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William Wang

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Ben Wong

President and Chief Operating Officer

Kenneth Lowe

Co-Founder and Vice President

Kurtis Joseph Binder

Chief Financial Officer

Jerry C. Huang Esq.

General Counsel and Vice President

Mark Nelson

Principal Accounting Officer, Vice President of Finance and Corporate Controller

Jeffrey Schindler

Chief Procurement Officer

About Vizio, History and Headquarters Information

VIZIO Inc., formerly known as V Inc was incorporated by William Wang in 2002. Vizio is headquartered in Irvine, California; United States. It was renamed to VIZIO Inc. in 2007. The purpose behind this company was to fight against the overpriced electronics and manufacture the same good quality products using the latest technology like quantum dots that are pocket-friendly. In 2007, they got popular as the largest LCD TV seller in North America. Thay also grabbed public attention when thay sponsored U.S. college football’s annual Rose Bowl game in Pasadena, California.

Vizio is a company that designs and manufactures inexpensive consumer electronics such as televisions, sound bars, speakers, High Definition Surround Sound systems, LCD monitors, HDTV accessories, and SmartCast Tablet Remote. The products can be purchased from retailers as well as online.

They focus primarily on HDTV and sound bar systems. Its products are made in China and Mexico. A number of ports for making connections on the TV and the affordable price range of the TVs are the two main things which set Vizio apart from other competitors.

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  • Mrs. Russell says:

    I am greatly dissaointed to see this company allow Phzer advertise covid Vaccine on the watch free channel. That company has committed genocide on millions of people.

  • John Gramley says:

    I will never buy a Vizio TV again. My TV stopped working after 6 months so I called in to called customer service and they told me the tv was not repairable and they would refund me the money. I waited a few days called back to confirm the refund and the email sent they then said oh no we’re gonna repair it. When I took the TV down and set it in my shed as told to do so by Vito until my refund was finalized one of my employees bumped and cracked the screen: Vizio emails me stating they needed to reach me so I call they tell me they decided to fix the Tv I told them it has a crack in the screen they tell me sorry your out of luck no refund or repairs. So they tell me the tv is trash just set it aside and then a week later after my tv is vulnerable to getting damaged they wanna fix it. I have emails showing confirmed refund and now I’m screwed. They said they will give me $100 off. I spent $2700 on 3 75 inch televisions and this is how I’m treated.

  • Judith Felder says:

    And now Im being told that I have to find a tv service person to come out to service the tv????!!!! Why should I have to bear the cost of getting this piece of crap tv fixed when it was poorly made in the first place. And how bout they just disconnected the call. So now tech support sucks!!!

  • Judie Felder says:

    I am super disappointed and I really didn’t think that my frustration level could go any higher. I purchased a Vizio D32h-J09 television in February of 2021. Six months in, I began experiencing issues with this television. I’ve had to restart this TV many times, only to experience more issues. My latest issue is a black screen. I’ve contacted customer service 2x (gonna be 3 after I finish writing this review) this week, once 2 weeks ago. Twice having to restart and once doing a Factory reset. On Monday, Nov. 13, I had a call with customer service, problem/issue resolved and was told I would not have to worry about restarting my television because all of the updates were made on their end and that I should be good from now on. . . Nope, wrong!! I wanted to watch a show on Apple TV, I pressed the icon for the Apple TV app, and here I am again, with a black screen! Ugh!!!!!!!! Prior to this there were many calls placed to customer service. Issues were resolved but issues with this tv are constantly reoccurring! There is ALWAYS something going on with this TV. . .Please just please replace the television.

    • Judith Felder says:

      Today is November 19 and once again i am on the phone with tech support trying to remedy the black screen AGAIN!! This is INSANE!! smh!!

  • Ralph Wills says:

    Very Disappointed in the sound bar I purchased. It intermittently plays Dolby 1.0. I was told by technical support that this model: M512a-H6 doesn’t support Dolby 1.0 monaural yet my other Vizio products do. I feel as I have been brushed off for a legitimate problem. Couldn’t this problem be alleviated with a firmware update that corrects this problem or am I the only one having this issue. If so, please let me know and have this replaced. I have been a customer for many years. If you have this model at your facility could you test it to see if it is a incompatibility issue or if it’s my unit? Thank you

  • saundra marshall says:

    Message came on my tv you can decline or accept. Will not do either. Why was this placed on my tv anyway? You should be able to turn it off just as easily as you placed it.

  • saundra marshall says:

    Vizio has placed a message on my tv. Did not ask for it and with all technical support. Message indicate accept or decline. Will not let you do anything any thing. WHY WAS THIS message PLACED ON MY TV? Can’t even turn it on with vizio control

  • Taylor Jones says:

    Help me hear, PLEASE!
    I have my hearing, but it is impaired. My experiences in the military have caused significant reduction and loud tinnitus. Hearing aids do not work for me. It is difficult for me to hear a phone call. What I have discovered is that if I use bluetooth sound reduction ear buds I can hear the caller more clearly. It would be great if you can lead the industry and add the ability to connect a Bluetooth ear bud to your equipment, but still allow the TV to emit the sound normally as well (it would upset my wife if she then couldn’t hear while I watched). Can you make this happen?

  • K Real says:

    I purchased a 50″ tv in 2/22 at 8 months it has horizontal-colored lines through the screen, I called about a replacement and went through diagnostics. I was approved for a replacement, and I would hear back via email with instructions in 24-48 hours to submit pictures and my receipt. I didn’t receive the information in a few days so I called, while on the phone I was emailed a link to submit the info, I was asked to try the link, it didn’t work, so I was told to just reply to the email with the pictures and copy of my receipt and I would again hear back from them in 24-48 hours, I did that. Then I missed the call, so I called back and was told I’d have to wait for a call back 24-48 hours “keep phone open”, I did confirm they had my pics. I got a call, I was told by the rep they could not view my pictures or my receipt, too pixilated, I asked to speak to someone else and was transferred to “Vizio ND” that rep said the pictures were too pixilated and also need to include the entire tv not just parts showing the lines. How do you know it’s just parts of the screen if you cannot tell what the pictures are of? So, I sent them again, this time I’m given a text number to use. Oops on 2 of the 5 pics I had circled the lines. In a couple days I received a call stating they could not use my pictures because of the circles. So, I took the circles off and resent the pictures. (Remember I have already been approved for replacement with my first submission) A couple days later I get a call telling me they approved a trade and will send someone out with a replacement, and that person will take my tv. Two days later, today, I received a call, man telling me his name and asking if my phone number is good if we get disconnected? Who are you I asked, he said he was calling from Vizio. I was informed that the trade service had been cancelled since this is a 50″ tv, they will do an advanced replacement. What is that I asked? He said, we will send you a replacement and then you can send your tv to us. All we need is your credit card number to place a hold until we receive your tv. He didn’t want the number over the phone, but an email will arrive with a link to a secure site to enter my cc #. I do not see that happening. How much is the hold, I asked? He asked me, “How much did you pay for your tv?” I told him he should know since I have sent my receipt in 3x. He checked but could not read the receipt because the print was too small. I asked for the corporate office info, he said they don’t have corporate office…I cut him off, I will have that info in a minute. I let him know he can fulfill his duties and send me a replacement junk tv, the replacement is a refurbished (someone else’s headache), different model, certified to Vizio standards (well we think their standards are not very good at this point) and I will send them mine, no cc info exchange. I have done everything they asked yet they do not trust me to send in my junk tv with their prepaid label. I do not trust them with my cc # so we’re even, I guess. I have a 65″ Vizio purchased in 2011, it has never had an issue to this day. That is why we bought another one. However, based on the life of the current tv, posts here before mine with the same issues and the run around from the ‘warranty dept” I can say, for sure, I will not buy another Vizio product.

  • Troy Fulcher says:

    I have an idea worth looking into if your looking for a product thats guaranteed success for us both

  • D Johnson says:

    I purchased a 55 inch in 12/20 the sound went out in 9/21 now 10/22 the picture has vertical lines from left to right. After answering the same questions to multiple reps on multiple days including asking for a manager (which was denied several times). Now i am told thank you for your money but we are not honoring replacing the set although thats was said on the initial call. Its two years old, i asked for replacement when it stopped working last year and that was declined. To some it may not be a big deal but its money and time and frustration to be told hopefully you will continue support Vizio. No offer of anything. Very degrading. I asked for corporate that was also declined. I would lime to hear from actual corporate personnel. Not the way to treat your consumers.

  • Tera says:

    I bought a new m75q7-j03 television. Paid for delivery. Put the TV up in my living room. I really enjoyed it for 2 days then a giant brown and yellow spot appeared on the top left of my screen. I called warranty services and was told that my item would be replace, then that I needed to send in photos. Did that. They called me back several days later and said my claim was denied because I didn’t send pictures. They had a glitch in the system, I emailed the pictures to the representative. They called me again and said it would take a couple of days to process the warranty and that it would be replaced. A few days after I had some lady call me back and tell methat they weren’t replacing anything that they would refund my cost of the TV only. Not the over the $100 that I had spent too have it delivered. I asked why. She said because they didn’t have any delivery people. I asked if someone higher up might be able to call me and give me more information. She said they don’t do that. She then told me I would have to wait weeks to get the refund request processed and another month to get my refund. I felt that vizio was a reliable company that would fairly deal with warranty issues, I’ve bought from them before. Now, I have a broken TV, for almost a month, out over $100 for the delivery fee that I was charged and no refund. I am greatly disappointed and probably will never recommend vizio to anyone I know. I’d rather pay more to get a reliable company that doesn’t treat their customers like refunds because they’d rather not do the leg work to get another product to keep a loyal customer.

  • Michael Topps says:

    I brought one of your 65 inch color t.v.s less than a year ago, and the right side of the t.v. Is much darker then the rest of the t.v. Can someone please contact me back about this problem. Thank you ! Phone number is 224-795-9415 Michael Topps

  • Shelly says:

    Hi I need to mail my daughter’s tv to her in Flordia she has a 50″ flat screen Vizio TV

  • B. Craft says:

    This company sucks. In my opinion they don’t honor their warranty. They want the customer to spend lots of time troubleshooting problems. They have no problem stay on the phone for 45 minutes to an hour during warranty period. They refuse to send some for in – home warranty check and or repair until you personally troubleshoot the problem even if the TV is in a wall unit and can’t be unplug. Senio Citizens be aware if you have a problem expect to fix it yourself. This is my experience twice with this company (50 minutes and 60 minutes twice on the phone because the remote doesn’t always work no offer to replace it under warranty without going through crap. I am disabled. People with disabilities – don’t expect satisfaction from this company.

  • Mike says:

    Although Visio tv’s are a good value, I am not happy that they are not center-based. My tv table was not able to accommodate my 50” set and it cost me extra $ to make it work.
    You should pay more attention to the consumers’ needs in your designs.

  • Sach says:

    HORRIBLE…. Had a tv for 3 and a half years, wasn’t able to update it because there was no wifi…. Now that I have wifi at the office – THEIR UPDATE caused my tv to stop working!!!! And they won’t do anything about it.

  • Brian Q. Moss says:

    First time Vizio customer. New tv worked one day, needed new mother board. New sound bar died soon after. It was replaced with a refurbished one. ( not a new one } tv is now 15 months since we had it, and yup, not working again. Again, a week without a tv waiting for a repair man. I have lost all faith in Vizio products. This I know is my problem. But don’t they realize. I have many friends and a huge family. They are all going to know my frustration, and avoid buying a Vizio in the future. I have already been looking on line for a new tv, because I don’t want to deal with this rubbish again going forward. I believe you should stand behind the product you sell. And if there is a problem. It should be fixed in a timely manner. I don’t see this with Vizio, and that tells me, YOU JUST DON’T CARE…

  • William Wyatt says:

    I purchased a 65 in Vizio last March 2021. I have called support one or two times with no real results. Multiple times a week I will have to reboot my TV because there is no sound. I’m getting tired of rebooting the TV just to get the sound working. I want the issues fixed, I don’t have to reboot my older Vizios that I have had for almost 10 years now. Basically, support is telling me this is by design, not a fault, if rebooting fixes it then there is nothing they can do. I need to purchase 4 more TV for my home and waiting to hear some good news that this is not a “standard” with Vizio.

    After calling today support actually told me that if rebooting corrects the sound then there is no issue. I guess everyone has to reboot 4 or more times a week…

    Can someone from the Corporate of head of Manufacturing reach out to me?

  • Ted says:

    Totally dissatisfied with Vizio product and customer service. Ordered and received a 65″ P-series Quantum TV in December 2021. Had professionals install and hook it up. When we turned it on there was a blank spot in the upper right hand corner. Contacted tech support and they ended up saying it wasn’t a manufacturing defect and they wouldn’t honor the warranty. There was no damage to the box and the professionals handled it correctly. This is a company that doesn’t honor their warranty. Do not order from them. It is very easy for them to say “this is not a manufacturing defect” and avoid owning up to it.

  • HALTEH says:

    Very disappointed with the lack of empowerment given to employees to help customers with devices that stopped working after we purchased less then 6 months ago. We began the “replacement” process on 10/25/21, the day our Vizio tv died. Till today 12/14/21 we are still without our Family room TV. One replacement was sent to us with a huge crack, and the 2nd replacement was lost in transition. BOTH INEXCUSABLE REASONS AND NON OF YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM CAN OFFER ANYTHING BUT A THIRD TRY AT “replacement”…..
    Someone like Mike who’s able to expedite the shipment should be able to send us a replacement check or visa to go buy our own TV at this point. One very unhappy family waiting for our family room tV for almost 2 months

  • BENJAMIN says:

    I JUST SEE 32f-G6 THERE .

  • Jessica Wells says:

    Bought a 75 in tv Oct 2020. Died 6 months later. Vizio claimed to send a replacement, never got it. Called numerous times was told a second replace my was coming given another shipping number another month later same thing. Currently in the phone with vizio who now claim they never sent a second replacement. So they lied and never sent it. This is the worst company in existence.

  • Beverly Williams says:

    My name is Beverly. I contacted Visio to order a remote control for my 2011 Visio 37 Inch Television. I ended up receiving a remote for a Soundbar. It took me a minute to realize, this was not what I had ordered. So I contacted Visio 17 times and was told that “this is not our order number and you didn’t order this from us.”

    Also, I was hung up on 5 times and received some pretty rude comments. Finally I got a hold of Louise Hamblen in Corporate Escalations, who listened to me. She did what 17 other people couldn’t do. She researched it and ended up finding a copy of the invoice. And it turned out, the product was ordered/purchased thru Visio.

    I couldn’t believe it! I thanked her repeatedly. They don’t deserve her, especially since I was bashed by so many others.

    All over $21.43.
    I was considering purchasing a 43 Inch, but the experience drained my soul.

  • Asmartgirl says:

    Well customer chat line will not let you just a simple question unless you provide all the personal information first and serial number . When it’s not about the a product it’s more my question was just about the user manual why it’s so tiny why you can hardly see anything why it’s not in color just one simple little question I have I do read manuals I do preset things out before I do the setup all I want to do is go to the chat line and ask a question and get it over with

  • debbie says:

    There is no service worse than Vizio. I bought two TV’s and neither one work. They worked for a month and then picture and power went off and never came back on. Vizio agreed the TV’s were defective. They sent me a new TV and still have not picked up the old TV’s which they said they would do since I am disabled. I am going to put the TV’s out on the street. I have called Augie in Customer Support and he never returns the call. I am so disgusted this company. I will never purchase a Vizio product again.

  • Troy C says:

    Worst customer service I have ever had especially from a person from Executive Relations. I purchased a soundbar (sb3651) a little more than a year ago which was faulty and would randomly turn off while watching TV, streaming, etc. I called tech support the first time just 5 months after buying the device. Then in March of this year, I began having the same issue. Called tech support again, went through the same exact troubleshooting items again. The device began working again. At this time I knew my warranty was soon to expire so I asked the technician to please notate that I believed the device would fail again from my previous experience. Surely enough the device failed again and disconnected completely leaving me with a piece of equipment that did not work. I called tech support spoke with John who was a little helpful but basically told me I was out of warranty. I explained to John that I had called in previously about this issue and was asking for an exception to have the unit replaced. John escalated me to a tier 3 support but of course, their area was closed and I had to wait. The call back came at a time in which I was working so I could not answer the call. No one attempted to call me back again. Instead, I received two emails about the call. I called back waited and never was connected to the tier 3 support but was told they would call me the next day. So today, still no call so I took it upon myself to call. Spoke to one advisor who transferred me to a Linda in North Dakota who was absolutely no help at all and basically told me she could not help cause I was out of warranty. So I asked to speak to a supervisor. Here’s where it gets really good. Ricardo from Executive Relations gets on the line and begins to tell me how he cannot offer an exception and begins to give me some lame analogy. As I explained to Ricardo that I had been dealing with tech support on this issue. He then explains that I called in March and there is a 30-day warranty. I pointed out to Ricardo that when I called my unit was still under the 1-yr warranty so his 30-day warranty explanation did not matter. I explained to Ricardo that I did purchase an extended warranty but since I had been dealing with tech support I was asking for an exception. Ricardo then asks me why did I wait so long to call since the last time I called was in March (well duh) the unit was working and just failed when I called. He proceeds to tell me that if I called and was out of warranty a week, month, 2 or 3 months, and even 5 months, and told him that “Ricardo I really need my soundbar.” He would have given me an exception. So my response was, “you would prefer that I lie to you about having an extended warranty, to get service.” I further asked why am I a paying customer who went through the process of being punished because I have an extended warranty and neither of his tech support people did their job right. He then asked why I did not want to do a warranty replacement with Square Trade. I told him again that I had been working with his techs before my warranty expired and expected them to take care of me and I did not want to waste any more time having to explain the issue to them and go through troubleshooting steps. (WHAT A TRULY WRONG EXPECTATION FOR ME TO HAVE) So I chatted with a rep from Square (AllState now) and guess what. They want me to send the unit to them so they can troubleshoot it but the problem is the issue is sporadic thus why I did not call between March and now. To add insult. Ricardo offers me his contact info saying that I can call him if I need any further help. My response was why would I call you, you didn’t help me with this issue? How can trust you to help me in the future? I will never buy or suggest to anyone ever again the Vizio products. I bragged about the wonderful support I experienced with a TV but today it became very clear how wrong I was about this company. I worked for Apple, Inc for 9.5 years and finished my time in Customer Relations. I understood the importance of strengthening customer relationships. The sad thing about this issue is if I would have been found and cursed or screamed or lied about having an extended warranty I would probably have gotten a replacement unit. Goodbye Vizio. You have lost a loyal customer and any referrals forever. Here is the case $ if anyone feels the need to listen to the call or look at the case VIZIO Case #21930646

  • Arron Caves says:

    Horrible company. Jesse Dorn doesn’t handle his business. Lies to his customers. I’ll never buy anything from this company again. So if you have a problem and Jesse doesn’t handle what he said he would. You can’t talk to anyone above him. Was told one one is above him. Will be reaching back out to BBB. If anyone is above Jesse Dorn please reach out.

  • Joanna Hurley says:

    I purchased my TV 1/29/20 from Best Buy, Bluffton, SC. It was not delivered until 2/4/20. I started having problems with the TV. When I would press netflix or prime on my remote the tv went black. I contacted the Geek squad to come out to look at it. They said it would be too expensive to repair that it would be cheaper to buy a new tv. I contacted Vizio support by text on February 2, 2021 (within 1 year of receiving the tv). They were unable to help me and gave me a number to call and speak to someone. I called on 2/5/21 and they wanted me to go through the same steps I previously went through with the text support. I told her I would not go through it again. I was told since it’s over a year they will not send someone out. However, technically I contacted them within the year. I was told they go by purchase date not delivery date. It appears to me Vizio makes their tvs break down just after a year. I would never recommend Vizio and I am very disappointed in their service.

    • Arron Caves says:

      Yes me to my tv worked for 1 week. Sent out two replacement tv both tv screens where broken. Jesse Dorn said he would make it all right. But didn’t

  • Richard says:

    never had trouble with my other visios. Got another one for xmas from my son. 32″ for the bedroom will not connect to internet. Have been through tech support followed all directs done ever thing. I would take it back for another on but can not cause I do not have the paperwork. I only have visios for a long time when I upgrade it has always been visio, I am 79 years old, Can you help anyway??????

  • Mallory Earley says:

    I purchased your brand 75 inch tv in April of this year for almost a $1000.00. My TV has been on a wall mount extremely secured to the wall. I have a 6 year old so we had sure it was secure and up high. The TV has worked fine, until I went to turn it on Sunday and over half of the screen is black. So I called into your support line opened a case and waited . Finally got an email today to give your customer support a call, upon doing that I was informed that they cancelled the on-site visit and it wasn’t under warranty. He said it wasn’t a warranty issue. I asked to speak to a supervisor in turn Beth got on the phone and said the tv IS NOT under warranty because there was pressure put on the TV. I said that’s not possible because the TV has been up on the wall since we bought it. She said no you caused damage to the tv its not under warranty. Again I am the tallest person in my house and I cant reach the top/ top corner of the tv so I am not sure how I broke the TV. I would like to hear back from someone on how we can resolve this issue, I just want me TV fixed.

  • Olessya says:

    I will never purchase vizio product again. After 4 months becomes junk costumer services don’t have their stuff together.

  • Tonya Hammett says:

    I purchased 2 Vizio TVs both 70in and surround sound in February 2019. We thought Vizio better but one tv black screen, other tv sound goes in out, and surround sound turns off while watching movies. My purchase cost me alot money and year half later I’m at a lost.

  • J Martin. says:

    I purchased a v705 g1 on February 13 2020. The screen started to fail in June. Wallmart where I purchased it refused to exchange it. So called Vizio support for #Warranty help. They had me send pictures. Which I did. Nobody ever called or emailed me back. I finally called them. Just to be told my $700 tv is not covered. Due to external damage not covered. This tv hasn’t even one finger print on it. There is no external damage. If it was damaged it was wallmart or damaged during packaging at your facility. I currently have 4 other Vizio units in my home. Ranging from 55 inch to 36 inch. All I ask is that somebody make things right and replace a tv that I had no part of damaging. I personally believe it’s a manufactures defect. Can a supervisor please contact me. Thank you

  • lawrence says:

    vizio sb36512-f6 soundbar has not been available for 3+ months. When will it become available again in toronto canada, Costco had previously had good stock of this item.

  • Sherry says:

    I purchased a PX65-G1 TV in August 2019. Due to traveling I was not able to return the TV to Costco prior to the warranty time for them. I have been working with Vizio support since the first of January 2020 to get the TV repaired. They sent me a recertified TV due to not able to repair the new TV I purchased, which would come on during the night. Turns out Vizio said they were aware of this issue and were working on an update but there is no timeline for the update. They sent me a recertified TV instead. The recertified TV has intermittent sound. They sent a part to ITI their 3rd party repair technician who set up twice to come and repair the TV but has never showed up. I requested several times for Vizio to give me my 1500.00 back but said they could not do that. I also during one of my 10 calls to Vizio asked to speak to a manager and was told that was not allowed!! I could not believe this! I will never purchase another Vizio product! I am going to file a complaint with the Attorney General on Vizio and send a letter to corporate regarding their defective TVs.

  • Nick Haverstrom says:

    I purchased a sound bar (sb3651) a few months ago which was faulty and would randomly turn off while watching TV, streaming, playing music, etc… Did all of the troubleshooting with tech support and the resolution was to replace the unit. The replacement unit did the same thing. Once again I called tech support and went through all of the troubleshooting again and was sent another unit which did the same thing. After another call to tech support it was decided to send the 2018 version of the sound bar because apparently I had the 2017 version (same model number). The newer version did the same thing. Called tech support again and was told they would need to replace the unit once again. At this point I asked what could be done to send a newer unit or different model that would not have this issue. I was told I would receive a call back. I just got off the phone and the resolution was to issue a refund because there is no other model they could send. I have always bought Vizio products but not so sure after this experience. Recently I have purchased a 60″ and 75″ Vizio tv. I’m asking to make this right. I have spent so much time on the phone with tech support, sending back faulty equipment and setting up the new equipment. There is something that can be done which is sending a model (even if it’s newer) which doesn’t have this issue. Please contact me and let me know what can be done.

  • Dilip Vakharia says:

    I am returning my second vizio 55″ in couple of months. The current model # V555-G1, serial # 49LTCWYIN56214 in couple of days. Both purchased from Walmart, Glenmont, NY. In the first TV- cast and airplay feature did not work inspite of Vizio support having reset to Factory standard. The current TV, none of the HDMI ports work. I have decided to not spend any more time with support as they wanted to subject TV to cycle of Factory setting installation. I am returning this TV back to store and get refund. Is there any assurance I can get from your offices that my purchase of another similar 55″ Vizio TV will not run into problem within a day of purchase? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks. Dilip

  • Donnie says:

    I bought a 60 inch Vizio about three years ago for the last 6 months all it has is sound the picture will come on initially but soon fade out and will not come on again. A real quality TV wouldn’t go out this fast. I’m contacting the manufacturer to see if I can get a replacement. If they don’t make this right I’ll never purchase another VIZIO.

  • Rene Stahl says:

    I purchased the new V series 60″ TV. It worked fine till this past Friday, I had Dish come out thinking it was a dish issue. dish was at my home for over 2 hours nothing fixed the problem. Dish tech said it was the TV. I contacted Vizio spoke to a tech, explained that all of sudden my TV will turn off the picture, TV is still on but no picture. then it tells me No Signal, then I moved to HDMI2 and still doesn’t find a signal. I told the tech my TV was only 7 months old, I wanted someone to come and fix it. The tech tells me he will send me a certified refurbished TV. I told him NO, I purchased a new 60″ TV, I wanted it replaced with a new one. I was so mad. I called back got another tech that tells me he knows of my issue, Vizio is working on it, but it could take till the end of January, he really doesn’t know how long it will be before there is a fix. I was a very Vizio loyal customer, and guess what I will Never buy another Vizio TV again. I am so mad, I can’t see straight. This is not acceptable to me. They may find a fix, could take a month, no one knows, then they want to send me a citified refurbished 60″ TV to replace my new 7 month old TV. I paid on sale $575.00 for my 60″ TV. NEVER AGAIN will there be a Vizio. I refuse to be treated like they’re doing me a favor, by giving me a refurbished TV.

  • Alfonso Paredes says:

    I purchase a TV back on 2015 that it doesn’t turn on anymore, I spoke to the support line customer service department Supervisor name Derry and he told me no longer under warranty and other option , I lose my TV that expend for almost $600 dollars. Do not buy a Vizio TV , it is really bad product

  • Andrea says:

    Our Vizio TV failed after just two years. The screen is black. Do not waste your money on a Vizio TV.

  • Steve says:

    My wife and I were going to purchase another TV last week and considered Visio as we already have one. But after Smartcast failing for at least the fourth time this month, leaving us unable to watch movies over the holidays we will buy a Samsung.

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