs done about this situation.
    East peoria 61611 il walgreens

  • Guest says:

    Sexual assault and mangers give out HIPPA violations and manger and DCs give employees info not suppose to and mangers and iOS sleeping with employees at Pendergrass ga

  • Dan says:

    I have been a Walgreens customer for quite a while. I have recently gone through some medical issues and drs have been calling in subscription’s for me. The latest one we were told they could only half fill it. We picked up the half script and today November 21 we called to get the other half. Pharmacist blantingly lied and said she told us when we picked up the original we would have to get another script from the doctor. Something she never told us but she insisted she did. Even when I told her that I had someone with me when we picked up the first half and he also stated that was never mentioned. Now I have no more of the medicine and have to suffer. She made absolutely no effort to help correct the situation other than stating we were told we had to get a new a script when we picked up the first time. This is not the first time that the Walgreens on Dylan dr in Lexington Ky has messed up but will be the last. I will be moving all my prescriptions to another pharmacy where they don’t lie to their customer and want to work with them. Would like to file a formal complaint against the pharmacist and the location.

  • Sherry carlevale says:

    I went to Walgreens in Randolph Massachusetts And I asked the girl behind the register where the Hanukkah cards were. She had no idea if they had any and I asked for the manager and the manager said I was rude to this girl which I wasn’t and I told the manager it was very offensive that they had no Hanukkah cards thousands of Christmas cards but no Hanukkah cards and they made me the crazy one and she told me to leave the store while I had items in my hand I did buy the items but this is not a good look for your store. Every day I hear on the news about racism. Everything is racist this is racist aunt anti-somatic at its very best you should be ashamed of yourselves

  • Bill Yard says:

    I went to walgreens #04433 in LasVegas to pick up my test strips for my blood sugar there was no one in line but me this black employee was putting away prescriptions that had been filled for customers that would come in later I stood there for about five minutes I said you are not going to help me are you she replied can:t you see me I am busy The black employees in this store are all rude to me , for what reason I don’t know I am not happy with this maybe I should look for a more concerned company for my meds I can check WALMART Maybe I do that.

  • Timothy Cook says:

    The Walgreen pharmacy at 4020 N Wickham in Melbourne Florida has to be the worst of all of the pharmacy’s. First of all they don’t bother even opening on time. Today they opened 10 minutes after the scheduled opening time and when the do finally open they are too busy laughing and joking with each other instead of helping customers. I waited 35 minutes after my scheduled appointment for my vaccination before anyone even said hello! I’m not sure if this problem exists because of poor management or what but things need to change. I’m considering transferring all of my business to CVS.

  • Donna Graham says:

    Your store in Naples FL on Wiggins Pass is horrible. The pharmacy department is so inept in attending to their customers. Some don’t know how to enter in new health information on an existing client. Some don’t know how to check on prescriptions. You have inventory but no one has bothered to put it up so now they can not fill your prescription. I think I will be moving on after 15 years of using no one but Walgreens.

  • Jeff hutchinson says:

    When we can only fill our prescription in a certain date and our pharmacist will not be there for 3 days, that means we cannot take our medicine as prescribed, you can go to another Walgreens for all your other meds but not the controlled meds so you are forced to wait and go unmedicated, how is it that because your company is short staffed I am forced into this situation. I want to stay with Walgreens because of all my medications and I would have to go to each dr and tell them to change pharmacies and find a pharmacy that would except me. Very sad state of affairs. Ft smith Arkansas, Rogers and massard rd location, please explain how this can be allowed.

  • Ruth says:

    I just received a pick up my order notice for a large order it appears not to be my card numbers used but they have my email and my name. store in Tennessee order number is 205229109712 for 78.81. payment is a visa 7965.

  • R Musselman says:

    Walgreens in Sherman Illinois sucks at best…. There is no structure in place to operate smoothly. I dropped off a script at 10 AM this morning. They told me it would be ready in 20 minutes. I returned to the store’s drive up window at 1:52PM only to be told they don’t have a script in the system for my name… lol!!! THEN… a minute later the same person appeared to find it . It wasn’t entered so therefore it wasn’t filled….. what’s
    Sad is that the worst pharmacy in the world is the closest one from our house…. Seriously Walgreens…. It’s
    Broken so please try to fix it….. #forwhatit’sworth

  • Vanessa D says:

    Capitalizing on Misinformation and Fear filed Complaint
    Pharmacist on duty October 6, 2021 Cynthia, Pharmacy Tech
    Walgreens 305 Lemmon Dr, Reno, NV 89506

    Rosalind Brewer, CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance,
    Walgreens Prescription SavingsCynthia, Pharmacy Tech
    Club Program (“Program”) is NOT Insurance. Membership fee required ($20 individual or $35 family per year) and must be paid … Would the $20 fee paid Walgreens Rx Saving Club been applied and NOT FREE GoodRx/SingleCare??Walgreens Lemmon Dr- Pharmacy and Pharmacy Tech staff has mad repeated and false statement regarding Medicaid. “Risk of losing Medicaid” really Cynthia – What does using a Prescription Savings card has to do with risking my Medicaid eligibility, — really Cynthia, Pharmacy tech Walgreens 305 Lemmon Dr, Reno NV 89506

    Submitted a Tip to DEA

    “Walgreens adopted a “secret checklist” in 2013 that required its pharmacies to watch for red flags such as patients paying for opioid prescriptions in cash, seeking an early refill or taking an “excessive” number of pills. If anything was suspicious, pharmacists were instructed to “inform the patient that it may take additional time to process the prescription.” The policy was implemented after Walgreens was fined $80 million by the DEA for violating rules for dispensing controlled substances” “In a recent letter to the CDC, the American Medical Association called the CVS and Walgreens policies “inappropriate” because they misapplied the CDC opioid guideline in ways that were harmful to patients. The AMA said it has received numerous complaints about Walgreens pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions because of corporate policy.”

    PUBLIC TRUST, Pfizer? Walgreens 305 Lemmon Dr, Reno, NV 89506 – Pharmacists’ role in deterring misinformation?
    November 03, 2021 Walgreens to Provide Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines to Children Ages 5 to 11 at Select Stores Nationwide

    False Statements Regarding Medicaid and Prescription Saving Card – Capitalizing on Misinformation and Fear

    “Fear and Misinformation” ?? Where is Walgreens Pharmacists’ staff role in deterring medication misinformation?

    Last fill: 10/28/2021 “ok we will accept the Good Rx or SingleCare, but you’re on Medicaid, and if you use the Singlecare/GoodRx discount card, you take the risk of losing your Medicaid, that’s up to you”

    My story, I’m the beneficiary in this Background info:

    A challenge arises from prescription drug access and affordability. Last week Medicaid beneficiary was email “ There was an Issue with Your Insurance”, of course the beneficiary knew Medicaid does not pay for prescribers NOT enrolled with Nevada Medicaid and knows Medicaid does NOT pay for prescription written by non-contracted Medicaid provider – For over a year this beneficiary has used GoodRx & Singlecare Rx discount card

    To her surprise she told she could NOT use GoodRx or SingleCare discount card because she was on Medicaid, when ask to speak to Pharmacist on duty (not that easy) – he stated October 6, 2021 ” He’s not going to lose his license – he would NOT accept GoodRx or Singlecare discount card/pricing you would have to pay the “without insurance higher cost” Eventually, after speaking with the store manager she was able to get the lower cost with SingleCare discount…
    For my understanding not every medical provider is enrolled with Medicare and/or Medicaid. It’s important to note: You can’t use SingleCare and Medicaid benefits at the same time. Its one or the other. I NEVER TRIED TO USE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!!! I ALWAYS FAX OR CALLED PRIOR TO PICKUP –I WILL BE USING GoodRx or SingleCare! But you can use SingleCare if our prices are lower than Medicaid, or if a prescription isn’t covered by your benefits. When you use your SingleCare card, the pharmacy processes it instead of your Medicaid card, not in conjunction with your Medicaid card. Meaning, you get a savings on the “cash price” for that medication. Other resource https://www.singlecare.com/blog/singlecare-medicaid/

    Once again October 28, the beneficiary, whom used this pharmacy for over 4 years, was told she could not use GoodRx or SingleCare discount card- when ask pharmacist tech Raymond to speak to pharmacist- recording the phone conversation she was transferred to Cynthia, Pharmacy tech who then stated “ok we will accept the Good Rx or SingleCare, but you’re on Medicaid, and if you use the Singlecare/GoodRx discount card, you take the risk of losing your Medicaid, that’s up to you” “Fear and Misinformation” ?? Pharmacists’ role in deterring medication misinformation?
    Even United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra is partnering with SingleCare.
    Cynthia, Pharmacy Tech – Misinformation and Fear
    Nevada State Board of Pharmacy
    431 W Plumb Lane
    Reno, NV 89509
    (775) 850-1440
    Main Site: bop.nv.gov
    Online Complaint Address: bop.nv.gov/Compla

  • Bonnie Brown says:

    Walgreens on 4010 1st Ave ,Lyons IL Drive Through window is only open for COVID testing only. Their reason is the cash register has a broken part. REALLY???? SINCE AUGUST????? Is Walgreens Corp that cheep they can’t get a new register? This is honorably awful customer service, especially for the handicapped customers WTF???????

  • Lisa Jordan says:

    I have been a customer my whole adult life 40 plus years. Walgreens bought rite aid bought out ekerds I live in a small town in GA. After today I will no longer do business with them. Our pharmacy is so unreliable. I was told today the reason our pharmacy is closed and the drive thru is closed because they send our pharmacist to larger stores. It is inexcusable to run a business that way. I called corporate today to complain I was put on hold for 1hr. They never asked what store I was calling about! The CEO does not care about the company. I’m sure my 1000.00 a month will not be missed but I wash we could boycott them until they get rid of the CEO and down to force them to just operate the normal standard. I don’t think that is too much to ask. If anyone could suggest a way to start a boycott I would like to know. They don’t have an email or any way to even to ask why. I know the employees would like it too. They have lost a long term pharmacist due to this. I was told all this because I thought it was poor managment by an employee.

  • Gail says:

    Thought you’d like to know that your company’s name is being used to initiate credit card frauds. After answering survey questions, the respondent can choose from multiple “gifts”, including an Ipad, for just the cost of shipping. Unfortunately, it actually generates a $99.00 charge to a company based in Hawaii. Here’s what the e-mail looks like, after I xed out my address:

    “Final Notice
    Wed, Nov 3 at 11:40 AM


    Dear Walgreens Customer,,

    Congratulations! You’ve been selected to receive an EXCLUSIVE OFFER!
    Complete this short 30-second survey about your experiences with

    Walgreens and receive your exclusive reward offer (minimum value of $90) for participating.

    Start Now >

    Copyright © 2021, all rights reserved.

    This offer requires paid participation within the Advertiser’s rewards program, details apply – see landing page disclaimers.

    This reward program is not endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with any merchants listed above. Registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

    This ad is sent by a third-party on behalf of the advertiser. All promotional fulfillment is the sole responsibility of the owner of the program. Please refer to the ‘program requirements’ listed ion the offer’s registration page for further details.
    Please Click here to Unsubscribe”

  • Mel C says:

    Unfortunately, this apparently is the only way in which a complaint can be made. I would prefer there were some other way, as I do not like making names public.

    Walgreens on River Road in Eugene, Oregon, is the closest pharmacy to where I live. Upon moving to Eugene in 2016, the personnel in this pharmacy were most helpful in finding out my needed medications and medical insurance. All was well until about the time that the Covid pandemic set in. There was a diminished service and a rapid turnover of personnel. To be informed that a prescription was not filled because of 400 refill requests became common. Yet somehow service was supplied until recently. Yes, usually the wait time to pick up any new medication or a refill was lengthy, but bearable for an elderly individual—up to 20 to 30 minutes.

    Suddenly, service was lagging. When I inquired last week—it was on Friday, October 29th—as to the status of a prescription that should have been refilled, I was told there were 2,000 plus refill requests waiting to be filled. I would have the refill on Monday, November 1st. There was to be no pharmacy service over the weekend (October 30th-31st). Monday came and went, without the usual telephone notification that my prescriptions were ready. Finally, I drove to the pharmacy to find such a long line that I knew I would not be able to stand for however long it took for me to reach the pharmacy window. Plus not being informed though Walgreens telephone information system, I knew they would not have my medications ready.
    Tuesday morning (November 2nd), I arrived to find an equally long line. I asked to see the store manager. Elijio came rather quickly, and I stated the problem he was facing. He informed me he had been assigned the store manager just two weeks ago. He was aware of the problems. I asked that he provide me with his supervisor and the address for his supervisor as I wanted to write a formal complaint. He provided me with the name of Jeremy as his district manager. Elijio also informed me of the future plans to augment the staffing of the pharmacy to both relieve the backlog and place the pharmacy on a firmer path.
    Just why Jeremy took so long to deal with this unsettled situation is problematic. When was Jeremy finally aware of the problem and moved to shore up the personnel situation?

    Elijio also checked on the refill status of my medications. Apparently, they still were not filled, but his intervention facilitated the process and he brought me my prescriptions once they were filled. As I said to him, thanking him for going out of his way to supply service, it was at the same time most unfortunate that his checking on the refill status and having them speeded up for me most unfair for all of the individuals who were standing in line. As I waiting, many individuals were leaving when they saw how long the line was just left. Most of the individuals in the waiting line or who just left not willing to wait were clearly 70 plus.

    Jeremy, the district manager, owes both the employees of this store and all of the customers of this store an apology for allowing this to get so out of hand.

  • Erin Eisele says:

    Very disappointed with your Franklin, OH location. My 15 month went to urgent care Saturday night and I went to pick up his antibiotics on Sunday morning and the window said “due to no staffing, pharmacy is closed.” So now my baby has to wait to be on antibiotics. (Have you ever had a sick baby?) As a manager for fortune 200 company, I understand being short staffed, but a pharmacy should be essential. We typically use CVS, but our insurance doesn’t cover them anymore, so we are forced to use Walgreens. This is something that I wanted to bring to your attention. Update: prescription was not ready. They asked if it was even called in. Yes, Saturday. I will be contacting corporate. You might want to invest in your employees and pay them more instead of your corporate level employees.

  • Carroll D Haines says:

    My Dr. called in my prescription days ago. At first they text me it was out of stock. I called the Sun City Center Walgreens to see when it would be refilled. Next I am getting a text needs Dr. approval. This is the 2nd time of a bad experience with this Pharmacy, there will not be a 3rd. Will be switching to Publix or CVS. Your people at the Sun City Center, Florida Pharmacy are very uncaring.

  • ccm says:

    Walgreens Edenton, NC 27932
    My visually impaired friend was given prescriptions without the talking pill cap and a prescription with an old dosage.
    Come on, we depend on you to get it right. I know people make mistakes but how are they to know what to take if they can’t see it and if it’s wrong and the talking pill cap is not attached what are they supposed to do.

  • Michele Lindsey says:

    Put in a prescription almost 2 weeks ago. Out of stock. Picked up1 prescription yesterday and was told my other one was ready if I wanted to wait 20 minutes. Had another appt. Thought I could get it today. Called at 3:15 pm and was told it would be ready in 2-3 hours. It is a box. I have been waiting 2 weeks. I live 25 miles from here. When I get off of work I don’t want to wait 2-3 hours when yesterday it was 20 minutes. Not the first time. Need a more consistent system. Not sure how a pharmacy repeat customers can be out of medication

  • Colleen M. Gordon, RN says:

    A sincere compliment to your hardworking employees. At your Walgreens store #06321, 2479 Church Rd, Toms River NJ 08753…on 10/22/2021 I received my Moderna Covid Booster (Yay!)…The next day, I could not find my Covid Vaccine Card which I need for travel very soon. Your employees searched, assisted me, and then issued me a new card because all 3 of my Covid vaccinations were done at Walgreens. I wish to thank Pharmacy Tech Trisha Hock, Pharmacist Christine Klimm for their polite and professional assistance on 10/22/21. Also, thanks to Pharmacist Charleen Rigas that administered my shot, who I also spoke with on 10/23 to inquire about my lost card. All interactions polite, concerned and helpful. Thank you.


    When was the last time someone from corporate visited the Walgreens in St. Paul on Randolph ave it is a disgusting mess out in front of the store. I spoke with manager on duty about it but w

  • Shelly R Rose says:

    I went to Walgreens at 12 mile and Harper in Michigan to pick up a script and get a COVID test. I was told I had to sing up on line for a test and said I’ll do that while you get my script. After waiting 15 min I pressed the call button and got no response and never got my prescription. The next day I called was put on hold for 20 min then could not get a supervisor, as a result I will be picking up my script today and taking my business to cvs.

  • Honnie Stephens says:

    I don’t know what is going on with your pharmacies here in Springfield and Eugene Oregon but I have seem comments made by other people either not getting their meds on time or partial fills. I personally have used walgreens for a few years now. In the past year my meds have been kicked off of auto refill or me request them to be filled when I am down to the last week of the meds I have left the app is not in sink with the pharmacy so I end up with partial refills or I end up running out and have to wait three to four days after I have run out. I am Bi-polar and need my meds filled on time so I don’t end up having a manic stage which can go one way or the other. Example if I have a low manic stage I sometimes end up very depressed or if I have a high manic stage I become very egressive. Here in Springfield Oregon we found out that you guy’s are buying out are local BiMarts I think before you add the extra load of people needing meds to help them live somewhat normal or even needing meds that can be life threatening without them you should figure out how to help the customers you already have. The pharmacy I currently go to at Walgreens
    5807 Main St.
    Springfield, OR 97478 (541)726-8423 I have been having issues with them not having enough of my meds to fill them or are out if they notice they are running out and say it should come in tomorrow they should order more each time so they can fill those meds. I thought about going to BiMart cause my roommate uses them till I found out that they are closing their pharmacy due to you buying them out. So after being with you guy’s since 2013 I’m finding it difficult to stay with you. Fix the issues you have before adding more of a load to the tecs or pharmacist that already work their. They have cut the hours of how long they are open, have lines inside the store from pharmacy to the cashier’s area, and lines outside for drive through almost all the way around their store with two lines open.

  • Ruperto Mayuga MD says:

    Personnel Dept.

    This letter is to commend Anthony, the pharmacist at Walgreens, Darien, Illinois for professional excellence in dealing with us, who are regular customers at the pharmacy. He, as well as the pharmacy staff has made the process of getting our prescriptions, answering any questions regarding these prescriptions and vaccinations, very easy. We appreciate the patience, courtesy and expertise that we experience from the staff each time we call or go to the pharmacy at Walgreens, Darien, Illinois.

    Also, we like the convenience of having many of our household needs available in the same Walgreens store. We often just do some of our shopping there when we are waiting for our prescriptions to be ready.

    Keep up the good work and excellent service, Walgreens and kudos to great employees like Anthony!

    Satisfied customers,

    Ruperto Mayuga MD and
    Amelita Mayuga MD

  • SJ Fong says:

    92 year old man with cane denied flu shot – walk-in to the Walgreen’s pharmacy

    So disappointing…
    10/3 Initial email sent to ceo@walgreensbootsalliance.com and received no response (email below)
    10/11 used the Walgreens website – General Feedback comments
    10/12 received this email:
    ” 10/12/2021

    Dear XXXXXXX,

    Thank you for taking the time to email us with your concern regarding our store at 2120 POLK ST. I truly apologize for any inconvenience this experience may have caused you. Walgreens takes customer comments and complaints very seriously, and we will continue to try to improve the way we do business.

    Please be assured that all the facts of this matter have been documented and forwarded to management for review. A member of management will reach out to you within two business days. I’ve included your case number below for your reference, should you have any questions.

    Again, thank you for taking time to bring your comment to our attention. We hope you’ll give us another chance to serve you.


    Kasie D.
    Consumer Relations
    Case #: XXXXXXXXX

    Kasie D.
    10/18 – still have not heard back from anybody – according to the email response from Consumer Relations: A member of management will reach out to you within two business days : 10/14 should have been when a member of your management team was to have reached out to me.
    Below is the email sent on 10/3 and updated to include the 10/5 visit to Walgreens.

    Ms. Brewer,

    My 92 year old dad, who walks with a cane, went into Walgreen’s at 2120 Polk St in San Francisco, CA between 12:00 – 1:00pm on Sunday, October 3, 2021 to get his flu shot, like he always did without making an appointment. BUT, this time for the very first time, he was turned away because he did not have an appointment. My father was second in line with two people already at the pharmacy window. There was no one else in line. Even though the pharmacy was not busy, my parents were told that they needed to make an appointment.

    When the staff indicated the need for completing paperwork for the flu shot, my mother then asked for the paperwork to take home to complete. Incredibly she was told that she needed to schedule an appointment on the computer and print out the paperwork form. My mother is a 92 year old lady who barely can handle a cell phone.

    My dad would have gladly waited to have been able to get the flu shot that day because of the difficulty of getting to Walgreens in the first place. My parents and I would have totally understood the necessity of making an appointment if the pharmacy was busy.

    And at the same time, he was there to pick up his medication. He was given a partial filled prescription without being told that it was a partial filled prescription. Inexplicably, there was no explanation which caused both confusion and distress for my mom as she was wondering why the pills cost only $1.66 compared to the usual cost of $29.50.

    So, now instead of one visit to Walgreens for the flu shot, he had to make two visits to Walgreens. Special arrangement with the caretaker had to be made twice.

    I made an appointment for my father Tuesday evening. There were at least 6 people in front of my parents and at least 6 people behind my parents which made my mother more infuriated because the store was extremely busy and crowded. On top of that, when they got to the window, the person handed the paperwork for my parents to fill out which even made my mother more upset because she had asked for paperwork the first time and was told she could not have the paperwork because it had to be print from the computer.

    I called the following day and spoke with the assistant manager to let her know how upset my mother was for the incident of the two visits.

    I am appalled at the kind of service and treatment that was given to my parents. They have lived in San Francisco all their lives and have always shopped at Walgreens on Polk Street. At one point, the staff even knew my dad’s name when he would walk into your store.

    Where is the empathy, compassion and kindness of the pharmacy staff with a 92 year old person coming in for a flu shot?

    This incident should never happen to an elderly person. It is already difficult for many to go out and the pandemic has not helped at all. Our elderly must be treated with respect and kindness.

    If appointments are required, then the following should be removed from your website to avoid situations like my parents encountered.

    From the Walgreens’ website: Walk-ins welcome
    Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 2.04.40 PM.png

    From the Walgreens’ website: Schedule an appointment or walk in

    Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 2.04.26 PM.png

  • Dom Suza says:

    I has a very bad experience of racial discrimination by two black afro American employees at store 18620 E Illif Ave Aurora, CO 80013 I am 73 years old male. Who refused to serve me because I sounded both of them of their bad attitude towards Walgreen customers. They not only refused to serve me, they did not allow me to speak to the store manager and threatened to call the police on me. I have been Walgreen customer for nearly20 years and with what I faced and felt today Sat Oct 16, 2021 I have sworn not to shop again at any of Walgreen store. Name of the employees are Carter and Oswald as per their name plate there were wearing. I wanted to lodge a complaint but could not do so either on their website which kept removing me from the complaint form. I also tried to contact over the various phone numbers given on their webpage but to no avail. I waited for nearly more than 30 minutes and no one answered the phone. It shows poor customer contact services.

  • Lauren says:

    I was trying to figure out who I would talk to about why and whose grand idea it was to only have 1 pharmacy 24 hours available from Springfield Illinois all the way to Bloomington and then to rely on that pharmacy to fill all and every purse script that was ever called in from any of the hospitals during covid? you have bum rushed the only pharmacy and you’ve made it completely not Walgreens anymore because it’s so bum rushed it takes 2 hours to get through the drive-through and God only knows how long if you come out of surgery you’re gonna actually have your prescription ready or not It’s insane you guys can’t cough up enough money to pay for another pharmacist at another store to possibly help backup perscripts you know you may not be very busy with people coming in the store But you definitely need that extra time for the pharmacist to get caught up in the different pharmacies for the scripts it’s insane what you’ve put on one store. God forbid the pharmacist is actually sick or has to leave and screws the whole night up I mean come on you’re supposed to be the top pharmacy in every aspect and and you’re running down on the list right now So how long is it gonna take yall to open another pharmacy in the vicinity 24 hour availability?

  • Glen Simonson says:

    Your pharmacist at your White Bear Lake, MN store was not very customer friendly when I tried to return a proscription they incorrectly filled. A simple sorry sir we can take back proscription would have been nice instead of being snotty. I knew it could not be used again plus it was only .56 cents. Just try to be more customer friendly after all customers are the reason all of us have a job.

  • Dawn Kolowski says:

    The manager in your Walgreens store in Johnstown, NY is a rude and sexist person. He said he only hires females. He was staring at my daughter’s chest during her interview. He told her because she was a single female with no kids she had to work every holiday so those who had kids that work there could be home with their kids. Told her he needed people for mornings when she applied for evenings that was posted on indeed. He degraded her for not having her driver’s license and that he felt bad for her parents for lugging her around. As a mother I find that all to be a red flag not to work under this man. My daughter maybe 21yrs old but she was very uncomfortable in that room with him. Afraid to say anything to anyone but me. I will defiantly not be shopping in that particular store as long as he is there. He was even rude to the employees that were on. They let him know his interview was there and he litterly snapped at the girl who told him. If he only hires females that tells me there is a problem. I believe his Name was Rick Barns. I don’t know how many other woman he treated like this during an interview but I consider what he did as inappropriate and disrespectful towards any girl.

  • Israel Carrion says:

    I been a Walgreens customer for more than 30 years, today I had a real bad experience with one of the pharmacy employees. Few minutes later on my way home I received a call from the pharmacy manager insulting me and accusing me of giving his employee a hard time. I was trying to get my prescription and they denied me any service and told me to wait until tomorrow even though my wife got a message saying it was ready.
    I guess he trespass . This is not proper from a professional.
    This happened in , Winter Garden on 535. I am a regular customer

    • Suck my dick says:

      You had to do something, so quit with the bullshit and crying wolf. Y’all love to lie. And I bet 110% YOU started it.

  • Peter Bledsoe says:

    The hospital submitted a prescription for hydromorphone on 10/8/21 to Walgreens 04952 Highlands Ranch, CO. At the same time the doctor told me to stop taking oxcodone-which were subsequently destroyed. A pharmacist arbitrarily and arrogantly canceled this prescription without notifying either the doctor or myself, leaving me with no pain medication.
    Peter Bledsoe 970-389-8317

  • Lucille says:

    E-script is not working for me the store will not fill it with me calling them if they are out of stock on day it’s e script so call next week on Wednesday when another shipment comes in ,stayed on phone 2hrs next Wednesday then drive up to store still on the phone get in line of 7 ahead of me then a message comes to say we are closed for 30 stating at 4:00 so I get out of line and leave such bad Service next day lady at window is so slow she has to pick up and put down everything she touches a dozen times
    And at last l can get my script pulled up for refill that has been there 8 days now store on n market Shreveport LA Lucille

  • Irene Adams says:

    Just wondering, are you ever going to build a Walgreens in Wadsworth, Ohio, ZIP Code 44281. I thought when you bought Rite Aid stores that our Rite Aid would become a Walgreens, and disappointingly, it is still a Rite Aid and they just refurbished the sign. I have to drive 10 or 15 miles to get to a Walgreens; that has happened recently.
    Just saying!
    Thanks for your time and attention.
    Irene Adams

  • irene taras hirschtick stephens says:

    I’m sorry but I worked at Walgreens 4300 Peterson, Chicago followed by 200 Wilmont Road in Deerfield it was my first job and my only regret is that I left.

  • John law says:

    Apparently my complaint against one of your stores has not been addressed as I stated in a previous email I had an issue more than once with some pharmacy personnel at one of your locations.Found this to be disturbing as I’ve been a customer of yours for years.

  • Delores Sisson says:

    What is going on with these pharmacies with Walgreens people like me can’t get my medicine I need my insulin I have missed my insulin for past two Sunday I go today 9/2/2021 Pharmacist did not show up so I am I suppose to do HELP?

  • Kim Mitchell says:

    I am a customer of the Sandy Point, Palm Harbor, Florida location . I spend alot of money .I called on 9/30 to confirm a fill of my monthly med , I was told it was in stock no problem it will be ready in full for Sat pick up , I said please confirm because it’s an electronic script and cannot be forwarded to another Walgreen’s , she checked with the pharmacist and told me it’s in stock . Today I call to pick up only to be told they don’t have the full amount. It’s Sat , no Dr available until next week so I’m in a bad situation and they have no explanation, I’m told that they knew on Fri but failed to call me . That is unexceptable. I am truly displeased
    Kim Mitchell

  • Marielena K Hearn says:

    Walmart in Monroe NC on Fincher Street 28112 is the worst! I am so frustrated!

  • Anita Alpi says:

    I live in Port St Lucie Fl and I made an appointment with Walgreens to get my flu shot. My appointment was for 4:45 pm and I had to wait over an hour to finally get my shot. I had to keep asking them when it was my turn and they kept telling me they didn’t know that there was only one pharmacist on duty. The girl that was ahead of me her appointment was at 3:30 and wasn’t seen until 5:00. The pharmacist was very rude to me and kept hushing me when I tried to talk, she even said she called for me a couple of times but I know she didn’t because I was watching her the whole time. I will never be going back to that Walgreens again!!

  • Shaun Capehart says:

    Walgreens on corner of San Jose & Racetrack Rd are the rudest people I’ve ever met!
    I drop my prescription off & also had one called in by the Dr ( Epinephrine ) which I need on me at all times as I’m alerigic to alot of things. The lady told me 2 hrs ok no problem then I get 2 text messages saying there is a problem with the Epinephrine so I called at 2:23pm I dropped off before noon I’m asking the lady what’s wrong & what do I need to do she told me and I quote ( Be quiet and do not talk ) I said excuse me and I said you don’t talk to me like that she then said you can come get these damn prescription cause I’m not filling them and then hung up on me 😮 I called the store and asked for store manager I was told store manager wouldn’t be in till 3pm so I asked for assistant manager she was rude as well and was also playing on the phone with the other girl who told me to be quiet so she didn’t take helping me seriously I asked for the store manager and I was told now that he won’t be in for a week???? I want someone from corporate to call me please this is ridiculous and I will call everyday and send letters to y’all and the News till someone Calles me back and takes care of this serious matter ASAP when you’re allergic to alot of things you have to keep this on you as it did save my life two week’s ago! And since your employee doesn’t take people’s life’s seriously I need this matter delt with Thanks

  • Dr. Gregg Busch says:

    All I am reporting is verifiable by Express Scripts who heard the manager and confirmed I had active RX with refills.

    This is by far the worst pharmacy I have ever experienced in my life. I have never met such unfriendly, rude, uncaring staff. I only regret that I can not give them a score lower than a one. I live in rural NM nearly an hour and half away and called the pharmacy and was told that I had an electronic script but was informed it would need to be a written script. My physician, apparently knowing their total incompetence and ineptness, foresaw their ignorance so he wrote a back up written script. I took a day off work and brought my written script the next day. The very rude pharmacy tech and the pharmacist who didn’t even have the common courtesy to speak to me refused the written script and said they would have to make a simple call and use the electronic script. The store manager heard my exchange and totally ignored me and walked off. I sat for over 6 hours waiting for them to simply make a call and provide my medication without a single apology or sign of any contrition even though they knew I had a return drive of an hour and a half. All they would rudely say is – we are busy and there of sick people (referring to employees). Never ever will I recommend this pharmacy to anyone and it is growingly unlikely that I can trust any Walgreens. I understand we are living in a pandemic. I understand waiting in line. I understand verifying prescriptions. I don’t understand being given plainly false information and then acting like we are lying. I don’t understand the unprofessionalism of the Pharm techs or the pharmacist but maybe the state pharmacy board will when they receive my complaints or maybe Walgreen corporate will be able to explain to me their total disregard for professionalism, courtesy, customer service, client communication, and incompetency. I have over 40 years experience with pharmacies but Walgreens, Clovis, NM is the epitome of the worst that any pharmacy could be.

  • Sheri M. Heil says:

    COVID Testing at the O’Fallon, IL Store on Cambridge Blvd. needs to put a sign out instructing people which lane they need to be in for testing. I had a SCHEDULED appt. for 4:45, and when I arrived at 4:30, both lanes had 8 cars in line. I got in one of the lanes and waited……………45 minutes later, as I got closer to the window, there’s a sign telling people which lane to be in for COVID testing. Of course, I am in the wrong lane and I had to go back around the building to get back in line!
    Firstly; put signs where the line starts, not where it Ends! People are stressed enough during these trying times.
    Secondly; if I’m self-testing at the drive-thru, what difference does it matter which lane I’m in?
    Lastly; check out the video of me going ballistic in the drive-thru at 5:15 p.m.

  • Lisa Astor says:

    Good afternoon I live in the Bronx New York. My Walgreen store is located on East Tremont and Lafayette Avenue. I want to make a complaint about one of the work is there Ima.
    Ima is extremely rude. She has a horrible attitude about her. I could understand that you are shorter staff. I can understand that everyone is overwhelmed, with people getting the Covid shots getting their medicines and also short of staff. However without the customers going there while green will be out of business. The customers are the ones that keep you in business. Something needs to be done with the rudeness of these workers.

  • Bettie Monaghan says:

    Your Hawley PA location is horrible. On phone five hours trying to reach pharmacy as I do not drive. Five hours and still on hold-get call dropped every 30 minutes and gave to redial! 85 yrs old, don’t need this stress. Prescriptions repeatedly filled incorrectly. Daughter sent two separate emails on contact page-no response. Totally unacceptable!!!!!!!

  • HELEN says:

    Don’t put ads in paper and no one has the item bluebell ice cream .

  • Marie says:

    I called the Walgreens at 8am this morning at the Coconut Creek and Lyons store in Coconut Creek, Florida. I was put on hold for 22 minutes to speak with the pharmacy. I drove to the store and was still on hold the entire time. They kept picking up the phone and putting me back on hold. I get there and speak with the manager who does not apologize. Just goes behind the pharmacy and helps me. Nothing said to anyone. No one cared. No one I am sorry! This is ridiculous. I can’t believe the customer service is that bad. I will take my scripts elsewhere.

  • W R Hartshorn says:

    you no longer care about the non -covid 19 customers the every day joe that made you what you were no it’s all covid 19 if you don’t want or need the shot well you no longer want to service our needs

  • Charles HFinelli says:

    Charity that works at Walgreens that works in drugstore on abashore boulevard The villages is the number one worst customer service person could be in charge of anything someone needs to make a change there

  • Diane SWARTS says:

    The Walgreens on the corner of Bradly and McCall in Menifee, CA has gone down hill so much in the last year. First when you enter the store the entire outside is filthy I have talked to the employees about this several times with nothing happening. The RX has been terrible the wait time is over 20 minutes and for the poor seniors it is maddening. I pickuped a RX today got home & only had 10 pills called the store,another 10 minute wait only to find out they didn’t have any more, ok I an understand that happening but why didn’t they tell me when I picked it up? Why did I have to go home and try to get through on the phone line? How to I contact the Corp. Office I think they should know what a mess this place is. We are kinda stuck because many of the seniors in our area must walk there or take a golf cart.

  • Alice says:


    I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears.

    Walgreen’s in Huntsville, Texas is a joke (worst customer service ever.) I’ve been trying to pick up my prescription for 3 days. First, I was told it was an insurance issue so, I called the insurance (there was no issue). I told them, will pay out of pocket. The pharmacy tech said it would cost $150 and I told her, I’ll pay get it ready. She told me to come back at 6:30 and it would be ready and it would only cost $33 and some change. Well, went back as scheduled and they had another excuse as to why my prescription wasn’t ready. The (lady) Pharmacist who won’t look you in the eye, said she was waiting on a call from the doctor because he did put my diagnose on the prescription. Today, it’s a whole different story, I was told waiting on a fax from the doctor. I went back to my doctor and they never got a fax from Walgreen. I’m in serious pain from Osteoarthritis. However, Walgreen don’t care!

    They my need to be drug tested because my pain medicine has been short.


    • W R Hartshorn says:

      we all need to go on facebook and let every one know ,Walgreens will not help us as long as they are making money they don’t care

  • Barbara Claudette Mastin says:

    Can you PLEASE change, get rid of, or do something with that AWFUL message that we have to listen to if we need to wait. I DONT mind waiting but that message is worse than any I’ve ever heard anywhere. You don’t have to put so much in the message. If I’m calling the pharmacy…I already know store hours or when pharmacist is going on break. Just let me wait in SILENCE.

  • Mark Zimmermann says:

    I have had trouble with your Pharmacist named Mary in the Holly Hill pharmacy a Walgreens. My last name is Zimmermann and this woman is holding it against me and I can’t get my prescriptions filled at my Walgreens. I am very frustrated and can’t stand racist people
    Mary The pharmacist that Holly Hill knows my last name is Zimmermann since then I’ve gotten nothing but trouble from that woman. I’ve been going to the store since it opened. I’ve never had a bad thing to say about this store. There’s no place for racism at Walgreens if you want me to take my business elsewhere just say so

  • Roshara Hudson @ BZ Stripe'n says:

    Who do I need to soeak with concerning the parking lot maintenance…re-striping?

  • Helen Moss says:

    The drive thru lanes should be for dropping off and picking up. If needed to talk to pharmicist, they need to walk in and not keep everyone in the drive thru waiting over 30min. Discussions about med’s need to be in the Walgreens, not in the car while everyone is waiting.

  • SHAMI says:

    I need a qoute for 20 gift cards from Taget .
    We are going tp pass the to the student for reoping the school .

  • Julie Baker says:

    I doubt if you respond to this. I say this because as I am writing this I have your Walgreens at 588 S.JEFFERSON AVE LEBANON MO 65536 on my other phone. I received a text at 9:46am about my medicine. It is now 12:06 CT I am still waiting to speak to ANYONE!!! BEEN HUNG UP ON 3 TIMES NOW. This is a bunch of****. Unfortunately for me my pharmacy closed after 16yrs & was sent to you. What a joke. Last nite I spent 2 1/2 hrs waiting for a prescription. Do you know what is going on in your stores?? This will be the last ANYTHING I get from your company. During this letter I talked to a woman who I thought was located in corporate office WRONG AGAIN she’s in Alabama. She was nice enough to transfer me back – didn’t know what else to do. So again I wait to speak to a person. I really want to speak to the PRESIDENT OF WALGREENS. Your company is a JOKE. How you stay in business is beyond me. All I here is WE’RE SORRY TO KEEP YOU WAITING EVERYBODY IS ANSWERING PHONES. Well just informed that the pharmacist is going to lunch for a half hour but I can stay on the phone till lunch is over. Call will be answered in the order it’s in. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!! WORDS CAN NOT SAY HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW!!!! Will never patronize any WALGREENS EVER AGAIN. Hopefully posting on FACEBOOK will save some people from the worst shopping experience EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juan says:

    Walgreens in alsip Illinois…12290 s. Pulaski rd. 60803 (708) 3852006…offers the most rude and ignorant customer service I ever encountered at any pharmacy. ( manager R Gina J. ). Waiting period at drive thrue up to 45 minutes with a rude attitude…not to mention always a bad trip for customer…this is not my first experience with them….this store is always something wrong…either prescription not ready after receiving the text and phone call to pickup to no clue or training on their staff members. They don’t care about customer service nor the wealth being of patients as advertised. They are always agresive at the window as a person who hates their life and job…the irony is….the people (patient) whom is medicated and abnormal is not the aggressor but the people looking after our health is…what a joke…I hate this location. (Alsip).

  • Albert Wiener says:

    The service is absolutely terrible.from the customer service to the ppl working. You can’t get through to no one on the phone the automation is terrible. Been on hold for a most 2 hrs stating one caller ahead of me. I’m pretty sure they not on the phone just placed me on hold. I can’t enough how the service sucks royally. I work in healthcare and the service you give is a disloyal to patients who don’t know how things work. It is heartbreaking that the service you provide is so bad at the Walgreens 3480 Jerome Ave located In Bronx, New York. I’ve complained and called but to no available response from anyone. I read the reviews and it seems it happens everywhere. I’m pretty sure this complaint will go ok where as do many. I wish I would get a response but I won’t hold my breath. I just need for everyone to know how bad it is trying to get medicine for your family. I wish the Corportate office would do a site visit at this location as a secret shopper to see how bad the service is/wait is for the pharmacy. They also need to hire staff who actually know what there doing and they should have customer service skills as at this location they do not.

  • Sue says:

    The Walgreens, on NY Ave/Olive Street, in Huntington Station, NY, is the WORSE !!!!! Pharmacy help are RUDE, NASTY, ARGUMENTATIVE AT TIMES.

  • Thomas Fergus says:

    A debit card was presented as payment for a prescription and was turned down because the card on file had an expired date. However, the same number card had an updated date of 5 more years. Was told to come in with the updated card to get my prescription. I am 87 years old and have trouble walking. I don’t
    understand. The same number is updated. But, you want me to come in and show you?

  • Mary Rose says:

    I am getting more and more disgusted with your store in Hastings, Nebraska. I was in your store again yesterday. This texted me when me scripts are ready. Well, once again, they weren’t ready. They told me to give fifteen minutes and they would be ready. Well, I went in today hoping they were ready. They still weren’t ready. This is getting to be waste of my time and money. When are they going to get things right? Mary Rose from Hastings,Nebraska

  • Martha Schoenfeld says:

    Walgreens is definitely a great company to work for. In order to make a positive impact Walgreens should take the opportunity to selling green products to continue to be number one. I believe your board of customer relations should do service to green mother. You owe it to the future of green mother!!!!!!

  • Walgreen loyal customer for 15 years says:

    I need to make covid 19 vaccine second dose of Moderna appointment and Tried day and night for a month but no luck in getting Walgreen appointment for my second dose which should have been given to me when I made the first appointment. I received my first dose of modern on March 3rd. Walgreens site says I have completed my first dose but no mention of second dose available appointment. I tried different provider and they say I must go to my first provider to get the second dose. Has anyone else had the same issue with walgreens.

  • Hondo says:

    The Walgreens on Nepperhan Ave Yonkers NY are the rudest incompetent and disinterested group I ever dealt with. I got my first vaccine on March 3, They gave me a card stating I should return March 31 but did not give a time to return. I have called three numbers, went to the store twice and everyone gave me a different answer but no one could confirm anything. I was told to go on line and make a new appointment. I tried but could not . Web site would not permit it. If this is how Walgreen’s treats their long time customers, then it is time to go to a pharmacy that actually cares. If anyone needs the vaccine DON”T go to Walgreens. They are rude and completely disinterested in the customer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria G says:

    BTW, this is the Walgreens at 1606 Del Prado Blvd., Cape Coral FL 33990

  • Maria G says:

    today was the LAST STRAW!!!! I had my dr. call in a script this past Fri. Got a call on Mon (3/1/21) that the script was ready to be picked up. I called the store to make sure if I had more than one that as ready….I did not. I asked for the name of the script, just to be doubly sure and it was the one the dr. called in. I even confirmed with the tech that this was the script I was waiting on. They said it was ready for pickup. I went in this AM (3/2/21) only to be told I could not pick it up until the 6th. My last script bottle was dated 2/2/21 but because I was sick, and didn’t pick it up until the 6th, I have to wait. I need these meds NOW because it is dangerous to just be cut off, just like that. I want to know what one has to do with the other. The pharm “Richard” was of no help and basically said on well, u’ll have to wait until the 6th….WHAT IS GOING ON WITH WALGREENS????? Up until 12-18 mos ago, I LOVED this store…..today I started shopping around for another pharmacy!!!! I just don’t get it. I have been taking this same med for years and NOW there’s a problem????? Why change the staff when you have good customer service…,.u know them & they know u….this is, in plain language, BULL SHIT!

    • Julie Baker says:


  • Laurie Bisconti says:

    I ordered 2 – 16×20 canvas prints and a photo album on 9/4 from my wedding on 8/6. Got message it was ready on 9/5. Went to pick up on 9/6 and the store mgr said “oh u didnt get a call?” I said “No”. He stated they ran out of supplies. I said okay…when will it be ready? He said I dont know. I said, well when will the supplies be in – he said I dont know. I said-can you give me a date range when u will have it ready? He said… maybe a week maybe 2-3 weeks or longer. The security lil pip squeak started laughing at me. I got his name (Jonathan) store manager is Lai. definitely reporting to corporate. This whole situation was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! Never asked me for my # or name offer any type of resolution. Very disappointed in Walgreens for hiring a manager and security person who has ZERO customer service skills or rude and very unprofessional. So when will I get my stuff Walgreens?? This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

  • Anne Shears says:

    Sept 3, 2020 2:45 PM: Went to Walgreen’s on Hwy 7 in Hot Springs Village Arkansas to get a flu shot. As I waited near the pharmacy, I witnessed a woman who works in the pharmacy (wearing a name tag that says “Heather”) and she was wearing her mask BELOW her nose. She shouted the next customer’s name without properly masking and was not behind the plexiglass shield. I left the area IMMEDIATELY. However, my husband needed to pick up a prescription, so we went to the drive-through window. There was “Heather” again, this time with the top of her mask on her chin, handling the prescription bag. This sets a very bad example. I plan to find a new pharmacy.

  • Marie says:

    I being in line for almost three hours waiting for Walgreens Poinciana Pharmacy to answer they never answer and put my prescription always in delayed. Also call corporated never help and also transfer me to the Pharmacy without anybody answering.

  • Joseph Lancos says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am a long term holder of Walgreens stock. Over the last five years the stock has plummeted from $95 to $37.00 .
    I would like to share my opinions and thoughts about the lackluster performance.
    First the company is stuck in the past with a brick and mortar business model, which has proven to be lethal in today’s environment. Next we need fresh ideas. You have not come out with a dynamic concept since Intercom.
    Not to insult anyone but your senior leadership is too old to understand the Millennials and Generation Z. buying habits. The company needs younger ideas to succeed.
    You may also want to think about being purchased by Amazon. The incorporation of their successful business plans and your stores located throughout the United States will be beneficial to all.


  • Rafael S.F CA. Mission St and Ocean Ave. says:

    Many Walgreens employees take home the 91% rubbing alcohol. They never have rubbing alcohol…
    corporate Office please do something.

  • ROY ODONNELL says:

    I am very upset that after receiving a Rx for an Inhaler to help me breathe it quit working after the first use. I called the Pharmacist and was told to run it under hot water. It did not work. I brought it back and they tried cleaning it but it did not work. I asked for a replacent and was told they couldn’t give me one because it would affect their inventory. They said I would have to contact the Manufacturer and get a voucher or pay for a new one. I stated, I can’t breathe and they said this is the policy. Very Very poor policy.

  • Debra Dufek says:

    I am very disappointed and concerned about the lack of quality customer service at your Green Bay, Wisconsin University Avenue store.
    I was overcharged for two prescriptions and have called several times to resolve the issues and have been told each time that it was being taken care of with a call to the Corporate office and I would receive a call back on the status.This situation has been going on for months, also and if I did not follow up AGAIN today l would probably not have heard back at all.
    Not once did I get a call back!!!!
    I would not have known about the other prescription being overcharged , if I had checked myself!!
    I had a valid card to receive a cheaper price and it was not honored!!!
    I want my money refunded for each overcharge of my Eucrisa that was supposed to cost me only $10.00 and I was charged 40.00 and again 143.00
    This is a horrible thing to do to people on budgets!!!
    Shame on you for it not honoring your guarantee!!!

    Debra Dufek
    2451 Remington Road #3
    Green Bay WI 54302

  • G Dodd says:

    I received an e-mail from Walgreens that features the following article:
    How systemic racism affects public health
    Part 1: Health disparities among Black people
    That said, I do not appreciate being preached to by a private corporation about systemic racism, especially since we are bombarded by the subject everywhere in the media. You are not experts on what ails our society. Why don’t you just stick to providing quality pharmaceuticals and sundries, and let the Government handle the social issues?

    • Bill Hallstead says:

      I couldn’t agree more with your comment!!! They left out one glaring omission in the Chicago scenario: lead poisoning!!!!

  • S Vermeland says:

    Just visited our local Walgreens in Sandwich, IL. Two people ahead of me, no masks…I mentioned this to the employees inside, nothing was done. While standing in line at the pharmacy, these two people were ahead of me. On my way out of the store, another without a mask was at the checkout. I have elderly parents and do frequent this store to pick up prescriptions. I called the store mgr. after I got home and aired my concerns….won’t be addressed unless a mgr. sees them (there were 2 mgrs. there today during the time I was there). He did tell me they will not ask the person to leave if they see this, store policy…only talk to them about wearing one…Really? WOW…and why display the state mandate in the window if it’s not enforceable? I’ve just been on hold here for 10 mins. and got disconnected…very bad cust. svc. if you ask me!

  • MJ Bauer says:

    Walgreens stores in WI where masks are state mandated, are not enforcing the mandate. Too many people not wearing anything ☹️

  • Linda Lester says:

    I was in the Palm Desert store at Bob Hope and Diana Shore. There were about 5 masked people in line. A young man walked in without a mask on. This is mandatory in PD. Of course the people in line were a bit disturbed. When the Manager came, he told me that he was afraid to say anything. The young man was not aggressive at all and said he forgot his mask. The manager told him he would be fined if in Palm Springs. The young man lifted his t-shirt and put it over his mouth and nose.

    This Manager is an idiot. All he had to do was walk a few feet to the mask shelf. Open a box, take out a mask and give it to the young man. Case closed.

  • Denise L. Johnson says:

    I want to know who decided not to have paper ads for Walgreen’s inserted in Sunday papers in Chicago. I have been a patron of Walgreen’s for years and always enjoyed seeing the ads and cutting out coupons. I don’t have a printer so I can’t print out the coupons. When I was at Walgreen’s this morning I asked the clerk if they had any complaints about this and she said “about 1 million”. CVS still has ads in the papers but I always liked Walgreen’s better. THIS IS A BAD IDEA!

  • Deb says:

    We continue to be very disappointed with the lack of customer service at the Zebulon NC location. The drive through pick window is not open but when I called directly to the store, I was told it was open at 7:00am today. With proper management the entire team would know to tell callers that it is currently out of service. When I called back to speak with the location manager my call rang until the line went dead with no one picking up. When I called back again, my call was directed to the pharmacist.

    I plan to move my prescriptions to a private pharmacy 25 minutes out of my way so I can get the customer service everyone deserves.

    The Zebulon location has a multitude of issues that seem to originate with poor management.

  • Charlene Johnson says:

    I am a loyal customer and this store location in Topeka ks on 10th needs help not a enough staff such as store Associates. I have seen a lot of people quit because of not having a enough hours to make a living and they tell me because of budget cuts happen every year.I thought this were a family store on the corner of happy and healthy’ is that a quote I were hearing often can the higher Management of corporate help because this has been ignored 11th over years since have i been purchasing items Help is needed you have Good Customer service but no help in Associates they have families to provide for give them the hours to work.. Thank You!

  • Rusty says:

    Haven’t been going in to Walgreens because of covid-19, employees along with customers were not wearing a mask.. I went into store at Walgreens in Lisbon falls Maine today because I heard they were enforcing mask! Well they are not! I walk in and the employee runs to get her mask! Really! I will get script only at drive thru from now on. I will not do any other shopping at Walgreens because of their non compliance! I may even find a pharmacy that really cares about their customers! CVS? Your call Walgreens… I do have choices and I will choose to be safe and patronize some place that respects safety.

  • Marcella L McNeil says:

    To whom it may concern. I am writing this to you because I was given the wrong doses of my medication by your pharmacist at Walgreens located at Sardis road and Monroe road in Charlotte North Carolina. I had call to corporate office regarding this matter. I was told that the district manager was going to give me a call and no one has given me a call at all. I was taking this medication about a month was wondering why I was in pain and then I get a phone call from your pharmacist saying that we gave you the wrong dose. This is unacceptable. Please take care of this ASAP. You can reach me by phone or email. Thank you.

  • Carol Stanton-Serene says:

    You need to make it Mandatory for every customer to wear a mask. It is not safe to shop in the store if you allow people to enter without one. As a retired employee and stock holder, I question your protection methods for your customers.

  • Mary Broomhall says:

    My husband and I moved to Reno, Nevada from the east coast about 18 months ago. We have used the Walgreens closest to us at Mccarran and Maeanne. We have excellent insurance with HarvardPilgrim, which is a benefit with the school district that we retired from in NH. The only time we have trouble getting medication is when we have to fill a prescription at Walgreens on Mccarran and Mae Anne. The most recent problem was when my husband tried to get one of his medication filed on Monday 6/29/2020. They gave him 20 pills. He takes 4/day so that is only 5 days worth of tablets. His last refill was on 5/14/ 2020 for 120 tablets. It states that he has 2 more refills for this medication. So why would they only give him 20 tablets? This is just the latest problem. Could someone train these people so they know what they are doing?

    Mary Broomhall

  • susan says:

    I was at walgreens in Lusby md saw a manger not wearing a mask she said she has a medical reason but she look so healthy no inhaler no oxygen this is not right

  • Ceil K DeWolfe says:

    Our family has been a loyal customer at Walgreen’s at Beville Rd. for 25 years. Before I redirect our prescriptions to be filled by another provider, I think it is important that you hear my reason for doing so.

  • James Kim says:

    We have KN95 grade mask available. Is Walgreen interested?

  • JV says:

    I had an extremely disconcerting experience at a Walgreens Pharmacy at 1532 86th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11228 (Store # 18135) 0n October 25, 2019 with a Pharmacist named Irene Y or Irena Y. The day before I arrived to pick up medication, I went to this pharmacy to find out if they were able to get a particular brand of medication. I went to the consultation window which is down a few feet from the pick up drop off location where customers come to pick up medicine. I waited at the consultation desk a little over 5 minutes as she continued to look at me, as did her staff who watched me standing there and did not offer to help me or ask what I wanted, I finally asked Irene or Irena if she could help me. With a tenuating shrill tone, told me that the line was where the other customers where. I told her I had a question and was at the consultation window which is what this is for. She implied I was tryin to cut the line. I said, seriously I would never do that. And why would you insult me and insinuate that I was attempting to do such a thing? She exclaimed, so you have a question? I said, yes that is what this window is for, correct? After making me feel badly. I asked if she could get a certain manufacturer of medication. After toiling around for a while, she told me she could get it and it would be in the next day. I left. The following day I called the pharmacy at (718) 234-8444 and asked if the medication had come in. I was told by a Pharma Tech that it did. I asked if I could pick it up that day and was told yes, I Could.

    Upon going to this pharmacy I got online and waited for the customer in front of me to finish. I now approached and provided the employee with my first and last name and DOB. He told me he saw nothing for me in the system, not even my name. Irene or Irena Y happened to be behind the counter. I asked her what was going on? She once again was rude, unprofessional and confrontational> She then said something that did not make sense, “wait until it is your turn. I exclaimed it is my turn, you just heard me talking to the pharma tech who told me I am nowhere to be found in the system and my medication is not filled. She ignored me. I asked if she heard me? She said I heard you, you will just have to wait. I waited for least 10 minutes if not more as she was continuing to do other things. I now grew inpatient and asked her why I had to continue waiting when an error was made in not filling my prescription and there not being record of me. She continued her belligerence and continued to unnecessarily escalate an already sensitive situation which was not my fault, which could have easily been resolved by her tactfully asking me to have a seat and she would take care of this right away. This whole problem would have then been avaided, instead of treating me like a piece of shit. I then asked a female tech who refused to help me when she could have because she said I was arguing with her manager (Irene). Suddenly, the manager of the store approached me embarrassing me as I did nothing wrong. I just left the pharmacy without my needed medication and Irene smiled slightly looking like the cat who had swallowed the canary.

    This is surely not a Pharmacy you should go to if you can avoid it. What type of Pharmacist who is the profession of helping someone feel better, experiences control and sadistic pleasure in not doing her job properly, making a patient upset and sending them away without a prescribed medication? hat type of deviant person is this? This is surely scary and I am not that old. What about elderly seniors who may be dupped or abused by her, too. She is a horrible and dangerous Pharmacist, person, etc..and I think a mentally ill employee for which Walgreens is also culpable because they hired her, checked out her background and references and obviously continue to ignore her behavior and keep her as an employee. There is more to hiring a Pharmacist with a Masters in Pharma. They also require people skills, tact, diplomacy, sensitivity training and the ability to diffuse a stressful situation as opposed to dehumanizing someone who does not feel.

    I will be writing a letter to

    Alex Gourlay, President,
    Walgreens Corporate Office Headquarters
    1417 Lake Cook Road
    Deerfield. IL 60015.

    I know this will be kicked down to a lower level for review, however, sending this letter at this level will hopefully get this complaint in to the right persons hands so she will be disciplined and I hope terminated before she sadistically and intentionally does this to another patient. She probably has done this to other patients, as well and I want to make sure I am the last one who must encounter her draconian practices.

  • Mary Maureen Wogan says:

    Alliance Rx is terrible. I refilled 3 prescriptions; only 2 were sent. I was given a number that has only options for refills or account status, no opportunity to speak with anyone or leave a message. I emailed using the form on the Rx site twice, but received no response. After 2 weeks I receive a letter that my meds are not available. Now I will need to pay more this month. I finally found a number for corporate and made a complaint. The person who took the call told me it was not really his area. I asked him to forward to pharmacy. I gave my name and number, but I don’t really expect a call back as no one contacted me last week. Very poor service and very disappointing.

  • jeraldine hamilton says:

    to who this may concern your pharmacy department is very rude when you call in your prescription they do not have it ready you call them on the phone they will not answer put you on hold do not come back and if you get one to come back they say I got to call the doctor you have no refill but you on that automatic system of refill but still get talk to wrong sometime you get the phone hung up in your face disrespect working especially that lady ben their a long time

  • Donna Ball says:

    3-17-19. Message for Mr. Alex Gourlay

    I understand that you are the current CEO of Walgreen’s. I’m contacting you about your new commercial, tag line “Battle Beautifully”. I cannot imagine why in the world you would put such an appalling commerical on the air. Clearly you are just another clueless man with no idea what you’re doing.

    Every day of our lives, there is bone crushing pressure on women to look differently than we do, to be something different than who we are, to change everything about ourselves for men. You have no idea what this is like for the vast majority of women who are not 20 year old fashion models. Color your face, dye your hair, paint your nails, enlarge your breasts, lose weight, gain weight, dress to get men’s attention, use this perfume, wear this jewelry, and on and on and on.

    Now, in your stupid commercial, you’re pressuring women who are dying of cancer and/or losing their hair from chemotherpy to use your products to “Battle Beautifully”. What the hell is wrong with you Mr. Gourlay? Now we are supposed to look good while approaching the last days of our lives???? Who are we supposed to look good for at this point as we fight to stay alive? Do you honestly think women in this situation are giving a damn about what we look like for men?

    Shame on you and whomever decided to put this unconscionable commerical on the air.

    • L G says:

      Ms. Ball,
      I distinctly disagree with your harsh appraisal of the intent of the Walgreens Battle Beautifully ad.

      As a cancer survivor, who went through double mastectomies and chemo, AND lost my hair, I too went through many conflicts of doubt and insecurities that are shown in the ad… bald head, bound chest wounds, scars; but I found my real self through these things.

      But I have also grown through this entire ordeal. Not by embracing societal standards, but by being who I really am, as the women in the ad are showing. I believe the message they are conveying is “as cancer patients and survivors and terminal patients, no matter the status of illness or wellness, it is important to let the beauty that IS OUR STRENGTH to shine, and also to BE our BEAUTY OF SPIRIT AND SOUL.” That is the only important thing in life… to let the soul’s beauty shine and be our strength, to shine as an example of how to live life!, Each to BE the F-E-M-A-L-E we are from the inside out. And for each woman to let her character or spirit be a beacon for other women who may struggle in life, to find her own strengths, inspire and uplift other.

      And I saw absolutely nothing in the ad that told me they are selling cosmetics, only that they have staff who will / are able to support the needs of cancer patients.

      I assume you are correct that Mr. Gourlay is a CEO of Walgreens, or some important title? Well, if so, I applaud him and his advertising team for addressing courageously an under acknowledged segment of the population, for making the efforts via their pharmacy teams to assist these women, and for encouraging these courageous women of cancer to be themselves! Thank you, sir!

      And Ms Ball, I hear such anger and pain in your words. I recognize that something very hurtful must have happened to you to leave you with such feelings. And I am sorry you are going through it. Know that others care.

      Live strong, ladies of cancer!

      • debb naccari says:

        i don’t have cancer but as am elderly 63 year old, i am treated with no respect, made to wait 2 hours every month for my meds when the robot on the phone says they are being prosessed, they will be ready soon. they treat me so bad i sit there and cry because i do have a terminal disease and i suffer from agoraphobia and hate being in public. the Walgreen workers walk by me with smirks like they will never get old and ugly like me. you praise Walgreen’s like they are something special. i will never set foot in there again, but i think you are a great person who has gone through a lot. some people like you are treated good, poor people like me are treated like I’ve always have been, crazy old trailer trash.

    • Curt Feyerherm says:

      FULLY agree. ESPECIALLY when the store is FILLED with items that promote (possibly start) cancer growth in the first place, and further ill-health in millions of Americans, i.e., chemicals in hundreds of products/food/cosmetics, sugar in sodas, ice cream, candy bars, snack cakes, cookies, etc. Salty, fatty snacks. It is PROVEN that cancer cells LOVE sugar ~ feed on it, thrive on it, and grow and spread from it. And let’s not forget the CIGARETTES and cigars.

      Might be one of the unhealthiest stores to set foot in. I pass several of them on my way to Natural Grocers, Sprouts, and Whole Foods.

      The ads want us to believe they CARE about their customers??!!??? Hypocrisy is in full bloom this Spring.

      To call that ad appalling is a terrible understatement. It exemplifies all that is wrong with the pharmaceutical industry.

    • Sandra says:

      Oh my goodness! Using the devastation of cancer to make money from a probably useless product. Unbelievably unconscionable!



    • debb naccari says:

      i also feel like my pain pills are tampered with. one half of the script will work, the other half have no pain med in it at all. I’m not crazy and have been telling people this for months. i see their looks because they don’t have a clue.

  • >