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USPS was founded in the year 1971. The organisation has been active for over 48 years now. The organisation has its origins back in the year 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was appointed as the first postmaster, during the rule of the Second Continental Congress. The primary post office department was created due to the postal service of Benjamin Franklin, in the year 1971. The organisation was transformed into its current state, due to the Postal Reorganization Act. The main reason for the establishment of the USPS was because of the low wages and the poor working conditions experienced by the postal workers in New York City. This allowed the workers to initiate a strike against the USA Government. The attack had gained the support of over 210,000 USA Post Office Department workers, and therefore the postal act was signed by the president Richard Nixon, in the year 1970. During the 1980s, the organisation had stopped receiving taxpayer money.

During the year 2006, the organisation had experienced its peak volume. But after the year 2006, the revenues of the company had dropped sharply mainly due to a recession influenced decline, in the total amount of mail being sent and received as well. As of the year 2012, the organisation had employed more than 515,100 employees and also had more than 212,500 fleets of vehicles under its name. The headquarters of the organisation is based in 530 Lawrence Express Way. The name of the place is Sunnyvale, while the name of the state is California, USA. The pin code of the area is 94085.


USPS is an American organisation that focuses on providing various kinds of postal services in the USA, along with its separate areas and associated states as well. As of the year 2017, the organisation has more than 644,000 employees working in it, along with a fleet of more than 211,000 vehicles under its operations as well. The organisation has the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world. The organisation faces steep competition from companies such as DHL, FedEx and also UPS. The company also invests $5.5 billion every year for the health care costs of retirees. As of the year 2012, the total revenue generated by the organisation is more than $65.2 billion, along with a loss of almost $16 billion. The current postmaster general of the organisation is Megan Brennan. The organisation is also authorised by the constitution of the United States as well.


The primary services provided by the organisation include being responsible for providing all kinds of postal service to all American citizens, at a steady and uniform price, along with consistent quality as well, regardless of the geographic location. The USPS is also known as the US Mail and the Post Office. The organisation operates independently from the US Federal Government. The organisation also operates a postal system to deliver mail to the military as well as the navy, namely –  Army Post Office for all kinds of Army and Air Force mail delivery and  Fleet Post Office for US Navy, Marine and Coast Guard mail delivery.

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