Where is Vizio Corporate office Headquarters

Vizio Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 39 Tesla, Irvine, CA 92618, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 949-428-2525
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Number of Employees: 444
  • Established: October 2002
  • Founder: William Wang
  • Key People: Ben Wong, Kenneth Lowe

Vizio Headquarters Location & Directions

Vizio Headquarters Executive Team



William Wang

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Ben Wong

President and Chief Operating Officer

Kenneth Lowe

Co-Founder and Vice President

Kurtis Joseph Binder

Chief Financial Officer

Jerry C. Huang Esq.

General Counsel and Vice President

Mark Nelson

Principal Accounting Officer, Vice President of Finance and Corporate Controller

Jeffrey Schindler

Chief Procurement Officer

About Vizio, History and Headquarters Information

VIZIO Inc., formerly known as V Inc was incorporated by William Wang in 2002. Vizio is headquartered in Irvine, California; United States. It was renamed to VIZIO Inc. in 2007. The purpose behind this company was to fight against the overpriced electronics and manufacture the same good quality products using the latest technology like quantum dots that are pocket-friendly. In 2007, they got popular as the largest LCD TV seller in North America. Thay also grabbed public attention when thay sponsored U.S. college football's annual Rose Bowl game in Pasadena, California.

Vizio is a company that designs and manufactures inexpensive consumer electronics such as televisions, sound bars, speakers, High Definition Surround Sound systems, LCD monitors, HDTV accessories, and SmartCast Tablet Remote. The products can be purchased from retailers as well as online.

They focus primarily on HDTV and sound bar systems. Its products are made in China and Mexico. A number of ports for making connections on the TV and the affordable price range of the TVs are the two main things which set Vizio apart from other competitors.

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  • Nick Haverstrom says:

    I purchased a sound bar (sb3651) a few months ago which was faulty and would randomly turn off while watching TV, streaming, playing music, etc… Did all of the troubleshooting with tech support and the resolution was to replace the unit. The replacement unit did the same thing. Once again I called tech support and went through all of the troubleshooting again and was sent another unit which did the same thing. After another call to tech support it was decided to send the 2018 version of the sound bar because apparently I had the 2017 version (same model number). The newer version did the same thing. Called tech support again and was told they would need to replace the unit once again. At this point I asked what could be done to send a newer unit or different model that would not have this issue. I was told I would receive a call back. I just got off the phone and the resolution was to issue a refund because there is no other model they could send. I have always bought Vizio products but not so sure after this experience. Recently I have purchased a 60″ and 75″ Vizio tv. I’m asking to make this right. I have spent so much time on the phone with tech support, sending back faulty equipment and setting up the new equipment. There is something that can be done which is sending a model (even if it’s newer) which doesn’t have this issue. Please contact me and let me know what can be done.

  • Dilip Vakharia says:

    I am returning my second vizio 55″ in couple of months. The current model # V555-G1, serial # 49LTCWYIN56214 in couple of days. Both purchased from Walmart, Glenmont, NY. In the first TV- cast and airplay feature did not work inspite of Vizio support having reset to Factory standard. The current TV, none of the HDMI ports work. I have decided to not spend any more time with support as they wanted to subject TV to cycle of Factory setting installation. I am returning this TV back to store and get refund. Is there any assurance I can get from your offices that my purchase of another similar 55″ Vizio TV will not run into problem within a day of purchase? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks. Dilip

  • Donnie says:

    I bought a 60 inch Vizio about three years ago for the last 6 months all it has is sound the picture will come on initially but soon fade out and will not come on again. A real quality TV wouldn’t go out this fast. I’m contacting the manufacturer to see if I can get a replacement. If they don’t make this right I’ll never purchase another VIZIO.

  • Rene Stahl says:

    I purchased the new V series 60″ TV. It worked fine till this past Friday, I had Dish come out thinking it was a dish issue. dish was at my home for over 2 hours nothing fixed the problem. Dish tech said it was the TV. I contacted Vizio spoke to a tech, explained that all of sudden my TV will turn off the picture, TV is still on but no picture. then it tells me No Signal, then I moved to HDMI2 and still doesn’t find a signal. I told the tech my TV was only 7 months old, I wanted someone to come and fix it. The tech tells me he will send me a certified refurbished TV. I told him NO, I purchased a new 60″ TV, I wanted it replaced with a new one. I was so mad. I called back got another tech that tells me he knows of my issue, Vizio is working on it, but it could take till the end of January, he really doesn’t know how long it will be before there is a fix. I was a very Vizio loyal customer, and guess what I will Never buy another Vizio TV again. I am so mad, I can’t see straight. This is not acceptable to me. They may find a fix, could take a month, no one knows, then they want to send me a citified refurbished 60″ TV to replace my new 7 month old TV. I paid on sale $575.00 for my 60″ TV. NEVER AGAIN will there be a Vizio. I refuse to be treated like they’re doing me a favor, by giving me a refurbished TV.

  • Alfonso Paredes says:

    I purchase a TV back on 2015 that it doesn’t turn on anymore, I spoke to the support line customer service department Supervisor name Derry and he told me no longer under warranty and other option , I lose my TV that expend for almost $600 dollars. Do not buy a Vizio TV , it is really bad product

  • Andrea says:

    Our Vizio TV failed after just two years. The screen is black. Do not waste your money on a Vizio TV.

  • Steve says:

    My wife and I were going to purchase another TV last week and considered Visio as we already have one. But after Smartcast failing for at least the fourth time this month, leaving us unable to watch movies over the holidays we will buy a Samsung.

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