Where is Wakefern Corporate office Headquarters

Wakefern Headquarters Address and Contact

 Wakefern Food Corp.
  • Address: 505 Division Street Elizabeth, NJ 0720 United States
  • Phone Number: 908-527-7716
  • Fax Number: 908-527-3766
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 70000
  • Established: 1946
  • Founder:  Joseph S. Colalillo
  • Key People: Joseph S. Colalillo (Chairman & CEO),Joseph Sheridan (President & COO),Douglas Wille (CFO)

Wakefern Headquarters Location & Directions

Wakefern Headquarters Executive Team



Jospeh S. Colalillo

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Sheridan

President and Chief Operating Officer

Sam Aidekman


About Wakefern, History and Headquarters Information

Wakefern was founded in 1946 at New Jersey. The headquarters is situated in Keasbey, New Jersey. The company got its name from its founders Louis Weiss, Al Aidekman, Kesselman, Eisenberg and Dave Fern. With just 7 grocers as founding partners the company today has 50 members

                        Wakefern is a retailer cooperative group. It operates 352 super markets. They mainly supply groceries. Starting with Shoprite the company brought in new brands like Price Rite, Marketplace, Fresh Grocer and Dearborn Market.  The company owns 7 warehouses. They are situated in and around Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

                        In 201, Wakefern acquired Fresh Grocer. Fresh Grocer operates 8 stores in Pennsylvania. Besides supplying its own chain of stores, it also distributes goods to other supermarkets in Bermuda and North – East US. Wakefern provides insurance, marketing, computer services, and advertising. It is the 4th largest cooperative in the United States.

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  • Lou says:

    Friday May-15th 2020 early afternoon entered Shop-Rite Montgomery Store.
    Visited the deli Dept.
    Two cold cut items out of stock. Spoke to deli Manager and asked if they had a different brand in stock.
    She responded they did but not for that price.
    Asked if they were able to offer those two items for advertised price ?
    She refused !
    I am a store customer for over 30 years.
    Never thought the store would be so petty.
    Very Disappointed in my home store.

  • Nevader says:

    On Saturday (5/2/20), I went to ShopRite (Newark, N. J.) University Heights and bought two containers of ShopRite cottage cheese. There was an 8×10″ sheet of paper with the store brand price of 2 for $4.00, any variety. The regular sticker price was 2.49 each.

    I took two containers of ShopRite cottage cheese and noticed when I got home that my receipt showed the cottage cheese for [email protected] each.

    The next day (Sunday, 5/3/20)I took the cottage cheese back to the store and told customer service that I was charged $4.98, but the sign showed, “2 for $4.00 on any variety.” Customer service told me that the price today was $2.49 and I told him that I bought them yesterday and the sign showed the price of 2 for $4.00. He asked, “where?” I told him that it was a sheet of paper with the price written on it.

    The woman at the counter next to him said she would check. About 10 minutes later she came back with the sticker that showed the regular price of $2.49 and I told her, “This was (Saturday), and a sheet of paper was on the door of the refrigerator showing any variety of ShopRite cottage cheese at 2 for $4.00. She said, “There is no paper on the door.” I told her, “This was yesterday, not today.” She said I couldn’t get the cottage cheese at 2 for $4.00

    I asked for the manager and he came over thinking I wanted to return items. I explained everything to him. He didn’t check anything at all (computer, etc.). He told me that the price on the sticker was how much the items cost. I told him that I needed his name to report him/store for price gouging. He asked in a sarcastic tone if I was going to contact consumer affairs or some other name (consumer __?_) that I didn’t get.

    I didn’t answer his question. I asked for his name. He told me he was Rich Garcia. He and the female clerk walked away, and I left the store.

    NOTE: This store was so packed. It was hard to move around. The security team and dozens of employees were also in the mix.

  • Jacqueline Murphy says:

    Ref # 2768654 – Reply from ShopRite

    Did someone from your facility send out this email? I have NOT done what was suggested.
    Dear Ms. Murphy,
    We have requested a reset of your shoprite.com password. Please sign in using your email address and the password: Shoprite1!

    Once you successfully sign in, please click on “My Account” in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then select “Edit Account”. This will bring you to your profile page where you will find a “change your password” link. We suggest changing your password to something unique to you.

    If we can be of any assistance in the future, please let us know.

    Shannon P.
    Customer Care Social Specialist

  • Camille says:

    I had a thought and I wanted to reach out to Wakefern with my idea. There are many patrons who do not take advantage of their Shop Rite’s holiday promotions, such as a turkey, ham Stouffers lasagne. I was wondering if any Price Plus member that does not take advantage of getting a turkey etc. if the items can be donated to food banks in the area. Their are so many people in need now.

  • SANDRA says:

    FYI – Today, I shopped your ACME store in Jenkintown, PA. A disappointment. Although the market is limiting people to150, this needs to be downgraded. Because people were actually rubbing up against my shoulder! Too many are not respecting the distancing guidelines. I could not get out of there fast enough. 150 customers would be fine, if all were respecting the distancing guidelines. But they are not.

    People are clustering. If corporate is reading this, you need to either have someone patrolling the store for customers who are not respecting the guidelines of distancing, or limit your number in the store! I will not be returning. You have lost a customer for the duration of this pandemic. An UNPLEASANT experience.

  • Joann says:

    We no longer get fliers so I have been going online and getting product information before going to the local Shop-Rite. Today the online site seems to be restricted due to online shopping however I am not shopping online. Perhaps the informational web-site can remain available and the restriction only placed on the ordering component.

  • Patrick Marino says:

    I normally would not post but I think that people should be aware of supermarkets cheating the people on prices. Shop Rite Hylan Blvd. Today I was shopping there and picked up paper towels that were clearly marked under the three boxes $7.99. I went to the checkout and they scanned $11.99. I went to customer service and they told me I cannot return it. I would not buy it if it was marked $11.99. I called for the store Mgr and there were two of them and here is what they told me”We are just putting items anywhere on the shelf. I told him he is deceiving the people by doing that. It didn’t matter and he also would not return it for me. How many other products is this being done to. A sly way to price gouge the public. Be aware of Shop Rite Hylan Blvd.

  • tom jeffs says:

    your annual Thanksgiving free turkey promotion would be better if you expanded it for the benefit of seniors, singles, fixed incomers, lower incomers, etc – – – along with free turkey for $400 purchases how about adding $300 gets a free turkey weighing 15 to 19 pounds and $200 gets a free turkey weighing up to 14 pounds ? ? ?

  • PHYLLIS says:


  • Ted Bishop says:

    low Down Rotten Dirty Trick putting the Mossberg MPV .308 Scout and Predator rifle on sale for 399.00 knowing good and well your stores and supplyer don’t stock them to sell. This is a rotten trick to get customers in the store hoping to sell something. What a rotten trick I spent 300.00 at sportsman’s last weekend not being a SUCKER anymore me and my shooting buddy’s is going two miles down the road there in lexington ky to Cabela’s to shop they don’t do dirty rotten tricks. Yes I am pissed we all are. sportsman wearhouse will have to earn out respect back. TED.

  • CMF says:

    How does one get an email for
    Joseph Sheridan?

  • >