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Mortimer Joseph Buckley..

President & CEO

Frederick William McNabb III


Michael Thomas Rollings

Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director

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Vanguard was founded in the year 1975. The company has been operational for almost 44 years now. The company was founded by John C Bogle. The former name of the company was known as the First Index Investment Trust. The company had filed for an IPO or Initial Public Offering and therefore, had raised almost $11 million. The banks that were responsible for managing the funds of the IPO planned to cancelled the funding due to the weak reception but was rejected by John Bogle. The company during that time only had three employees. During the first year, the growth of assets in the company was slow, which resulted in $17 million in assets at the end of the first year.

During the start of the Bull Market in the year 1982, the company’s growth started to register. During the same time, various other mutual companies began to copy the indexing model. But due to their higher fee charges, the primary purpose of the companies was defeated as well. In the year 1986, the company had launched its second mutual fund, which was known as the Total Bond Fund. The following year, the company had launched its third mutual fund, known as Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund. Various other funds were also launched over the course of the next years as well. Also, during the 1990s, more variations of mutual funds were also offered as well. This led to Vanguard being the largest mutual fund company in the world. In the year 1999, John Bogle had retired from the company, and he was succeeded by John J Brennan. As of the year 2017, the company had launched an account for the purpose of the brokerage in the UK. Also, as of the year 2018, the company holds almost $6.2 billion in bonds and shares of coal companies. The headquarters of the company is based in 100 Vanguard Boulevard. The name of the place is Malvern, while the name of the state is Pennsylvania, USA. The pin code of the area is 19355.


Vanguard is an American company that focuses on providing the platform for customers and clients to invest in various types of mutual funds and ETFs, along with obtaining advice on the related matter and provide services as well. The current CEO of the company is Tim Buckley. As of the year 2018, the total assets under management of the company is more than $5.3 trillion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2018, is more than 16,600. The company has its satellite offices in North Carolin and also Arizona as well. As of the current date, the company is ranked highly in the companies list of the US Mutual Funds, in terms of assets under management. The company is currently the largest provider of mutual funds in the world and also the second largest in terms of Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to obtain various kinds of investment services and advice related consulting, provided by the company itself. The company offers services such as brokerage services, fixed as well as variable annuities, financial planning, asset management, trust services, educational account services, asset management services, exchange-traded funds, etcetera.

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  • Rick Ruppert says:

    Vanguard has been hacked big time and they are covering it up. I personally know many people that have lost access since Friday Oct 6. This is a major breach!. I have been a customer since 2004. I have been unable to access my accounts by phone, web or mobile app for 4 days as of Monday October 9, 2023. I cannot get my money out and no one can help me resolve this. I called Customer service 7 times and they keep telling me to call Research who does not answer the phone. The Research department is overwhelmed and has a pre-recorded message that it will take more than one hour. I held for 4 hours on Friday Sept 6 and then they shut down at 6pm and no one is there from Friday 6pm until 8aoo Monday . I called back several times again and was advised again that no one can answer my questions but Research. I tried calling their Corporate office but they block calls and forward them to the Customer Service people.
    They are non-transparent, and dishonest in how they treat their customers.

  • Tom ANger says:

    the Capital Gains/Dividends site on Vanguard web page DOES NOT have the tax liability info..they are in two different places..the real tax info is under the heading that says ‘Tax forms and other info’

    I was told after reviewing ( on phone with Vanguard rep) the info on Capital Gains and Dividends site that my cap gains were minimal and I was doing a good job at harvesting losses..
    sadly, I learned later that the REAL TAX info was under tax forms header…and all agreed this was very confusing. Now I am on the hook for $40000 in tax liability…( over $6000 according to my CPA)

    I am beyound upset with Vanguard, a similar incident happened a few yrs ago when Vanguard ‘managed ‘ some of my accts…

    I am disappointed that Vanguard cannot do better with dissiminating tax info as we are by now aware that Mutual FUnds and Cap gains taxing can be painful and yet, Vanguard obfuscates this info in vaguely headed “tax forms” header…

    I think Vanguard can do better, their phone reps knowledge seems to be uneven, particularly in the cap gains tax reporting area..I got several different versions of my approx tax liability…I have owned Vanguard products for over 30 yrs..

    Disappointed to say the least and will pare down my holdings to nothing unless I get some relief from this incompetence.

  • David S says:

    What is Vanguard’s American beneficiary bank’s name, address, and SWIFT number?

  • Elizabeth Duckworth POA for Ormerod Duckworth says:

    I changed my home phone number and got another number two months ago and have been trying to update the number with Vanguard ever since so I could access my husbands account ( I have a P.O.A. which Vanguard has acknowledged) but I can’t get the phone number updated after numerous calls, sometimes waiting for an hour plus. I need the number updated because I cannot receive the verifaction code via a non-existent telephone number. All I get is “ours hands are tied” with no assistance on what to do next.

  • Miriam Forney says:

    Vanguard has been unable to reestablish my access, as an agent, to my mother’s accounts since the accounts were migrated to the brokerage platform. My mother and I have spent 5 weeks on this. We’ve been on the phone for hours, filled out unnecessary forms, been given various explanations for why there is a problem, and still, I cannot access her accounts online. My mother is elderly and needs my help managing her accounts. Vanguard is making it impossible.

  • JA says:

    Worst experience ever. Over a year. No resolve. No access to our money. And no phone to get to someone who can help us get access to our money. As there is no access, there will be no money going in. Ever.

  • Dave H says:

    I have a small biz retirement plan for my company. i have been trying to log into it for over 1 week to process my employee contributions. All i am trying to do is log in as the administrator and no one knows how to reset the password. The call center has no idea what they are doing. I am reporting them to FINRA. I recommend everyone else do the same, the complaint number is 844-689-5754. My personal accts are with schwab, looks like i will be switching to a schwab retirement plan

  • William Huber says:

    I vehemently oppose any consideration of ESG in the management of my account!

  • Tim g says:

    Vanguard corporate is the absolute worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with..I am hiring a lawyer tomorrow to initiate criminal charges against them…

  • Phillip Kuhn says:

    I just got off a 1 hour and 56 minute attempt to get logged on to my online account. It has been 8 months when one employee entered my SSN in wrong and I have had problems ever since. I have been locked out of my account for 7 days now and I want to speak to the CEO of Vanguard today. And which channel news anchor do you prefer channel 7 or channel 5 here in Boston. please email to get my phone number

  • Milford George Cooper says:

    Ex FedEx employee bag # 3676167
    Start date FedEx 5/2018
    End date FedEx 6/2021
    DOB 10/18/1957
    Milford G. Cooper

    It seems that around four to six hundred dollars is missing from my 401K account..
    A year and half ago I spoke with a representative who said I had approximately 34059 $ dollars when I was trying to decide whether or not to withdraw my funds and transfer them to my Wells Fargo account.
    My statements have either been stolen or are at my Ex-Wife’s house. She receives my mail.
    Can you please check my account history and send me the account statement again from 2018.
    I tried to speak with a representative over the phone and they kept me on hold for forty five minutes.

    Please send an email, with an explanation.
    Thank You!!

  • Gregory Tatoian says:

    I transfered my stocks and Roth from another broker.i have problems getting through to the correct dept.Automated is terrible transfers me to wrong depts. I have trouble getting my dividends,they take following day to send eft even though I put in my request to send to eft to my bank even though I requested the morning dividend was there before 9 am.i have requested to speak to supervisor only to find out 2 different brokers never put in my request didn’t leave notes as I requested and now I want recorded calls listened to ,proving I requested and nothing was put through.i feel some of the brokers are poorly trained probably working from home and don’t care.They should have automated phone service listing depts and when client hears right dept can push a number that automated says to push for dept i want.That automated system needs to be changed so clients can reach correct dept.some of these people working there don’t even know who the president is (Mort Buckley) which I find amazing working for a company and don’t even President.misleading info given on some calls and letter followups don’t list correct dept that I spoke to.
    I am really surprise Vanguard is so unprepared to answer client questions or handle issues.i would like to hear from someone in corporate who knows what they are doing and can help.I had to look up corporate address because broker didn’t know it just amazing how lack of training or caring some of these people I have talked to starting with broker to customer service.

  • Rich says:

    Your customer service are very incompetent and unknowledgable. How did they even get hired? Do you just pick your people out of the streets. Why dont you try to call your own customer service and so you will know what customers have to go through.

  • Peter Thomas says:

    This is one the worst company to ever deal with they will not get no more of my business from me

  • Kenneth Outland says:

    Nasty disrespect need to be fire

  • Kenneth Outland says:

    I was on hold 3,to 5 and had the most nasty disrespect person he need to be fire period

  • Irvin Thomas says:


    I have been trying to transfer money to Vanguard for a few months with no success. The customer service at Vanguard is horrible. I cannot get straight information from them. Wish I had decided to go with another investment company. I definitely will not be doing any additional business with Vanguard in the future!!!!!

  • Annerose Schichl says:

    My Plans with Columbia University: 096 141 and 09 00 67
    Hire date at CU: 11/16/1972

    To whom it may concern

    I need your help, please. I have 2 issues.
    I’ve sent out yesterday, via old fashioned postal mail to Vanguard, my W8-BEN form. I know I am much overdue. I just forgot. It must be my age (78). I do hope very much that it can still be accepted. I am receiving the next check from Vanguard in June.

    I’ve tried over and over and over again to send the form via online as requested. I cannot get logged in – see below. I’ve also called repeatedly. I wait for a very long time, then I accept the offer to ask for a call back. It was accepted. But no call comes in. What is going wrong? I followed these instructions:

    Establish a contact phone number and method
    What phone number do you want to use ?
    enter a new number
    Select a number
    Enter a new number
    Germany +49
    How do you want to get codes ?
    (X)Text ( )Automated call (U.S. only)
    We’ll send a 6-digit code to this phone number. You’ll need that code to complete enrollment.
    Make sure you’re near the phone above before you Continue.

    This is where it gets stuck. I am not receiving the 6-digit code. Could there be a problem with the phone number? I have a landline. If you were to call from another landline in the US, you would dial 001-49-8303-297 99 99. Please let me know via my e-mail – annerose.schichl@web.de – what I should do to be able to log in.
    I do hope very much that my W8-BEN form will be accepted.

    Thank you for your attention. Best wishes, Annerose Schichl, GERMANY

  • William Weaver says:

    Awful awful awful customer service. I have been trying since September to add mutual funds to my portfolio. I all get is bank verification and no help from your staff. Was even told today my wife had to log in and verify that I could buy funds.
    What a company!


    I have cancel my policy 2 to3 weeks ago I have talk to a supervisor and you are sending me bills whay up with that? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  • >