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Oscar Munoz

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

J. Scott Kirby


Andrew C. Levy

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Gregory L. Hart

Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice President

Jill Kaplan

President of New York & New Jersey

Janet Lamkin

President of California

Howard Attarian

Senior Vice President of Flight Operations

Tom Doxey

Chief Financial Officer of Operations and Vice President

About United, History and Headquarters Information


United was founded in the year 1926. The company has been operational for almost 93 years now. The origin of the company goes back to the Varney Air Lines, which was founded by Walter Varney, in the year 1926. The successor to Speed Lanes was Continental Airlines, which Varney was founded in the year 1932, and the name was changed to Varney Speed Lines, in the year 1934. VAL was responsible for flying the first privately owned and contracted airmail flight, in the USA, in the year 1926. In the year 1927, Boeing Air Transport was founded by William Boeing and was used to operate various mail routes under contract with the USA Post Office Department. Then in the year 1929, Boeing was merged with Pratt & Whitney, in order to form the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation, or commonly known as UATC.

Then in the year 1931, UATC had amalgamated with United Air Lines, in order to form a holding company for all of its airline subsidiaries, which included – Stout Air Services, Pacific Air Transport, VAL and also National Air Transport. During the lates 2006, United Airlines was in talks with Continental Airlines, for a possible merger. The amalgamation discussions again resumed in the year 2010. In the year 2010, United Airlines Corporation or UAL Corporation had changed its name to United Continental Holdings Incorporated, after the amalgamation with Continental Airlines. The following year, the two companies started merging all of their operations as well.  The combined airlines mainly operated under a single air operator’s certificate, which was received from the Federal Aviation Administration, in the year 2011. Then in the year 2012, the two companies also merged their passenger service systems as well, including their online websites and eliminated the Continental brand, except its logo. The headquarters of the company is based in Willis Tower Skydeck, 233 South Wacker Drive. The name of the place is Chicago, while the name of the state is Illinois, USA. The pin code of the area is 60606.


United Airlines is an American airlines company that operates every day with almost 5,000 flights and serves nearly 370 destinations all over the world as well. The current CEO of the company is Oscar Munoz. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $41.3 billion. Also, as of the year 2017, the total number of employees working at the company is more than 88,000. The current fleet size of the airline is more than 770. The company has almost 28 member airlines under its name as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to travel domestic and international places via its airline route network, along with its extensive presence in the Asia-Pacific region as well.

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  • Danny Johns says:

    It seems that since 2009 UA has become very WOKE and aligned itself with Government Control over it’s enterprise. This, for me, showed it’s ugly head on a recent trip to SF, CA in December 2021. Several Nazi-like Flight Attendants took it upon themselves to overly enforce Mask Protocols on a now Past Pandemic Whuhan Virus (China Virus) scare! Going so far as for one little man attendant leaning over a Woman in my aisle and over my Wife to threatening me with “kicking me off the plane” while pointing his finger at me! Knowing that SF, CA is the core of Leftist Ideology this comes as no surprise but having flown on UA for over 20 years, Nationally & Internationally, it seems that UA no longer sees it’s customers as a way to enlarge it’s business (as most businesses do) but now depends on Federal and State Governments to subsidize it’s growth… in turn it now boasts “clean fuel” (as directed by the current White House), sponsors other businesses, not base on the Quality of these businesses, but on what color the skin of the owners of these businesses happen to have.. at any other time in history this would be seen as Bigoted but now we have a Federal Government handing out favors in turn for other “favors”. Chicago seems to be the right place for UA as it is the most corrupt city in the USA!

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