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The headquarters of Verizon is situated at New York in the United States. It is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate which deals with Internet of Things (IoT), Contact Centre, CX solutions, Networking, Security, Tech Support Services and Voice Collaboration. There are many different ways by which you can contact Verizon headquarters.

Due to customer dissatisfaction, it is very frequent that the consumers want to contact the company directly through customer care or get in touch with the senior management to get a proper resolution to their queries. Please find the contact details below to get in touch or lodge a complaint against any product with Verizon.

How to Contact Verizon Corporate Office

Verizon Headquarter Address – On the off chance that you wish to straightforwardly stroll into the workplace and need instant help or need to present a letter straightforwardly on the organization, at that point, check beneath:

140 West St, New York,

NY 10007, United States

Verizon Board of Directors Address – If you need instant help or need to present a letter or parcel straightforwardly to the board of directors of Verizon, you can use the below-mentioned address.

1095 Avenue of the Americas,

New York, NY 10013

United States

Phone Number – On the off chance that you like to get a speedy reaction, give a ring on the number underneath, as it is the quickest and most effortless way to deal with getting moment assistance

+1 212-395-1000

Website – To get more information on the wide range of products that Verizon offers, you can visit their official website at www.verizon.com.

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Verizon Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

1095 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036, United States


United States

One Verizon Way, Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920, United States

Verizon Headquarters Executive Team

Hans Vestberg

Hans Vestberg

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

He is a Swedish financial specialist and CEO of Verizon Communications, where he has functioned as leader VP of the organization and innovation group, and as boss innovation official. Vestberg was beforehand the CEO of broadcast communications organization Ericsson, leader of the Swedish Olympic Committee, and executive of the Swedish Handball Federation.

From 2000 to 2002, Vestberg was CFO for Ericsson in North America and controller for the Americas. He filled in as president for Ericsson in Mexico from 2002 to 2003. Thereafter, he filled in as a senior VP and leader VP for Ericsson before he was named CFO in 2007, a post he held through 2009. Vestberg turned into the main CEO of Ericsson without a designing foundation when he supplanted Carl-Henric Svanberg in January 2010.

Vestberg joined Verizon as the organization’s central innovation official and chief VP of its organization and innovation group on April 3, 2017. There, he administered Verizon’s fibre organization and the advancement of Verizon’s beginning 5G organization. On June 8, 2018, Verizon reported that Vestberg would succeed Lowell McAdam as the organization’s CEO on August 1, 2018.

Sowmyanarayan Sampath (Sampath)

Sowmyanarayan Sampath

Executive Vice President and CEO Verizon Consumer Group

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Kyle Malady

Kyle Malady

Executive Vice President and CEO Verizon Business Group

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Name Title
Craig Silliman Executive Vice President and President of Verizon Global Services
Samantha Hammock Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
James J. Gerace Chief Communications Officer
Rose Stuckey Kirk Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
Rima Qureshi Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
Joe Russo Executive Vice President & President of Global Networks and Technology
Diego Scotti Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Tony Skiadas Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Vandana Venkatesh Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer

About Verizon


In 1984, the American Department of Justice asked AT&T Corporation to isolate the Bell System into seven institutions, each a Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC), mechanically insinuated as “Kid Bells.” Toll Atlantic, one of the Baby Bells, created the influence that each year, containing the numerous running institutions New Jersey Bell, Bell of Pennsylvania, Diamond State Telephone, and C&P Telephone, with a buying and selling vicinity from New Jersey to Virginia.


As part of a rebranding of the Baby Bells at some stage in the 1990s, all of Bell Atlantic’s functioning institutions stated the preserving institutions’ call.. In 2000, Bell Atlantic secured GTE, which laboured for media interchanges institutions throughout through a long way maximum of the country that turned into now no longer competently in Bell Atlantics influence.


Beginning in 2016, Verizon is certainly considered one among three abundance institutions with builds up withinside the past Baby Bells. SBC Communications offered the Bells beyond discerning AT&T Corporation and took at the AT&T call, and CenturyLink obtained Qwest (while US West) in 2011 and later have become Lumen Technologies in 2020.


It provides services like the Internet of Things (IoT), Contact Centre, CX courses of action, Networking, Security, Tech Support Services, and Voice Collaboration. Verizon Wireless, a subsidiary of Verizon, is the second-best internet service provider inside the US. Additionally, starting in 2017, Verizon is the solitary exchange on an open marketplace broadcast correspondences affiliation with inventory postings in its country of beginning, both the NYSE, which NASDAQ, optional.


For records as much as 2017, it’s far likewise the second one largest media communications organization concerning profits after AT&T.


  • On January 27, 2011, Verizon received Terremark, a records-improvement organization affiliation, for $1.4 billion.
  • In June 2012, Verizon bought Hughes Telematics, a creator of remote functions for cars, for $612 million as an aspect of its technique to wander into new development domain names in its unbiased company.
  • In August 2012, the Department of Justice asserted Verizon’s procurement of Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) from a consortium of connection institutions, including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks, for $3.9 billion.
  • In October 2014, Verizon Wireless affirmed the improvement information web website online SugarString. The dispersion pulled in banter after it became known that its writers have been restrained from disseminating articles associated with unhindered internet or neighbourhood perception.
  • In August 2015, Verizon dispatched Hum, an assist and tool presenting car traits and checking devices for vehicles.
  • In 2017, Verizon cooperated with Alley to broaden exceptional teaming up areas beneath the call “Back avenue limited through Verizon.”
  • In April 2019, Verizon started out doing its 5G compact affiliation, which turned into the dynamic in 30 metropolitan networks earlier than the year. Not in any respect like different U.S. carriers, while organized to do excessive rates, mm-Wave has restrained attain and prone layout penetration.
  • In 2020, Verizon purchased video conferencing firm BlueJeans. The fee of the acquisition turned into now no longer pronounced, as it’s far stated to be withinside the sub $500 million territories. The change is wanted to shut withinside the 2nd region of 2020. In September of that same year, the commercial enterprise designated its plans to accumulate TracFone Wireless (an electricity unit of Mexican telecom commercial enterprise, America Movil) for $6.25 billion.
  • brandi martin says:

    Not that the store itself is all that bad, but Verizon Has been so horrible to me it’s actually Unbelievable what has happened and what I’m going through currently with Verizon.. Mainly customer support they don’t do anything they don’t care they go by what they have to say with policy and then they never actually handle the situation. It’s just fake and they are disrespectful towards me.. My account information has been compromised, My identity has basically been taken. I’ve overpaid Services that were never properly coming to my phone. I’ve been through three replacements in a For my device.. I have false promises left and right from Verizon.. Never get anything they promise. And after them doing all of this, I can’t even get my account closed so my stuff stop being compromised Without me, spending a ton of money and penalty fees.. I’ve talked Every department Agents, supervisors, managers And not a single thing Is done to resolve my issues.. One thing I have a problem with is I ordered a service home Internet online With a promotion And when I get to the store to pick it up the girl who help me out Didn’t activate the line I put online.. Instead, she created one and it wiped my promotion .. I just feel like Verizon has completely robbed me of so Many many many things To get the services and Care I have been getting I wouldn’t even spend a dollar And yet I’ve been spending $200 a month or more for Phone and tablet plan…. It’s never ending Been Talking with Support about this issue for months and I’m still stuck in the same situation.. I said, I just literally can’t even believe this can actually happen.. I don’t know what to do at this point .. Is there anybody higher up that I could talk to you besides a supervisor with customer support? because I desperately need the help… Thanks

  • Elizabeth Stanfill says:

    I have been a Verizon customer since the 1990’s and I have never been more disappointed in a brand. I will be sharing my deep disappointment over every social network I can find. You actively lie to your customers through your customer service and deceive actively what will be accomplished during your call. You accounting department has made a mistake concerning my account. While I realize a journal entry was made probably during an account reconciliation, but it resulted in a fraudulent absorbtion of a credit properly posted to my individual account. I do not think you would want this matter to become public knowledge since many people would begin to then pay closer attention to their account and the charges made to their accounts. I will work tirelessly to initiate hopefully a fraud and misrepresentation against you in every court and hopefully a class action suit. YOU have let your customers down and some of us have been loyal, shame on you. Believe me if I had the money I would purchase voting stock and clean house much the same as Bellsouth did when the removed the top six management to reduce cost, thanks to an accounting firm previously known as one of the big six.

  • Mary Lamey says:

    Tracy from Verizon Landline called and left a message for me to call back. I did not get the number and extension so I wanted to replay it and I hit the delete button by mistake. The number was 800-837-4966. Unfortunately, I did not return the call.

  • Shanaya Hinton says:

    Ive been dealing with so many different representatives that have lied over and over to me! I left comcast business to come to a company who’s employees lied so many times that the manager just backed them because there is no consequences with the company. The consumers are never right only the representative. I requested for all calls to be reviewed and was basically ignored. I am going public with this complaint on my business media and personal media people need to be held accountable for their actions!

  • Philip Krout says:

    entered wrong e mail on previous comment . please change to mbckrout@gmail.com

  • Philip Krout says:

    My wife and I are disabled seniors and I am also a disabled Viet Nam Vet. For over 7 months I have been paying almost double what I was told and we get sketchy service of LTD if at all. Gateway wifi was promised at between 25 and 50 MPS. all speed tests show max 7 to 12 MPS. Were out of service last 2 days and no contact with doctors and pharmacy, my wife is very ill and in constant pain. The local store manager advised me that Verizon had no interest in my personal problems and that if I went to her store and complained about the terrible service in front of others, she would have thrown physically thrown out and arrested. A tech support person told me that if a dire emergency happened because of the lack of service, Verizon would take no responsibility even if someone died. And if I tried to sue them the legal Dept would countersue and take everything we have. So much for compassion and support for the sick and disabled.

  • Danielle Starnes says:

    VERIZON CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A SCAM AND THEY DINT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT LOYAL CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!A Verizon employee made a mistake and I have been fighting to get it fixed since October. Verizon is trying to force me to pay off my device that I had set up on the 2 year payment plan. By trying to force me to pay off my device they are forcing me to lose my 700 trade in value of my previous device. Every time I call in they assure me it will be fixed and I will recieve a call in 72 hours and then nothing happens. My phone has been shut off because of this issue and I had to fight to get it back on. We have been with Verizon for about 15 years and still get treated like this.

  • Helen Padawer says:

    I have been with Verizon over 25 years. I went to the Destin Florida store and bought a new iPad and phone, over $800. The salesman, Justin was very nice at first, but he wanted us to buy a case and screen protector. We didn’t want it and he said “Your not buying my accessories” and stormed out to the back room and never came back! So rude!!!! We did not even get a printout of the sale.

  • Dr Rohullah Sharifi says:

    I think Verizon is not a company to provide services. This is a thief company to rob you. A bunch of idiot customer representatives that don’t know what they’re doing. End you of the day, you suffer that decided to go to hell Verizon, and switch to another company. But they rob your money already and you can’t do anything about it!!!

  • Judy Kaiser says:

    I have now been ghosted by a member of your executive group team after being in communication for a couple of weeks. After he spent hours listening to the many conversations I had with agents and apologizing for three weeks of misinformation, incorrect information and outright lies, he told me he would call me on Wednesday 11/30 at 4pm to resolve remaining issues and to arrange for Verizon to pick up unordered, unwanted and unneeded equipment. I’m still waiting for that call while contemplating a call to the FCC. I can be reached at 914-671-7601. Email: judykaiser@aol.com. (Landline number is 914-478-3121 but PLEASE USE CELL NUMBER TO CONTACT ME. 914-671-7601. If I do not receive a response to this message by Tuesday, 12/13 I will begin procedure to notify all possible regulatory agencies.
    Judy Kaiser

  • Clara Lawrence says:

    I am trying to contact someone in employee recognition. Last week, I had a technical issue with my phone. The technical person was Janiesha McNear. I commended over the solution. She went beyond the call of duty. She proceeded to explain my loyalty perks I was eligible to receive. She further explained how it works. I was beyond elated. Most technicians fix the problem and that is it. Modern day society. Please acknowledge her in your way of “thank you” and going the extra mile.

  • Robert says:

    I am writing to Verizon that shows they are over the Yahoo website. this morning 4/8/2020 on the home site it has the most vile and disgusting item. I have attached a link to it for your review . https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/6-unexpected-health-benefits-semen-133000933.html this is a open public site and how is it that some editor at yahoo believes this is appropriate and not totally offenive to women, kids , and adults , Verizon should be ashame of this and cleaning house of the people that think it is a news item and would put such a nasty and vulger item on the website!!! I fully intend to send a letter to the Chairman and board of director of verizon to make them aware that action needs to be taken as well as make an offical complaint to the FCC

  • ken says:

    Forced into trading my Samsung FLIP PHONE in for a “FREE” Orbic journey 5 FLIP PHONE because I was told after first of year, my Samsung wouldn’t work because of changes to network I was told.I am a dis abled Marine w/ severe PTSD, and changes affect me negatively, So does REALLY BAD customer service. I have spent hours waiting over this matter. The store visit & wait alone cost me $100+ in lost wages, the hour in line trying “customer service” [that’s a joke!] cost me another $60 in lost time, remember..this is a free phone. I was given bad info on the device, since there were no directions in box from 2 different stores from people who sell this product. They both didn’t have a clue on it’s function, or how to help @ all. When I explained all this to Verizon rep & asked him, after saying all this to him, if this wasn’t a load of crap, his answer was “kinda”. So what part of it isn’t?
    Remer the old days? “We’re Ma Bell, we don’t care. We don’t have too!” Same policy here, just a different name. The worst “customer service ” I’ve ever seen…

  • madeline says:

    bought a new samsung S10 not happy with it, I have 2 years contract with verizon and I am requesting your help to return or trade the phone (one time deal) phone is completely new in the original box -Please consider that I am a loyal customer for over 10 years Thanks

  • Ellen Williams says:

    What is wrong with the customer service at verizon i called yesterday to see about a plan for 55 and older the first phone call was a no help second phone call the guy said oh yes it would work and i would save 15.00 dollars a month.So later look at email my bill went from 217.00 a month to 283.00.So again I called later and got the round around about it cant be changed again in one day so need to pay what I payed this month and might have to call again for a escalation fix what the hell I guess this is why at & t is giving you a run for money.Soon as I get this figured out I might be switching also cause no one should be getting ripped off monthly for people not doing there job.

  • Earnest Leon Little says:

    No. but you can share it with Oath and AOL

  • Earnest Leon Little says:

    I am writing in reference to 2 subsidiaries of Verizon. Oath and AOL. U have been trying to cancel AOL for 3 years. In Dec 2017, I ask my banker to call AOL and notify them I no longer had an account with them. At that time I spoke with representative who gave me a cancellation confirmation number 3090017. I ask if this number covered all of the other programs I had with AOL. I was informed that they were. I was assured that the account had been cancelled, yet in February 208, I noticed my bank account was continually billed for a service I was sure had been terminated. I tried to call AOL but I was told that the OATH Corp. was AOL’s parent company. I sent a letter to OATH and a Mr Hixson/Nixon. A few days later I received a phone call from a Mr Brunsweiger from Oath. I informed him of my problem and he said he would look into it. I did not hear from him so I waited until February 2018 and called Mr Brunsweiger. During the phone call, Mr Brusweiger ask me if I had ordered a lock program for my account. I informed him that I had and thought it was the prudent action to protect my account. Mr Brunsweiger informed me that since I purchased a Lock program from them, the Cancellation Confirmation numbers had been voided. I was not aware that AOL owned the Security Program or I would not have bought it. Mr Brunsweiger informed me that that was my problem. At that time I had been an AOL Customer for 18 years and never expected to be treated in such a non chalant manner. Since that time, AOL has continued to bill me. I filed a complaint with the FTC/BBB. I plan further consultation with an attorney.

  • >