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UPMC Headquarters Executive Team



G. Nicholas Beckwith III


Eva Tansky Blum

First Vice Chairperson

Mark J. Laskow

Second Vice Chairperson

Robert M. Hernandez

Chairperson, Finance Committee

Jeffrey A. Romoff

President and CEO

C. Talbot Heppenstall Jr.


Robert A. DeMichiei

Chief Financial Officer

W. Thomas McGough, Jr.

Chief Legal Officer

About UPMC, History and Headquarters Information

University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre provides medical and health care services. It was founded in 1893. The centre was established along with Presbyterian hospital. In 1908 the centre was completely integrated to the university.

The headquarters of the centre is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The main services offered by the UPMC are health and insurance. It also provides pre and post hospital home care services. Apart from this it also provides transplantation services, pediatrics, emergency medicines and rehabilitation services. 

Under insurance, it supports the workers compensation and disability services. The famous researchers and physicians in the medical history were associated with UPMC. For example, the polio vaccine, first organ transplantation, etc.

Today the centre operates 40 hospitals and 600 clinics. Apart from this it also offers medicine, pharmacy and laboratory services. The major specialty hospitals under UPMC include Children’s hospital, women’s hospital, psychiatric hospital. The UPMC Mercy under the group teaches trauma alone.

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  • Michael Radich says:

    UPMC in my opinion is a nightmare to deal with. We pay our bills on time and have Federal Blue Cross health insurance. Yet we continue to have to bring my wife’s passport and marriage license to her appointments, along with our insurance card. They still question our marriage and mess up submitting insurance properly for only her appointments. My wife is an American. I am an American Veteran. I do not have to bring anything but my insurance card to my appointments. This is disparate treatment in my opinion. Avoid UPMC at all cost!

  • Shelia Hanlon says:

    You force us patients and medical staff to wear masks that don’t protect you from any virus, just read the box, but yet you have a grand gala ground breaking where NO ONE wears a mask. You are a bunch of hypocrites! Stop the mask wearing for us!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deborah Gearhart says:

    UPMC did not have COVID vaccine for months. Now–I’m on a 6 month wait list for Shingrix vaccine. Why is UPMC unable to vaccinate their patients?

  • Tuth says:

    The Nuremberg 2 trials are in progress are you that evil you would require your employees to get a Experimental death jab. You are experimenting on human subjects. Crimes against humanity. You will be put to death stop what you are doing and think. Judgement day is coming think

  • Steve Sopko says:

    I think it is a huge mistake to drop support for Judge Pirro for her events at St. Barnabus.
    She is absolutely correct in her assessment of Ilhan Omar. Omar is a radical and doesn’t care about America. She’s a Muslim first and is following what was said by an Obama appointee who was a Muslim who said, “we will use your own laws to defeat you!”
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  • LAURA ECCLES says:


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