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The company, back then Min-X.com was founded back in 2000 by Jeff Pulver and is based in Holmdel, New Jersey. It began as a provider of broadband VoIP services and was renamed to Vonage Holdings Corp. in 2001. It started offering subscription services in the USA and reached Canada and UK as well.

Vonage Holdings Corp. is a software technology company that offers cloud communications services for small and medium-sized businesses, mid-market companies, and enterprises. They use advanced technology to help companies connect, collaborate and communicate in order to get better business results. They also have Vonage World and Vonage North America consumer plans. They provide Vonage-enabled devices with high-speed broadband Internet service which enables the consumers to get connected to the internet on all the devices such as computers, laptops, and smart phones.

This company distributes its products through its sales agents, Websites, and toll-free numbers for consumers and businesses flourished and spread all over in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Asia. Vonage offers 911 services on a VoIP platform. Customers can get virtual numbers every month for some amount. Vonage introduced an analog telephone adapter through which a customer can connect analog telephone to the Internet and the Vonage service.

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  • Debbie L. Tatum says:

    11-19-2022: BASIC TALK subsidiary of Vontage: Taking Money without providing service for 12 months (No Dial Tone). Stop payments they would change the amounts to keep getting payments. Tech support was requested in 1/2022 (set up started at end of 12/2021). Recently company tried to upsell with a new box but said nothing about a refund of payments without any service of 1 year (untrustworthy), tech support, or answers to emails, cancellations, or calls for almost a year. They ignored me and the failure to provide service. Canceled all business cards connected to the account 11/2022, only now am I getting communication, but thus far no resolution. I have also experienced “I’ll call you back,” with no return call. Nightmare!!! Requested a refund …. still pending.

  • Manish Katyal says:

    Vonage Customer service out of Chennai, India call center sucks. I have called hundreds of times and agents lie, they do not document, ask the same question again and again. There are 8 agents a few supervisors who are absolutely unprofessional. They hung up on customers, call drops and never call back. Ask for a supervisor call back and that never happens. They have no clue about the actual issue of the problem as they do not even tickets but tell customers that they have opened up as in the next call another agents there is no ticket. There is no management in this company or they sleeping somewhere. This company will not survive a competitive market and Vonage will be out of business. Shame on Vonage management for providing absolutely poor, terrible, disgusting and disgrace service. You guys should immediately Chennai call center as this is the worst call center.

  • Linda says:

    I have had trouble with my Home Phone for over two weeks. I can’t call my 91 yr-old Mom because I get a recording that states the person you are trying to call doesn’t accept calls from anonymous blocking AND MY PHONE IS NOT BLOCKING MY CALLER ID OR NUMBER. I was hung up on 3 times by your foreign customer service people after waiting on phone for over an hour three different times. First time I was told my account was being escalated and was told ALL the Vonage customers having same problems, said I would get a call within two days. I tried to tell this man, Keert (he spelled his name 20 times because I could not understand him) that I need them to call After 4:00PM EST but he hung up. I have had dropped calls for over 6 years and calls not coming through (phone doesn’t ring and goes straight to voicemail and don’t show up on caller ID, Thank God my house phone blinks when there’s a message). They blamed that on packet loss from AT&T Uverse. But what is happening now is insane and very upsetting. Not being able to call certain phone numbers otherwise get a message to unblock my number when my Phone Is Not Blocking. Even my settings show I’m not blocking my caller ID or number when I sign in. Your customer service is horrible. How can you treat us this way? Or Why do you? Try hiring people that can understand and speak English. You take my American $$$, have the Call Center on American soil. They Hang Up On You. I must be able to call my Mom who has health problems. I’m not into cell phones (My Mom also has House phone through Comcast) and I must be able to get calls when I’m sitting right here, not have the phone not ring and go to voicemail (this isn’t AT&T Uverse causing this). That is why I pay Vonage, to have house phone. . Are you going to FIX THIS ISSUE. Somebody Respond please ASAP as in NOW.

  • Ona Presto says:

    Where is your customer service?
    Who answer’s corporate office? NOBODY
    Business has been without phone service since September 1, 2021 do you care? Maybe the auto payment should be stopped?
    I want a Customer Service Manager from Corporate to call me back
    Business Name is
    Rapid Tax
    Which you can’t call back on it out of order!

  • Tiffany says:

    Where is everyone???? 5 months and no answer !!

  • Bruce E Boutin says:

    I got scammed the other day through Messenger and Facebook and I proved he was but I hit the wrong bubble so I have to do it again or appeal it. If you go on the site that were on or you might have gotten an email from bondage. Calm about food stamps. Then you if they have you fill out this box and on the bottom is a bar and it wants to tell you if you’re eligible for it don’t touch it it will send all your information to a hog and you’re going to get mortgage lenders insurance it’s companies and blah blah blah blah blah he wanted to give me a loan for $100,000 but it was going to cost me $10,000 it’s amazing how many companies have this survey on their site which is deep peace that makes it a scam besides telling me that I got to pay you $10,000 they got the copy of front and back my license social security number blah blah blah Don’t Touch these they all basically look the same they altered the one I used with the word veterans benefits grants this company is scammer scammer scammer scammer scammer if you get the email and you hit the link it is will put your info in a hug and you’re going to get phone calls from mortgage companies insurance companies they’re using companies personal information to match my personal information so if anything really happened in a way those companies who don’t know what’s going on they just know that they have a match to call they could be indirectly linked to the scam it has been going on for so many years look at Google it’s freaking everywhere everywhere and they target the Vets the most. Go into Google find out all this information and prove it to yourself I plan to do a class action lawsuit because we’re stronger in numbers and stop this scam once and for all because of somebody never thought of something lipstick a movie for a second those two girls that watch that crazy character and they killed one of the girls at work as a friend they learn from stuff on Facebook on on Google that they can use and make some money without repercussion. Don’t touch the length no matter what it looks like what they’re taking and if you’re wondering look at the email address that it was sent from Google it it works wonders and call the FTC to file complaints and you’ll see that’s exactly what Google and these companies consumer agencies recommend so you substandard SOB’s who make our world even worse you scam you intimidate and someday you’re going to have to really live with yourself and what you’ve done in life. Karma’s coming to get you, he’s coming to get you

  • William says:

    My service has been down for 4 months! I have tried to get support and have been bounced around to the wrong departments and only been able to reach foreigners who barely speak english. When I finally got someone to address the situation over a month ago, he did diagnostics and promised to send out a new modem. Over a moth has gone by and no modem. I called in again today and got bounced to 3 different departments before I got someone who could understand me. She told me that the last rep I spoke with over a month ago never put in the order for a new modem! She was actually helpful and apologetic and issued me a credit and promised a new modem in 1-2 business days. It is a shame that Vonage customer support has gotten so bad. I have had the service for almost 20 years and, other than support, I have been happy. Get it together or lose customers people!!!

  • Deanna L Polk says:

    I cannot get anyone through customer service and I need to cancel my service. I’ve been trying for two months, who can I speak with please to get this taken care of? When I call customer service and I ask to speak with an agent I get transferred to a dead line. What do I have to do? Take you to small claims court? I tried emailing and I get a response to call a number that is no longer working. What has happened to your company? It used to be really good. I need this taken care of please.


    I would like to speak with a corporate level representative, is this possible?

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