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Urban Air
  • Address: 2350 Airport Fwy Suite 505, Bedford, TX 76022, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 800 960 4778
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1,221
  • Established: 2011
  • Founder: Michael Browning
  • Key People: Michael Browning

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Urban Air Headquarters Executive Team

Name Title
Michael Browning CEO, Unleashed Brands
Stephen Polozola EVP and General Counsel, Unleashed Brands
Josh Wall, CFE Chief Growth Officer, Urban Air
Scott Perry, CFE Chief Financial Officer, Unleashed Brands
Jessica Correa Chief Marketing Officer, Unleashed Brands
Peter Karaganis Chief Technology Officer, Unleashed Brands
Jay Thomas CEO and Brand President, Urban Air
Tim Sharp SVP Operations, Urban Air
Jeremy Hoyum SVP Park Performance, Urban Air
Danny Boruff SVP Supply Chain, Urban Air
Abby Crowley VP Park Development, Urban Air
James Franks VP Franchise Recruitment, Urban Air
Jessie Schuldt VP Training and Franchise Support, Urban Air
Tim Massey, CPA VP Finance, Urban Air
Douglas Kwong VP of Marketing, Urban Air

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Urban Air
  • James S. Miller says:

    After a month of membership they doubled the price of the guest pass and I e-mailed them with no response.

  • Kristen says:

    Awful! Overcrowded kids getting hurt take an hour to get a beverage. Have been trying to cancel my membership with no luck.

  • Gabriell Basile says:


    My name is Gabriell Basile and on 7/8/2023 I took my son and three of his friends to the urban air jump park NYC. It was great, but I did run into some issues. I left some items on the table so I could go check on the boys to make sure everybody was OK and I was gone less than five minutes. When I came back, everything on the table was thrown out the garbage the manager on did give us everything back but once we got to our next reservation, I registered that the bag that was on the table that was thrown out. It had a couple napkins in it, and my rental key which was tossed into the trash by the person that picked up everything on the table. So I now have to pay $300 for a new key none of our stuff should’ve been thrown out. The security guard working. Also followed the boys around on multiple occasions. Yes kids can be kids but I think that is very inappropriate. One of the boys that was a part of my group received a different wristband although I had paid for the highest package when it was time for him to get on the ride, he was denied and was very upset. I was able to get another wrist brace, but not after being me to feel as if I was lying about what I paid for. Due to my experience, I would either like a partial refund or a full refund because that is not an ideal experience especially when you’re traveling.

    I have now called the urban air jump park three times. Each time a message was sent to the manager and still no reply. I called the my stuff was thrown out and was told a message was sent and never received a call back. The reason behind that call was to have someone get the keys! The facility is very unprofessional! I’ve been told everyday that the managers check their email first thing in the morning and at the end of the stuff and will reply to all emails. This is day three with no response. I want a full refund as this is bullshit.

  • . says:

    Called to speak with a manager at the Christiana, DE location and a team member by the name of Kyle or Paul in the Birthday agent area would not transfer me to a manager. He kept asking me what is the call about and I asked him was he a manager and he said no. I repeatedly requested a manager and this team member that was NOT a manager refused. Unacceptable! If a customer calls to ask for a manager, then it’s your job to get them to one and not question them and refuse to transfer them.

  • Courtney says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I’m reaching out regarding a very traumatic & unfortunate experience I had at your Urban Air Tallahassee, Fl Location 1644 Governors Square Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32301

    I visited this afternoon around 12pm with my young 4 year old daughter excited to show her the wonderful trampoline park. I suffer from a medical condition called Chrons disease that I take several medications to help me, that requires additional intake of water to be indulged throughout the day. As well as the fact I’m an expecting mother.

    When we arrived at the establishment I happily signed our waivers, paid for our fees & socks.. upon walking away I was advised I needed to return my water bottle to my car due to the drink policy. Which I understand. I asked if I could keep it behind the counter and come up to use if needed. The girl behind the desk said yes. Awesome. We walked away. Upon returning the manager, whom I’ve not met yet, decided to refuse the original arrangement. Then proceeded to get extremely irate and call the police when I showed that I was upset, this was not what I was told. As well as pointed out multiple Tervis reusable water bottles that were being used throughout the establishment as well as displayed along the cubbies at the entrance of the building. I have not ever been made aware of a water bottle refusal policy.. and I do feel as though I was target and profiled at the Urban Air Tallahassee establishment.

    I kindly asked the manager Mark Ritter for a refund. Which he then stated was another policy. They could not refund me any money and I needed to leave or he would call the police.

    This was a very sad situation for my daughter to witness. I understand these establishments employ young adults and customer service is something that we are seeing go out the window as a country.

    I would want to be aware of this is how customers were being treated at my establishment I own. I thought you should be informed.

    Good day,

  • Jahniece says:


    I arrived at 12:30 for my 1PM party, they said I had to wait until 12:45. They come back at 12:45 and tell me that I booked for 1:30pm which is false. Then the party “manager” proceeds to tell me that someone called yesterday and tried to move the party to 4:30pm… yet I’m the one that had anything to do with booking the party. so immediately she was lying.

    The party host did not do her job and took it upon herself to add things to the bill WITHOUT authorization. I booked for 24 children, give or take a few. she ran out of bracelets and went and grabbed 7 more, gave them to adults, and random children that i did not invite and said nothing to me about it until the end. Her excuse was that “I wasn’t there”…. If she had questions, she should have spoken with me.

    The guests coats, shoes, and gifts were all over the place while every other party had their areas complete with a cart neatly holding everyone’s items. I told the party hosts and she just said “oh okay”.

    The only thing the party host did was pass out the pizza. I passed out the cupcakes and had everyone sing and directed everyone on direction.. why is the party host included in the package if I was going to host the party??

    I had multiple guests that were 5 yrs and under, i asked if I could get them discounted bracelets and add it on the back end of the party, the party host said she would ask, 20 min later she said that the party manager said no and proceeded to put the regular bracelets on the babies and said i had to pay for them separately. I went to the counter and paid for discounted brackets for the younger guests and another manager stated that i could have just added it to my bill…

    when the party was over, the “host” told me i needed to go check out, i asked what the total was. she returns 20 min later with a total, not including the add ons that SHE added. i told her i need a complete total and to include my military discount. she returns 20 min later and said “did you check out yet? I need you to do that NOW” i said, you didn’t bring me a final total and I need to speak with a manager. she proceeds to ask me “why?”.

    I also asked for anyone BUT the party “manager” yet she was apparently the only one available when all of this was going on.

    The party “manager” is absolutely DESPICABLE. She stared at me in a way as if she wanted to do something.

    This one of the most ratchet, ghetto, and disgusting establishments I’ve ever been in. Please do not give them a dollar. absolutely REVOLTING, i will never go back there and I encourage anyone that reads this to as well.

    The party “manager” and that party host need to be fired and they also need to train their “party hosts” correctly if you’re going to add them to your package.

  • Angry customer says:

    Terrible customer service I called multiple times to speak to Nikkia in laurel who never called me back. My daughter had her birthday party here which wasn’t cheap. We did not get everything we paid for and when I called I was told to speak to nikkia which I called multiple times and no response. This is at the laurel location.

  • Allen says:

    My son and friend constant hit in head with balls in dodge ball 30 times .Staff did nothing to stop it. No more Birthday parties ,outing and fund at you White Marsh , Md

  • Gary says:

    This is a horrible company with zero customer service. From the local facility to corporate level there is no customer service and they will waste hours of your time passing you around with no answers or help. Not only will my family not spend another penny with them but I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

  • Jamel Brooks says:

    Hello my family has been a member with urban air for close to two years, and the urban air we attend just added a platinum membership, we tried to upgrade and I was told I had to pay full price for the upgrade instead of paying the difference since I had already paid for the ultimate membership a few days prior, don’t understand, my name is Jamel Brooks, email is melman8634@live.com , thank youb

  • Disappointed Customer says:

    Please givee a call 334-498-3369

    I have been attempting to resolve, receive my refund sunce 2/2022. Please call someone that is logical.
    Please call, not email I haven’t received previous emails.
    Thanl you in advance, have a fabulous day.


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