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Where is Value City Furniture Corporate office Headquarters

Value City Furniture Headquarters Address and Contact

Value City Furniture Logo
  • Address: 6067 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43213, USA
  • Phone Number: 614-449-6100
  • Fax Number: 614-449-0403
  • Email:  vcf.facebookfans@vcf.com 
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1948
  • Founder: Ephraim Schottenstein​​​​
  • Key People: N/A

Value City Furniture Headquarters Location & Directions

Value City Furniture Headquarters Executive Team



Jay L. Schottenstein


About Value City Furniture, History and Headquarters Information

            Value city was founded in 1917 by Ephraim Schottenstein. The company initially sold home goods, furniture, jewellery, and clothing.  Value City furniture was established in 1948. They design, manufacture and sell furniture goods. They provide self design options for beds, dressers, chairs, sofas, etc. They also provide dining tables, bars, bar stools, dinettes.

The founder launched the business as a merchandise to buy and close out. This helped him to sell goods at low prices and attract more consumers, thereby his business grew many times.The first store was located in Columbus, Ohio. Unfortunately it was closed in 2006 and remains closed even today with the building standing all alone.

 Initially the stores were named Schottenstein’s. However the renaming was done in 2008. The company also owned the Shifrin - Willens jewellery store till 1995.

The headquarters of the company is situated in Columbus, Ohio. Value City Furniture is a subsidiary of VCHI Acquisition Company.

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  • barbara Moore says:

    I order a bedroom set from Value City in Westview Maryland Baltimore Maryland months and months ago was such a long delay but I hung in there and I was patient the sales person that sold me the bedroom set ordered the wrong bedroom set they came to my apartment last Wednesday the bedrooms that they came to me was a sleigh bedroom set Natalie the bedroom set is too big for my bedroom the bed bed is soft took up so much space that you can barely walk around in the bedroom I was wondering what was wrong because the bedroom set that I remember ordering you did not need a boxspring I remember the salesperson telling me that particular bedroom set that I wanted did not require a box spring so I had my sons to get rid of the box spring because I need the bedroom furniture was coming in last Wednesday I’m sorry Wednesday to just pass I called to the store to inform them that the bedroom set that they sent me was too big and not what I ordered the bedroom set that I order did not require a box spring this bedroom set here requires a box spring this bedroom set here does require a box spring on this bedroom set was delivered and did not come with a mirror I later found out that the mirror was damaged from the warehouse I call to voice my complaint and my request yesterday was Thursday the 22nd I went back to Value City walked around in the store to see if maybe I could find another bedroom set that was similar or smaller that will fit my bedroom but I didn’t I spoke with the manager and I requested a full refund that refund consists of $4,120 that I paid in full the manager on duty informed me that I would have to pay a restocking fee and to pay to have it picked up so out of my $4,120 I was receiving 3,000 I think in $20 in that won’t be refunded to me until next week until they pick this furniture up I put in a request for them to remove this bedroom set ASAP the manager told me he couldn’t not until next Thursday I wanted to ask somebody to explain to me the salesperson put the wrong numbers and when he ordered this bedroom set and why am I’m losing six hundred and some dollars I am on disability disabled I don’t have money laying around to throw around to just give back to the store because I do a lot of my shopping for the years for my children and I have never had an issue until this the salesperson cause this problem this bedroom set is here I cannot use that I can’t even move around in my bedroom I threw away a semi brand new box spring because I no longer needed it because the bedroom set that I supposed to have received did not come sorry I’m so angry and disappointed I don’t know what to do because I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting months to receive this bedroom furniture only to be disappointed with somebody please and corporate office please help me to get refunded my money in full my name is Barbara appreciate it

  • Lillian Rollins says:

    I ordered chairs in March 2021 and they keep giving me the run around on getting them will be reporting to the BBB. 616-301 -4338

  • Jeanetta Melton says:

    Hi My Name is Jeanetta Melton and I have been a loyal customer with Value city for years.this year alone I have Purchase a lot of furniture from your store here in Calumet city.I have paid for furniture in March of this year and never received it and had to go in the store and pick out stuff that was in your clearance department due to the fact I really needed for my New home.The First Manger Mr. Dwayne was there to help me and did a great Job and apologizes.The sell team is great with doing what they can Ms.Roschelle Weeley And Mr.Corey Willia also tried to help as Well as The Other Manger Ms.Elizabeth. I’m so hurt and very disappointed in the way I was treated today when I went into the store to try to get some results about that matter.so please know that with kind of Unexcepted behavior and no people skills and don’t try to make the customer feel satisfied and continue to lie to me about my shipping date only to get another date. I’m like who do I get help from beside the CEO Office acknowledged what’s going on in there Place of business.

  • Allen says:

    You guys have the WORSE customer service I’ve ever experienced!!
    Novi, MI

  • Raymond Sykes says:

    This have been a nightmare for my family. I was promise Delivery of furniture which at that time I threw away my old furniture.Since May 5, each time delay.now just August again was told this set is my no one else is ahead me. 4week pass now the same things but no phone call is it because of my ethic background ? Iam beginning to wonder.

  • Ambika says:


    We have purchased a bed for my daughter on February and supposed to be deliver on May 7 per Salesperson of Store located at Sardis Road N, Charlotte. But today is September 6 we are waiting for Delivery.

    Yesterday we got a call and they informed us we will not get that’s item until December 16.

    FYI, they changed delivery times 6 times and that’s not fair for the customers like us.


    I purchased a bedroom set including Queen size mattress & Boxspring…has has a 10 year warranty ..well in less than a year the mattress sunk on one side…reprentative came out and verified it all went to the location in mentor oh, ordered another got a delivery date aug.2021.then got pushed out to sept 12, now on sept 1 2021 im told its another delay that sales mgr Steven cant explain..refused 2 GIVE DISTRICT MGR # OR NAME..AM I NOT AQLLOWED AS A CUSTOMER TO ISSUE A COMPLAINT SERIOULSYYYYYY

  • Natalie says:

    Purchased a bedroom set in April 2021. Paid $500 in cash and financed the rest. Was told delivery would be July 2021 – no bedroom set yet. Called manager – no call back. Called store in July, said bedroom would be delivered in August, then another call they said September – just called yesterday, now its November. Sounds like a class action suit to me

  • Alicia LeFlore says:

    Horrible customer service no ones really care about customer satisfaction I can’t believe I actually came back after cancelling my previous order (2/2021) only to be treated this way it’s unprofessional and unacceptable. I am now being told my delivery is it yet again delayed just for an ottoman that was on back order!!!!! It’s here but can’t be delivered due to human error over allocating the truck so now at my expenses I have to be inconvenienced by taking off work again the Manager Matthew Cantrell didn’t care he keep over talking me asking if I wan’ted my card refunded I stated several times I want my ottoman and for him to expedite it on the next delivery for Monday he stated that he could not do it. I asked to speak with his superior, David Renstenberger, who of course was not available. I asked to speak with Manager Jessica and was told she no longer works there. I then asked how they could be so rude to customers he laughed and stated for me to either take the refund or call back tomorrow and speak with David.

    I can’t say how upset I am. I was going to buy 2 bedrooms sets and a dining set but I’m going to shop at one of these stores instead Macy’s,Ballard Designs, The RoomPlace, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Ashley HomeStore, Dania Furniture, Penny Mustard Furnishings, The Dump, Ethan Allen, Walter E Smithe, Baxton, Tom Price Home, or RH where my money and customer experience would be valued.

    I am reporting VCF to the Better Business Bureau. I don’t wish to receive any emails, flyers and text messages from them. I can spend my money else where and get better customer service. I’d advised you NOT to shop at VCF. They are not accountable for the actions and are rude to customers and will not compensate you. They won’t acknowledge their wrong doings. I waited on the phone at the customer care line # 888-751-8552 for 45 minutes only to be disconnected. Contacted The Corporate Office in Ohio@ this number 614-449-6100, spoke with operator Kayla, who stated to me that the wait time to was 45 minutes to speak with a live person waited again only to be looped back in queue. Made another call to get an email address and to instructed to email websupport@vcf.com. I have now wasted 2 hours of my time and have gotten no where. Poor customer service I will never shop here again! No solution now I have to wait bad business Value City Furniture.

    If anyone in your Corporate Headquarters Jay Schottenstein, Pamela Lillie or Gary Tittle is reading this I advised you to re-evaluate and restructure your training for employees unless you don’t care about your Business or maybe you only care about your profits. But it’s the customers who keeps you in Business. Sadly disappointed in VCF. Downers Grove, IL store.

    Alicia LeFlore

  • Amina says:


    My name is Amina Williams

    I have a manager that’s not trying to pay me my money. She’s been telling me that I had a check on 8/8/21. I never received anything in the mail. I worked at the Sandhill location Value City. The manager Michelle has not payed me for a month.

    This situation is urgent and needs to be handled promptly.

  • Lynne Ramsay says:

    Value city furniture. We purchased a sectional couch from the St. Clairsville Oh. Store. 3/4 of the couch was delivered the first of June. The rest of the couch was delivered 2 months later and is not the quality of the the first pieces delivered. We contacted the store who came out to look. The gentleman’s remedy to us was that we need to sit on a different part of the couch. I feel we should not have to sit on a different place on a brand new couch. The store was supposed to contact us for further information but never has. We will be looking to remedy this situation by other means.

  • Mina says:

    Value city owners
    Please consider retraining your manager on helping handicap people and sick
    I bought a lift chair from you in a total of $4500 purchase most of it paid already
    The issue is the lift chair that was purchased to make my husband life easier since he has been sick
    2 major surgeries on the heart left him partially handicapped
    Needing this lift chair badly
    I went to your store in sterling manager closing not caring at allo asked for a service on the lift chair that after 3 month not working properly , said he will send someone Wednesday . Nothing 2 weeks later try to cAll
    I end up with a manager from falls church Virginia Tony , helped me as much as he could no empathy for very sick person ,suffering to get up , suffering from wounds that not completely heal , tried to explain to him my husband health situation , of corse no caring much .
    He wants to charge me the saving I had the first time and the promotion that i had when I purchased it saying it is not running now .
    Very sad
    I got a chaire deficient and I need to pay more money
    To get a replacement . Wow
    I wich i never went to your store the first time

  • Dee says:

    I will be reporting to BBB.

  • Dee says:

    I was sold a mattress and adjustable frame by a salesperson who wanted commission plus credit card application and was advise they no longer accept synchrony home card so I had to get credit. The mattress was way too big and broke the frame 3 times. Value city offered a new mattress memory foam that killed my back. I called to try to but the first mattress and just ditch the adjustable frame for the same price I purchased it on Memorial Day sale. I was told they would not adjust the price or allow me to use birthday coupon even after being advised is never ever shop there again. Poorest customer service ever. And I’m out nearly 2000. I will
    Tell all social media and everyone I come into contact with about my experience

  • Carol says:

    Dear Value City,

    In May 2021, we visited your store located at: 2070 Miamisburg – Centerville Rd. Miamisburg, Ohio 45459. We were met by the sales consultant Ben Zugelder. We were considering (6) six of the Newcastle chairs costing $149.00, each. On June 3, 2021, I spoke with Mr. Zugelder by phone, and informed that my family would be coming in to the store on June 5., 2021, to purchase for (6) six Newcastle chairs. Mr. Zugelder, informed me that the chairs the (6) six chairs would be available for pick up anytime during the week of June 7, 2021.
    On June 5, 2021, my family went to the store and ask for Ben Zugelder, and informed him that they were there to purchase the (6) six Newcastle chairs. Mr. Zugelder informed them that they could only have (4) four of the Newcastle and they would have to wait until October 2021, for the remaining (2) two chairs. Mr. Zugelder did not inform my family that the chairs have been reduced from $149.00 to 99.00, dollars each. My family paid $1,117.93, dollars, for the (6) six Newcastle chairs (which included the protection plan). Before leaving the store my family decided to go and look at the chairs, when they realized that each chairs had been reduced from $149.00 to $99.00, dollars each. My family went back to the cashier (caucasian female) and informed her that of the price reduction the cashier refused to make the price reduction. Mr. Zugelder came to the cashier area and my family informed him of the price reduction, Mr. Zugelder left the cashier area and did not return to the cashier area. The cashier continued to make numerous excuses of why my family could not receive the discounted price of the chairs. After so many excuses from the cashier, my family decided to cancel the purchase of the chairs.
    Looking this situation, it raises concerns of Fraud and Discrimination. Currently my account has not been credited of the amount of $ 1,117.93. If that amount has not been credited to my account by June 8, 2021, I will bring Value City Furniture store up on charges of Fraud and Discrimination.

    Please Advise,

    Carol L. Davis

    • Nyisha Bolt says:

      Hello Carol,my name is Nyisha and I think we can help each other out. I ordered a sectional sleeper from VCF in March. 1/3 of the sofa was delivered in April. It is now September and the rest of my couch is still not here. Every week I get a call informing me that it did not come in from the overseas distribution center and that I would have to wait another 2 weeks. Please call me,my number is 804 312 7609. I am bringing a lawsuit against this company and their fraudulent ways. I hope you will be a part of this suit with me. I will give you more details when we talk. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Lynne says:

    I ordered furniture in February. It’s now April I still haven’t received my furniture. They keep calling with a new extended date.

    • Nyisha Bolt says:

      Yes Lynn,they are doing the same thing to me. See my comments to Carol and call me as well. I am bringing a suit against this company and I would like you to be a part of it. Nyisha

  • Julie says:

    I purchased a couch and ottoman in June of 2020. It was delivered and day one the couch was broken. I called value city in Mishawaka Indiana and was told they would send out someone to fix it. Someone fixed it and then in March 2021 it broke again! This time when I called I had to wait three weeks for a person to come out. The man that came out wouldn’t repair. He said he would have to talk to manager about maybe getting a new couch because the break was in the back of the couch. He said the manager would call me the next day at noon. Four days later I call and talk to a person who proceeds to tell me that they can not repair because I had someone else repair it the first time! When I told them that wasn’t the case, she put me on hold for about 5 mins before coming back to the phone to say they would send someone out to look at it next week…. I said Someone came out on April 2nd to “look at it”! When I asked if it could be replace since this is the second break in a less then 1 year old couch. I was told someone would have to call me back. I am so frustrated. This couch has never been comfortable and with the second break in 10 months time I will never give this company my money again for any future purchases.

  • L. Rogers says:

    Today I have spent hours with lying customer service. I called about a bedroom set that was purchased last week. When I say unprofessional and more!!! I am looking for Jay Schottenspein, Jonathan or whomever is in charge of this foolishness because I have called corporate office and everywhere I turn it’s lie after lie. My child is diabetic and we have been waiting 2 months for a set. Supposedly ready for delivery. VCF will never get a dime out of my pocket or any of my many family and friends.

  • Tiarra Franks says:

    Omg, I thought it was just me having the worst service in the world from Value City furniture they will never ever have to worry about me giving them my business ever once this nightmare of experience is over. It’s so funny how they will take your money for products you don’t have but play games to get your money back for a refund.

  • LaShea Bird says:

    Purchased furniture over 2 months ago still nothing has been delivered.. they called and said the furniture will not be in until the end of July .. I called the manager at the Mishawaka location & he didn’t even offer me a $20 gift card for my inconvenience and I sold my old furniture so now I have to go over 3 months without any living room furniture.. I just requested a refund & I really didn’t want to but this is ridiculous.

  • Ashli Simpson says:

    These people are true jews!!!

  • Tiffany says:

    called Into North Olmsted, Ohio location on 3/4/2020 female answered. Asked her if there where any dressers in clearance. She said yes. She said she would would put me in touch with someone on the sales floor to help me. Which she did, she was very nice. Male named KYLE picked up. I asked was there any dressers in clearance he said no. Strange after female just said there are. I said there are none? He asked if I lived close. Thinking why does this matter. I said no I am not that far. He proceeds to ask someone in the background if there are dressers in clearance and they say yes, I can hear them. Then he says yes there are. I said ok, do you happen to know which ones? No I don’t. Can you look? No I can’t. Tone really dry, really rude. I am completely lost as to why this man is being so rude. I can pick up the rudeness it is no point in continuing this phone call because it is very clear he doesn’t want to help or he is just lazy. I asked him again what his name was just to be clear. He lies and and says his name is Tommy. I think he knows how rude he is and he knows I asking his name for a reason. Now I have another complaint. I said I could have sworn you said your name is Kyle, so now your name is Tommy? He said yes. Is there anything else I can help you with? I said you haven’t been any help actually. He laughs and hangs up in my face. As a customer and a card holder this is totally unacceptable. This is one the rudest encounters I have ever had when attempting to make a purchase. I called back and the same lady answered. I told her what happened and she apologized for what happened and said she would forward my information to a manager named Damien. I haven’t got a phone call yet, but this bothered me so bad I called customer service to complain and now I am sending this email. I will also be leaving a review about this experience it was that bad. I will not be making any purchases any time soon.

  • Lacy Kirkland says:

    Ordered Sleeper Sofa 11/26/19
    Original pick up date 12/24/19- got delayed until 1/4/20
    Went to pick up 1/4/20 and only received HALF of the couch plus a mattress. The sleeper section was not delivered to the West Broad location in Richmond VA.
    New pick up date for other half of couch- 1/28/20.
    1/27/20 was called and other half of the couch was yet again delayed to 2/19/20.
    Emailed a complaint to VCF 1/27/20. Received an auto reply stating someone would contact me within 24 hours. Today is 2/10/20 and I still have not been contacted.

    Disgusted is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! Horrible customer service! I will be blasting this over every social media account I have. Including BBB.

  • Mrs Gina says:

    I purchased a recliner chair and bought the extended warranty. However you think since I was getting reimbursed that they would want me to come pick out another one. No Jamie Deibler was inconsiderate telling me he wasn’t staffed to take back my damaged one and he was closing in 2 hours so he may not be able to help me. Not to mention 3 times I was out on hold. I’m going to report thus to the business bureau. Poor customer service !!!!

  • Dissatisfied says:

    Ordered two Nantucket Chairs at the Canton, OH store. I paid to have them assembled. Went to pick them up and chairs were still in the box. Dealt with people that had a “don’t give a darn” attitude. Your store will never be my furniture store! This is the last time I’ll ever buy anything from your company.

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