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David P. Abney

Chairman & CEO

Richard N. Peretz

Senior VP, CFO, Principal Accounting Officer & Treasurer

James Jay Barber Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

Norman M. Brothers, Jr.

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Nando Cesarone

President, UPS International

Alan Gershenhorn

Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

Kate Gutmann

Chief Sales and Solutions Officer; SVP The UPS Store; UPS Capital – UPS

Teri Plummer McClure

Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President, Labor

Juan Perez

Chief Information and Engineering Officer

Scott Price

Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer

Kevin Warren

Chief Marketing Officer

George Willis

President, U.S. Operations

About United Parcel Service, History and Headquarters Information

United Parcel Service (UPS) is an American Multinational package delivery and supply chain management company. The United Parcel Service has made a fine name for itself in the courier industry and beside courier services, the global logistics company’s brand name UPS is also used to denote many of the corporation’s subsidiaries and divisions, for example, UPS Airlines (Cargo Airline), UPS Freight ( Freight based trucking operation) and The UPS Store (retail based packing and shipping centers). United Parcel Service has its headquarters located in the U.S city of Sandy Springs, Georgia, part of the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan area. The global logistics company was founded on August 28, 1907 as a localized American Messenger Company with most of the deliveries at the time made on foot or by bicycles. With the company’s focus on package delivery, the evident expansion extended the company’s delivery reach to a global market.

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  • Rita says:

    I sent a package to my son on November 29th from Florida to New York and it still hasn’t arrived and NO ONE KNOWS WHERE IT IS!
    I tried calling the Corporate Office and you can’t seem to get a human. I will NEVER use UPS AGAIN! Not helpful when you call them!

  • Melissa says:

    I shipped a package that contained two naval merit awards to my son. He needed to receive them via overnight delivery as these were necessary to process promotion documents. The package arrived as scheduled but the envelope had been opened, was resealed with packing tape, and was missing one award. I filed a complaint with my local UPS Store. Apologies all around but not much more. How does one put a value on an irreplaceable award and missing promotion. Who will be held responsible for this? Does human resources at UPS bother to background check the people they employ? I spent $120 to send this package because UPS has never failed me. When I filed the claim, I was asked what the value of the contents were. Let me tell you, they are invaluable. I understand that it is difficult to find quality workers but there must be some base level of competency and trustworthiness. The customer service phone number (which I had to research to find) connected me to an unhelpful employee.

  • Michael says:

    I’ve been using UPS for about 25 years. Several years as a mailbox renter. I’ve never had any problems at all until I made the mistake of shipping a very small box internationally through the UPS STORE at 1 Hardy Rd Bedford NH 03110–store #7095. Tracking # 1z6y02276712022412. It was an international shipment of an 8x8x8 2lb 3oz box..billed at 4lbs. Long story short it never got to its destination and got held up in customs. The rep at the UPS store was really trying to help but couldn’t get any good contact #’s from UPS corporate to get this resolved. I still have his voicemail stating this. Eventually after us getting nowhere it was returned to me and not the store. The store reps told me i should get a refund and will tell the owner have him call me. He never did. I called back 3 times in 4 weeks and still no call. After giving a very negative review on social media he replied with outright lies. I tried calling 2 more times but he still wouldn’t call me. It costvme $275 to send a small gift to a teenager in Bulgaria who was very excited to be getting something from the USA. What a huge disappointment. Its been 8 months since I 1st walked into this store and I’m still fuming and telling everyone about my experience. I certainly hope I can update everyone by letting them know that UPS corporate stepped in and did the right thing. Thank You for reading this.

  • Kenneth A Green says:

    To Whom it may concern …. i am writing this to let corporate management know i will be filing an EEOC complaint for all racial discrimination , illegal practices , corrupt management and distrust of power/ position that is going on in Richmond Virginia 9601 Coach Road 23237 . I expect your corporation to look into it expeditiously because i will be moving forward with this asap !

  • Daniela Huerta says:

    Ups is a piece of shit of company I send an iPhone international thinking it’s a safe company I paid 220 they told me the package would get there in a week they lied the package was lost then they supposedly found it each day that was in the wear house they were charging me 60’dollars a day when they found it they told me I had to pay another 330 so my package cost me almost 609 ridiculous. Since they didn’t send it the day the we’re supposed to shipped it I’m by law supposed to get my money back I paid in the U.S we’ll ups doesn’t care and doesn’t help for shit here’s my contact if guys want to contact me danielagarcia261@yahoo.com I’m ready to do a lawsuit

  • Jesse says:

    I’m just reaching out to let it be known that due to lack of direct or clear timely communications from the hiring/management team at your
    7160 E 86th Street, Indianapolis Indiana 46256(Castleton) location I am no longer able to consider this company as a suitable candidate for my gainful employment needs at this time. I attended orientation on November 3rd and was told that I would be texted by ups team the following Tuesday Nov 7th between 7am-7:730am for meet up location to begin the seasonal driver helper position. But I was not given any direct contact information for any of my team members, furthermore I did not receive any communication at all what so ever or any text message or call for meeting a driver until yesterday Nov 14th at 9:10am; in regards to that and the lack of communication from any of your employees I was not expecting a text message 7 days later than what I had previously been told. I hope they can rectify the communication issues.
    Jesse Brewer

  • Abigale Geathers says:

    📈📉I own 5000 shares of UPS public stocks

  • H. Wynn says:

    We were so happy with Tony our delivery professional in the Coney Island/ Sea Gate section of Brooklyn, NY, 11224 He is bright and kind and has gotten to know our area and concerns so well. Apparently, his route has been changed. Please bring him back!

  • J Ghotra says:

    UPS CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNETHICAL. They don’t accommodate there clients with their way of appt. Even supervisor name Diana didn’t take the complaint against any of the employees who didn’t write the information to inform the delivery to the package. UPS don’t care about their customers and their accommodations. Not planning to use UPS at all moving to FedEx.

  • Eugene Spanos, Ret. Lt. says:

    The Park Ridge store is price gouging for sure. $40.00 for an overnight letter ?
    the store owner was very disrespectful to me in front of others. The USPS charged me only $10.00
    for the same service. Never again. Note: Your hotline refuses to accept a complaint as well. genethemarine@gmail.com

  • dean taylor says:

    UPS DOES NOT handle customer complaints in a efficient and business like manner. they will not put a human on the phone. will not call me back.304-865-8500 9-5 est.

  • Ashley Coble says:

    My $5,000 dollar medical equipment has been lost/ stolen. And two previous packages as well.

  • Pam McCasland says:


  • Pam McCasland says:

    Not HAPPY with UPS WILL NOT deliver to house.
    We get deliveries every week and I have to drive a half mile to pick them up because your drivers will not drive up my driveway.

    It is on a County Road in Mount Enterprise Texas my driveway is better than the county road.
    Can someone please tell me why I have to do this all the time I am 62 my husband is 86 I don’t like to walk that far when you could deliver to my porch.

    Thank you

    Pam McCasland

  • Don Pasley says:

    you have NO customer service.

  • Kendall Courtright says:

    You people need help with customer support..it is pathetic. Neighbor kept our misdelivered package.

  • Anevare says:

    UPS Customer Center
    11918 Hayter Hello, I am unable to contact anyone as to the whereabouts of my package. I arrived at the UPS Customer service site @ 11918 Hayter rd Laredo TX. Of course to my surprise they were no help, the employee couldn’t locate my package and asked the other employee what the information meant. I’ve been back and forth and was told the last record of my package being scanned was in Laredo. This associate said it was lost and never arrived. I am filing charges for theft, this package contained sentimental items and looks as if someone kept the package. Again poor customer service and no explanation and going in circles. I would think this center would be more helpful since it’s the hub and center where i was told by customer service to pick up my package that was supposed to be delivered two weeks ago. I also paid for my package after one week to be held at the Laredo ups center for pick up and all I’m being told is it’s lost. I believe it has been stolen by an ups employee and this is unacceptable. Knowing the last scan was here in Laredo TX site. Please advise

  • Leta Mrak says:


  • Chalisa Cole says:

    This is ridiculous. My time for my package to be delivered has totally changed I’m very dissatisfied with UPS SERVICE. I spoke with a serving supervisor name deidra and she was very rude. Unprofessional and getting very smart as I’m trying to get resolution. Very angry 😡 I reside in Detroit,Mi

  • Earl R Fitzgerald says:

    DON’T GO ON STRIKE….. till you can do your job correctly and professionally. Order #
    1ZAY26220454775830. Customers service favorite words are “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” I’ve heard that 25 times in the past 2 years, I’ve been in business 40 years and have because I have never treated my customers like cattle. I’ve been through this before and with your angry sarcastic driver. Why don’t they know where my order is. They would if you worked weekends like most of America. I expect this order today UNDAMAGED,

  • unknown says:

    UPS backed into my building 5 months ago leaving a huge hole… ive sent in many claims and not one representative from UPS has reached out.. im going to be filing a lawsuit against UPS.

  • Michael says:

    Sorry!Sorry!Company! Sorry! Customer service!Sorry!Deliver!

  • Franca Lanci-Briganti says:

    I am a small business owner and for 4 months I have been mishandled by everyone in UPS from your billing department and to our sales rep. We allowed our vendor to use our account to ship 11 cases to our office. Since it seems that UPS did not apply the 100 weight pricing.. I am fighting an outrageous charge of $2226.97 plus incurring interest. Your UPS PREFERRED US site tells me that the vendor used TForce Freight and that isn’t true because I have eleven (11) tracking numbers and proof that each case had its own label. So there was no freight truck and the items were not on a pallet. I need some aid in getting this situation handle. My number is 718-726-2874. My email is randmsports@ verizon.net

  • Brian says:

    Subject: Unresolved Issue and Potential Data Misuse by Roadie

    Dear Federal Trade Commission,

    I am writing to formally raise a complaint about Roadie, a company that presents itself as a platform for vetting and hiring drivers. The primary concern here is a combination of apparent disregard for customer service and the potential misuse of personal information.

    In my pursuit of becoming a driver for Roadie, I was asked to provide them with my personal information, including details from my valid driver’s license. I complied, assured by the fact that I have successfully passed multiple background checks with other services in the past.

    Unfortunately, the process with Roadie has been anything but straightforward. They informed me that they were encountering difficulties in vetting my driver’s license, promising to revert soon. Over a month has passed since that communication, with no substantive response despite my repeated attempts at contact. Each of my monthly follow-ups has been met with the same message: they are ‘still working on it’ and will ‘get back to me,’ with the timeline repeatedly extended for ‘several months.’

    What truly concerns me is the continuous possession and potential misuse of my personal information. It is alarming to consider the possibility that Roadie could be exploiting my driver’s license data, potentially even setting me and others up for identity theft. With the lack of transparency and communication from their side, such a suspicion seems less far-fetched by the day.

    The pattern of my experience suggests that there could potentially be other people subjected to the same scenario. This troubling situation raises pressing questions about data security and identity protection.

    I kindly request your assistance in looking into this matter to ensure that Roadie is not misusing my personal data or that of others. I hope that my complaint will help prevent potential identity theft and protect the rights of individuals like me who entrust personal information to companies under the presumption of safety and professional conduct.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.



  • Kathy Auerbach says:

    I can not get packages delivered to my door. I live on a major highway. I have repeatedly requested to door. I have lung disease and can not get packages from road. Packages are ALL damaged. And ALL have been left in the rain. One package delivered at detached garage in the rain.
    2000 Route 12, Gales Ferry CT 06336

  • Donna Morris says:

    I can’t get my packages delivered to my house. I have to complain every time I order. I just don’t know what to do. Please help.

  • Dan Stevens says:

    Ups hates disabled veterans dieing of cancer and places people’s lives in danger over concerns of water on roadway and refuses to due anything about the hate within there company towards terminally ill veterans this is a disgrace to America

  • Lathy dowe says:

    Package came in damaged.want to.file a claim no computer

  • Susan Carol Imperatrice says:

    Even you with 56!
    Well I am not 56! I am however a married mother of 3 and I do not need your drivers raping me and trying to give me copaphelia!
    So please examine your drivers a little more closely in Clermont Florida
    My first husband worked for your company in Philadelphia Airport area. I was beaten by him frequently after that. What exactly is your company doing with your employees?
    My mothers middle name is Ellen
    My sister’s name is Ellen
    I do not hussle!

  • HUSSAM ELLA says:

    We are a sweet shop located in Houston , Nablus Sweets , We use UPS to ship our packages to our customers inside and outside the USA. Last Sep I shipped an order from our store to a customer . with a value of $400 . The order arrived damaged from mishandling .The receiver took it back to UPS store and complained about that . the took the package and send it to the store it was shipped from but never arrived . The customer is very upset and need his money back. I contacted customer service the and explained the issue and I told them the value of the package was $400. and at the store I did tell them the value of the package and they told me will arrive on time and its insured ,The customer called many time for his money and UPS have not issue any refund check . They kept telling me they are investigating !! two weeks a go I called and they told me check was issued and send to the sender …nothing came i called again last week and they told me it was send to the store , when i asked why not to my company .. no answer . which is fine .. I called the store to confirm they have it they did not help either and no one called me back to update me about it .. This morning I went to drop a package and the lady told me the value of the check UPS send is $15 .. and she did not find the check although UPS investigation office told me was first on November . All I need is the money for the package value to pay it back for the customer or the package that they have it and were paid to deliver it . I am really disappointed form this bad quality service and not being honest with customers , I lost not a customer with the bad reputation i did lose a lot . I hope my message reaches some one in charge to resolve this matter , I just need the customer’s money be send to him that is all . Thank you
    Hussam Ella (Sam)
    Tel 8328308330
    case # 4349888001A

  • Odobi Innocent Ikatu says:

    My wife resides in Atlanta and preferable will like to work and relocate to join your organization.

  • Odobi Innocent Ikatu says:

    Hello. My name is Innocent Odobi here in the city of Calabar cross river state Nigeria. Am so much in love with your company in terms of reliability quick delivery and punctuality in terms I customer delivery. I would have loved to work with you organization and add more value to it as well as encourage not people to use this medium for quick access to the world. My contact is +2348037654610, mail is odobiinnocent@yahoo.com

  • Yellow says:

    I am working to change all my business to other shippers that are not anti 2A. Your anti 2A policies are unforgivable. It is none of your business who I purchase my firearms from or what I purchase. Your company sucks. Go woke go broke!

  • Tammy Creek says:

    Driver Keeps Leaving my Packages In The dam Woods

  • Tammy Creek says:

    Your drivers keep leavening my Packages in the Woods

  • Kelly Remson says:

    My name is Kelly Remson. I live in El Paso Texas. I ordered my birth certificate from Oklahoma on the 31st it said it was sent, but not to me. Every time I call, oh it’s lost, or something similar. I feel like I’m getting the run around. My 1Z079R332911214787. 949518627868

  • Richard Eugene Mathews says:

    Why can’t your automated system tell me where the nearest UPS Distribution Center is? I have to ship a 1911 type pistol. I cannot use any other of UPS services to ship. The Firearm manufacturing company will only pay for shipping if shipped from an UPS Distribution Center. So, where is the nearest UPS Distribution Center to Lima, Ohio?

    • Mr. Jones says:

      Try shipping your unloaded firearm at “The UPS Store.” They have locations all over the USA. They can even personally package your item for you there. Best of Luck Rich!!!!

  • DeWayne Mason Sr says:

    I have a claim number MMF7KV6XV1Q0F
    My packages were damaged in route however we are only receiving a partial credit refund. This delivery was late and damaged. We are a medical mission organization due to your inability to deliver as promised we had to leave the packages and purchase the same supplies in the Dominican Republic our final destination to conduct a medical mission. We feel you can do better due to this situation? My name is DeWayne Mason the executive director we use your services quite often won’t you reconsider and give a more suitable refund? We must return the supplies to our home office would you be able to at least ship it back to Chicago. Please contact me at 773-936-1455 thank you.

  • Julius Mosley says:

    I have had the worst experiences with ups and no one cares at all… I’ve ordered a phone for my son a while ago and it’s been sent back the first time.. second time still not delivered. Still waiting then I ordered shoes ..missed driver and paid with sup over the phone for same day pickup..she said someone will call in a hour no one did .. after that I called back they said go pick up package .. workers can’t find package.. now I don’t have phone still hopefully they don’t send it back like last time after receiving correct address..this time double checked the address and still not delivered.. and no one cares I paid for a service and didn’t gtlet it.. and sup says I’m not entitled to a refund for same day pickup with sup… thus is cray I would expect better customer service for. A well known company or maybe that the problem they big to the point they don’t care for their customers

  • PEGGY says:


  • Doris says:

    My wife and I just moved to South Carolina. She transferred jobs from Illinois to Florence with UPS. Well it’s been 3 weeks and she still hasn’t gotten payed!! No answers, no HR department and no one knows what to do!!! Can someone help??

  • Bre says:

    This company is full of thieves. They stole my package 2 days in a row after Amazon sent out 2 replacements. Each day it was set to be out for delivery by 1pm-5pm every time I called they told me to wait until 7pm and then wait until 10pm. It is now the 2nd day and is currently 6:10pm where I am and yet again NO PACKAGE! I am 100 percent positive that UPS are nothing more than full blow thieves

    • complaint says:

      I hate to agree, but it’s true. Some locations are pretty bad. The employees are using our packages for, “free shopping”. They manually enter fake package updates, but are unable to change the actual electronic tracking record. So the print-out they hand in person, will not match the electronic tracking record. It’s insane and I believe it happens to thousands of people everywhere. So many other crimes they’re committing against a lot of working people. I’m getting ready to file a formal complaint and also write my local Congressman for assistance. Haven’t checked w/my State office yet, to file a complaint there too, but I will next week. Any business within your state, who is operating a business. You can file a free complaint and request an investigation, they are required to respond to the State Attorney General’s office. Your Congressman’s office will also make inquiries on your behalf too, if you ask them for help. Not sure on those details though.

  • Masum says:

    Non Co operative people working here in UPS
    My package stuck at the Netherlands since 10 days, They could not solve the matter yet please advise where i will find my solution

  • Tammy Lapham says:

    I haven’t been a UPS customer for years. You have an employee that started working there and just got put on this route. That has an order of protection against my son. Her boss knows about it and I called last Thursday. They still have her on this route And someone at your facility changed my order to go to Michael’s instead of my home. Which when I ordered from Amazon it was to be shipped to my address. You guys have no idea what this woman is and if she has an order protection and she is afraid of being around my son why is she on this route . My order was supposed to be delivered here today and hasn’t. Her boss the supervisor and goes over to her house and parties with them. And the reason I know that is when I went to pick up my grandson she was told me that a while ago. So I really think you need to check your employees that are the head ones that UPS and PLATTSBURG New York .
    I am 60 years old and I am disabled and they are forcing me to go to Michael’s to pick up something that I ordered to come to my home.

  • Ray says:

    I have been waiting to be allowed to file a claim, after the investigation ended on 28 July, 2022. I was told that I had to wait nine (9) more days. I still am unable to get anyone to take my information to send me a check for what the package was insured, which I unfortunately did not insure it for enough. Additionally, I have been on the phone for many hours. Your “Lost Package Investigation Unit” said that the package was not delivered. Case # C-018160040 Tracking # 1ZA5V0180392676647 I was told that it would take five (5) to ten (10) business days to receive the check, once the Claim is filed. Your employees will not take my information for a claim, and they refuse to allow me to speak to a supervisor or manager.

    • Davida DeBose says:

      l am currently experiencing the same thing. My son’s birthday package was lost and no one seems to care!

  • Nelson says:

    Why write a comment? UPS doesn’t seem to care about customer service anymore. They have gotten to big for their britches. They give meaningless excuses and lie right to your face. They promise to deliver a package, then tell you well it’s up to the sender to pick the right delivery protocol. If not your not, your package is up a creek without a paddle.

    • Mildred says:

      So true they picked up a package from my home on July 26 and they were supposed to return it to the seller I have to Yet. in what so bad about it they lost my package and no one can find it and they cannot seem to tell me anything about it I’ve been talking to them for two weeks and nobody knows where my package is I cannot get in touch with anyone that can help me

  • Ed Lake says:

    Someone at the UPS hub made an unauthorized address change and sent my package to another city while the tracking system says it was delivered to me. No one knows what they’re doing. I keep getting the run around, speaking to call centers in India and the Philipines, no way to contact anyone at the UPS hub or corporate office direct.

  • paulene Wilson says:

    Your automated service is a joke. I have a package that does not belong to me and I’m trying to get it picked up.

  • Me says:


  • Ernesto Holguin says:

    I received a text yesterday (7/7/2022) telling me that the UPS driver could not deliver my package because he/she couldn’t make contact with me and get into the building. Well, this driver is not telling the truth. If the driver would have attempted to contact me to get into the building, he/she would have used the intercom that is located at the front door of our building. Our intercom is connected to all the residents in our building by telephone. If the driver would have tried to contact me, I would have received a call from the front door intercom on my iPhone, which it didn’t. This tells me that the driver for whatever reason didn’t try to contact me. Your drivers need to be held accountable for their actions when they don’t tell the truth and not put the blame on the customer for whatever reason! UPS should understand that if it wasn’t for the customers, UPS would not be in business!

    Dissatisfied Customer

  • Nanci says:

    This is the worst! I have been trying to contact someone in Payroll for 6 months now and either they’re “not available” or it doesnt tell u where to go!!! Horrible!!! I worked for UPS LAST YEAR and NEVER RECEIVED MY PAYCHECK! And to top it off, i received a W2!!! Tell me…what number i need to call to talk to a LIVE PERSON or an email! Ive called so many numbers, it’s ticking me off! Ive tried so many emails as well with NO RESPONSE! HORRIBLE!!! CONTACT ME!!!

    • Dee says:

      My son is having the same problem its ridiculous. He has not received his W2 and I can’t prepare his taxes. They break the law with no consequences.

  • Sslam says:

    Please tell your driver that side streets are not raceways. Please do not travel down my street at 65 miles an hour on Delaney Road, New Lenox, Il. The limit is 30 mph not 65 there are children and elderly that live on this street. Who ever the driver was that sped down this street July 2 in the afternoon needs to be fired.

  • George says:

    At least 1 UPS Employees are running a credit card scam using UPS terminals in Belton Texas. Its a federal crime. 214 Grove Road. I have the name of the suspected employee and other person involved.

  • Angelika says:

    This is exclusively for the manager working on Thursday June 16th between. 4 and 5 pm. Store # 6347. I waited to speak to him as he was attending a customer, I spoke in a reasonable tone of voice about their 10 dollar purchase minimum, to which he stated he could do that and literally walked away from me. I had a 30 second dialogue with his back before he sarcastically wished me a blessed day. I reiterated that I was speaking with him reasonably and that he needs to learn the basics of not just customer service but human interaction. It’s a poor president that any leader is going to walk away from a customer to signal the end of a discussion. It’s appalling and I’m glad the staff has good enough sense to not follow a horrific example of how to speak to another person.

  • Philip Konecki says:

    Guess I will be calling the number in the morning. Called customer service, claims investigation and been getting the run around. I am awaiting a 95lb Lathe ordered from Penn State Industries. $500 purchase, not to mention the $100 shipping fee. Last tracking was in San Antonio, which is about 45 miles from my location. Should have been delivered 4 days ago. Been patient to this point, but at this point this is unacceptable. I need to supplement my income as a teacher during the summer. Tracking went from investigation to on the way to exception. Guy on the phone didn’t have answers. Need clarity and satisfaction. Ultimately I need my product. It’s not a $10 roll of tape. I would appreciate whist response to this matter. Thank you.

  • Ken Tucker says:

    My last post is awaiting “Moderation” from UPS. Thats ok, I will continue down the social media road with a CC of the same that you guys cannot control. Very poor service! Never expected this from UPS. Time to raise up to the the George Willis flag pole. Maybe someone at his level could possibly accomplish something. Maybe?? My hopes are kind of lost.

  • Ken Tucker says:

    What good is a UPS investigation? None!!
    My package has been sitting approximately 30min. from my house since the 28th of May. Should have been delivered last Friday. My car cannot operate without it. They do not care at all and are not to bright being that I know where my package is and their investigative division doesn’t.
    They do love to argue and be condescending though. Too bad that is not a good skill for investigative nor efficiency in delivery purposes.
    I could go pick up my own package in less time than they could eat a doughnut right now, not to mention other various things that they might or might not be doing after eating a doughnut. I”m sure they are good at that too.

  • Barron Williams says:

    I am saddened and disappointed with UPS and their customer service. I shipped (3) three packages and they did an address correction (without contacting me) and send one of my packages to an address that I have not lived at for 8 years. It has been in excess of two months and I have still not gotten my package or my claim paid. Every time I call I have to go through everything with each person I have talked to, no one seems to record and/or document information for the next UPS person to have. It has been a “Nightmare on Elm Street”. I’m trying to contact the CEO’s office now. I can’t waste any more time. UPS your call center system and processes need a complete overhaul. Your focus needs to be on resolving a customer’s issue and not going through the process!!!!

  • FKS says:

    The worse company, it’s been 5 days waiting for my package. I have been tracking the package from the time it was shipped out. Every day it’s saying it’s out for delivery. for the past 2 days, I have been calling and still cant get my package. Yesterday they told me the driver couldn’t find the address. in that case he should not be doing delivery. Someone from this location 13502 Springfield Blvd, Springfield Gardens, NY, 11413 (718) 481-1400 called telling me that my package is on a trailer that still needs to be shouted that my package will not be here until Monday. I am very disappointed with the service. attached is the tracking route.

    6:19 A.M. On the Way
    Processing at UPS Facility
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    9:32 A.M. Processing at UPS Facility
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    7:50 A.M. Processing at UPS Facility
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    10:02 P.M. We’re sorry-this package has experienced a sortation delay. The package has been rerouted to the correct destination.
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    9:25 A.M. Processing at UPS Facility
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    3:59 A.M. Processing at UPS Facility
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    9:21 P.M. We’re sorry-this package has experienced a sortation delay. The package has been rerouted to the correct destination.
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    9:31 A.M. Processing at UPS Facility
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    4:23 A.M. Processing at UPS Facility
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    9:56 A.M. The receiver was not available for delivery. We’ll make a second attempt the next business day.
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    9:38 A.M. Out For Delivery Today
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    5:36 A.M. Processing at UPS Facility
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    3:46 A.M. Arrived at Facility
    Springfield Gardens, NY, United States
    3:07 A.M. Departed from Facility
    Uniondale, NY, United States
    7:27 P.M. Origin Scan
    Uniondale, NY, United States
    7:20 P.M. Label Created
    Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet.
    United States

  • Steven Robert Fordham says:

    My name is Steven Robert Fordham. I was employed in November 2021. I need a verification of the dates I was employed ,please, so I can get Medicaid. Thank you.

  • Anthony Musto says:

    I payed extra money to have my wife’s Mother’s Day present ship next day and I never received it next day. Matter of fact i did not receive it at all. It has been in the Knoxville Hub since Thursday and did not make it to the truck and to my house for proper delivery. I am very very upset. I also tried to call UPS World Headquarters up but all you get is a automated recording. I would like to speak to a real person.

    Thank you
    Anthony Musto

  • Kent Hildebrand says:

    If United Parcel UPS is donating to Rise Up for Abortion Rights then we will be using another carrier and halting trade with suppliers that use your services. Babies are being dismembered and chemical burned to death over as long as 30 minutes. This is immoral and we will not tolerate your CEO’s sending profits to produce this slaughter. I know several fund managers and we are looking into meeting with them to remove your stock. I encourage everyone that believes dismembering babies alive is inhuman and corrupt to drop UPS from their shipping vendor list immediately. This particular group is organizing to attack people attending Christian Churches on Mother’s day. Personally, I feel your CEO is a jackass that risks investor equity for his personal views that sex should be for recreation with no responsibility for caring for babies conceived.

  • Susan says:

    I have contacted a minimum of five people, been placed on hold for over an hour, and have received the worst customer service EVER. Our local UPS is wonderful and most every delivery person goes above and beyond. HOWEVER, the service over the phone is abysmal.

  • E D TAYLOR says:

    What is the mailing address for the CLAIMS DEPARTMENT?

  • Richard P Sherman says:

    My name is Richard P. Sherman
    I was employed back in 2008 as a pt supervisor.
    I’m wondering if you still have my records?

  • Don’t matter says:

    I’m trying to figure out why the ups website says closed Easter Monday, but my boss is still making us open 🙄 we don’t get no breaks Massa

  • Louise says:

    Will never use again use CA especially Tulare CA UPS they did not deliver…I live in another city and am not driving 20 miles to pick up my package. They will not answer their phone.

  • Ed says:

    I recently ordered an item and when it left the company there was a mistype of the address. I called US that day when it left the the sender and changed the address ( on number ) a 6 instead of 5. They c=kept delivering it to the wrong address and whe I tracked it it said undeliverable. Icalled and they said they forgot to change the adress. This happened 2 x more an each time they did not change the address. I called each time. KI told them to leave the package at the local center for me to pick up. They said it would be there on Tuesday April 5. But when I went to get the package they had sent it back to the sender and they said I have to pay for shipping again. UOS is very Incompetent and refuse to resolve the issue.

  • Johnie Smith says:

    My medication from the v a why can’t u p s deliver it

  • Judy says:

    I set out to ship 4 boxes from MD to VT. 1.Called customer service. Reached a great support person, who walked me through the steps to DIY online. He explained that I would have to estimate the weight of each box and that THE ACTUAL charge would be established after the boxes were picked up and weighed at the shipping center. 2.Went online and after several VERY confusing starts, managed to print out the labels, list the boxes and the estimated weight, scheduled the pickup and delivery date, printed out a ‘receipt’ with tracking numbers and the cost. 3.Called back, reached a person who explained that the ‘actual’ charges would be mailed to me within a few days. THIS NEVER HAPPENED!!!!! 4.Pick up and delivery went fine and on time. 5.Looking at my ‘actual’ credit card bill, I see that I was only charged for three boxes. BUT I NEVER recd the final weight and charge for each of the boxes. THE PROBLEM WITH THIS is that I need to be reimbursed for my expenses, I need accurate details AS PROMISED!! Why would UPS reps tell me something different than what actually took place? Shocking for such an established company!!

  • Staci Fahnestock says:

    I sold a New HP Officejet Pro on Dec 9,2021 to a buyer through my eBay business. It arrived to my buyer with the packaging damaged and the unit nonfunctional. I filed a claim with UPS on Dec 15 and included all documents from my eBay account including my original purchase receipt from Amazon. Following eBay process once I have photos and proof, I automatically generate a refund to the buyer $242.28.
    It is 2/21/22 and UPS has yet to reimburse me. The correspondence and information I have received from UPS during this process has been inaccurate, false and misleading. They input my claim as a lost item. Then they closed my claim for “not avail for inspection” but they never reached out, then I find out it was not my claim, then the shipping log did not match my original log, then they were going to process my claim within 5-7 days, then they were going to replace my item… It is impossible to reach a person through the Customer Service phone number and there is no reply to my emails… as of 1/7 there is no communication at all. This was the 4th item damaged in one week… the week before christmas. My loss in revenue the last week of the year was $734. Not to mention the $73.02 to fax them the documents because they do not offer a scan and email option in the claim filing process. Any amount of loss is a lot of loss for a business my size recovering from the effects of COVID and trying to maintain. I am very disappointed in the lack of professional organization and complete arrogance UPS exhibits toward my claim. UPS hurt a small business.

  • Bill Knight says:

    I’m about to tell UPS to go fuck themselves and start using FedEx. The damn droid that you’re supposed to interact with won’t connect with anyone but, “we appreciate your business.” BULLSHIT!!! If you appreciated my business, I’d be able to talk to a fucking person!!!!!

    • Mike Lo Vuolo says:

      Bill yo are so right. I have been trying for over a year to have oversize and heavy packages delivered right to my door in my apartment building, like they do for all single family homes. As a handicapped customer I’ve called over and again and the solution lasts for 1 delivery then it’s back to the drawing board. It’s absolutely DISGUSTING that as corporation such as UPS, $14.9Mill paycheck for the CEO, can get you to a live person on their phone. Without a tracking number you CANNOT reach a customer service agent. Their virtual agent hangs up on you. Just wait it’s the same at FedEX. Just as bad. That’s why they don’t care. The competition screws you over so it’s OK.

  • Juan Mendoza says:

    Hello been trying to contact hr and corporate I was given a W2 with my social security withholding wrong and been trying the telephone number given to me but cannot get thru
    I need the W2 correction done


    I had ordered a package and UPS was the company to deliver my package well I received a notification that it was delivered to me and left Infront of my door at 11:30 on 1/27/2022. So I went to my door and opened it and there was no package. I even looked around my house and checked the back door and asked my neighbors and I was told by many people there was no sight of any UPS driver coming down our street that day. My son was awake that morning and didn’t hear anyone knock on the door or ring the door bell. So I’m pretty sure you all know what happen if you get my drift. I didn’t pay all that money just for my package to get stolen. I would really like to know what happen to my package or I would really like to have my package or I would like a refund for the price that I paid for my item that was never delivered

  • Avnish Kumar says:

    I have an amazing start up business idea for you so we both can earn billions of dollers.i am Avnish from india currently working as finance manager in Dubai.just give me a chance to prove how we can make billions of dollers

  • Erik Lopez says:

    I worked for ups for back in December as a seasonal driver helper. I only worked for 8 days and had to quit due to the fact that they weren’t paying me. For the first week they told me they couldn’t find my check. The following week same thing. Pretty much I quit because I felt I was working free. I’m 30 years old and never have I felt like that about a job. It’s February the 4th and I still haven’t been paid. I call in everyday to see any update and they’ve been giving me the run a round. Now there’re starting to make me feel like I have to beg for my money I worked my ass off. I’m in the verge of being homeless. Going through some hardship and all because ups decided to do this.

  • Todd says:

    The last two months. Your driver left my monthly package at the wrong address. Transplant meds. Everything about contacting you with a live person is non existant. So if it happens again, I’ll find the driver and we will have the problem resolved right then and there

  • Disappointed says:

    UPS Customer Service has really gone down the tubes…I have an international shipment coming from Australia to the US but is sitting in Korea on some kind of hold and I cant get any updated information from my UPS Rep or the clowns at customs or anyone else for that matter. I have called this guy twice and have no response.

    Its really too bad, UPS turned over and let go all of the senior management(the people who cared and knew how to treat customers). Drivers are unhappy, morale is low and the service level SUCKS!


    These have not arrived in from KR as of yet. Once the shipment arrives should get the release.


    Please note that any shipment held in UPS’s warehouse after two free business days will be charged warehouse storage of $20/day and .04/kg per shipment until released. At 15 days old all shipments will be eligible for General Order warehousing by U.S. Customs. Any shipment moved to a G.O. warehouse will be assigned additional warehouse fees, which must be paid in full before it can be removed. Any shipments remaining in G.O. for 6 months may be auctioned off in accordance with the U.S. Import regulations.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sami Schlarb

    HOLDS Department
    UPS Supply Chain Solutions
    1930 Bishops Lane Ste 200
    Louisville KY 40218
    Tel : 502-485-2036
    I am working remote from home and it is best to reach me via email.

  • Dar says:

    Seeing you want to hide behind a computer, I guess I’ll start using fedex or regular mail. If mot available I guess what I ordered is not a need and not order

  • Jonathan Lowery says:

    UPS driver on January 13, 2022 roughly around 7:10 driving with license plate ZK-7795 in Greensboro,NC almost ran my daughter and I off the road, blowed his horn at us several times, stuck his middle finger at us, drove extremely aggressively way past the speed limit and was on other vehicles bumpers. This is extremely concerning to my family and the safety of other drivers on the road. I hope that UPS will take this serious and address the issue to ensure the safety of others.

  • n. shafigh says:

    I have spent several hours this morning trying to report a complaint. I have been passed from number to number from web site to web site without any resolution.So in case anyone in your company is interested I am a customer and I have been getting abusive treatment and bullying without reason from the worker or owner of the UPS store on Golf Club RD in Pleasant Hill CA store repeatedly when I try to return my packages. The worker ( a middle aged women from India) probable broke the content of the package (marked fragile) I was trying to return by throwing it into a bin. she did not tell me it did not belong to UPS but was supposed to be returned via USPS. she only reluctantly returned the package to me when I asked her why she did not scan it. Is this the way you train them to represent you? And you make it very hard to register a complaint. I spent 34 minutes holding on phone without response. There is no web site to write a complaint. I would appreciate a simple response. Frankly I am afraid to go into that UPS store because everytime I go in I have to endure menacing behavior, which means I have to drive farther to get my shipping needs done.

  • Cheryl Chamely says:

    Your customer service is totally unprofessional,
    I need to speak directly with one of public relations representative.
    My name is Cheryl Chamely and I am the ceo of Complete Care Medical Management
    South florida

    I have been trying to pay a brokerage charge for 2 days, and when I finally got through I couldn’t get a receipt, the confirmation number given was

    242673, please contact me asap

  • JMLEXUS says:

    I am trying to get shipping information to a package that was sent to our customer.
    I don’t have the tracking number, but I do have the address, and your automated system, will not allow me to speak to a rep. please help…

  • Robert VanScyoc says:

    I had job at the benwood west Virginia warehouse I show up and they said they didn’t need me they had a full crew I’m a little upset if there’s another job let n e know thanks driver helper

  • Joshau E Bale says:

    Yeah I am getting no where with UPS! They are causing nothing but frustration! I understand I am only one customer, but I need my package like I paid for!!!!

    • Paula Theorgood says:

      Oh wow you’re going thru exactly what I have been dealing with since December 4th! Smh it’s ridiculous how they refuse to ship my package and I never told them to hold and I’ll pick up

  • Ronald L Wilson says:

    I been trying to get ahold of the accounting department. I get the run around everywhere. We did a road side service for ups. They told us they would pay us in 10 days never received payment. Sent in my invoice to the Dallas repair shop. They then said they sent it to corporate to be paid. I call Dallas shop and they tell me they can’t do nothing it’s up to corporate when checks are issued. We need to fix this imiditly or we will be charging by the hour till this is fixed like it says on our contract on invoice. We need that check over nighted and made out to Ronald Wilson like discussed at the beginning of service.please contact me at 918-900-8319.

  • TOM J MAYS says:

    I have been trying to cancel my Retiree Medical Coverage for almost 2 weeks. I have called numerous phone numbers only to be told they do not handle that. I am also trying to cancel the premium auto pay but there is no telephone number on the bank deduction. Only that it is a: UPS FLEX deduction.
    Can someone please email me the necessary email, phone number and department with an address to get this done? I also need for them to state my wife’s coverage automatically cancels upon my cancellation. I already replaced my coverage and she needs UPS to respond urgently.
    Thank you
    Tom J. Mays
    2685 Saratoga Avenue
    Lake Havasu City, AZ.

  • >