Where is United Healthcare Corporate office Headquarters

  Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 9900 Bren Rd, Minnetonka, Minnesota, 55343, United States
  • Phone Number: (952) 936-1300
  • Email:Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 125,000
  • Established: 1977
  • Key People: Andrew Witty

Headquarters Location & Directions

Headquarters Executive Team



Andrew Witty


History and Headquarters Information

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United Healthcare
United Healthcare
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Where is United Healthcare Corporate office Headquarters

United Healthcare Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 9900 Bren Rd E, Minnetonka, MN 55343, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-328-5979
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: customerservice@uhcsr.com
  • Number of Employees: 270000
  • Established: 1977
  • Founder: Richard T. Burke
  • Key People: J. Paul Brophy Jr.

United Healthcare Headquarters Location & Directions

United Healthcare Headquarters Executive Team



Steve Nelson

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Schumacher

President and Chief Operating Officer

Brian Brueckman

Executive Vice President

Heather Cianfrocco

Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealthcare Community & State

John Cosgriff

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Stephanie Fehr

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Capital Officer

Kirsten Gorsuch

Chief Communications Officer

Bill Hagan

UnitedHealthcare Clinical Services (President)

Dr. Sam Ho

Chief Medical Officer

Thad Johnson

Chief Legal Officer

Molly Joseph

Executive Vice President, Global, UnitedHealth Group

Phil McKoy

Chief Information Officer

Jenny O’Brien

Chief Compliance Officer

Jeff Putnam

Chief Financial Officer

Tami Reller

Chief Marketing and Experience Officer

Dan Rosenthal

UnitedHealthcare Networks (President)

Brian Thompson

UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement (CEO)

About United Healthcare, History and Headquarters Information


United Healthcare was founded in the year 1977. The company has been operational for almost 42 years now. The founder of the company was Richard T Burke. The company was mainly created in order to reorganise Charter Med Incorporated and also become the parent company of the same as well. In the year 1988,  the company had started its first pharmacy benefit management services via its Diversified Pharmaceutical Services as well. It had managed pharmacy benefits as well via retail pharmacies and also mail. The subsidiary was then sold over to Smith Kline Beecham for almost $2.3 billion in the year 1994. The same year, the company had acquired Ramsey HMO, which was a Florida Insurer.

As of the year 1995, the company had acquired The Metra Health Companies for almost $1.6 billion. Metra Health was a private company, which was formed by combining all the operations of Met Life and also The Travelers Companies. Then in the year 1996, the company had taken over Healthwise of America. Two years later, in the year 1998, the company had taken over HealthPartners of Arizona, which was the largest operator of Arizona's AHCCCS provider. In the year 2001, Ever Care, which was a subsidiary of the company, had merged with LifeMark Health Plans. The following year, the company had taken over Geo Access along with Medicaid Insurance Company as well. During the year 2003, the company had acquired Mid Atlantic Medical Services. Then again, in the year 2004, the company had acquired the Touchpoint Health Plan. The same year, the company had also acquired Oxford Health Plans as well. The following year, the company had taken over PacifiCare Health Systems. Then in the year 2006, the company had acquired John Deere Health Care. In the year 2008, the company had taken over Sierra Health Services for almost $2.6 billion. By the year 2009, the company had agreed to take over Health Net's subsidiaries for nearly $570 million. In the year 2012, the company had acquired XL Health as well. During the year 2012 as well, the company had amalgamated with Amil Participacoes. As of the year 2017, the company had acquired Rally Health. Then in the year 2019, the company had also taken over Davita Medical Group from Davita Incorporated, for about $4.3 billion. The company had also acquired Equian for $3.2 billion as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 9900 Bren Road East. The name of the place is Minnetonka, while the name of the state is Minnesota, USA. The pin code of the area is 55343.


United HealthCare is an American company that focuses on providing various kinds of health benefit plans and programs for families and individuals, employers, retired persons, military service members, etcetera. The current CEO of the company is Dave Wichmann. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $226.2 billion. As of the year 2018, the total number of employees working at the company is more than 300,000.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to obtain various kinds of health care related products and services, that are offered by the company itself. The company also indulges in specialised health care services as well.

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  • Roz says:

    I cancelled my Health Insurance back in August with Maryland Health Connection, when I completed my move from Maryland to Martinsburg West virginia.

    Not sure why Maryland Health Connection did not communicate with United Healthcare that I moved.

    I called United Healthcare customer service and they advised me to call the Maryland Health Connection.

    I called Maryland Health Connection and they advised me to call United Healthcare customer service.

    It is a lot of back and forth, I am going to obtain an attorney because I would like money to stop coming out of my account and a refund of $1,359.80.

    Thank you.

  • James Moeckel says:

    Reading these have help me make my decision much easier to NOT enroll with UHC !! People want to make a payment to UHC makes it very difficult on the client. Why make things such an issue? These are people that want to pay you,

  • Kim says:

    I have been calling for 4 days to get my email address and phone number changed and it still is not done. They disabled my account and my open enrollment ends tomorrow. I have spent hours on the phone and it still is not fixed. I am beyond frustrated. What is going on there I can’t even speak to someone who speaks English and understands my issue. What a joke their IT dept is.

  • Bobbie Butler says:

    Apparently, no one from UHC reads the comments but I will submit mine also as I sit here on hold!!!! I HATE THAT YOU CHANGED TO GOD AWFUL WALMART FOR THE OVER THE COUNTER MEDICAL PRODUCTS. You had a good company with Healthy Benefits and Walmart is the worse company that exists as far as ordering products from them. I hate them!!! I hate them!!! I hate you for changing. You would not believe the horror stories trying to get products delivered and I live within 15 miles of a local Walmart. Stupid! Stupid and Stupid!!!! GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dorothy Hyde says:

    The worse insurance agency I have ever dealt with. Trying to get authorization for my dental plan. I have been on the phone, (3) different days, with India or pakistan. Finally thought I got it straight today after several hours and many agents. Only to have my dental office call for pre-authorization for visit. They were told under my newly issued member ID # that became effective 10/3/22, that this policy cancelled two (2) years ago. Back to square one. Don’t even try to ask to speak to a supervisor. I don’t think that one exists. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. No one should have to go through this. Awful and beyond.

  • Carleen says:

    Horrible service. You can’t get help with your policy anywhere. I’ve been trying for 45 days to correct my account. Find insurance elsewhere.

    • casey says:

      I think by law they must provide the policy the details, typically it is online through a log-in system. Insurance companies are very alike. A good measure when shopping is first note all health issues which helps identifying the best plan. Securing a phone number and calling in their presence will help you see their service. In using the health insurance, call them before to verify coverage in 1. is the doctor contracted 2. is the facility I am going to contracted 3. is the procedure covered. it is a recorded line and documenting who you spoke to and date and time helps. It is horrible it has been 45 days ….hope it gets better

  • Ivan hunter says:

    This company has neglected, ignored, forward you to other so called representatives who put you on hold( supposedly to talk to someone for help to your situation, right ).We stayed on the phone most.the day and into the evening. Even our physical therapist gave it a go and for what to be told you have exhausted all you physical therapy visits for the year. If you know about U.H.C you must have therapy before you can have surgery. Guess what you have exhausted your therapy visits for the year! Remember to get surgery you must have therapy, which my wife had only to be told hope you have used ALL YOUR THERAPIES and you have to wait until next year. Guess they want to wait until your dominant arm goes immobile .Thanks for nothing U.H.C.

  • Ivan hunter says:

    My wife had therapy first it didn’t work 20 visits then she still had problems so she went back to her doctor he had my wife to have a MRI for the problem it showed a bad tear in her shoulder surgery fixed it now we can’t have therapy insurance want give they said it’s a hard 20 no coverage from them till next year they said Sorry!
    That sucks why don’t the offer options first so you want have therapy before hand… United Health don’t care for you it’s the money!

  • Sally says:

    I am a provider who can not get claims paid. Even after working with three provider reps. No return calls just denials even w all the information is sent or faxed.

    • casey says:

      You can try linked in and maybe a claims person will come up. Where I worked before in helping employees, claims were denied due a code error, the doc did a procedure with the authorization, maybe a procedure had to be done first before the next procedure is paid, or the employee had no coverage or had exhausted their coverage.

  • Anthony Cadiou says:

    Is this new health company a result of the UAW court case settlement?

  • Anne says:

    Why does it take 4 months to get a bill paid after I have met my yearly out of pocket max. I,ve called and called and keep getting jerked around. You paid for a 200k surgery but you won,t pay a 1200 bill a month afterwards. An audit said you are correct. Common sense says you are not. Wtf

  • Beatriz Fernandez says:

    Dear Mr. Dave Wichmann,

    I’m reaching out to you regarding a matter that has not been resolved since July, 2021.
    I understand you are the CEO of United Healthcare.
    I can’t seem to speak to anyone in your organization that knows or understand why I’m being dropped coverage by your system every month.
    I have to call once or twice monthly due to this issue. My payments are being received on time.
    No one can answer or resolve this matter.
    I am sharing all the reference numbers given to me from your customer service / supervisors since July, 2021.







    I’m begging you to please look into this and resolve it for us. It has been a inconvenience monthly and we need this matter to be escalated and taken care of as soon as possible. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Beatriz Fernandez


    As I sit on hold RIGHT now with UHC after having already called 3 times in a row, apparentally I’m on hold while she transfers me to someone in the USA. I can never get anyone that speaks English on the telephone and because they can’t hardly speak English, they transfer me to places I don’t need like Marketplace, or they hang up on me then I can’t do the review, I have to call back and am angry my second 3 and 4 go round. Its never a one call thing with UHC. On top of that your website is awful. I logged into the community care link looking to see where I needed to have lab services performed, it told me Optim Orthopedics, Every number listed for lab services like blood work and urine tests has the number of every Optim orthopedics in the area. Orthopedics don’t perform lab services!!! I finally did get an
    English speaking lady to help me in the USA, thank GOD. But it took me calling 4 times!!!! That is ridiculous.

  • Judi says:

    UHC has mixed my account with another clients account that has the same name and D.O.B.. The other client is on Medicare and lives in WI, I am a commercial client. I pay $600+ a month through my employer and live in Oregon. I can see all her personal information, claims, prescriptions etc.
    After calling over and over and emailing, they can not seem to figure out how to correct this.
    This have been going on for over 3 years. I know they have violated the HIPAA Privacy Rule and my next step is to get a lawyer. Hate the thought of suing them but at this point I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to do this but they will not listen or take this seriously.
    At his point I am so upset that I even considered calling one of the new stations and letting them run with this.

  • Michael Mercer says:

    St. Paul Public Schools changed its insurance coverage for retirees to United Healthcare starting in 2022. I received a letter that indicated Medicare had on record another prescription insurance coverage , which turns out to be our homeowners and car insurance company. The letter required the following “If this information is wrong, call 1-866-747-1013 and tell us what needs to be corrected”.

    After being transferred to four different people over the next half hour, it turns out that they couldn’t act on the letter because my coverage doesn’t start to 2022.

    The letter had a note at the bottom which reads

    “Note: Telling us you have other prescription drug coverage in addition to your Medicare prescription coverage does not affect your enrollment in your plan.”

    What kind of quality control does United Healthcare have that allows this type of SNAFU?

    This is ridiculous, asking to confirm something that doesn’t matter in the first place!!!!

  • Mary Downing says:

    Why is it you can’t get someone with some sort of authority to address issues, even when calling the corporate office? Your company has to take responsibility for their misinformation. My issues, simplified:

    Got the dental plan, the dentist submitted the plan, UHC said my mother exhausted her benefits. I call they say it’s not true. Called again when I received the letter saying the same. Only for your workers (3 or 4) to tell me they’re not exhausted. I gave up & canceled it.

    Called about a lift chair. Your rep gave me 2 places. Called them, one didn’t do chairs, the other no answer AT ALL. Called back and was told go to a website. I asked if he’d buy a chair like that online? He said yes (of course). I told him we have to make sure it’s comfortable for my mother, hat I found one at a local furniture store. He explained the online would pay 80%, if you go to an outside provider we’d pay 50%. He email me a reimbursement form for DME. I went that week, got the chair, submitted it, only to get told it wasn’t covered. To date I still have received NO return call, no response since the July denial.

    If I can’t get anywhere by the end of the week, I am filing a fraud complaint with the NYSDOI. You have to be held accountable for lies.

    • Coleen Haatvedt says:

      I have had a truly frustrating day! As a recent enrollee in the UHC Medicare Advantage PPO, I have been on the phone all day today trying to access the benefits they promised, including the Renew Active exercise program, a free Fitbit, and a “great mail order” prescription plan called OptumRx. ~ I was constantly referred to several other phone numbers by “off-shore” customer service representatives who often gave me wrong information. One rep actually said she was transferring me to a California office but I again was connected with an off-shore rep. ~ It is very difficult to understand the customer service people and being given wrong information only compounds the problem. ~ All in all, this has caused me to lose faith in this Medicare Advantage program. ~ My membership/U Card/ID Card arrived the second week in January and information on accessing these benefits is very difficult and often the online information sites give conflicting information. . ~ If an enrollee does not have good computer skills, I don’t know how they would navigate this system.~ I am beginning to think that I may have made a wrong decision.

    • Isaac Jenkins says:

      I’m having is6wuth ny Dental plan too. I went ti a Dentist who said he put filling in my teeth. After becoming suspicious, I changed Dentist. I discovered theiygh XRays that the orevious Dentist had not properly filled my teeth and now I must get them filled and pay out of pocket. Calling several UHC representatives, one saying this and another saying that, I am totally disgusted with the service of UHC.

  • Narayana Srinivasan says:

    Fraud By Your Company!! Part D Membership No; : 0090057951, Medicare Supplement Plan No: 399182845-11

    Your Company Claims that they did not receive this payment!! My Credit card has been charged $187.50.

    Why are you committing this fraud??

    Transaction date: 06/30/2021
    Card type: Visa
    Transaction type: Purchases
    Merchant description: INSURANCE-SALES & UNDERWRITING
    Merchant information: 888-873-6797 , CT
    Reference number: 9795
    Merchant Name: get more information about merchant name change UNITEDHEALTHCARE Select toEditthe merchant name
    Transaction Category: get more information about transaction category Insurance: Insurance Select toEditthe transaction category
    Online Purchase: Y
    Dispute this transact
    Narayana, we received your payment.
    AARP Medicare Rx
    Narayana, we’re processing your payment.
    We received your premium payment of $187.50.
    It may take up to 10 days to process your payment. If your payment is unsuccessful, we will send you an email.

    Payment amount:
    $187.50 (In process)

    Date submitted:
    June 28, 2021

    Payment method:
    Credit Card

    Member ID:

    Plan type:
    AARP MedicareRx Preferred (PDP)

    ©2021 United Healthcare Services, Inc. All rights reserved.

    This email was sent by:
    PO Box 29675
    Hot Springs, AR 71903-9675


  • Claude Sanders says:

    Your United health care supplemental plan is the worst messed up company I’ve ever dealt with in my whole entire life two different things one for drugs one for health care nobody contacts her connect with either one it’s not handled by one personal channel by two different companies neither one of them can connect with either make any sense please have the CEO call me or one of his top representatives this is ridiculous I haven’t ever had this much problems with any company in my life and I have several companies myself !!?? Thanks Claude sanders

  • Signe Taff says:

    Every time I want to pay my bill over the phone with a credit card with someone in the USA it is a nightmare. Just spent an hour of my self employed time with an agent who told me she was not trained to take credit cards. She kept trying to get someone in the USA who could do this. Constantly kept on hold. United Health does no trust their USA customer service to take credit cards. I will not give this info to someone in a foreign country as everything is being hacked. Then tried to do it online and your website could not find my record. When open enrollment happens you will lose me as a customer. This issue with trying to make a payment has always happened. Train your USA staff to take credit cards!

  • Jeff says:

    I agree with everything Linda wrote. In addition, if you order online you can’t pay the overage online like the previous program. I had to call in an order because I was .08 over online. Interestingly, I got to speak to someone at UHC in February. They laughed when I told them what it was about and she told me they were getting complaints about that program the day it started. She said the executives know the problem and it will be reviewed. Translation, nothing will change. That’s what happens when you get into bed with Walmart.

  • Linda Fredrick says:

    Reference ordering over the counter products thru United Health Care program. Last year (2019) United Health Care had a program called Over the Counter Essentials – this year (2020) the program was switched to Health & Wellness Products (by Walmart). 2020 Health & Wellness Program is a lot to be desired. It is hard to order online and even harder to order by calling an order in (a person from another country answers and can not understand nor speak our language very fluently). The products are constantly out and it is frustrating to try to get the products you want/need. Someone needs to look into this program. Go back to 2019 Over the Counter Essentials program – I never had a problem with ordering from them.

  • MARY CATHEY says:


  • Naomi Jennings says:

    My name is Naomi Jennings I’m a customer in desperate need. Dr ordered Maltacq for my heart. I was denied amt.quoted by John. First being approvedfor$40.copay to later be denied by Ricky and Sharmaine with Sharmaine telling me that her decision was final. I am calling 911 because I won’t be able to live without the medication. I explained that to Supervisor Sharmaine for over 2 hrs. Begging and pleading for help. I didn’t want to go to ER but was given no choice. I only have the $40.for the medication. Please help me if you can. I am disabled and only have a limited heart and lungs capacity due to Lupus, CAD and Sarcoidosis.Please help. (708)738-0185.

  • GARRY ROSS says:


  • Kim says:

    This is a horrible company. I’ve been trying for over a year to find my disabled son help with an endodontist and psychologist who does the TMS procedure. I was told at the end of 2019 to call back in 2020 because I might have better luck finding doctors in my area who take my son’s UHC Dual Complete plan and I’ve yet to find anyone. UHC customer service gives me name after name after name and when I call or even when their own customer service people call the doctors in their database they find the doctor doesn’t take my son’s insurance. Very unorganized and very poorly run. My next step is to find out the name of the government agency that oversees insurance companies and put in a complaint about this company.

    • ss says:

      You have no idea………………………….. as horrible as they are, you don’t even know, how Really horrible they are, and I have in past contacted government agency that regulates and guess what…… they suck too! So I agree

  • Jennifer T says:

    United Healthcare paid claims which were fraudulent in 2018. I alerted United Healthcare about these fraudulent claims in 2018. They have recovered their money from these fraudulent claims. They will not return this money to me. It’s October 2019 and I am still having to call United Healthcare about my reimbursement. Have I been defrauded twice?

  • Bonnie Parker says:

    Why can’t senior get routine labs done during their annual physical or when seeing their doctor? I was just told a complete blood count and basic metabolic panel would cost me $295 plus the co pay. I will be shopping around for a new insurance

  • Brenda Benedict says:

    Have been fighting with your service and claims since January 2019 on this. Saying lab work I had done 1/2/19 is out of network when you indicated the hospital was out of network 3/1/19. Told me Knoxville News Sentinel filed a false news report and you were actually out of network 12/31/18. This is from your on webite (see below), your claims went in and reversed payment on my lab work from 1/2/19 – I would not have even known at the time the hospital was leaving the network. I am now getting collection notices.

    Important Information About Our Relationship with Community Health Systems (CHS) Tennova

    Five CHS Tennova hospitals now out of network for employer-sponsored, individual and Medicare Advantage plans

    CHS Tennova has decided not to renew its participation in UnitedHealthcare’s network for employer-sponsored, individual and Medicare Advantage plans. This means the following hospitals are now considered out of network for these plans as of March 1, 2019:

    •LaFollette Medical Center

    •Newport Medical Center

    •Jefferson Memorial Hospital

    •North Knoxville Medical Center

    •Turkey Creek Medical Center

    We recognize that these hospitals provide a variety of important health services and for that reason we are disappointed that CHS Tennova has chosen to interrupt the care for its patients and our members.

  • Dickson Mensah says:

    Why agents who have sold Medicare cant get their renewal commissions paid until they do certification. It is not in the contract.

  • James G Hilliard says:

    Someone who makes only 1,200 a month pays over a thousand a month on rent so does that mean that they can’t get health insurance ! ! ! ?. People who make a low amount and who have Medicare should still have Obama care . The people who make a low income more should be taken out so they don’t have to pay a lot of they will be homeless . This is why there are over 50 Million that are homeless in this country .

  • James G Hilliard says:

    Someone who makes only 1,200 a month pays over a thousand a month on rent so does that mean that they can’t get health insurance ! ! ! ?. People who make a low amount and who have Medicare should still have Obama care . The people who make a low income more should be taken out so they don’t have to pay a lot of they will be homeless . This is why there are over 50 Million that are homeless in this country .

  • >