Where is Vrbo Corporate office Headquarters

Vrbo Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1011 W 5th St #300, Austin, TX 78703, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 512-782-0805
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A          
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: February 2005
  • Founder: Brian Sharples, Carl Shepherd
  • Key People: Melissa Fruge, Jon Gray

Vrbo Headquarters Location & Directions

Vrbo Headquarters Executive Team



Brian H. Sharples

Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Carl Gordon Shepherd

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy & Development Officer and Director

Melissa Fruge

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Jon Gray

Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff Hurst

Chief Strategy Officer

About Vrbo, History and Headquarters Information

            VRBO is Vacation Rentals by Owner. VRBO.com is a vacation rental website. It provides vacation rental properties listing on the internet. The homeowners can advertise on the site about their vacation properties throughout the world.

On the owners side, it offers services to buy and sell vacation homes. They provide all the tools required to manage the listings on their web page. Also, they introduce their customers to online communities. This helps to find the renters easily.

On the renters side, they provide travel insurance. The details of the renters and the buyers are secured.

            It was founded in 1995 in Austin, Texas. Later the company was acquired by Homeaway in 2006. It is a subsidiary of Homeaway.  Homeaway has over 2 million vacation rental places. It operates through 50 websites in 23 languages. They offer villas, farmhouses, castles, and every type of property.

            The company often faces lawsuits over the complying of local lodging regulations.

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  • The Lion says:

    You cannot traffic children and kill Americans without consequences.
    People involved with the murder of American veterans and Jeffrey Epstein’s child pornography and sex trafficking ring have given sworn testimony of their involvement. Through their testimony many people have been implicated. Your name came up in the investigation. Anonymous are political leaders working behind the scenes of governments around the world protecting democracy. They are giving you a chance to redeem yourself. Your cooperation will go a long way in determining what happens to you. There is protection available for information about the murder of American veterans and Jeffrey Epstein. If you do nothing you face the possibility of execution if found guilty by a Military Tribunal. There is protection available for your testimony about your involvement. Search your name using Google to begin texting Anonymous ASAP. Let them tell you what they know about you. When the military secures the Republic there will be no deals made after that. Act promptly! I am the messenger and the truth.

  • Eduardo says:

    I am a property owner, and in april 2021 I decided not to renew my subscription with VBRO. As I still had some reservations, asked the suport if I should and could maintain the reservations for june and august. The support said that i could keep the reservations, and would be paid. After the guests left, contacted the VBRO Support for the reimboursed which they get telling me that there is an informatic error or financial problem that is outside VBRO, and I would not get paid. They still have the money of the guest and no way to get my money back. Be cautious about VBRO.

  • Susan ( Charlotte N.C.) says:

    I booked a place on 8663 LaIsla in Orlando beautiful resort but the 7 bedroom was dirty, and unkept up. I contacted VRBO and the owner in that same hour checking in about the dusty place, burned looking toilet, dust on ceilings washer and dryer, broken down outside chairs, missing drawers and shelves in fridge, but he livingroom furniture in poor condition along with mattress asked for another place which unavailable asked for refund during my stay or a portion spoke with VRBO and owner whole time on vacay and during 12 days after still nothing but in today 9/3 no refund now that I’m nolonger on my stay well Inasked for this in my stay. We were constant back and forth. I’ve stayed with VRBO 2x a year since 2005 never a nasty place until now. They and owner refuse refund. I am appalled they allowed this!

  • Bernadette Moran says:

    VRBO is impossible to deal with. I mistakenly booked a property on an island when I was trying to book Providence RI. The funds immediately left my account and I immediately called VRBO about the error. They told me to call the owner. I did and Owner agreed to refund 100%. No refund to date. Owner says VRBO never sent them the money. VRBO says I have to contact the owner. On the day I mistakenly booked the Owner agreed in writing to the refund but now says they will not refund. r VRBO will do nothing. I am out the money and hours and hours of my time trying to get a resolve. I wrote VRBO but the 1011 West Fifth St. addressed letter was returned by the post office as not deliverable. I recommend doing anything other than booking with VRBO or Home Away, their sister company.

  • Andrea says:

    You ALL have the nerve to be advertising to family, children. Yet Chrissy Teigen BULLIED a CHILD publicly and privately to “go take a dirt nap”. Teigen also bullied all of us by asking the public if it is ok to hate a SMALL child who because of her talent ( something Teigen is extreamly lacking off) got her an Oscar nomination. How dare you!!!! I guess Greed is more important than reputation right?

  • Jeff Robert says:

    I will no longer use VRBO as my go to vacation rental search. You pay Chrissy Teigen as a spokesperson, I learned through a publication that Chrissy Teigen bullied and threatened a minor girl, according to this source, she also used her influence to urge that same girl to consider committing suicide. What is wrong with your company? VRBO, you should cancel Chrissy Teigen immediately. I will boycott your company as long as Teigen is the face of your company.

  • charise h says:

    I have been doing business as a traveler with VRBO, for over 12 years, booking properties in Hawaii, Vegas and Florida, just to name a few, for myself as well as clients. I’m a Travel Advisor. I can honestly say that I have never had an issue until recently when I booked a rental for myself in Orlando. I entered the property and not only was it not as pictured, but this place was filthy because the housekeeping staff had not showed up after the previous guest left, even with the urging to be out by 10am. I contacted the owner as well as VRBO after hours and they were absolutely no help at all and still continue to be of no help advising me that I will not qualify for a refund because I should have stayed in a house that was filthy. I have photos and video to support my case. I cant believe VRBO is taking no responsibility, for Christ sake we are in a Pandemic.

  • Chad says:

    I will never rent or search through VRBO/Homeaway every again. The receipt is sketchy and does not show who the “fees” go to yet on my Amex it clearly says that. I need a receipt that shows who charged what. I called the non-English help line and I couldn’t understand them and they said the system was down. I asked to speak to a manager and was on hold for over 30 min and finally hung up. I waited 2 hours and called back again to the non-English help line and spent over 30 min on the phone with this guy – just asking for a receipt – and he finally says the system is down. I asked him what has he been doing for the last 20 min if the system was down. I called the other company that actually had the rental and an American answered the phone and I had my itemized receipt in 3 min emailed to me. They even said to never book from VRBO again. Don’t waste your time or money but find a local company with the same rentals! And, there is no way to email the home office or to get in touch with the home office. They hide behind their foreign army of disinformation and long holds. Never again…..never again!

  • frank walther says:


  • Bruce says:

    I have paid in full about a year ago. The property owner told me he did not have any issues with the renting his property. About 2 months afterward and 5 more months to go, the owner wanted to sell since the market now was hot. Complained to VRBO, all it does is to keep me waiting and waiting on the phone, agents are telling me that VRBO will resolve the issue. Guess what? After one month, nothing was done. In the meantime, the property owner hasn’t given me refund. The property owner recommended craigslist over VRBO.

  • Kim says:

    WOW! It’s unfortunate that there are so many people with similar complaints regarding refunds. I am experiencing the same issue. Booked our July vacation (2 weeks) in early February. As the COVID-19 cases climbed and travel restrictions began, I received several emails from Homeaway/VRBO assuring me that I could make changes to my reservation within 30 days without financial penalty. In early June, my husband and I decided that we would change our reservation from two to just one week. Contacted the property manager and after a few snafus, they reached out to the VRBO support team to make the adjustments to the reservation and final payment. VRBO’s suggestion was to make the final payment through the property managers system. Was told by property manager that I needed to contact VRBO to request the refund of 1 week of the service fee and Maryland state taxes that were collected by VRBO from my initial payment. I was told by VRBO that they are unable to refund those fees/taxes because the final payment or the reservation change was not made through their system AND the reservation change was done incorrectly even though the directions came from VRBO. Now, I am waiting for the refund of my security deposit – LOL! According to the reviews on this sight – I may not get that refund! As of 8/11/20, VRBO has “stolen” $922 from me. I have attempted to leave a review on the property rental sight warning others but VRBO continues to reject the review! What a horrible, despicable company this is!!! This was our first and LAST time we will book through VRBO. In 30 years of booking trips and lodging I have never paid more that $110 to a rental or booking agency/company. VRBO charged me $499 for NOTHING!!!!!

  • Arlene and Romeo Dublin #378886 says:

    We are thinking of not renewing with vrbo/homeaway. Guest paid 07/04/20, until now I still don’t have the funds. It happens several times. Vrbo/homeaway is holding the funds too long. Every time you called it takes 20 to 25 minutes before someone will answer the phone. It is always like this, don’t blame the COVID 19.

  • Karen Hutson says:

    First let me say VRBO has helped us generate revenue. I don’t have any complaints relative to fees or processes. However, VRBO does not appear to know how to fix or care to fix things which should not adversely affect the owner’s ranking due to no fault of the owner. My case: I had a reservation cancelled due to one of the guests testing positive for COVID. Cancellation occurred just 3 days prior to stay. I wanted to retain just the cleaning fee of $175 (5 bedrooms home) as my deal with cleaning crew is they will be paid based on schedule provided up to one week prior to scheduled cleaning. The remaining I agreed to refund. (I also offered credit for future stay as an option.) The guest was happy with my agreement and assured me they would again book. As I was completing the refund online, I discovered I was not able to do as I desired. I called VRBO. I either had to refund 100% (could not retain cleaning fee) or they would keep their fees! What? They encourage us to refund 100% which is basically what it was out. I ultimately refunded 100% and was out the cleaning fee. Again, recall this was only a few days before a stay. I then had 2 last minute inquiries and a booking request from another guest. The first guest found another property before I responded. The second said he could not pay due to VRBO stating date conflict. The third emailed me that she found another as she was in a hurry but she didn’t withdraw her booking request. Bottom line is I called VRBO TWICE to allow my guest to pay who wanted to pay. I asked how I could get rid of the booking request as guest found another property. They said guest could withdraw but she couldn’t figure out how. (I spoke with her.) They said my only choice was to decline it. I asked if they could help me as I didn’t want to decline since it would count against me and that she had another property (which was indicated in email) and that I had another guest willing to pay. They refused to waive or not count the decline. This is just not right. All of this started due to me refunding 100% at last minute which cost me $175. Then because of “conflict”, I lost a booking and got a decline mark. Further, this “conflict” appeared to be a flaw with VRBO as none had paid so all were shown in blue as tentative. I was previously told if tentative, first one who pays gets it. No one is willing to help when things don’t work right. I feel cheated in 3 ways on this – cleaning fee, booking and declination mark.

  • Michael Abernathy says:

    What a sorry run company. Cancels 2 days from check in because of the virus but they wanted my money 2 weeks before when virus was much more prevalent. Do NOT trust or rent from these scums.

  • Rhonda Blake says:

    I have resorted to writing Brian H Sharples, Carl Gordon Shepard, Melissa Fruge, Jon Gray, Jeff Hurst, and also write Expedia Group, which this company is part of. If Expedia, Jet Blue, gave me refunds due to hospitalization with stage four renal failure, why Vrbo doesn’t. DO NOT RENT 9219292ha; the owner said she was going to refund my money, then 1/2 the money thus far nothing and Vrbo still allows her to list the property. My contract is with Vrbo they should be obligated to refund if not legal but morally. I am sick of the corporations stealing for the working class are we are unemployed or underemployed due to COVID-19, and they get funds from the government our tax $$$ because the fact remains they pay little or no taxes. I FEEL VIOLATED.

  • Rhonda Blake says:

    Well, I think I have to engage a lawyer, I have not gotten my refund from Vrbo or the homeowner. I have documentation that my daughter was hospitalized, and I have gotten my money back. I will not the taken for a fool.

  • Heather says:

    Be careful before you book!! I am still waiting for my damage deposit refund. Homeowner refunded the money to is right after our trip but VRBO is holding our money for 3 to 4 weeks?????? I was told when I talked to them on the 27th of May that I would have my refund in a max of 10 days. Now I’m being told I have to wait another 3 to 4 weeks??????? Never use VRBO again

  • Rhonda Blake says:

    I am still waiting! Almost two months. I did get an email asking if I got a response a week ago, so I am awaiting the outcome. As mentioned, I am a GM of a hotel and had to furlough 35 associates; I contribute monthly to food baskets as my staff is in need. I have decided once I get my money back, I will make that a contribution to feeding my team. Our hotel will not re-open until August 1st, and my staff is struggling. It is morally reprehensible to keep the money of a client who was in the hospital with renal failure and was medically unable to travel. There were two choices 1. Travel and die 2. Stay in the hospital and take dialysis. Guess what choice we made. I provided the medical documents and now is on a transplant list, and I am still waiting. We always find in our DNA to care about others. MOREOVER, THE OWNER SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO RENT WITH YOUR COMPANY. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

    • D. Haas says:

      Rhonda Blake,

      I am sorry to hear about you unfortunate experience. I am an owner and I go over an above for my guest. It has been extremely slow due to the virus, but recently has picked up. I have scheduled several travelers to stay in my condo. A traveler just left and was very pleased with his stay and plans to return. My problem is VRBO has not paid me one thin dime for any of the travelers to include this couple who checked in, enjoyed their stay, checked out and I requested their deposit be refunded. I too operate my condo using the funds that I get from VRBO. There are no funds. I have tried to reach out to VRBO over 20 times to no avail. I have 2 case numbers that are not good. The Payments Dept. is not working because of the virus and there is no help desk or anything. I have advised VBBO that I will not let the check in scheduled for May 30 check in with no payment. I realize this is not fair to the traveler but what am I supposed to do?


    OMG I did not know that I am not only person waiting to get my money back. The first house I had rented I email the owner and gave my deposit to VRBO. I cancelled in January because the lack of space and was told VRBO that will not get my money back per the home owner. I have called the owner with no reply. So I got the screw. I found another one that had the space I had booked it and they took out of my account $2,149.00 the same day I booked it. I cancelled this house because of that Virus going around. We are senior citizen and just wanted the family to get together for week. And now we cannot get any of our money back. VRBO is a terrible company. I am now up to $2,700 and boy that is a lot of money for us. PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS DO NOT BOOK WITH VRBO THEY ARE CROOKED. I HAVE CALLED AND EMAILED THEM SEVERAL TIMES NO ONE ANSWER

  • Kathryn says:

    Canceled within the 100% refund period and three weeks later I’m still waiting for my refund. Called twice and have been given some made up excuse. I bet if I booked a new reservation today that my credit card would be charged immediately. Will never trust this company again.

  • Rhonda Blake says:

    Still, five weeks later, no one from Vrbo has called to refund my money. Why is that? Did they get any government stimulus money? I will start posting not to rent that property as the owner is not willing to give me back my money, and the company with whom I have the contract VRBO refuses to talk to me. I will not stop as it is INHUMANE, that my daughter could not travel (with supporting documents) if she did, she would be DEAD. BTW THE DIALYSIS DIDN’T WORK, SO SHE IS ON A TRANSPLANT LIST WHILE COVID-19 IS A GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!!!!

  • Rhonda Blake says:

    To date, no one from the company contacted me!!!!! My daughter could not travel, if she traveled, it would kill her I have the supporting document, and as today, no one hasn’t. I will keep posting until someone does. I want my money back!!! Stop pointing fingers at the homeowner; my contract was with you. I paid you directly. I WANT TO BE MADE WHOLE. A few hundred dollars will not bankrupt Vrbo!!

  • Chad R says:

    I cannot believe how VRBO treats its customers. I have had several friends who had to cancel with AirBnB and they have already had refunds. The customer service agents have all given me a different story and even though the owner of the property sent the refund to VRBO, VRBO will not refund it! I have already reported to BBB and now the state AG. This is a scam!

    • Rhonda says:

      This is what happened to me. My daughter was in the hospital with renal failure and can you imagine I didn’t get my money back, and wait for it….it was at the beginning of COVID-19. I plan to blast them on all social platforms. I am done with this BS. I have supporting documentation and still nothing. If the owner doesn’t want to refund the money, then they should not list her and take the hit. I cannot believe the inhumanity of this company.

  • Rhonda Blake says:

    I am still fighting to get my money back!!!!!! At this point, the owner of the home offered my $250.00; I paid over $761.38!!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY OR RENTAL AGAIN!!! I have provided the medical form that if my daughter traveled, she would die. She was in the hospital. No one at the company contacted me to make me whole. I am in the manager of a hotel, and I would have made my customer whole and get the money from the homeowner or say it’s the cost of doing business!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN. I will certainly post this and share with all my friends who are like me travel 4-5 times a year and rent homes. Expedia did the right thing, and Vrbo is part of this company. I WANT MY MONEY BACK IT IS INSANE.

  • Rhonda Blake says:

    “I spoke Vrbo this morning they said you are the one who is refusing to issue the refund, I have suggested they give me back my money and ask you for it. If you refuse then they can make the choice of taking the financial hit for humanity’s sake or decide what they do with clients who under extreme circumstances refuse to refund a working-class person who rented a property for her daughter’s graduation. This is my 4th rental with Vrbo, I will not stop until the right thing is done! This is insane, I am not a rich woman, my daughter who is in her mid-30s has been struggling with Lupus since she was 19, and has had operations every year for the last 5 years spending a minimum of a week in the hospital.

    She was determined to get her degree in education and Lupus took away her opportunity to walk the stage, but we endured. Jet Blue refunded, Expedia for car rental refunded yet this is the only one. THIS IS DOWNRIGHT INHUMANE.

    In the heights of a pandemic, my daughter is in ICU and I have to fight for $761.38. Why? BECAUSE IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!

    I cannot imagine why someone would do something like this.

    On a more personal note: I hope your parents are doing well with this pandemic. Please stay safe, let’s hope COVID-19 ends soon. As a caregiver it never ends, luckily she was tested and doesn’t have the DREADFUL COVID-19.


  • Harry Baker says:

    I am a homeowner in Hyannis Massachusetts and I am giving full refunds if asked. If you would like to come to our 4 bedroom, 4 bath house and be close downtown, the ferries, and the beaches, look us up.

  • Rhonda Blake says:

    I want someone to return my call.

    Reservation ID

    Mar 5, 2020

    Mar 9, 2020


    6 adults

    Owner name

    Message from the owner

    Hi Rhonda

    I just got off the phone with Home Away. They are saying the policy was 50% refund 14 days before the check in, since the cancellation was only 2 days before… they only refunded you the taxes and the processing fee.


    My daughter was in the hospital and couldn’t travel; she is a Lupus patient and was experiencing renal failure, I have supplied her medical paperwork to get my refund. It’s heartbreaking enough that she worked so hard to get her degree after she was told in order to live she will have to stop working so she worked on getting her degree on-line only to be admitted with renal failure and couldn’t travel to her graduation. Furthermore, this was the beginning of COVID-19.

    My daughter now is ICU because dialysis isn’t working and I have struggled to get my money back. Lee Soto wrote to me and said she would refund my money but it’s your company who is refusing to do so. If the airlines did why can’t you!

    I will not stop until I get my money back this is obscene and inhumane.

    Rhonda Blake

  • CarrieL says:

    Here is the post I put on Yelp a few days ago. To add to that post, I have still not received my $499 and $500 deposits that VRBO reps have told me will come through even past the seven business days.
    Scottsdale, AZ VRBO rental
    Property# 800247
    Property owner-Kenneth Moore
    Let’s be clear, VRBO should NEVER be used to rent a vacation home. Coronavirus has exposed their fatality-flawed business model. Property owners have complete discretion as to whether or not guests will receive any refund even in an unprecedented event such as Coronavirus. This allows greedy and unscrupulous property owners to profit at the expense of their clients’ Coronavirus experiences. The property owner, Kenneth Moore, in Scottsdale, AZ, has indeed refused to even discuss the possibility of even a partial refund. He also was aggressively rude, dismissive of the pandemic as a real threat, even likening the virus to Corona beer in a sarcastic tone. VRBO’s policies only allow for direct negotiation between the renter and the owner. It’s a toss up whether one gets responsible owner who understands the gravity of this pandemic, or you get a Kenneth Moore. As I tried to use my only recourse and negotiate with Mr. Moore, I was eventually met with threatening words, declarations that all communications will be stopped, and his final words of “I’ll see you in court.” I could go on for pages. I’m now out approximately $7,000. But I’d rather be out this money than gather with my friends and fly from all over the country to meet for Spring Training and endanger the safety of ourselves and anyone we would have met on this journey. All I could say is to stay away from VRBO, property #800247 and owner of this property, Kenneth Moore.
    Useful 1FunnyCool

  • Nina says:

    Filed a bbb complaint against vrbo on March 26, 2020. We had booked a trip to London 6/3-6/8. We received an email in 3/25/20 from vrbo warning us to check our cancellation policy due to covid 19. We then called the next day to cancel. They took away the cancel button on the app so now you have to call. I called and was placed on hold for 45 minutes. I asked to cancel and the woman told me I had to call the company that fulfilled the booking sweetstay , even though I booked through vrbo. Please note vrbo did charge me a fee of 277.30 on 1/16/20. On their website it says that they are waiving the fee. However, even so I am well within the refund period and they still won’t refund. Continuing on , I contacted sweetstay – the vrbo partner- on 3/26/20. I was charged 2,140.51 on 1/16/20 by sweetstay after booking with vrbo. I Talked to the ceo. He advised that he had already spent my 100 percent refundable deposit . He says – hopefully- he will be able to refund my money in 9o days. He advised that he refunded everyone who called before me so apparently he spent my refundable deposit on them. Sounds like a shell game. This is outrageous . Vrbo escapes after false advertising – if there is a refund policy and I have met it, then why am I penalized. Vrbo is happy to take your money but they will not refund your money even when you meet the policies that they have set. Vrbo does not care I will never book with them again and I will tell everyone about his badly they treated me.

  • Kim C says:

    Adding to this very long list of disgruntled comments may not help the issue, but I doubt it can hurt. We have attempted to cancel our VRBO rental in Anna Maria, FL and have a very uncooperative and ignorant owner to deal with. Our state is under a “stay in place” directive, which I believe translates to “don’t go out unnecessarily”….a vacation is unnecessary, especially when it involves a group travelling to a state who’s majority of residents exceed the age of 60. The age group most in danger if they contract Covid 19. There is not a person on the planet that has not been affected negatively by this wretched virus. The owner of our rental is no different. Every human being is losing money right now. This is a time to show compassion and goodwill and know that if that is done, it will be rewarded in the future. These VRBO owners not exhibiting these traits will understand what Karma means….as well as social media backlash.

  • Pamela Williams says:

    Filing complaint with BBB in Texas today again VRBO for refund. We did not stay in the property as the owners did not send us unit number or keypad information. VRBO knows this as they tried get in touch with Mitzi and Jeff, the property owners, as well and VRBO ended putting us in a hotel, STILL not refunding. This happened in December, still fighting in March.

  • K Muse says:

    This is a never ending nightmare for everyone. I am not sure anymore about VRBO, it seems to me that they have just given my money away for free. I am not able/allowed to attend this vacation rental. They are not holding the property managers or homeowners responsible. I want a complete refund, not a credit. They had no problem taking my money and there is no guarantee that I will be able to make good on that credit within the next 12 months. I have to use the entire (credited) amount, or lose it. Not to mention, How hard it was putting the trip together in the first place. I know this will have a major effect on them financially, (Based on what was told to me from the property manager – Hailey at Whaley Management) so they have decided to keep my money and say “screw you”. This trip is non-essential and not worth me risking my health or the health of my friends and family. This has caused me much stress and anxiety over the past three weeks, trying to communicate with the property manager, not including having to deal with my own personal issues. This issue should be the least of my worries. So thank you VRBO, for me stupidly thinking I could TRUST you.
    I will RECOMMEND to all of my Friends, Family, Colleagues, Neighbors, Nurses, Doctors, Church Friends and Family, Everyone I talk, text and email, to NOT USE VRBO. Because, in the most vulnerable of times YOU Turn your back on customers to uphold a unstable platform.

  • Kelly Hamilton says:

    I have spent hours on the phone trying to get a refund!! The property owner refuses to answer the phone or return my call. I have spent hours on the phone trying to get someone from Vrbo to help and keep getting hung up on and was told by one VRBO rep that I should call a lawyer. They are beyond unprofessional and it’s disgusting that they are trying to profit in such a terrible time. This is my first experience renting thru a company and it’s been a nightmare. I will never use VRBO again and make sure everyone I know won’t either. Airb&b are refunding their customers because it’s the human thing to do. Shame on VRBO!!

  • Kelly Shader says:

    I made a reservation in February 2020 for a trip scheduled for end of August. Up until a month ago I was successfully able to access my account and communicate with the owners via the app. I tried to login to my account on the app a month ago and it said my password didn’t work. After many failed attempts, I selected to “reset” my password. I never received the password reset email. I called VRBO where customer service said they’d have to escalate to their tech support team and call me back. You guessed it, no call back. 30 days later I call back again. After TWO and HALF hours and THREE departments later, I find out that someone hacked my account with VRBO. This was the first i heard of this from them. Never received an email, letter or phone call. This wasn’t a surprise to me as my personal email had been hacked. After all their research they cannot figure out how to reverse the block that they put on my email. They want to set up an entirely NEW email account, cancel my reservation with the owner, get a refund, set-up a new reservation and recharge my card. This is INSANE. Someone tried to get into my PayPal account and PayPal has their act together that all i had to do was change my password. This is not for me to solve because your systems suck. I fortunately have the owners name and contact information from an earlier VRBO email and was able to contact them and tell them that I’m not sure how i can communicate with them or finish out the reservation because I do not have access to my account. What a disappointment. Moving on to Airbnb. I paid a 237.00 Service Fee to VRBO for what???????? Crappy service

  • Mark says:

    I’m on the bandwagon now, too. Filed a complaint with the BBB and now going to Nevada and California AGs with formal signed documents. The wheels of justice may be slow, but they generally find their way to the appropriate culprit(s). Unethical business behavior has a tendency to eventually root out bad apples (leadership). I’m sure we’ll be communicating again.

  • Wendy Mullis says:

    VTRIPS Is horrible and not refunding me for having to cancel so therefor I will never book again thru VRBO or VTRIPS or any of you

  • Wendy Mullis says:

    Very disappointed right now that I can’t cancel and get a full refund for my trip, I am not sure when we can go later to reschedule!! You guys should handle this better!!! Makes me never wanna use VRBO again and I will be posting on my social media about this!!!

    • Josephine Chavez-Backster says:

      I totally agree! Prop manager forcing me to cancel when I live in shelter-in-place county AND accept 50% refund (!) or 100% credit for future booking BUT charge me additional $1500 for future booking! Piss poor job VRBO! BTW, waiting 30+ mins to try & get chat—wake up VRBO!

  • ACP says:

    By the way, the property owner that is refusing to refund or rebook is property #652206 in Waimea Hawaii. Her name is Elena.

  • ACP says:

    I am horrified at the way VRBO is handling the Cover-19 crisis. The customer service is terrible and what’s worse are the property owners. I will NEVER use VRBO again. Airbnb is the more reputable company. I am willing to reschedule my trip and the owner won’t even do that. The airlines refunded my money, the hotel refunded my money, the rental car agency canceled my reservation, but not VRBO. I was told I’d even have to pay the cleaning fee even though I won’t be staying at the condo. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • E Garrett says:

    My husband and I had travel plans departing 5/14/2020 for a 6 week trip to Italy. We booked two different VRBO’s….one in Lucca and one in the Naples area. I cancelled both on 3/16/2020 via the VRBO site and both were well within the cancellation policy stated by the owner so I figured we’d be getting our money refunded on both. BUT, I received an email from VRBO and one of them states we were not eligible for any refund and the other states we’d only be getting back the 100 euro deposit. As I stated, one had a 30 day cancellation in advance of the arrival date for a 100% refund and one had a 14 day cancellation in advance of the arrival date for a 100% refund and we met both those parameters however I received these emails stating in total I’ll be getting back only 100 euro for nearly $3000.00 US paid IN ADVANCE. How is this possible??? Can’t get through on the 800# and the online chat feature never responded after sitting online for over 3 hours. This is unacceptable.

  • Lisa says:

    Very disappointing that government is issuing two week quarantine and stating “travel not recommended” to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Restaurants and bars being shut down. VRBO needs to provide refunds the same as air B&B for vacations scheduled and canceled due to the coronavirus.

  • Liz Gilman says:

    We had booked, through VRBO, a small cottage owned by Ian MacKenzie in Dornie, Scotland (Property ID 452702). We called him after travel from the US was restricted due to the COVID 19 and he very kindly found out how to give us a full refund, including service fee! We appreciate this generousity because we understand this is his livelyhood. Mr Hurst, you said in your email to us “We are finding new ways to reward their flexibility and understanding during this time, and we encourage you to try to work out exceptions to their policies with them first.” Please do your best to reward this man!

  • RHG says:

    RHG In regards to my post earlier today 3/17/2020. I am happy to say, Luana Hawaii Realty reached out this evening and said they would give us credit toward a later date! Thank you for working with us Luana Hawaii Realty!

  • RHG says:

    Stand behind your email statement “We understand the hesitation to travel in light of COVID-19. Family is our number-one priority.” and “We want you to make the best decisions for your family’s safety and well-being, and know that we’ll be here when you’re ready to reconnect and decompress on a getaway together.”
    Most importantly you stated “Homeowners and property managers who list homes on Vrbo have been encouraged to adopt more flexible cancellation policies in light of COVID-19 and offer full refunds to those who wish to cancel for concerns of their own well-being.” These are extenuating circumstances, not just some whim to cancel! This group refuses to refund or even reschedule. Been trying for a while, still approx three weeks out – (put some pressure) on GAIA Hawaii Realty Vacation Rentals/Luana Hawaii Realty Ilikai Hotel & Luxury Suites 1777 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu HI 96815. Not the time to vacation with health risk and closure of many sites and attractions that people go to the Hawaiian Islands for, such as Pearl Harbor National Memorial temporarily closed due to the coronavirus. You would think they would want repeat customers and referrals, won’t happen here at this point! Lost business will cost them more than the $1,920 I paid so far!

  • Dahl Simpson says:

    Will VRBO please step up to help the American people during this COVID-19 epidemic and release all renters of VRBO properties from their contracts. AirBnB did just that. Come on VRBO ! The world is watching.

    • Tom Williams says:

      I am attempting to file a complaint with the Texas attorney general’s office. My wife is a school nurse and sees literally thousands of students K-12 a month. Imagine the disruptions if we were to ignore all of the official travel guidelines, social distancing, contact mitigation etc., how irresponsible would that be in a worst case scenario. This is a very short sided position and unless VRBO acquiesces on this idiotic policy there should be consequences that would hopefully blast their bottom line.

  • Karin Williams says:

    I can’t believe that AirBNB is offering cancellations with full refunds and your company is not. I will be booking on AirBNB going forward and telling everyone I know

  • George Cohlmia says:

    How does one file a complaint on a VRBO owner for wanting to keep half of a reservation that needs to be canceled because of the coronavirus? Rather than returning $4300, she wants to keep $2150 and she has months to be able to rent the property.

  • Edward EPSTEIN says:

    I know this is in extraordinary times given the covid-19 but your customer service is shocking, your chat process means that u have to be glued watching your monitor !!! phone forget it !! you need an email availability (you are seriously damaging your future goodwill). in my situation we have had to cancel our booking to New York no problem getting the $$ back but to get the VRBO service fee is a big problem , any further solutions would be appreciated.my booking was #332976vb and phone number 778 838 2308

  • WWilson says:

    No CS , contrived apologies after purchase of nonperformance & insidious excuse making.

  • Jewel Casey says:

    Re your TV ad: what if the young boy was telling his mother about the BOY at school he likes . . .

  • >