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  • Adrian J Walker says:

    I would like to know what the VFW is going to do for us veterans seeing how much money the government has been completely wasting by sending it overseas. They are saying that they can’t pay for the Major Richard Star act yet they have sent over 2 billion dollars to the Ukraine and they are sending them more in the next few weeks. What are we going to be getting for our financial situation next year, ohh yeah perhaps a massive 2% increase. But if you are lbgqrxyz+- and identify as a fish, you would get a job at the white house with a million dollar pay check.

  • Anonymous says:

    Corporate should audit the manager of the vfw post of 1503. John meehan. Is hiding facts about what money is coming and going out.

  • Jill O'Neill says:

    Why am I getting paperwork from two places. Topeka is one. I send donations of $5 a month to both addresses. I’m from England but feel this is a good thing to do over here. Can I drop one and send the money to the other. Why are the addresses different. I’m 80uyrs old.

  • Michael Shedd says:

    Please provide me with an email address for the top management of the VFW corporate office. I have a donation business proposal to benefit VFW members and their post patrons. Best Regards CM Shedd in central Texas.

  • Richard Stewart says:

    vfw smoking policy. the issue is tearing our post apart..should be settled by national..

  • Earl D. Hennon Phone # 619-251-3240 says:

    I am a life member of The Michael Moonsour Lemon Grove , Ca #2o82. We Vets here in San Diego are having a real problem. The Office at the VA in La Jolla Ca. is closed since remodel of the Va . The Office in Mission Valley is currently closed because Marylyn the head employee is on a leave of absence because of family health problems . There is no one to hear or HELP area VETS with cases or Hearings. WE here in the San Diego need help with these vital offices. Thousands of VETS depend on these Offices and they are very poorly staffed. PLEASE HELP!

  • MSGT Larry Young says:

    Way to long of a wait on the phone. Never got an operator after 20 minutes of holding. Finally hung up.. Now I can see why our VFW is going down hill by serving minors Multiple times, and losing their beer license and so forth if National doesn’t even answer their phones.

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