Where is Vons Corporate office Headquarters

Vons Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 745 E Naomi Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 626-446-9483
  • Fax Number: 925-467-3323
  • Email:          
  • Number of Employees: 11100
  • Established: 1906
  • Founder: Charles Von der Ahe
  • Key People: Lawrence A. Del Santo

Vons Headquarters Location & Directions

Vons Headquarters Executive Team



Lawrence A. Del Santo

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Thomas C. Keller

President and Chief Operating Officer

Harold E. Rudnick

Senior Vice President of Retail Purchasing

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  • SZ says:

    Everything time I shop our Vons’s in DHS, CA I get overcharged. It never fails. I get so sick and tired of this happening.

  • Bernyce Moazed MS says:

    On January 28, 2019 I purchased a container of Orzo salad from the Von’s Deli on Twain in Las Vegas, NV. As I was chewing on a bite I realized something I was chewing was not organic, and spit it out. It was a chunk of red knitted material approx. 1-1/2 inch by by 1 inch+. Further checking I discovered two more pieces still in the container. I returned to the customer service window and showed the employee what I had. He confirmed – whatever it was it was not organic and referred me to another employee claiming this was no longer his responsibility . The other employee was in a heated discussion with two shoppers and glanced at me saying/growled she would refund my money. Without even listening to my story. I wrote to Customer Service in Phoenix and attached a hunk of the yarn wrapped in foil. In the meantime, I nearly gagged wondering where the yarn had been? Mopping the floor? Cleaning up around the toilet? Used as toilet paper? Who knows. Three months later I received a letter from D.J. Nordlund in Beaverton, OR offering a $10 Money Order! Claiming Customer service had not forwarded the sample I had attached to my original letter. I declined, on the basis 1) she made a snap decision based on hearsay. 2) I expected Customer Service and DJ Nordlund would be in the same town, and were not even in the same state, 3) Customer Service was lacadaisy and forwarded my letter to Oregon without the evidence, and worst of all – the attitude of the company employees who would never have tolerated this treatment if it had happened to them! Plus,
    I expected VON’S to care about their customers, especially in the prepared food service area – and requested $2,500 to compensate. DJ Declined – repeating her $10 offer. Even now, just thinking about it gives me the gagging reaction. HOW could VON’S be so heartless? It is not like I am being unreasonable – after all, this is going into the fifth month in my attempt to resolve VON’S gross negligence.

  • Heather says:

    Never in my life have I been more embarrassed by a Vons cashier with red hair in the location of San Diego, CA on Scripps Poway Parkway. My husband and I have been shopping at this location for 11 years, and got to know a few cashiers on a regular basis. Until today. We went shopping around 530 pm..and we had a big order and it took us 1 1/2 hours to shop. When we get up too the register, this cashier don’t know her name because she took off her name tag when we got to the line. As she was checking us out, she was going thru our order crtiqting everything we bought, and then said she doesnt feel comfortable doing our transaction. I was surprised, we had alot of coupons and she said that she wasn’t going to take our coupons, because she didnt feel comfortable with the color of our skin. I was floored. She said I will not continue your transaction,I don’t feel comfortable around you. She was very hostile towards me, and grab a case of water out of my hand and said you don’t deserve this. Her manager did not understand what she was doing. My husband siad to the manager,take all your food back I’m not shopping here anymore. We left and are reporting it to the BBB. Bad business never go to,this location!

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