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Where is Value Village Savers Corporate office Headquarters

Value Village Savers Headquarters Address and Contact

Value Village Savers
  • Address: 11400 S.E. 6th Street, Suite 220, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 425-451-2250

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees:  11000

  • Established: 1954

  • Founder: Mr. Thomas A. Ellison 

  • Key People: Mr. Ken Alterman (CEO)

Value Village Savers Headquarters Location & Directions

Value Village Savers Headquarters Executive Team



Mr. Thomas A. Ellison


About Value Village Savers, History and Headquarters Information

Value Village Savers was founded in the year 1954. The company has been active for almost 65 years now. The founder of the company was Thomas A Ellison. In the year 2000, Berkshire Partners had bought a 50 per cent share in the company. Then in the year 2006, Freeman Spogli & Company had become the majority owner of the company. TPG Capital and Leonard Green & Partners had purchased Freeman’s shares in the year 2012. As of the year 2019, the company was taken over by Crescent Capital Group and Ares Management. The headquarters of the company is based in 11400 South East 6th Street, Suite 220. The name of the place is Bellevue, while the name of the place is Washington, United States. The pin code is 98004.

Value Village Savers is an American not for profit organisation that provides its customers with a thrift store chain offering various kinds of second-hand products for shopping. The company has its presence in more than 315 locations in the USA, Canada and also Australia as well. The company handles almost 700 million pounds of used goods from landfills every year. The company also supports more than 100 non-profit organisations as well. The current CEO of the company is Ken Alterman. As of the current date, the number of employees working at the company is more than 11,000.

The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to obtain various kinds of used goods at considerably low prices, along with great quality and gently used clothing and accessories along with other household goods, that are sold by the company itself.

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  • Anchorage Alaska How are these people still working these stores!! says:

    I’m almost at a loss for words for how this place is ran and how these people keep their jobs with all the employees bringing boxes home of things supposed to be placed out in the store and the way the management team treats paying customers; it’s unbelievable! Seems this is the standard face everywhere not just here in Alaska. They won’t hire anyone that is over qualified, has any knowledge of management, and fire people they see a threat and it’s been going on for years here. It’s not worth shopping at with always gettinf such an unpleasant shopping experience because the staff might elbow your back side walking past.

  • Manya Wilson says:

    I had an interview at Value Village/ Price Savers here in Anchorage, Alaska. I felt the interview went well, but I just so happened to be checking my emails and read a letter stating they did not have an appropriate job for me. When I found out they were hiring I applied on Indeed.com. If they were not hiring,then why do the interview? I think they are deceptive . I have to keep calling corporate HR to find out how do they hire? How do they base there decisions on who to hire?

  • Cindy D says:

    I went into a Value Village recently located in Brampton ON, Bovaird Drive. And to my dissatisfaction, the items were way over priced and the Manager by the name of Tina is very rude! Not only to her customers but to her employees.
    There is a young lady there that is in training (new to the store) to be a team leader and this women Tina confronted her very aggressively infront of me and made this young lady come to tears.
    I felt very uncomfortable and wanted to hug this employee.
    I return to this location to exchange a item I purchase on this day, to find out the young lady that was obviously being pIn pointed by MANAGEMENT got fired.
    People need to be held responsible for their actions.
    Wish there was something I could do for this young lady. She really enjoyed her job! Always smiling!

  • K says:

    Interesting, how I was terminated the day after I went to management about being bullied in the production room. They told me I stole time When I work until 4 but clocked out at 3:59…(Pembroke, ON)

  • Tim carlson says:

    Yes for a store or you thrift stores they get everything donated to you by people like myself and when you drive up they look at you funny or a rude or whatever they should make stupid comments to you should not happen especially when you make your money off of people donating stuff to you people I think you people have gotten very disrespectful selfish ungrateful unappreciative greedy you know etc etc etc you should be thankful people like me and others bring you your free stuff to sell and be a multi-million dollar company like Goodwill and all that I certainly hope that there’s no funding going to you from the government and stuff because I don’t think your company’s any of you people should deserve it very frustrated person I hope you all lose your funding and go out of business I’m tired of going there and being disrespected from you people

  • AM says:

    To whom it may concern, whoever decided to do self-checkouts was the worst idea known to man. Customers come to value village to have the experience of talking to cashiers. Still, now they can’t do that and you can clearly see the self-checkouts are making you lose sales because people are refusing to use them as well as those employees get verbally abused because of the self-checkouts and customers don’t treat the employees the same anymore.

  • Alan Morrison says:

    My Barrie, Ontario printing company would like to submit a proposal on the printing of your coupons.
    We are a major supplier of couponing both nationally and regionally, we store and ship on demand. Please contact me for a very competitive quote.
    Alan Morrison, Barrie Press

  • Nathalie Brass says:

    To whom this may concern…..You are stealing from the people!!!!😩The items you are selling have been donated by people like me….your customer.What gives you the right to mark your prices sky high? Nobody can afford to shop there anymore. Sad and heartless. Your profit are suppose to go to the Diabetes Foundation so you say…….

  • SM says:

    Value Village is not a nice place to work at. They fire people with no cause and then they refuse to provide documentation as to why a person has been fired. In addition, they humiliate their staff and do not follow their own policies. It does not end there. Value Village was called by Service Canada requesting a copy of Value Villages’ termination policy. You guessed it, management refused….This would be management here in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Canada. I will never purchase an item from Value Village again. They degrade people, undermined their own management, and treat their staff like they are dirt.

  • AES says:

    Employee for value village for over 5 years, put in my 2 weeks a couple days ago. Did it the correct way. Got a fever and other covid symptoms. Did the right thing and called out. Before I could even finish my sentence my manager said that she is going to take this as my resignation. Then HUNG UP on me. This company is toxic don’t shop or work here!

  • Angie Singh says:

    I am disappointed that all fitting rooms are now closed at Valu village in Canada. I find it very, very inconvenient. Will the fitting rooms be reinstated after the pandemic?

  • Dee Reed says:

    I love senior day! Thank you for offering the discount. I would like to suggest you change your music on senior days to some 50s, 60s, or 70s era music. Sometimes the screeching guitar music makes me leave the store. I didn’t think too much about this until some other shoppers were complaining too. I appreciate being able to express my views. Thank you

  • Allison says:

    I’d like to report a Gazelle for the lacey/Olympia location.
    She’s gaslighting her employees and making them feel extremely unsafe in the workplace, and making false accusations about them. My friends and I no longer feel safe shopping there due to her yelling at the employees. This is highly unprofessional and we are considering inviting them to a walk-out.

    We will not tolerate this behavior. Gazelle is a manager there and she should create a safe work environment..

    – Al

  • Tammy says:

    Value village in Lethbridge treats there young workers horribly, fires them before there 3 months then hires more and fires them, my daughter was spit on and called a very bad name last night because she was told to tell people to wear a mask, now they say they didn’t ask her to do that, worst management I have ever seen in my life , this establishment should be shut down because it is not at all safe for kids to work at , between the needles and drug addicts at the door and the abuse from management WOW is all I can say , very shameful value village, will never ever shop here again!!

  • my bad expierense says:

    my message address to Кеn Аlterman.
    I resent the behavior of the manager of Value village in Farmer market St Jarobs Waterloo ON Canada Elbert Foo. He verbal obuse me, violated my rights of the buyer, exercised discretion on gender, age, national and social grounds. During september every Sunday I brought a bag with donation staff. October 3 after donation I entered the store to shopping. I chose a few items, wich I plan to buy. The cashier began to make my purchase: scanned those items that I brought for refund and almost all new items, wich I plan to buy. One shot sleev blous had price 4.99 cad. But manager not like these price, he ordered the cashier to stop the transaction, took a plastic bag into which new items were folded, carried it to office. I waited a long time, he returned to the shopping room with a plastic bag and I found that he changed the prices for all items two or more times more expensive (for example, the price of 4.99 replaced by 8.99, the price of 10.99 replaced by 17.99 and more).
    The cashier began to re-scan these items at an inflated price by the manager, but he ordered her not to refund the things I brought to replace, violating the buyer’s right to return inappropriate things (fitting rooms were eliminated in Value Village) and the my right to buy items at the price indicated on the tag, especially not to change the tag to another price at the time of purchase. Moreover, he showed some strange object, the purpose of which I do not know and have never seen in my life, stated that he found it in my plastic bag (this is an absolute lie) and accused me that I changed the tag with this object. This Elbert Foo is a very dishonest person (I wouldn’t be surprised if he slipped me drugs and then accused me of selling them). From such lies and accusations, I became nervous, felt that my blood pressure had risen (I already had a hard attack and strouk), no longer wanted to buy anything and left the store.At home, on the Internet, I studied Consumer Protection Act, realized that the behavior of the manager of Elbert Foo is not legitimate and that I have the opportunity to insist on my rights. On Tuesday, October 5, I again come to this store, wanting to 1) arguably prove this person wrong and 2) buy even at a high price those items that I wanted to buy earlier (on this seniors day 30% discount). What did I find? I found some of the former items and saw that again the tags were replaced by the former ones with lower prices that were originally. I invited a manager to discuss, but he verbal abuse me, refused to give me information about a surviving organization where I can file a complaint, demanded that I leave the store, told other employees never to refund or service me. Moreover, he said that he would call other stores so that they would not refund me.
    And I left the store again without buying, with high blood pressure, a bad mood. I am an elderly woman, a retied teacher and in my long life I have never had such an ugly attitude. I thought that Canada was a state of law, but I made sure that so bad man can broken my belief in this. I think that Elbert Foo is not worthy to be a manager of a company and generally work in the field of trade – he is not polite and not honest, he does not respect people, especially the elderly, he does not like not rich people visiting the store for poor people Value Village. Forgive me to punish this bad employee, to explain to him and all employees in all stores the rights of customers to pleasant shopping, refund not good items so mach, how customers need.

  • Ashley says:

    Extremely upset ..
    Very rude customer service … manager in the front Legit ripped off the tag that was on the item and decided to put whatever price she wanted to… I don’t need that kind of customer service Point blank. ……. I spend a lot of money at value Village as well as donate all the time….. I Do Not appreciate the customer service at the location Lawrence East in Scarborough Toronto Canada….. very BADDDD customer service don’t appreciate it when I bring lots of business to this company.. she did it on about three items which I was purchasing.. The cashier was also very rude but she changed her attitude when I was very sassy to her .. do not appreciate the customer service from value Village you guys need to appreciate your customers a lot better and as well as lower your damn prices

  • Ashley says:

    Very rude customer service lady in the front and ripped off the tag that was on the item and decided to put whatever price she wanted to… I don’t need as well as spend a lot of money about the religion I don’t appreciate the customer service at the location Lawrence East in Scarborough Toronto Canada….. very good customer service don’t appreciate it when I bring lots of business to this company

  • alex says:

    Value Village manager at 50 gateway park dr location in Kitchener Ontario, very very disrespectful

  • Tracy Elke says:

    Hi , my name is Tracy elke . I am contacting you to ask if it’s okay to lift the ban that was given to me in 2012 . I promise that I will write a formal apology to the kelowna value village over anything and every thing I have done . I didn’t realize it was coperate ban and I am truly sorry that I went In the store I don’t want to break any rules . Please reconsider lifting the ban .thanks for your time and understanding

  • Jennifer G Pauley says:

    I tried to return for store credit because couldn’t find anything else at time and they refused said was more then 5 dollars so I was out the money. I work hard for my money I’ve donated alot of nice things so that you could help your charities for you to rip me off like that. Since you no longer have dressing rooms to try before I buy not to mention alot of stuff is over priced and these things are donated to you for free. This disgust me and ill never shop or donate to your store again.

  • Angela Ludwig says:

    How does an employee get terminated when called out sick and has sick and vacation days earned?

  • Cheryl Mitchell says:

    Value village in wasilla alaska is greedy, I bought 3 pairs of pants, $40 buck.
    Well they did not fit. They would not let me return them, I could only exchange up to $20 buck what a RIP off I will never go back, and they will get no donation from me!

  • Nicole says:

    Donations in hillandale md is so bad they fired my favorite guy he was the only nice happy worker there and they are not supposed to be telling people he got fired but they did

  • Miriam says:

    It’s a shame that you treat those employees like Hebrew slaves they’re human not animals

  • BJ says:

    No satisfaction from local Value Village Management. I am writing to Mr. Ken Alterman.

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