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Von Maur is an American company that was established in 1872 by J. H. C. Petersen. It was named the Redstone Building which later changed to Harned & Von Maur; soon after it was sold to R.H. Harned, C.J. Von Maur, and Cable Von Maur. Further, in 1928, both stores merged in the Redstone Building and were named Petersen’s. It was in 1937 that Von Maur family took the reins of this company in their hands and finally named it to Von Maur. The headquarters of the company is based in Davenport, Iowa, USA.

This company is a chain of department stores offering a unique shopping experience through a wide variety of clothes, jewelry, handbags, and footwear and beauty products for men, women, and kids. It deals in all types of brands such as Eileen Fisher, Free People, Kate Spade New York, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Kenneth Cole, and Brooks Brothers, among many others. This company expanded its services to Midwestern territories like Georgia, Alabama, New York, and Oklahoma and has around 33 stores in 15 different states.

Along with its products, it also offers an interest-free charge card, liberal return policy, free gift wrapping and shipping services enhancing its customer service by providing them with comfort and convenience. Live pianists, ambiance with antiques are one of its signature elements of these stores.

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  • Wendy Romero says:

    I placed an order 18035541 for 4 white mens dress shirts. One was cancelled because it turns out you did not have it. I was not notified. Then another shirt I was sent a slim and ordered a regular. I had to drive to Von Maur in Yorktown to return it. I called to check on misdirect g shirt and see if I can get what I ordered the regular vs slim. I was on hold for 23 min and the person who answered told me about one of the shirts being cancelled and said oh sorry about getting the slim. That is not acceptable. I asked if we can get the size that I ordered and what would be done for me as I had to drive and spend my time and gas to return the wrong shirt. She said there are no more shirts and said that’s all we can do and hung up on me. Not happy. What happened to Von Maur customer service. In this past year we have purchased $5000 in suits for my husband. I would like a follow up on this. Not happy!

  • Carol says:

    Dunwoody store has nasty furniture near piano. Maybe a health concern.🤢

  • Mary Anne MacKenzie says:

    I had a very negative interaction at your Ann Arbor, Michigan store today, February 20th. Last week, I purchased a pair of Spanx tights. This morning, I tried them on and I could not get into them. They were insanely tight. I was able to get my left leg in but not the right. Clearly, this item of clothing is not meant for older women. I took the tights back for a return (they were $40.00!). The sales clerk refused as she claimed I had worn them. I definitely had not worn them as I could not even get into them. I asked for the manager and he also accused me of having worn them and I again stated that I had not. He did ultimately agree to the refund. However, I felt insulted by this behavior on the part of your staff. I have never been accused of lying before. There is a reason for that. I do not lie. I am so upset that I have decided to pay off my account and close it. I have been a loyal customer for many years and and have spent thousands of dollars in your store. Not any more. I am done with Von Maur. You may want to address this with your staff. In the long run, it is going to cost the company a great deal more than a $40.00 refund.

  • Vladimir Icorikov says:

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    If one is not displaying any signs of having succumbed to Covid, they are not contagious, although their clothing and hair could carry germs of all sorts . . .

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    What female hairstyles are publicly decent?

    More and more SENSIBLE people are quitting their jobs and staying away from company work NOT because they do not free safe around POTENTIALLY-healthy nonvaxed co-workers nor even POTENTIALLY-contagious covid-vaxed co-workers . . . but mainly because they do not to be tyrannized by the extortion of ridiculous anti-scientific malicious mandates of forced masking, vaxing, and testing.

    I will quit my employment with Von Maur Eden Prairie if they force me (against HIPPA rules) to get and show any type of vax card or get tested.

    My position as an accomplished popular employee is a bit crucial to their cosmetics and clothing sales, so such satanic superstition-caused needless-because-of-senseless/antiscientific-covid-hype company-caused vax-proof malicious extortion would not only inconvenience me as to paying my monthly bills but even cause customer disappointment resulting in indeterminate subtle boycotting of company products.

    Moreover, I might sue Von Maur for firing me for me not caving to senseless vaxing and testing — now that the Supreme Court has blocked Biden’s absurd OSHA-enforced? requirement for companies with more than 100 (or is it arbitrarily 99 or 102 or 104 or 107?) workers to violate HIPPA by forcing both vaxing and testing on their employees.

    If Von Maur attempts by Eden Prairie police, sheriff, or State Patrol to perpetuate their anti-supreme-Court vax-card terrorism, federal Marshals will override them.

  • Kathleen Kamerick says:

    I went to the Van Maur store in Coralville, Iowa, yesterday to exchange a gift. The two staff people I dealt with were courteous. But they were not masked. We are in the middle of a pandemic that has killed over 800,000 Americans. Yesterday there were over one million new Covid infections in the United States. Van Maur is exposing its staff and its customers to serious illness by not requiring masks. I will not return to the store until it is safe, and I will certainly tell everyone I know not to enter the Van Maur store.

  • Lydia says:

    I shop VonMaur almost exclusively for myself and family. I love VonMaur.
    It has been harder and harder to buy casual cloths. These last three years “most” of the casual women’s cloths are boho style. The cloths look, unbecoming, unstylish and cheap like those sold at a superstore.
    Please go back to “mostly” classics instead of “mostly” boho.
    I would be so unhappy if VonMaur closes because of your buyers choices.

  • Jackie says:

    I have been a long-term customer of Von Maur. The other day we visited the Beavercreek store to buy at a local store for the Christmas season. The store said it welcomes dogs so we brought our dogs in their stroller shopping. Upon entering the dogs barked with excitement at some employees that were talking to them. We had been in the store less then 3-minutes when an employee came walking over (like the wicked witch of the west) and abruptly said if they didn’t quit barking we need to leave. Now mind you it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and 1:00 PM and there were only 2 customers in the store. I know an employee wouldn’t kick a customer out if a kid was screaming even though it makes me feel very uncomfortable listening to the screams. However, this store manager felt the need to kick us out and to make us feel unwelcome even through VonMaur said dogs are welcome. Dogs do bark and yes, they did bark at the beginning. I don’t think 3 minutes into us being there warranted a confortation. I do know Nordstrom never made me feel that way and we should have went Shopping there instead, and I will not make that mistake again.

  • Lisa Marr says:

    My experience at the Livonia, Michigan store today is the MAIN reason I continue to patronize Von Maur. It is the only brick and mortar store I shop at! Always helpful staff and well stocked in every department. Also, I was very impressed with the shopping bag celebrating Military Family Appreciation Month. Thank you! As a proud Mom of two Marines I am forever grateful for ALL our service members. Job well done, keep up the high standards of your stores.

  • Anita Lee says:

    I’m in the store dealing with. A racist manager Emily Campbell . She’s rude very disrespectful

  • Anita Lee says:

    Very rude racist manager Emily Campbell

  • Campy says:

    They are refusing to let me return something. It was an in store purchase. Told me I had to wait until the store opened and I couldn’t return by mail (even though online returns can). Store now open and they are now saying no returns for 30 days. With this VIRUS they could close again. I would like to return and get my money back instead of them keeping my money. This is not right. I want a response and I want my return processed now so I can use my money instead of you. Do we need to file complaints with the government and FTC?

  • Chris Raines says:

    Your employee, Alla, from the make- up dept. at The Greene in Beavercreek provided excellent help to me on August 14 . She rode the elevator with me ( I have a phobia ). The escalator was unavailable. This kind gesture was a huge help to me!

  • Voncile WalkingBull says:

    I have been working at Von Maur for 4yrs, and have had 6 DM’s. I have applied for the position but was told no. So now that the New DM has been demoted because of his attitude. Why do he get to remain in the women shoes dept as a sales associate, the last DM that was demoted was moved to men clothing.

  • susan says:

    I have been trying to reach the store in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Their phone system for customers calling in has been broken for months. I have reported it to them in person at the Fort Wayne location with no success. They have had others report this problem to them also. Why will you not do something about the phone system? You have lost sales from me and some of my friends.
    I need to return a phone call to them today. 260-672-97640 (my number). They are holding something for me and I must answer them today 8 22 2018.

  • Pietro Catarinicchia says:

    My wife was wrongfully let go from your store in Glenview, IL just the other day. I would love to talk to someone from corporate to go over this and help me understand why it happened. We are both very upset that this happened. She was a floor manager, and was very good at her job. She did not deserve this. Please get back to me, anyone!

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