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If you just love to eat, if you love hearty meals, you should learn more about Village Inn. This is a restaurant that is headquartered at Nashville, Tennessee, United States. This restaurant has been here for about 6 decades now and since then, it gains the approval of millions of customers.

You can enjoy the mouth watering offers of Village Inn three times a day! They offer varying menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also check them out during snack time as they have a wide array of irresistible pies. They are simply to die for and for sure, your kids will love all of them!

Too busy to check their restaurant, yet you want to get a taste of their already famous menus? Just give them a call and see if they can deliver in your location. With their 212 locations, that is highly possible. They can even help you if you are about to host a party. It will be an unforgettable one for sure with Village Inn foods!

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  • Karen Beutler says:

    I want help with filing a complaint

    • They know me as a regular guest. Please do not reveal my name says:

      We are being rushed out of the restaurant at 7:30 when it’s supposed to be open until 8. Serving staff tapped their watch at us and oncs we were told to leave before we finished our meal.again this was before 8. The kitchen had obviously closed. On Friday the hostess slopped mop water over the feet of people who were waiting for takeout. It was 7:37 I looked at my watch

  • Trish Smith says:

    I would like to add that after we were seated and during our dining experience, we witnessed this man being rude to his staff. I regret that I did not say anything to him myself as a customer. I feel that if o did, he would then in turn retaliate on them later on. This is unacceptable, and I will be posting my concerns on Yelp and on your FB rate. If you are a reputable company, someone will respond back to me. This VP of yours needs to go.

  • Trish Smith says:

    Hello, not sure if this is the place to make a formal complaint or concern that I have. My husband and I eat here every week and absolutely love it and the employees. However this morning, we experienced something very disturbing. As we were happily greeted by the host about the seated, a manager came over and was very rude to him, embarrassing him. My husband tried to soften the blow by making a kind gesture to your staff, and your employee was handling things very well. He replied that it was the vice president. We were very taken that we witnessed such behavior. He was very rude to your employee, as he was only trying to do his job. It almost made me wanted to say something to him, and not even eat to eat there. If he is having a bad day, he should not be there and taking his frustration on his staff. I am a manager myself and do not test my my team this way, let alone in front of customers.
    Your company needs to treat your employees better or you will lose them, and get better higher ups.
    If I have emailed the wrong place, please tell me who I need to contact. Thank you.

  • Jim says:

    After traveling thru the snow for 9 hrs. Stopped in for supper. waited 15 minutes, and never seen
    an employee. Thank god for McDonalds. Times must be too good. Only 2 tables with people in them.

  • Mitchell Rodenburg says:

    Came in to get breakfast after church and 45 minutes later we are still waiting for our food

  • Gina says:

    Store / Village Inn in Brighton CO. The manager is always filthy looking . Last Friday there was NATS in our food . And in two other guests we were with . In there salads . Manager had a horrible attitude about all of it . We were given half of our meal Thank you . It didn’t make up for his attitude . We’ve gone in that location many many times . It’s only gotten worst . terribly manager. We love the location so, we need adjustments made . We won’t be back at this location
    Thank you

  • T Birman says:

    I was online. And ordered. A slice. Of pie. To go. I stopped off at the Dubuque. Location. And. Mistaking called the iowa city location. The Dubuque. Location did nothing. About. It so I called the iowa city. Location. They said. They would credit. Me back. We will see. So I ordered another slice at Dubuque. When I got home. It looked like it was sitting out all day long. It was disgusting. And tasted. Months old. So I threw it out. A few months back. My entire family. Was there. About 38. Of us. My brother and his wife and I ordered. The crepes. They were not even. Cooked. They looked like a piece of raw dough. So we left the crepe sit. And just ate the filling. My family. Had gone there for over 40. Years and it used to be top notch. It sure did go down hill. Probably. Not going back anymore.

  • Heather says:

    Las Cruces Valley Dr location. WORST service ever. We waited an hour for our meal. Restaurant was at less than 1/4 capacity. None of the tables had been bused. Literally plates of food on almost every empty table. Other patrons left unhappy. Staff no where to be found and really didn’t seem to care. Order was incorrect. No manager around or involved. Only one staff member made any attempt to do anything. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  • Timica says:

    We are currently at the location in Council bluffs and I watched the cook wipe his nose with NO GLOVES ON. And continue cooking. I will never eat here again. Ever. And it’s so sad because I used to come here with my grandparents.

  • Sonia says:

    I am really taken aback I had just left your store at Meridian in Wichita Kansas there were dead bugs in my salad. This really needs to be addressed.We paid with credit card she asked if I wanted to replace the salads and you could only imagine my thought on that.If she honestly cared about her customers she needs to get to the bottom of this issue I feel sick to my stomach this is awful I will never eat there again. And then to top it off she doesn’t know how to refund us our money wow

  • Roger Spawn says:

    I think your employees wait staff putting the check on the table when they bring the dinner out means that they aren’t really coming back to your table and I’ve had that experience many times with the location in Wichita Kansas on South meridian by more than one waiter or waitress. The old way of holding on to the ticket for a return visit to see how the food was would be better because I had to ask for not only refills from The Host to get the waitress to come back out from the back but even to get a piece of pie. You need to re look and revamp your process to where it makes the guests feel more at ease that the waiter waitress will come back to their table again

  • Steve says:

    On a recent visit (Sunday, December 5, 2021) to the Village Inn at 10293 Big Bend Road, Riverview, Florida, we had out-of-town guests visiting for the weekend and figured that the Village Inn would be an ideal restaurant (due to previous visits) to have an enjoyable family breakfast.

    The experience quickly turned out to be an unpleasant experience as an employee by the name of “Lisa” was very unprofessional, rude, insulting and spoke to us in a condescending manner. We were appalled to later find out that “Lisa” was the General Manager. Her attitude, behavior and tone of voice was certainly not representative of a General Manager, very demeaning and disparaging.

    Our guests from out-of-town had to endure this outrageous behavior and demoralized embarrassment which we vowed to never again entertain the thought of any future visits. Please be ensured that we will not recommend the Village Inn to all of our family, friends or business associates! Needless to say, we escorted our guests to a different, nearby restaurant.

    A valued Customer

  • Rosecetta Harmon says:

    I was lied on by the waitress, that I told her to shut up, and was discriminated against at the Village Inn located in Omaha Nebraska on 55th and L Street

  • Lillian says:

    The visit at village inn on 514 Scott avenue Farmington New Mexico 87401 was terrible. There were people wearing their jackets while they’re eating we had to finish our food very quickly since we were freezing and noticed that the restaurant was at 69 degrees and the weather outside was 55° so we requested for the heat to be turned up and it was denied With a remark “o will”. Heat was turned up to 69°. so we just finished up eating our lunch and headed out. we will no longer eat at village inn here in Farmington. Horrible service.

  • Colette L Coschka says:

    Long story short. Went to Store #110786 on Free Pie Wednesday (not the location we frequently go to weekly as I live in Omaha) We asked also for a piece to go. My bill came to $17.04 I asked why the coffee and 1 piece of cherry pie was so much they said unless we had an entree the pie wasn’t free. I told him that wasn’t the case at the one we go to. He said the store was a franchise store so they may not do things the same. As a customer, how would I know that? The thing I didn’t understand was if that’s not the way it is the signs for Free Pie Wednesday should include in smaller but readable wording with the purchase of an entree. I was is retail for 20 years and like any other business would have to. You need to amend your signs! I feel I was mislead by your sign and I shouldn’t of had to pay for nothing more than the coffee and the piece of pie to go. Bye the way I also tipped the waitress. Not her fault.

  • Susan says:

    Came into the West Valley City, Utah location & ask the unmasked waitress if she was vaccinated. She was honest & replied she wasn’t but if it would make us more comfortable she would go out to her car and get her mask. We requested that she do that. Her service was good & the food was good but when she went to lunch we were neglected. When we ordered we ask for a senior menu & were told that we would be given a discount but that there was no senior menu. It was free Pie Wed. When we went up to pay we were told we could not have the senior discount because we got free pie….My Dad ask for the manager & the cashier replied she was the manager also unmasked & unvaccinated. He started getting loud insisting on the discount & she finally complied. Will not be going back. I don’t understand how a food service place could let unvaccinated personnel go unmasked when serving the population. How can they not realize this is why we are still in this mess…. I’m blown away & very disappointed….

  • Robert Ladue says:

    Just to let you know, the guest experience was terrible at the unit on approximate 5500 South State, Murray Utah. Admitted 11:15 AM Sunday morning. Hostess was good. Seated. Never greeted at table service. Abandoned table at 11:40 AM. Informed hostess who apologized. Inexcusable. Date: 10/10/21.
    Protocol should have been to extend waiting line. Had waited 10 minutes in lobby. Had asked for Cathy Jo. Told her station was full. Apparently, so was the one where I had been seated.

  • Ann Young says:

    We ate breakfast this morning at the Happy Valley/Lake Pleasant Parkway, AZ location. It was awesome, food and service great. BUT outside there was a young man soliciting us for money for The “Poor” of the world? What does that even mean? I came to have breakfast, I DO NOT want to be attacked for money! Not Right!

  • Suzy Brown says:

    I am a former employee and have considered reapplying. However, I am not interested in management and the housing authority is using homeless people to put jobs together. I do not think I am qualified for management. I am an alcoholic homeless vagrant with a slight case of autism. Please stop any offers from your company for management and I am no longer considering restaurants as a career. I am going to school to be a wine steward. Thank you, Suzy Brown

  • Gene Eberts says:

    As a corporation Village Inn needs to give local mangers more allowances to make changes regarding menu options than to have them follow corporate mandates. Remember ” one size doesn’t fit all “. Not everyone in the Northwest have the same like’s as the Southeast.

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