Where is VCA Corporate office Headquarters

VCA Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 12401 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-966-1822

  • Fax Number: 1-310-571-6700

  • Email: social@vca.com

  • Number of Employees: 23000

  • Established: 1986

  • Founder: Robert and Arthur Antin, Neil Tauber

  • Key People: Neil Tauber

VCA Headquarters Location & Directions

VCA Headquarters Executive Team



Robert L. Antin

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President

Arthur J. Antin

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

Neil Tauber

Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Development

Tomas W. Fuller

Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer, Vice President and Secretary

Josh Drake

President of Antech Diagnostics

About VCA, History and Headquarters Information

            The Veterinary Centres of America operates animal hospitals in the US. It owns more than 817 animal hospitals and 50 veterinary laboratories. It was founded in 1986 by 3 health care executives namely Neil Tauber, Robert Antin and Arthur Antin. The company was founded with the objective of unifying the veterinary clinics in the US.

. The headquarters of the VCA is located in Los Angeles, California. Recently, in 2017 VCA was acquired by MARS. MARS is a manufacturer of  pet foods and provides veterinary services. The subsidiaries of VCA are Antech Diagnostics, Sound Technologies, Camp Bow Vow.

Sound Technologies offer ultrasound and digital radiology to pet animals. Camp Bow Vow is a dog day care centre. They also provide additional services like grooming, bathing and boarding. Also, they market their personalised pet products like shampoo, conditioners and sprays.

The company operates in 2 categories namely Animal Hospital and Laboratory. The hospital provides surgical services and also cardiology, oncology, and dermatology services. They also sell pharmaceutical products.

VCA Headquarters Photos

  • Chad says:

    Brought my dog in for a bite wound they did a very very terrible job with stiching the wound together used 1 I mean 1 stich for a 5 inch laceration and then they opened up the 2nd day and I brought him to my regular vca vet office and they basically told me that they would have to stay late and seeemed like a real inconvenience to stay late. Shameful and disgusting the lack of empathy and care for my dog Jasper

  • Ashamed Vet tech says:

    I am a licensed Vet tech for 23 years and worked for VCA CAVES in NH for over a year. Due to some life events, I had to change employers to Veterinary Emergency Group, yet I am still a full time vet tech. VCA Russel Animal Hosp in Concord NH was my primary Vet. Yesterday I called to bring my cat in to have an exam and bloodowork run due to his increased water consumption. I was charged $442 for a five minute exam, bloodwork/urine and a yearly distemper vaccine. After all was done, I was informed that I had been moved to per diem and there is NO discount for per diem employees. NOT even a 15% professional discount for current vet techs! I find this dispicable! As a company who makes millions, and pays techs an average of $20/hour then to not even give a discount for professional curtesy I am appauled and now ashamed to say I worked for VCA! Now I understand why VCA has such a bad reputation among employees. From now on I will never use VCA for any of my pets needs and never work there again.

  • Frustrated ER only client says:

    Very broken site. Phone number doesn’t even ring. As much as VCA charges clients, they certainly can afford a competent web designer/developer/administrator.

  • Jeremy says:

    This company price gouges. If you need an easy vet visit, you are fine, but you need something like an xray, they charge almost $500 for one xray! Don’t give this place your business. And if you try to negotiate, they want you to pay for their care plan and still will not do anything about pricing. The business practices are not customer friendly. Take your business elsewhere!

  • Jenifer H. says:

    This message is in regards to my visit to VCA Animal Referral and Emergency Center of Arizona (1648 N Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201)

    On Saturday night, 9/24, I took my cat, Spanky, in for gagging/coughing up what looked like spit, not using the litter box since the early morning of 9/23, and no appetite (including water) for the last day and a half. I told the tech and the vet (Dr. Andy Lenius) that we had brought our other cat Moose in a few days before because he was excessively drooling and had eye discharge and that the vet (Dr. Brian Sessink) on duty diagnosed him with a URI and prescribed and eye ointment and lysine. Even with this said, Dr. Lenius suggested x-rays and bloodwork. We chose to do x-rays and forgo the bloodwork because Dr. Lenius made it seem like Spanky had some kind of obstruction in his digestive tract that was leading to his symptoms, even though I said Spanky had no history of chewing toys. I now know that the x-rays were completely unnecessary and a waste of money but at the time I had trust that Dr. Lenius knew what was best to help Spanky. I don’t believe that Spanky was properly evaluated to determine the correct course of treatment. I feel like I was taken advantage of emotionally and monetarily. I am so upset by the lack of care and attention that Spanky received by Dr. Lenius. She had an air to her that seemed like she couldn’t be bothered and had absolutely no empathy. It wasn’t until after we did the x-rays that Dr. Lenius said that her colleague had just overheard Spanky coughing and spitting and that her colleague mentioned that Moose was there a few nights ago with a URI. Only this led Dr. Lenius to believe that it was a URI like I had voiced concern of earlier. We were given an antibiotic that had to be administered orally with food even though Dr. Lenius knew Spanky had not and was not eating or drinking. Spanky showed no improvement over the weekend. On Monday, 9/26, we were able to take Spanky into to see our primary-care vet (Dr. Srinivas Lingareddy), who is absolutely incredible, at the VCA animal hospital by our home. Our primary vet was able to diagnose Spanky accurately with care, compassion, and empathy. We explained Spanky’s symptoms exactly as we had to Dr. Lenius on Saturday night. With that said, our vet inspected Spanky’s nostrils and determined that they were extremely clogged leading to Spanky not being able to smell and due to this not eating or drinking. His gagging/coughing was due to post-nasal drip from his congestion. Our vet gave us saline drops, an appetite stimulant, and a one-time, 2-week antibiotic injection for Spanky. Within 24 hours of me administering the saline drops to Spanky, he started sneezing out all the obstructing mucus and his appetite came back. I’m left wondering why the proper care that Spanky received on Monday was not provided to him at your emergency hospital Saturday night. Our primary vet actually took the time to listen to us. Why was our primary vet able to take one look at Spanky’s nostrils and see that they were stuffed and Dr. Lenius could not, this is what ultimately leads me to believe that Spanky was not properly evaluated on Saturday night. Why wasn’t the option of an antibiotic injection not offered knowing that Spanky would not be able to sucessfully take the oral antibiotic? Why wasn’t an appetite stimulant offered to atleast help Spanky eat so that he could take the antibiotic? I am extremely disgusted with Dr. Lenius’ demeanor, performance, and overall lack of concern, compassion, and care. It is heart wrenching to see your pet sick and in pain; I spent hours crying when Spanky showed no improvement from the visit to your emergency hospital. Dr. Lenius prolonged Spanky’s suffering and that is something I can never forgive, and I will never trust any of my pets in the care of your emergency hospital ever again.

  • Lisa Kuhar says:

    Took my dog for shots, went for a booster and they give a shot she doesn’t need and wasn’t scheduled for because the technician didn’t look in chart. This was after not being allowed in facility and doing shot in parking lot because they called prior to appointment and said there were to many other dogs there but when there was an empty quiet waiting room the entire time I was there! Now my dog is vomiting, heart racing, has diarrhea, panting like crazy and very tired when she’s usually a very active dog! Can you say lawsuit cuz that’s what’s happening first thing Monday morning!

  • James Asmus says:

    I live in Mesa Arizona and it is already starting to heat up into the upper 90’s today. I was told that if I wanted my cat to be treated I would have to sit out in my car, in the heat for 5 to 6 hours until she could be scene. I asked if I could go home and then come back and was told “No”. This our policy! If you leave you will be put at the back of the line to be treated. ABSOLUTLY STUPID AND INCONSIDERATE AND RIDICILOUS!!!!!!!!

  • Cathie CLIMENTO says:

    I had been a client for over 30 years the last year has gone down hill first time problem I had bill them which paying as much I could I have one dog very sick dog as soon bill down my baby get very sick all sudden I was told I have 90 day bill I dropped than we finally agree to payments which make them than started using vet source for his medication well they would charge my card 2 or 3 time with in three days for same medication they tried blaming I was ordering medication it same medication so taking account 500 over amount 1000 over the amount then after money outtheynrefised to give me a receipt they basically told me when able to up 10 days also excess money would take 10 days get back they felt no right to get upset no right keep calling when I need my 500 or 1000 put account immediately I can’t wait 10 days I need pay other bills plus I need my medication on top this dec after calling v]cancelling care credit they took out 100 from account again week my money back to felt a k[joke doing to me Because I get upset I did yell yes call constantly they drop as a client it didn’t matter that gotten over 50, 000 in year from insurance company fir dogs it so sad when money money important them They really care client I very sick dogs I force get new vet after my vet and I decide stop any additional treatment fur him and dog dealing with severe issues as said with vca for over 30 years they also fix income and expect balance paid full when I couldn’t do before I tried called corporate iffice to speak to,upper management they rerun my calls I hope reads this and contact me Vca has gotten over 90,000 on insurance on dogs I will,say my vet and some tech are excellent

  • Todd says:

    Most incompetent and disrespectful vet I have ever seen ,no value of my time or my dogs ,they treat people like garbage and have no care or compassion for there jobs or mine .they should close there doors and all look for new careers .

  • Lilia says:

    I had an extremely bad extremely with the vca on aug 22 2021, which my dog had died o believe if they had treated her in the critical condition she was in it would have had a better chance on recovering. Im truly and extremely disappointed in this comp and do not belive they should be an urgent emergency vet clinic. I had left the north central VCA multiple messages on that day and still to this day have not received any call back from them. Absolutely disappointed and discussed in this company

    • Bianca Tiara says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your baby I truly am. I went in for a simple nail trimming and anal extract and my dog comes out all drugged up provably because they dropped him and his back legs are basically paralyzed and his anal was bleeding with pus coming out. I’m sick to my stomach from what they have done to my baby and they aren’t owning up to it yet when I went back they gave me free antibiotics and two free laser treatments and did a rectal exam which made it worse. I have no words. Tried canceling my care club and they wouldn’t do it so canceled my credit card they do for auto pay. I’m at a loss of words. My baby went in completely healthy and comes out paralyzed and literally crying in pain. I will go public with this and they will pay for what they have done! I’m disgusted with them! Once again I’m so sorry for your loss. Isn’t there anything you can do?! They did the same thing to me. I called and they just give me the runaround. I’m sick to my stomach with their treatment!!! This happened to my dog on 10/5/2021.

  • San prima says:

    I am so tired of every time I call there is never any appt. at least for 3-4 weeks. What kind of place is vca operating. No improvement nothing ,you force people to go to emergency which you own. I have been at this vet for 34 years . Hire some more vets, this is so very frustrating I hate it.

  • Janis says:

    I have to say my dogs absolutely love our VCA vet. The problem is the skyrocketing cost of everything. I may have to find a new vet. Example local vaccine clinic…Rabies vaccine $6 my vet $45. I’m not even sure how that is justified. I am all for a business making money, I just find this ridiculous.

  • Tina Thiessen says:

    The Absolute worst!! Corporate at its worst! To entrust someone to the care of your pet is a very big deal….they are in fact our family! Very sad and disheartening….VCA needs to go away!

  • Deborah says:

    VCA sucks and that is all. Bc of this no one cares. Vets, front people, techs ect….don’t care. No accountability and the care an animal is suppose to receive is stunted bc no one care. After my pets go I won’t get anymore bc I can’t stand the standard of vet care out there.

  • Anne Conklin says:

    I have been a client for over 14 yrs at VCA Brookline Ma. I need to report gross incompetence at that location.

  • Stacey Vredenburg says:

    For years, I have done all 4 of my dogs shots myself and sent in the records to your office. I sent in the records last week and got a phone call from Cindy at VCA in Victorville, stating you guys are no longer accepting them for their files. We have spent THOUSANDS of dollars there and you can’t accept shot records they we purchased at our local Feed Store? We try and make ends meet and save every penny we can and this seems absurd and just a money making “new rule”. I send the records in to save you guys the time in sending us post cards reminding us their shots are due. And to make sure you know they are good, in case, god forbid, there is an emergency. I have ALWAYS loved going there and your staff is amazing. I just feel like this is a ridiculous way to make more money. My babies get the best care there, and I feel like this is going to deter me from going there. I would rather spend less on shots, with doing them ourselves, and provide them with treats with the money we saved. I am in NO WAY complaining about your staff as like I said, we have grown close to some of them, I am only letting you know I think this new rule is ridiculous. Thank you!

  • Joe Francis says:

    I am very disappointed with the email I received today titled “A message of gratitude from your VCA family”. It is labeled as if it is coming directly from VCA Cat Hospital of Chicago, but the pictures used are NOT that of the VCA Cat Hospital of Chicago family. It is very off-putting (not to mention disrespectful) to see a generic corporate email from my own personal hospital. I am not surprised. You are known to buy up hospitals and try to treat them all as equals under one brand. Stop treating all your hospitals like they are the same. They are not. Embrace the differences. Corporate conformity is distasteful. If you really wanted the message to appear as if it was coming from “my family”, you would have allowed them to write their own message in their own words with their own photos of people that I know and care about. Do better. Do it right. Do it different. They are all different. Thank you for your time.

  • Jason baker says:

    After a lot of personal trauma in issues and being in life threatening situations after domestic violence I chose to put my dogs at the VCA for their kennel program that would be offered for 60 days but then was lied to dogs were in I end up signing surrender paperwork not understanding or knowing what I was doing cuz of how upset I was because my dogs are like my kids and so I had to jump through hoops of fire after the fact to adopt the dogs back because they were up for adoption the same day as drop off and now my one of my service animals is really really ill to the point where she has been bleeding in her stool for a little for a little over a month but it’s been small up until yesterday it look like she literally had passed an organ through her bowels on my bathroom floor and so the VCA Cathedral City the woman has taken the phone off the hook for the emergency line there’s nobody even there other than her with a spoon in her mouth when she got caught when I was banging on the door because the line had been busy all day I told the VCA on Ramon in Palm Springs they told me that I could be seen today I told him I’d be back in 30 minutes after having to drive 10 miles each way to go pick up the dog when I returned with the dog they told me that they had told me to be there within the next 3 minutes I don’t know what veterinarian is going to diagnose anything in 3 minutes but you know I almost got arrested because I answered the building in the middle of a coronavirus because I’ll be damned if something is going to happen to my dog and now I’m having trouble finding a customer complaint or getting somebody to even help me I have been calling every vet within a 20 mi radius of Palm Springs South and have found nobody other than a veterinarian in Yucca Valley but the veterinarian here at the VCA cause me to miss the 2 appointment that I had scheduled in Yucca Valley cuz I was too busy sitting there looking like boo boo the fool showing up for a pet physical that was never going to happen and being charged for a walk-in fee not like I had a time frame didn’t threaten that they were going to call the police on me which I told them they were more than happy to go please do this is unethical this place is nothing but a sham they have employed people that give no pairs about anything with four legs other than a paycheck you keep are not compassionate they aren’t caring and by far are they here to help anybody that’s for sure my dog is screaming in pain and it’s gut-wrenching the fact that I cannot do nothing and shaking mind you my Chihuahua is not scared of anything she has stopped the UPS truck in the middle of the street standoff so she is not scared of anything and to hear her screen is gut-wrenching because I can’t do anything about it and the fact of what I found in my bathroom yesterday morning has terrified me that I’m going to lose my animal and if I do I will own the VCA because I will not rest until somebody pays for the negligence their lack of compassion in their utilization of Their donation from parties who have donated because they care about our four-legged Little Creatures I have nobody in this world except for my two service animals and if I lose one of them I will not rest until somebody is recommended for their lack thereof of compassion caring or their job description duties

    • Tracy Allen says:

      Hey Jason…Was just wondering If anyone got back 2 U?? The Lack of Compassion here is Absolutely Horrid..!!!! I Hope n Pray Ur little family is doing much better…

  • Sonia says:

    On April 11th,2020 at 2:45pm(Cerritos location) we brought my German shepard in as an emergency due to him collapsing out of no where then not being able to stand on his own. Staff saw he was in bad condition and brought him in. 5 hrs passed and no call from the hospital. I’m getting massive anxiety thinking the worse. I called THEM to see if they had any updates and all they said is yeah he looks ok in the kennel… another 2 hrs pass, and no updates. At least they can communicate with owners but no. Oh and You have to stay in the parking lot or else they won’t look at your pet.We ended up waiting a total of 10 hrs!!! When Again I HAD to call THEM to see how my pet was, staff tells me I am next for the Doctor to see my dog. Wait the doctor after 10hrs hasn’t seen my dog? Wow. At the end the doctor tells me he didn’t do any thing to him and he looks fine. My dog waited in a kennel got 10hrs, not being attended for them to do absolutely nothing. I bring him home, my dog is starving and super thirsty. So they did not give my dog water either! I then took him to another clinic to find out he has a broken leg with a bad fever. Trust me, I’m definitely going to see a Lawyer.

  • Stephanie Muzsek says:

    I have spent a ton of money at the San Leandro location having 2 dogs with heart issues unfortunately I lost one. I have been going there for at least 6 years and see internal medicine. There was one time where they canceled my appointment and rescheduled it without my permission which I called ended up having to speak with the manager to schedule it on a day I was available. Another time I scheduled a appointment went there to find out they never put it in luckily my vets tech walked by and squeezed me in after knowing what happened. I once called to see if they could look at something on my dogs chart said they would call back never did. Then took my dog to emergency asked them not to run test until her doctor got there when I picked her up they had a huge bill. Again my tech looked it over and had to fix it because they were charging me 1500 in test that was never done. This last time I went in her internal medicine doctor is on leave so we saw someone else however the tech gave me a price then came in 20 min later said she made a mistake it’s going to be another 100 for sending the cultural out. Two days later I get a call saying they messed up on the price it’s another 90 however I should be happy because they were able to do it has a package which saved me 300. With all this happening I call to see if they have some food the doctor recommended to help my dog gain weight the tech Daniela tells me they have 1 bottle left but I need to start going to my regular vet. What after I see two doctors there your going to refuse me to buy food. I have left 2 messages for the corporate office to call me and no call back. If it was for my two wonderful doctors I wouldn’t go there or recommend it to anyone

  • Allyssa Nathong says:

    My pets are new patients to the Sacramento North Natomas facility. Since my visit last week I have been struggling with the front office employees on forwarding the medicine prescriptions over to our preferred pharmacy. I have called multiple times only to be put on hold, hanged up on, or even lied to about having the prescription called in to the pharmacy. As a new customer I am very frustrated with this service. The doctors are great and delightful but the front office admins are unprofessional and unresponsive. I do not believe it is a positive message your hospital is sending when they have patients waiting for their prescriptions. Negative first experience with this pet hospital!

  • Beth Ross says:

    There is no compassion
    I took my Ginger to the VCA emergency room for the second time on Saturday, I was given an estimated cost of all the tests needed for my dying dog, which was over $2,500. When my reply was I didn’t have that much in my account a tech brought my dog to me and basically said goodbye. I ask this person if my dog was suffering, her reply was yes. I asked her to give Ginger more pain medication, she said no that she had a pain patch on already. I asked hysterically if I needed to put her down? Her reply was I cannot answer that! At t point with my dog crying I made the decision to put her down, I was told I had to pay first? I did I noticed they had charged me again for office visit, she told me that I was seeing a different Doctor. I waited 15 minutes for her to return with the paperwork, then ten more minutes for her to put the port in for the death dose. 15 minutes go by, my baby Ginger is whimpering, I used my cell to call the front desk to ask the Dr when she was coming! Was told there were other patient‘s. Finally after waiting another 15 minutes the Dr came in and put my baby to sleep. She was gone within seconds. There was absolutely no compassion, it was about money. Not willing to work with me to help my dog. It is a business, so very sad that compassion has left the “business “ world. My baby is at peace. No more suffering. I am devastated. Cannot even get out of my room. Turned off my phone, to grieve my baby Ginger. Who would have turned six on October 19th. My ginger got so sick late at night unfortunately the VCA was my only choice

  • Kathy says:

    they need to do something with some of the doctors they hire, I never heard of they can’t call you back cause it’s their surgery day especially when it’s important

  • MagdaYakob says:

    I had visited your VCA Spanish River Animal Hospital in Boca Raton Florida on Monday May 13, 2019.
    I had used your coupon the advertised coupon for a FREE visit as new customer.
    Although, when the vet recommended I give my Yorkie 1/4 tablet x-2 per day for 3 days of Metronidazole 250 mg tab and provided me with two tablets @$30.34. When this medication costs 13.00 for a 30 day supply I was charged a hefty price for the two tablets. Charging unconscionably high prices is is taking unfair advantage of circumstances. As a potential customer they should have advised me that I have the option of having a script and bringing it to the pharmacy. At no point during my visit was I given an option or told that the medication would cost me 15.00 per tablet.. This is so considered price gouging.
    I would greatly appreciate a response.

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