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  • Address: 5986 Financial Drive Norcross, GA 30071 United States
  • Phone Number: 770-729-5700
  • Fax Number: 770-729-5999
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1955
  • Founder: Joe Rogers Sr.;Tom Forkner
  • Key People: Walter G. Ehmer (President & CEO)

Waffle House Headquarters Location & Directions

Waffle House Headquarters Executive Team



Joseph W. Rogers Jr.

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Bert Thornton


Jonathan Waller

General Counsel

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  • Donna says:

    Please add sweet potato fries to your menu. It would be delicious with anything!

  • Tracy Hewett says:

    Grand bay Al..waffle is closing diw. For 45 minutes for cleaning on a Friday night at 1:30.. I worked with the company for 15 years and we never closed.. But this isnt the first time they closed doors because they just wanted to..

  • Curtis Coleman says:

    I have very bad experience one of waffle House locations. In North Little Rock Arkansas 2505 East McCain Mall. On 6/11/2022. 12:10 – 12:55 Am. Walking into waffle house on McCain. Music up so loud from a Bluetooth speaker music coming from cellphone. So loud couldn’t hear the young lady talking my order. I ask some guy can he turn music down, someone did, few seconds later back up again. Music playing using profanity and Rascal words. If I wanted hear all of that, I would’ve been better off going to a nightclub.

  • Warner Mathias says:

    My family are customers of Waffle House in Lancaster, Ohio. Myself, and my oldest son are diabetics. We live the sugar free syrup. Evidently we can’t purchase this from the restaurant or on line. Why is this? We would really like to be able to purchase the SF Syrup to have at home also. Is this possible? Thank you

  • Katelynn Lemaster says:

    Went to the on in London Ohio at the truck stop and today I got a notification that my total was updated to include the new tip the I didn’t give and charged my card an additional 20 that I didn’t approve

  • Jeremiah Falcon says:

    4631 w. Mobile hwy Pensacola store # 147 is the worse i have ever dealt with, no k e greets you when you walk in no one wants to wait on you, a blonde haored lady there, that does not greet you or acknowledge you when you are checking out! The customer service there is horrible, my server did not come around to my table put the check on my table and left, never saw her again! These waitresses have no traini g skills in customer service, and it very sad, one thing ige learned is never judge someone upon approach, they mught be the ones giving you the best tip your going to receive all day!!! This place is a horrible waffle house to go to, i would not advise anyone to visit

  • Shashawna says:


  • Shashawna says:

    I don’t know whom to talk to besides my lawyer, but I have a costumer ever once in a while who is a regular but now twice an told my coworkers that the the guy has reach down my top an put money there an we don’t have a manager.I love my job , but didn’t sing up for this.I past the guy that says I’m an immigrant a bypass a guy that says I shouldn’t have no perching but when a guy reaches down my shirt that’s another story.

  • ANNIE Dunlop says:

    We are major fans of Waffle House. We currently live in a 21,000 acre Retirement Community with 14,000 hungry residents at Hot Springs Village71909. We strongly believe a Waffle House would be successful here since the closest one is at least 25 miles away on Central Avenue in Hot Springs. We noticed a 1-4 acre lot for sale near 3834 Highway 7 right in front of Hot Springs Village. The realtor is Colliers at 501-372-6161 and Casi Ruwells is the agent.

    We hope this information will interest you enough to pursue adding a Waffle House here. There are many potential owners.


    Annie and Herb Dunlop
    82 Malaga Way
    Hot Springs Village, AR 71909
    .com. PH:501-204-5072

  • carol ann garza says:

    8111 r l thorton,dallas tx,will never eat there again,service bad,food order wrong,place very nasty,coffee pot nasty,bathroom.health dept,needs to go there.

  • Mrs McHann says:

    The service at the Waffle House in Adel, Ga has gotten terrible. The last five times we ate there, we were not offered any refills on our drinks. The last time, we didn’t even get our drinks until after we had received our food. The management allows some employees who call out sick stay employed but fires others. The ONLY good think they have going for them is their cooks, Renee and Rende. We used to go about 4 times a week. We won’t be back. Good job, Manager Heather!

  • D. Adams says:

    The Waffle House on Hwy 411 in Maryville, TN has went down the tubes. Before the shut down, the food was always good and cooked the way you wanted it, not anymore……..the cooks are horrible. You get thin gs burnt, not cook right or thoroughly. Grits are so thick and cold the spoon will stand up and butter wont melt. The original shift that use to be there were awesome, food was always hot and correct. We use to eat there every weekend but no now. We thought well give em a chance, boy were we wrong. Bring back the original 1st shifters.

    D. Adams

    Selina, Trina, Chris, etc.

  • Joyce Gray says:

    And they don’t wear gloves or wash their hands like they supposed to touch money give money back and touch people food . I m calling 13 to see if they can put them on the news nobody at the corporate office seems to care that their employees make people afraid to come cause if something is wrong and you say something you going to get the police called on you like foreal what do the customer mean to these people. but the two waitress still got their job and someone else going to be mistreated

  • Joyce Gray says:

    Waffle house in gray are very rude and they call the police on your for wanting your order to be right. And corporate office don’t car cause they want even talk to the customer about the problem. Been trying to file a complaint since last night the web site won’t let you submit a complaint as well as corporate office answer then send you to an automatic service line that tell’s you to go online but you can’t submit the form. And they sitting there looking at the phone and let it ring. How do y’all care about the customer when you’re not trying to see what is going on in your business for a manger to say one customer complaint don’t mean nothing is very bad look on the waffle house. Igo to 13 and speak on what is really happening in these business then y’all going to want to talk

  • wesley r shepherd says:

    you should have called the police and pressed charges

    • Joyce Gray says:

      Hell they called on me because I ask the waitress that took my order not to raise her voice at me cause I haven’t treated her that way another waitress told me to get out and then called the police on me lied to the police and my order wasn’t right and I spent $40.61 on the food. And they didn’t have everything I paid for but didn’t say anything until after they got my money

  • wesley r shepherd says:

    on thursday,feb. 27,2020 my wife and i stopped at your shorter ave. location in west rome, ga. this was about 1215 pm. my wife got her regular omette, bacon and coffee. i got 2 fried eggs,sausage,toast and water. the food and service were good,but the bill was 20.54. whats up with the high prices. we will not be going to any waffle house again. thankyou wesley shepherd

  • Eleanor says:

    I am a current employee and am trying to login to Mywafflehouse.com, but I no longer have the phone associated with my employee registration. I need to apply for employment in another state to transfer and can not obtain my information to continue the application process! I need help please. Is customer service the only way to go?

  • Chief Antwuan Hamm says:

    I went into waffle house on archer road in Gainesville Florida and they are the best the general manager Shavon and Charmaine and Mrs. Sue are just amazing workers and people. They all do a great job I really would not go there if they where not apart of that stores amazing team. You all as corporate Waffle House need to go above for them they really are great workers almost like family when I go in there.

  • Marzarius Samon says:

    Can you please check out our website and donate if you can or share it on social media. We are trying to raise money to pay for gear and other football equipment for out middle school. Thank you Look up snap-raise and look for Clyde A Erwin Middle School. If I had a email address I could have send you the link. Donations are tax deductible and you will receive receipt in your email.

  • Kimberly says:

    I was in one of your stores located in Shreveport Louisiana, the store is located at 6127 financial plaza. One of your employees by the name of Tracey, I am not sure of her last name, but I was in the store on Saturday June 1st after midnight. The employee had a very nasty attitude and was very disrespectful to the guest especially an older couple that was trying to order, the gentleman had, had a stroke in the past and had a hard time understanding and explaining himself. Your employee didn’t seem to care and continued to be nasty and rude to them, finally my husband let her know that the way she was saying things came off as rude, she then began to be rude to him at which time the family members the employee had sitting in the store began to threaten my husband and even went to the car and got a gun and pointed it at my husband……..and nothing was done management did not do anything just asked us to leave along with the older couple.

    I have been eating at waffle house for over 10 years and I have never had a problem until recently, It seems like this is the place to go to when you want to fight, there has been so much negativity surrounding waffle house stores lately…….I would like something to be done about this, it is ridiculous that you cannot sit down and eat without being treated rudely and the fact that she had her family members sitting in the store with guns says a lot about the type of person she is, my husband could have lost his life because he was trying to defend an elderly couple that could not defend them selves against a much younger person with an attitude because the customer was asking to many questions.

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