Where Is USAA Corporate Office Headquarters

USAA Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 9800 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78288, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 800-531-8722

  • Fax Number: 800-531-8877

  • Number of Employees: 32,896

  • Established: June 20, 1922

  • Founder: William Garrison

  • Key People: Stuart Parker, Laura Bishop

USAA Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact USAA Corporate Office

The United Services Automobile Association, popularly known as USAA, is based in San Antonia. Since USAA offers so many services, customers can face several issues with the products and services they receive. These issues could insurance claim problems, overpayment for insurance, debit and credit card issues, cancellation of insurance policy, and much more. The customers can contact the company headquarters for the resolution of such issues.

Because USAA is an international company, it understands the significance of customer care. The executives will always come available to serve the clients and solve their problems. The company has a customer care department that has loyal and helpful employees to solve the disputes and questions of the customers.

Ways to Contact –

Address – to file a complaint or report an issue with any of the services offered by the company, one can write to the following-

9800 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78288, United States

Fax – the customers facing any issues with the services contact the company at 800-531-8877.

Phone no – the best way to contact the H.Q. or help and support team at USAA is via telephone. One can dial at +1 800-531-8722 and talk to a customer care executive.

The caller will receive an automated message on the call. The voice prompt shall ask for the USAA number and social security number. The customer service line will be navigated by this voice command. The caller will have to answer the questions correctly and clearly so that they can be directed to the real person from the department.

Email – USAA is popular for its incredibly helpful support team. However, they do not resolve any queries or issues via email.

Website – usskiandsnowboard.org

Social Media – one can also follow USAA on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow the accounts that are verified on all the platforms.

USAA Headquarters Info & Photos

USAA has its headquarters in northwest San Antonio, United States. The office occupies 286-acre land, which was a former horse farm. In the present day, United StatesA is said to be the second-largest private employer in the San Antonio region. USAA occupies the largest office buildings in the United States.

The main headquarters are situated at 9800 Fredericksburg Road in the San Antonio territory. Space is apparently even bigger than the Pentagon. The headquarters cover a sprawling campus that has jogging trails, several tennis courts, and soccer fields. The property also has several baseball fields and basketball courts, along with three gyms.

USAA Headquarters Photos 1
USAA Headquarters Photos

USAA Headquarters List

S. No.




United Kingdom

4th Floor, Fitzwilliam House, 10 St. Mary Exe, London EC3, England



Deutsche Direktion, Koenigsberger Str. 1, 60487 Frankfurt am Main, Germany



1, Avenue du Bois L-1251 Luxembourg


United States

9800 Fredericksburg Road San Antonio, TX 78288


United States

17200 Commerce Park Blvd. Tampa, FL 33647

USAA Headquarters Executive Team

Randy Termeer


Major William Henry Garrison founded USAA in 1922 in San Antonia, US. William Garrison summoned a meeting including twenty-four other army officers in San Antonia at the Gunter Hotel. The meeting’s main cause was to talk about resolving the issues regarding automobile insurance faced by the army officers and their families. The company was solely established by Garrison.

Wayne Peacock

President and Chief Executive Officer

Currently, Wayne Peacock is the chief executive officer and the official president of USAA. He has worked with the company for over thirty years. He became the CEO in 2020 after the retirement of Stewart Parker from the same position.

Randy Termeer

Randy Termeer

President, United StatesA Property and Casualty Insurance Group

Name Title
Paul Vincent President USAA Federal Savings Bank
Brandon Carter President USAA Life Insurance Company
Amala Duggirala Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Gilbert Gitiche Executive Vice President and Chief Audit Officer
Bob Johnson Executive Vice President Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel
Tamla Oates-Forney Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Neeraj Singh Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer
Ameesh Vakharia Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Brand Officer
Jeff Wallace Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

About USAA


The USAA organization was previously known as the United States Army Automobile Association. The name was later changed to United Services Automobile Association two years after its inception. In 1952, the company started its first international office in Frankfurt, Germany. It then opened an office in London in 1962., United StatesA is considered a pioneer of direct marketing. The majority of the business is done on the Internet and the telephone. The operating system uses employees rather than using agents. After the company was formed, business was conducted in bulk via email until the 1960s., As the years went on, the organization started transitioning its business from mails to telephone sales and services. In 1978, the company launched its first toll-free number. The popularity of the Internet in the 1990s shifted business operations online via the Internet and website., The organization offered homeowner’s as well as life insurance to the army officials and their families. Brokerage and investment services became more popular in the 1970s. The company expanded and started providing banking services in the 1980s.

About Company

USAA was founded on June 20, 1922, in San Antonio. This was established by 25 U.S. Army officers who felt that the insurance and financial needs of the army officials were not being met. It offers financial services such as banking, investment, and insurance to the people who serve or the people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. USAA expanded over time, and it began to offer banking as well as insurance services to the veterans and deployed members of the U.S. armed forces. The company was ranked 100 on the Fortune 500 list in 2018. It was chosen as one of the biggest U.S. corporations as far as the revenues were concerned.


USAA was established on June 20, 1922, in San Antonia., The products and services offered by USAA are banking, financial planning, brokerage, insurance, retirement, and investments., The company has around 12.4millions members as of 2015., The organization has around 32,896 employees working currently. , United StatesA’s mission and vision statement state that it shall work to offer services to its niche market. This market includes the members of the U.S. military and their families., The organization has its second main office in Phoenix, Arizona. It also has offices in Tampa, Plano, New York, Colorado Springs, and internationally in London and Frankfurt.

  • Robert CarrellMD says:

    After reading the comments posted on this page, I wonder…does anyone ever answer these pleas for consideration? SHAME ON YOU!!

  • Robert CarrellMD says:

    Reading others’ comments brought back a memory from 1974. I had lived in Phoenix, Az. and was relocating to Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in OKC to pursue a residency in otolaryngology. I had my pried possession from Phoenix; a 1967 Austin-Healey 3000 in prime condition. It was being towed by my other car at the time. We hit 30 miles of reconstructed road, which was lain with tar and gravel!! My Healey sustained major paint and body damage. I was crushed, emotionally. That car was my pride and joy. I called USAA. In those days, a real person answered the phone!!! They informed me that my Healey was only insured for total loss. After picking my shocked self up from the floor, I asked why, as I had applied for full coverage as is my usual practice. The lady said that they insured it for loss only because of the age of the car. GO FIGURE!! After I explained the true value of such a jewel, they decided to cover the damage and fully insure my sweetheart. Today, I get a robot/computer/non-human, when I call. Also, if I want something other than the robot’s stated categories, I either get disconnected or put on wait/ignore. AH, progress. NOT.

  • Robert CarrellMD says:

    I am a 49 year member of USAA. I am a 79 year old retired MD. We built our dream home in 2014 and applied for homeowners ins. A property evaluator sub evaluated the value of our home while the only finished portion was sheetrock without flooring. USAA would only insurance my home for $686,000 as a result of the UNTIMELY evaluation. I spoke to several USAA reps, who were ‘unreceptive’ to my being underinsured. I spent $969,000 to build my dream home. Not until 2023 was this item insured for its appropriate value. Now, worth $1,100,000, I am safe as far as coverage in case of loss. This has been an extremely traumatic experience for my wife and myself. A conversation with USAA loss ‘executive’ resulted in no remuneration—bottom line. She hid behind her inability to make such a decision and told me that there was no one over her that I could speak to. This is OUTRAGEOUS behavior from a now ‘huge corporation’ with, apparently, a corporate conscience(not). I am aware, also, of the CEO’s 4.1 million dollar salary plus benefits. That takes a lot of insurance premiums from us ‘little people’. Perhaps, a REAL veteran should be on your elitist board. I am a Viet Nam survivor and conclude that YOUR actions speak much louder than your words and advertisements. Please respond, if you dare.
    Robert Carrell MD
    P.S. I have been an active Google reviewer for fifteen years and have a considerable following. No pressure, but I am obliged to compete here at the level that your corp. fights.

  • Anthony Emery says:

    My comment is directed at Jeff Wallace and Paul Jenkins. I do believe they would be in charge of the accounts and fraud departments.

    Gentlemen I have been with USAA for a very long time. Yesterday when speaking with a representative they stated 22 years but I do believe it has been longer than that because I had USAA when stationed in SC between 1992 to 1998 which means 25 to 28 years. Why do I mention this you wonder? I mention this because I have trusted USAA to safeguard and maintain my money, financial investments, and Insurance without question or doubt for nearly this entire period of time. Unfortunately this has changed over the last few years it started with my auto insurance which was dropped without notification to me until after DMV had already fined me $250.00 for an uninsured vehicle. I brushed this off though because there was a misunderstanding on my part which lead to the cancellation, however, the fact that I was not notified before the DMV was notified began to give me doubts. Next was several cases, many more than I would care to count, of my account being locked out due to fraud alerts. At first I was not annoyed or upset by these lock outs because they indicated that USAA was taking care of my financial well being and I was always able to correct the problem when it came to my attention. In the last 8 to 12 months however that has not been the case. Recently the number of lockouts has increased exponentially and the ability to correct the problem has not been available. The reason the problem could not be corrected was not due to my failure or error. I would also say that it is not directly a fault of the people who are employed by USAA to take preventative measures, such as an account lock out, to safeguard my money and lets be honest to safeguard your financial interests as well. No the fault lies within their management and corporate offices which fail to take anything more than the god almighty dollar they will have to spend into account. I get it no one wants to lose money in their year end bonus checks. This however results in your customers being the ones who have to suffer the consequences of your lack of action. A large portion of your customer base is made up of retired and active duty military personnel and I would assume a substantial portion of this base is disabled military veterans who are living on a fixed income and a very tight payment schedule. When their accounts are locked out without warning this is at a minimum a minor personal problem which is quickly resolved but, there are the cases like mine where they find out there is a problem with their account and call the number on their card or the internet contact numbers and the recording says the office they need to speak to is not open and hangs up on them. If they call the right number by chance the recording will tell them if they require help now to say “help me now” to be transferred to a representative to assist with your matter. Once you have been placed on an excessive hold the recording asks for your account or social security number. Since it cannot verify your account due to the lockout it sends you a security code to enter by text or speak it into the phone for verification. Once verified you go on hold once more and within 5 to 12 minutes someone asks if they can assist you. They take your name and look up your account but the lockout prevents them from accessing your account and the need to transfer you to the proper office to correct your problem. the line goes dead and a minute or so later the recording comes back on to inform you that you have called after normal works hours and need to call back between 7am and 5pm CST to speak with a representative. then “thank you for using USAA goodbye” click leaving you with no way to access your funds or even get an actual reason why you can’t access them. I am one of those veterans and unfortunately this has happened to me twice in as many days. The first occurred 7 November while I was downtown, 38 miles from my home, to pick up my medications and groceries for my family and pets. My first stop was Wal-mart and after filling up my cart I went to check out, I scanned everything, inserted my card, and my card was denied. My fiance works until 5:00pm and we waited until she got off work to go downtown together so when I called it was after hours. The lack of individuals to assist me with my problem after hours resulted in me needing to contact a friend who was able to lend me the money to fill my car. The next morning, the 8th of November, I called and corrected the lockout. Unfortunately later that day after work my fiance went to the dollar store for some batteries and again my card was denied. I called card services again only to be informed I was calling after “normal operating hours” and had to wait until today 9 November to hopefully correct the problem but I wont know that until I get to an ATM or a store to see if my card works. A large portion of this could have been averted by the availability of an after hours individual to review and resolve problems like this when they happen not 3 to 14 hours later. The cost to staff your fraud office with 2 to 4 people after hours would probably save you a lot of lost income and customer taking their banking elsewhere. If your policy were changed to hold off on the lockout of funds until the customer has spoken with your fraud department and is aware of the problem and need to close their account, many people would be much more likely to stay with and recommend you to their friends. The inability to correct the problem after hours is ridiculous, creates undue hardship on the account holder, and in some situations creates other financial problems which cost the consumer more time and money than they have to spend.
    Please consider changing the policy and/or providing 24 hour assistance in matters of this nature it will benefit you as well as your customer.


    Anthony Emery

  • Robert Hamilton says:

    I am a 16 yr faithful member of USAA. I am a combat disabled veteran that has had my account frozen on fraud activities. Due to the remaining money in that acct as well as my July disability check scheduled to hit on the first without these funds I will be homeless. I’ve reached out to the VA to have this mths check stoped it had to be done before the 17th. Don’t dare say you proudly serve this nations veterans when your putting them on the streets with no explaination of why you chose not to do business with me anymore. My cell is 904-829-7815. I am begging for help with this matter.

    • Errol James says:

      I feel for you. I too am going through the same thing. The day rent was due, The Bank closed my account, THEN called me after it was already closed to inform me mid day. No warning, no consideration, no empathy. I’ve incurred late fees as a result. My light bil is now past due, because the back has more than $6,000 of my dollars on hold. I am only told they will hold my Money for 60 days. This is beyond insane. I have explained that i do not owe the back money, i do not understand why they feel the need to create hardship. I haven’t cost the bank any losses in 15 years.

  • Toni Chesneau says:

    modify comment by correcting spelling —
    where it says …..people assing you…. should say people assisting you…
    Thank you
    Toni Chesneau 21June 2022

  • Toni Chesneau says:

    Executive officers’ team should have an email and phone listed
    on this page and the USAA.com page so the customers do not feel
    like no-one is willing to take responsibility.
    Responding to customers timely, avoid those lengthy hold times that
    waste money and resources on both ends;
    return calls when disconnected, and so on.
    When assurance that problem is taken care for good, and repeats itself
    a few times, you realize that they people assing you did not have the
    authority and you feel left out. When attempting to contact the excutive
    offices, it appears to be harder than contacting the President of our country.
    If the info was available, more emails would follow and you would be able
    to experience the other side of your business.
    This way you can be updated from the customer’ perspective and address or
    make changes when needed to better care of both ends.

    Antonia Chesneau
    USAA 7976704
    phone: 206-949-4670 or
    email: chesneau@aol.com

  • Nicholas Granell says:

    Have been trying to pay my insurance and reps keep telling me my account is locked.unfortunately I must cancel all my USAA service cause can’t get help

  • Robert McEntaffer says:

    My phone come up missing and I need a new SIM card

  • Michael Bridge says:

    My account is locked up with substantial funds in it. I have been trying to speak to someone (a specialist) for two days who can resolve my problems. I have been on hold for hours. Since I am unable to access my funds to pay bills I will likely incur substantial penalties for late payments. In addition I made a deposit for $64,000 which was erroneously reversed. It is this deposit that caused the account to be locked up. I need to speak with someone immediately. Call me at 818 996-9646.
    My name is Michael Bridge
    My member number us 24449587
    A case number was given to me 32327297
    If Ii do not receive a call by the close of business today I will have to retain an attorney to resolve this matter and I will hold USAA responsible for all costs incurred.

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