Where is Vons Corporate office Headquarters

Vons Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 745 E Naomi Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 626-446-9483
  • Fax Number: 925-467-3323
  • Email: [email protected]          
  • Number of Employees: 11100
  • Established: 1906
  • Founder: Charles Von der Ahe
  • Key People: Lawrence A. Del Santo

Vons Headquarters Location & Directions

Vons Headquarters Executive Team



Lawrence A. Del Santo

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Thomas C. Keller

President and Chief Operating Officer

Harold E. Rudnick

Senior Vice President of Retail Purchasing

About Vons, History and Headquarters Information

Finding a quality supermarket chain is very difficult, but with Vons this is no longer a problem. This is a chain of supermarkets in California, which has earned the love of the inhabitants of this region. It was founded in 1903 in Los Angeles, California by Charles Von der Ahe.

Vons offers you the best quality products of all categories, having branches in places like Las Vegas, Nevada. You cannot get a supermarket with better customer service than Vons, since the employee selection process is rigorous to offer the best possible service for the customers.

No matter what you are looking for, it is very likely that you can find what you want in Vons, and you can choose between different brands to find what best suits your needs. A true supermarket is where you can find anything you are looking for and enjoy while doing it and Vons gives you this experience.

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  • Angry customer says:

    Why is it the Long Beach Circle location is always in turmoil? I will not shop there ever again and have told my neighbors on Nextdoor to only shop at Stater Bros.
    Tammy the store manager is so unpleasant, she is an older woman and is so rude to customers. I witnessed her tell a customer to ask the bakery about a bread! Then walked away taking to another female coworker making fun of cashiers. They are close to the same age and look line they could be sisters- so maybe that’s the reason.
    The last 2 times I was at the store I ran into her. She’s awful to the cashiers and the baggers. She yelled at a cashier in front of a line of customers and the poor girl had the longest line and was clearly doing her job! But Tammy is a bully and just went after her.
    I was in this past Saturday and she was laughing with a cashier about a picture on her phone when I walked in and then when I was checking out I heard her yelling and reprimanding a young cashier telling her if she was her mother. What kind of manager says that kind of stuff to an employee??
    Es I will keep posting on Nextdoor to not shop there! Between the stealing, homeless people and rude managers the only way to get change is to close that location

  • Jason says:

    Interesting why they have their store experience comments page down?everything else works but that specific category down.its ok I’ll just seek counsel I got enough witnesses to make this go viral.anyone else have any bad experiences with being discriminated against please feel free to email me at [email protected]

  • Robert Mcguire says:

    My complaint about Kleenex toilet Paper was wrong it was a price tag issue.

  • Robert Mcguire says:

    I wonder if Fox News might be interested about ‘this ripoff 5.99 for 1 small roll of toilet paper?

  • Robert Mcguire says:

    Kleenex toilet paper 1 small roll 5.99 plus tax.Something wrong here ripoff during this crisis.

  • Walter Heath says:

    I’m disappointed that you allow customers to enter your stores without masks! It’s irresponsible.

  • Marcia Davis says:

    I would like you to know the Vons at 8310 Mira Mesa is not adhering to basic cv protocol. No distancing, employees taking off their masks to talk to me with no social distancing. Eric, the manager was mean to me. Told me to never come back.

  • Harold E. Rudnick
    Help us help you protect your people
    Contact me [email protected]
    562-706-1066. Brea California
    We have Infection control products. Face Masks Fase Shields Hand Sanitizer and more. We would enjoy discussing potential of keepin you people safe and soon the public will demand
    Please let’s discuss potentially

  • Marlene Locke says:

    At 14:03 today, 04/03/20, I checked out of the self check at Vons, Store 2094. Three employees started dancing and laughing right between the people in self checkout coming within two feet of people checking out. One of those employees rubbed her runny nose. None had on masks. After I left and was in the parking lot, I phoned the store and told the person who answered, who said she was a manager, what had happened. Her name she said was Brenda. She said she was sorry I was upset and said twice, “they were just having fun”. Nine people have died of Corona in Ventura County. Hundreds of people are ill. The schools are closed, businesses are closing, etc. This is the Vons store at 5275 Mission Oaks, Camarillo, CA. Their phone number is (805) 482-7933; Director John Porter. Brenda did NOT say she would do anything about this life-threatening behavior by her employees. I got in the car with a person who spends his life using wheels to get around. The behavior of these employees shows a complete disregard for the dangers of passing this virus on to others. It is shocking behavior and could cause Vons to be sued. PLEASE MAKE SURE SAFE GUIDELINES ARE FOLLOWED AT THIS STORE.

  • Jean says:

    Can you tell me why Starbucks inside Vons is still open?? Do you think coffee is essential?? Are you guys that money hungry that you’re not closing it down. This coronavirus is very serious & you would think that you people would care about your employees & do everything & anything you can to keep them safe. SMFH!!!!

  • Ann says:

    I placed an order 2 weeks ago and received a conformation number, a delivery date and time which was March 23 between 12 an 1 P.M. My order never came and when i called to check on it today I was told it was cancelled because it was out of stock. When I ordered it it was in stock, so how come it was canncelled. I asked why it did not ship when I placed the order? The person I talked with was very rude she also said they were prossing new orders so when the stock came in I had to re order it. I asked her to just have my order filled when stock came in she said they could not do that. I said that is rediculous.

  • Vivian says:

    Well after reading the above comments and seeing that no one from the corporate office has replied to any of them I’m not sure that mine will get addressed either. I know that this is a tense time for many people in San Diego I just got finished going up to your store in the 4000 block of El cajon boulevard and was greeted by a manager who explained to me that the carts were to the left freshly sanitized for my use and I said no thank you I don’t need one to which she barked back at me well I was just trying to help and another employee came along and said we don’t need your comments am I not allowed to say I don’t need a cart? I just turned around and said I don’t need this I can shop elsewhere the manager then followed me out the store and said we’re just doing it for your protection and safety. At that point I did get irritated and told her I was sorry that she was in a b***** mood got in my car and left if I walk into that location again and the same manager is there I will walk back out I have other choices of places to shop smart & final Ralphs Walmart Target any place other than Vons and the 4000 block of El cajon boulevard if your managers do not know how to manage a crew and handle a store under a stressful situation they should not be managing .

  • Sharon Pelayo says:

    To who it may concern I placed an order for paper towels,toilet paper and tissue. Went to pick up my order @ Vons in Fontana on cherry. Come to find out they couldn’t find it and they told me to call 877-505-4040 I was on hold for over 45 minutes finally just got tired and hung up. We still need to have customer service. I understand with what’s going on my order could be canceled but I never received an email of cancellation so I was under the impression my items would be available.Please try to understand where I’m coming from your service allowed order’s to be placed.I did my order on sat 03/14/2020 for this pick up time and date below….
    Order # 13260232
    Pickup Date & Time
    Tuesday, 3/17/2020
    6 PM – 8 PM.
    sincerely disappointed customer

  • Sue Clyce says:

    Has Vons ever considered opening stores in the Midwest? I live in the Des Moines, IA area and our HY-Vee stores are obviously having some major financial problems. I lived in Las Vegas for 14 years. During those 14 years I was very pleased with Vons. We basically have 3 other grocery stores in the Des Moines are. Price Chopper, Fareway & Aldis. Fareway is fine–the only problem is that they aren’t opened on Sundays or any holidays. I think Central IA needs a shake up and would love to see a store from out West come here. Thank you.

  • C Espinosa says:

    I live in Las Vegas and have been ordering delivery for 8 yrs. because I’m disabled and do not have a car. VONS website was down for 7 weeks and had to pay for taxis to get my groceries. Finally the website is working, however, they made silly changes and this is because they hire primitive Indians who mess up everything they touch. The last two orders were a headache, February 13 they sent me a yogurt with an expiration date of February 15, even though I requested an expiration date of February 29. I called VONS and the woman said she would credit me $5.00 towards my next purchase but never got this credit. On March 6, I requested delivery between 9 and 1p.m. It was 3 p.m. and no delivery. The driver finally showed up at 3:30 p.m. and brought me two items out of several I ordered and paid. I asked him where was the rest of the items and he answered “I don’t know, I have to come back.” There were two items missing and the box with 18 eggs was totally smashed. I called VONS and a woman named Alice gave me a credit for $12.00, I told her that I did not get my $5.00 credit from before and Alice said that she would email me confirming the credits. To date they have not credited this amount nor I did receive the email from Alice. I expect a credit of $17.00 due me immediately.

  • Robert W says:

    I’ve tried twice today to write corporate and the emails come back. Here was my letter: Hello…we live in Canyon Country Ca. 91387. Your Von’s on Soledad Cyn Rd at Sand Cyn has been our go to store since we moved here in ’91. As of today that might change depending on if we hear from Von’s corporate with an explanation why my wife was subjected to a pro Trump political campaign person tirade with a table and signs standing near the door way to your store. As she leaving with her groceries he approached her asking if she voting for lower taxes by supporting and voting for Trump. He was standing in the path of leaving your store. When my wife said she “I’m sorry but I am not a pro trump voter….he replied “well, I’m sorry, but your sorry so have a sorry day!” There are other stores to shop in out here. IF this what you want to subject your shoppers to, let me know and I’ll will inform my friends in my neighborhood what is going on. The country is divisive enough already and I do not want to support this where I shop. Please reply. IF I don’t hear from you asap I will assume that Von’s supports this kind of behavior and you no longer want my business!!! Sincerely, Robert W in Canyon Country.

  • Matt says:

    Just shopped at the Vons located on Tamarack, located in Carlsbad CA. This location had hired an elderly somewhat dishelveled lady who was completely unable to handle her emotions or the customer service required at self-check outs. The employee, ‘Gail’ was poorly dressed and was oddly wearing inappropriate and highly unprofessional ‘purple fuzzy ears’ on her head… this while snapping at client questions! The self checkout machine went into error 4x. Each time, I had to go get her attention and ask her to come back. She never it did it on her own volition. Her annoyance grew at having to perform her job, all the while her mannerisms were stinted towards rudeness. Finally on the fourth time, she flippantly remarked, ‘oh well.. looks like you’re just going to have to stand in line then’ (two lines open each with close to 20 in each). Without emotion I simply left the goods there and began to walk out of the store. At that juncture, she yelled across the front, ‘YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SO RUDE.’ After which, I did speak to the active manager, who seemed to dismiss my complaint by insisting that ‘she’s always so friendly’. Went to Smart and Final to get what I needed instead. Will only return to this location when in a bind.

  • Maria Teresa Patton says:

    I and my entire family have been shopping at Vons for 40 years Been always satisfied with their products. But now we realize that changes have been made and they are to impoverish the quality of merchandise . For example I always bought Signature select artesian rustic French baguette. Now I have been informed that it has been discontinued but not the reason. Why would you discontinue a type of bread that is always sold out and replaced it with nothing comparable. The other product is mortadella . We do not know the brand and you sell it without pistachios. I realize that you are determined to lower your standards since changing to Albertons. I have never shopped at Albertson for the reason that the standards where not acceptable by us Italians who care deeply about our food quality. You possibly do not qualify to have us as costumers and after 40 years we should have a voice in what we accept as clients. I will make sure that I pass this on to my Italian acquaintances.

  • D W says:

    I have been trying for two days to place my order for delivery. I keep getting a message that you are having technical difficulties and a number to call. I sat for 30 minutes waiting for a human and then was told to keep trying different browzers. I tried Microsoft Edge, Fire Fox, Google Chrome and still kept getting the same message. I’m 87 and need my order. When will you have the technical difficulties fixed. I use Von’s on Ventura Road, Oxnard, CA.

  • MB says:

    I would like to know the procedures for filing a complaint with your corporate office. I have never had such unprofessional service from Vons or your delivery service as I have just recently experienced.

    I placed an order, order #4387849-2250 on 8/10/2019, for delivery on 8/11/2019 between 10 am and 11 am. Up to this point everything is fine.
    The delivery driver arrives within the scheduled window of time and proceeds to carry Vons bags of groceries to my door. Once the groceries are unpacked I notice two items are different than what I ordered.
    I then decide to go through the order item by item to see if any other items are different than what I ordered.
    Upon completion of the checklist we find that we are missing 11 items.
    I called your 877-505-4040 phone number and spoke to a very helpful and professional gentleman who assured me that this would be taken care of and he would initiate a delivery of my missing items the next day between the hours of 8 am and 10 am.
    As I sit here writing this letter it is 11:20 am and still no groceries.
    I called the above listed number at 10:05 am to see where my items were and I was put on hold until 10:15 am. I was then told they were on their way.
    At 10:36 am I received a call from a person identifying himself as the Vons delivery driver who stated to me that he wouldn’t be delivering my items until 12 noon.

    I’m not sure what has happened to your system of delivery recently but I have used your service for a few years now and never has it been so unprofessional as this most recent experience. The delivery driver and the store seem to care less that I have now missed four hours of work because of a continual lack of customer service on the part of Vons.

    Please forward the necessary contacts for your formal complaint process with your corporate office.


  • Nancy Morris says:

    The service at your pharmacy at Colorado and Sierra Madre is very poor. I have talked to the store manager and there were no improvements. I have been using a Vons pharmacy for at least 15 years but I am about to change.

  • Em says:

    I Was Just In The Vons on N Pass Rd In Burbank. The Deli Worker Was Very Disrespectful To The Guy In Front Of Me. She Skipped Over Him & Went To Me. I Told Her That He Was First. & She Said What, Oh & Walked Away. Not Cool! The Guy Working Was Done With His Customer & Said He Was Sorry & Helped The Guy. More Good Ones Acquired In The Deli Dept.

  • EV says:

    I Am So Disappointed That The Vons On 301Pass Rd In Burbank CA Has Mostly Rude People With Bad Attitude Working There. Better Training In People Skills Would Be Helpful To Start With. I Am Going To A Different Store.

  • SZ says:

    Everything time I shop our Vons’s in DHS, CA I get overcharged. It never fails. I get so sick and tired of this happening.

  • Bernyce Moazed MS says:

    On January 28, 2019 I purchased a container of Orzo salad from the Von’s Deli on Twain in Las Vegas, NV. As I was chewing on a bite I realized something I was chewing was not organic, and spit it out. It was a chunk of red knitted material approx. 1-1/2 inch by by 1 inch+. Further checking I discovered two more pieces still in the container. I returned to the customer service window and showed the employee what I had. He confirmed – whatever it was it was not organic and referred me to another employee claiming this was no longer his responsibility . The other employee was in a heated discussion with two shoppers and glanced at me saying/growled she would refund my money. Without even listening to my story. I wrote to Customer Service in Phoenix and attached a hunk of the yarn wrapped in foil. In the meantime, I nearly gagged wondering where the yarn had been? Mopping the floor? Cleaning up around the toilet? Used as toilet paper? Who knows. Three months later I received a letter from D.J. Nordlund in Beaverton, OR offering a $10 Money Order! Claiming Customer service had not forwarded the sample I had attached to my original letter. I declined, on the basis 1) she made a snap decision based on hearsay. 2) I expected Customer Service and DJ Nordlund would be in the same town, and were not even in the same state, 3) Customer Service was lacadaisy and forwarded my letter to Oregon without the evidence, and worst of all – the attitude of the company employees who would never have tolerated this treatment if it had happened to them! Plus,
    I expected VON’S to care about their customers, especially in the prepared food service area – and requested $2,500 to compensate. DJ Declined – repeating her $10 offer. Even now, just thinking about it gives me the gagging reaction. HOW could VON’S be so heartless? It is not like I am being unreasonable – after all, this is going into the fifth month in my attempt to resolve VON’S gross negligence.

  • Heather says:

    Never in my life have I been more embarrassed by a Vons cashier with red hair in the location of San Diego, CA on Scripps Poway Parkway. My husband and I have been shopping at this location for 11 years, and got to know a few cashiers on a regular basis. Until today. We went shopping around 530 pm..and we had a big order and it took us 1 1/2 hours to shop. When we get up too the register, this cashier don’t know her name because she took off her name tag when we got to the line. As she was checking us out, she was going thru our order crtiqting everything we bought, and then said she doesnt feel comfortable doing our transaction. I was surprised, we had alot of coupons and she said that she wasn’t going to take our coupons, because she didnt feel comfortable with the color of our skin. I was floored. She said I will not continue your transaction,I don’t feel comfortable around you. She was very hostile towards me, and grab a case of water out of my hand and said you don’t deserve this. Her manager did not understand what she was doing. My husband siad to the manager,take all your food back I’m not shopping here anymore. We left and are reporting it to the BBB. Bad business never go to,this location!

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