Where is Vroom Corporate office Headquarters

Vroom Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2615 West Interstate 20, Grand Prairie, TX 75052, United States
  • Phone Number: 214-677-1600
  • Fax Number: 214-677-1602
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees:  1000
  • Established: 2013
  • Founder: N/A 
  • Key People: Mr. Paul J. Hennessy (CEO)

Vroom Headquarters Location & Directions

Vroom Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Allon Bloch

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor

Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Looney

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Mitch Berg

Chief Technology Officer

About Vroom, History and Headquarters Information

Vroom was founded in the year 2013. The company has been active for almost five years now. The founders of the company were Marshall Chesrown, Scott Chesrown and Kevin Westfall. As of the current date, the company had raised almost up to $440 million in investments. The company was listed in the Forbes’ Hottest E-commerce Startups of 2015. The same year, the company had taken over Texas Direct Auto. The company had generated a revenue of almost $900 million, in the year 2015. In the year 2018, the company had laid off almost 25 per cent of its staff. The company had also received a funding of almost $146 million, as of the year 2018. The headquarters of the company is based in 2615 West Interstate 20. The name of the place is Grand Praire, while the name of the state is Texas, USA. The pin code is 75052.

Vroom is an American e-commerce company that focuses on providing an online platform for direct buying and selling of various kinds of used cars. The current CEO of the company is Paul J Hennessy. As of the current date, the company has more than 1,000 employees working.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to have an online platform in order to purchase or sell various kinds of used cars, along with finance cars online as well, with the help of its partner banks. The company also provides a seven-day test drive before purchasing the vehicle.

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  • Renee says:

    What is the best way to take action against vroom? Anyone have any good contacts??

  • Matt Booher says:

    RUN RUN RUN. Vroom is totally incompetent on ALL aspects. Maxed out all temp tags and still no registration. It’s been 5 MONTHS! It took 3 MONTHS to payoff my trade in. I am constantly calling only to get nowhere! HUGE SCAM! DO NOT EVEN TALK TO THESE SCAMMERS!



  • Tanesha Davitt says:

    Please do not purchase from Vroom. I purchased a car in April and the car is still not registered in my name at now 5 months later. After providing all the needed information and documentation to Vroom in April, they are telling me that they don’t even know if the person who was responsible for my title and registration is even working there anymore and that I need to go to my local DMV and get a temporary plate on my own dime.
    They also delivered the car a week late and with no oil change and a slipping transmission. (the car only had 27000 miles on it and Vroom also provided me with a 60 day bumper to bumper warranty) When I took the car to be fixed at a dealer, they attempted to file a claim with Vroom and their warranty company who then informed them that they would not cover the repairs because the vehicle was not registered to me. $800 dollar later Vroom refuses to reimburse me for the repairs and now I have a car in my driveway that I can not drive due to Vrooms negligence. Please, Please, Please Do not end up like a lot of us on this list of screwed customers. If you would like to purchase online, I know a lot of people who have had positive experiences with Carvana and Carmax.

  • Dr. Genothan Austin-Ohanenye says:

    Whatever you do -do not buy a car from VROOM. I bought a car in June and now the dealership is saying my rotors are rusted. I have only driven the car 1,500 miles. If they have a quality inspection it is a joke, and they are not accepting any responsibility for selling me a car with rusty rotors.

  • Dave Penn says:

    After i made a deal and put my 500 dollar deposit. They will never answer an email of any kind. If you call, the call center must be overseas. The awesome person i spoke with to arrange my deal is no place to be found .
    Not answering emails is a big issue

  • Mitch says:

    They do not call you back about picking up your vehicle. After a week of saying they have the proper paperwork, they now say they do not. Very unprofessional and a major lack of consideration for the customer.

  • Janice Ancell says:

    Let me tell you about Vroom. Take a seat, it’s going to be a long read. When you initially call Vroom is overly happy to help you. Almost instant call backs. What are you looking for how they can help you. Etc, Etc. You have your dream car there and you decide to put the 500 down to hold the vehicle while you begin the process. suddenly you are no longer a priority. you fill out your forms on line and need to move on to the next step but they move at a snails pace. and forget about getting the help you need when you call. and when I did call they constantly would ask if I was calling about…..giving me the info on a completely different car. every time I would have to correct them. a couple times they would put me on hold because they were confused. once they finally figure it out, we could finally move on. I asked them to please remove the wrong car off my account. They said they did, but when I called back, they pulled up the wrong car yet again! When they want documents from you though they want it NOW they only give you 24 hours to return. So they sent me the application to fill out and return immediately. I kept all the documents with the FEDEX envelope. I never once let them leave that envelope. I filled them out and sealed the envelope and shipped it off the next day. Now a couple weeks go by and I hear nothing from them. so I call them. They tell me I didn’t return all the forms! like I said earlier, Those forms never left the envelope in the less than 24 hours I had them! and why didn’t they call me! So they sent me the forms again! once again demanding them back within 24hours. so this time I took pictures of all the forms filled out, then me placing them in the envelope then me handing them to FedEx. try saying I lost them now! AND THEY DID! but this time I had the pictures and the name of who accepted the package! oh and they still pull up the wrong car! So now rewind a bit because there are other issues also happening as well. I traded in my truck to add to the down payment, also demanding to be paid within 24 hours. I searched high and low for the title and couldn’t find it, so I had to pay a 400.00 fee for lost title. So. everytime I would call they would tell me the reason things are held up is because I hadn’t paid the lost title fee. Which I did! so I get put on hold every time while they try to figure out if I paid it. Oh, so I apologize for jumping around. when I remember it I write it. So once forms are sent in there is a 5 day waiting period as they go over the forms and approve them. Then they ship your vehicle. So, 5 days canceled because documents were missing, 5 days canceled because of lost title fee. and it keeps going. Oh and they still keep pulling up the wrong car BTW. even though they said they removed it from my account. so im told to wait for an email saying everything has been approved and need to set up a ship date. So once again the 5 days came and went and once again I call and once again get told I had not paid the lost title fee. And once they figured it out again they said wait 5 days for approval. This time I lost it and told them transfer me to that department and ship my car NOW. at this point they push it through and wait for an email in 24 hours. We’ll what do you think happened. That’s right, nothing! no email. So I call again and they told me nobody approved my paperwork to be pushed through. In the end I finally got my car. But they put me through hell. And it’s not even over. I found my title and emailed them. And this is where I screwed up. I told them I found it but asked for my lost title fee back. they agreed so I shipped the title, once they got the title they once again denied I paid it. So now they have the title and my money. Do NOT and I mean it DO NOT BUY FROM VROOM. you will regret it! trust me.

  • Richard Wildman says:

    Broom violates the law and the rights of potential customers. No facility to unsubscribe or cancel any account. It is illegal to not provide a unsubscribe link. It is likewise illegal to harass anyone after being notified to cease all contact. Any further contact will be met with both civil and criminal sanctions against your company and the president.

  • James says:

    Don’t do business with Vroom !!!!!!!!! You will never get anywhere.

  • Jonathan Alter says:

    When I called their toll free number last week , the Vroom representative was either too ignorant or did not care to speak UP after I explained that I am hard of hearing. I had to hand the phone to my wife .

    In trying , repeat : trying to sell my car, I was instructed to take photos of the paperwork and download them. I am not the greatest photographer. But I submitted what I could last Thursday. . Tried my best.

    Vroom asked me today to resubmit . There is no email address listed as to where I could reply and tell them to forget it ! Only that toll free number was listed .

    I urge all hearing disabled persons to boycott Vroom.

  • Joe says:

    Completely incompetent staff. They scheduled a delivery during my blackout days and driver wouldn’t take no for an answer. I was out of town and the solution from vroom and driver was to have a friend sign for it which is completely unprofessional. Had them send it to a physical vroom location instead where I apparently can’t pick it up and they can’t deliver it to me from there. When asked to talk to a supervisor they said they would put in a request from 24-48 hours to hear from them. They had no issues scheduling the pickup for my trade in and now I’m left without a car. Huge mistake going through vroom.

  • John A Brachle says:

    O.M.G. …. TOTALLY INSANE PROCESS purchasing from Vroom ………. NEVER experienced a worse buying situation and I’m waiting on my 3RD temporary tag with NO-ONE at Vroom having a clue regarding why the delay , or even, where the paperwork is. Corporate number routes back into the queue to the “clueless” customer support group. Going to contact the Governing Agencies that regulate dealer licensing, BBB and hope to receive help and direction from other, both, Social and Government Agencies. Going reach-out to the Media as well……… whatever it takes to rectify this mess !!!
    D O N O T P U R C H A S E FROM VROOM !!!!!!!

  • Sheila says:

    Complete Night mare

  • Darren Gaspard says:

    PLEASE before you decide to buy from this company read the reviews. Believe all that you are reading, this company is terrible with all aspects of dealing with customers. They cannot give you a solid answer to any of your questions with regards to delivery, wear is your refund, because they can’t deliver the vehicle as promised. I cannot believe this company can remain in business with the not so favorable reviews, terrible customer service, horrific delivery reliability, the list goes on. I am waiting my refund of a sizable amount, I am nearly out of undertaking, next step attorney. Buyer beware definitely fits this company. In short DO NOT BUY from this company. Read again if needed.

    • Gwendolyn A Singleton says:

      I wish I would have seen this comment before I decided to buy from them!! Delay after delay after delay after delay times 7. Awful awful awful service. I’m waiting to speak to a supervisor so I can cancel this contract.

  • John says:

    Took my money and never scheduled a delivery date. Now I’m fighting to get my money back

  • Jeffrey says:

    I agree. BUYER BEWARE. Vroom sells unsafe cars. We are still waiting for a full refund and for the car to be picked up.

  • James says:

    Don’t buy from this company. It’s a scam

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