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Visionworks Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 175 E Houston St Ste 100, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-669-1183
  • Fax Number: 210.201.8445
  • Email:
  • Number of Employees: 5600
  • Established: 1988
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Peter Bridgman

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Visionworks Headquarters Executive Team



Peter Bridgman

Chief Executive Officer 

Jennifer Taylor

CFO & Executive VP

Charles M. Kellstadt

Executive Vice President of Store Operations

Robert A. Niemiec

Senior Vice President of Manufacturing

William C. Springer

Board Member

Nanette P. DeTurk CPA

Board Member

David A. Blandino M.D.

Board Member

Brett C. Moraski

Board Member

James N. Eisen

Board Member

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  • Deborah Harrison says:

    I’m writing about the intolerable experience that I had in the Saugus Visionworks store. I’ve been working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for 22yrs and our provider is Davis Insurance so I’ve gotten glasses for my husband and I for those 22yrs. Things ran smoothly until I decided to move to this store closer to our home. That, was a bad move!
    On my husband’s last appointment 2 yrs ago they called him to tell him his glasses were ready. He arrives at the store after fighting traffic, gets there and they’re scratching their heads to say, they have no idea where the glasses are! They look high and lo and can’t find them. They call again, and say they’ve located them and when he gets there, they’re the wrong glasses! Some foolishness about the wrong “sku #” being entered so they let him wear them and he waits a week and they call him to tell him when they’re really ready. He gets all the way there and guess what? No glasses! No one can find them again and no one wants to own up to who made the phone call. They look in the system and it says the glasses are there! Welll… where???? He has to leave the store and come back days later.
    Fast forward two years, this week. We went for our exam for new glasses. After a week, I get a call that “glasses” are ready. Mine? My husband’s? I call and someone is very rude because she said she was trying to help “4 other callers” and disconnected me. I called back and told her she disconnected me and she raised her voice and I asked her name and of course she refused to provide it. She came back on the line and said “Donald’s glasses are ready”…
    The next day Donald called the store (8/8/19) before proceeding from work and they told him yes, the glasses have been there since the morning. I asked my husband to wait and we would go together because I needed one of my glasses adjusted but he said his current glasses are falling off of his face and are duck-taped at the end. He got there and, you guessed it… no glasses!!! They searched and searched, the doctor ‘Pat’ was kind enough to come out and help look in the trays for his glasses. They were not in the lab, they were not in anyone’s tray, they weren’t anywhere! THEY SAID THEY WILL HAVE TO REORDER THEM!!!
    This incompetence finally brought him, a mild-mannered firefighter to a point of frustration that I have not seen, where he kicked one of the chairs, I was on the phone and I told him to leave. I knew he had had it with the ineptness of VISIONWORKS Saugus.
    I filed a complaint with Davis Vision this morning, and my request was to take this particular store, off the network, they’re inadequate and useless. Also I want his order cancelled and both our prescriptions transferred to the provider of our choosing.
    Deborah Harrison Gulfield

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