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Where is United Dairy Farmers Corporate office Headquarters

United Dairy Farmers Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3641 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45207, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 513-631-0085
  • Fax Number: 513-396-8736
  • Email: consumerrelations@udfinc.com
  • Number of Employees: 
  • Established: 1939
  • Founder: Carl Lindner Sr.
  • Key People: Robert Lindner Jr., Brad Lindner

United Dairy Farmers Headquarters Location & Directions

United Dairy Farmers Headquarters Executive Team



Robert Lindner Jr.


Jim May

Vice President of Wholesale Subsidiary

Brad Lindner

Chief Executive Officer

About United Dairy Farmers, History and Headquarters Information

If you just can’t say no to ice cream and other dairy drinks, including coffee, then United Dairy Farmers Inc should be the place you want to check. It will be easy though as they have outlets in a lot of places since they already have 210 stores. For their headquarters, you can check them at Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

United Dairy Farmers Inc has been here for decades now and because of their passion in offering what people like in their products, they have grown considerably, hence the number of stores. Another reason why they tick is their very affordable prices.

Aside from the products mentioned above, you can also fill your car with UDF fuel. You will love to take your car to them as they only use petroleum products from the major gasoline refiners in the US. To learn more about them and how their business works, check out their digital domain.

United Dairy Farmers Headquarters Photos

United Dairy Farmers Resources

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  • Guest says:

    I want to know how, during this pandemic that employee of yours can be fired for wearing a protective mask while working to protect themself from getting this highly contagious virus? By what means is it necessary to fire someone for trying to protect themselves, and telling them that by wearing it, it would cause panic? The whole world is in panic at this time and I do not see how it is in any right being fired for simply trying to protect your health and the health of others. If your employees are considered essential and have to risk their health everyday just by working then they should be able to try to protect themsrlves, in fact it should be mandatory.

  • Fred K says:

    Went to Hebron KY met a guy working there and I asked him if he knew the difference between homemade and regular UDF ice cream? He didn’t know. He finally said taste and price. I asked that that doesn’t tell me much. He just said well what do you want. I wanted a chocolate malt. He never asked what ice cream I wanted. I told the team lead lady that this wasn’t the Experience I had in mind. He didn’t know the difference in the main products they sell. The guy said read the F$&! Signs get the F$&! Out of the store!!


    I didn’t even get a malt.

    I live 10 hours from this place. I grew up with this stuff. I love being able to drive through the area to get a taste of the past. Now I have a bad taste in my mouth from Oliver cussing me out just for asking a simple knowledge question.

    • cincinnatian born and raised says:

      This Oliver person should be fired on the spot! If it weren’t for the customers there would be not UDF…

  • Joe says:

    I feel removing the Busken made donuts and replacing them with your own was a mistake. I think the quality is measurably less and they are over priced. But I don’t believe I would buy them at a reduced price again.

    • cincinnatian born and raised says:

      Hey Joe,

      At least they give you the flies for free. Honestly, look out for the flies before you purchase.

  • Tom Vogt says:

    Your fantastic store in Mt. Healthy is a great plus for the area. A great connivence in the store is a spacious and clean restroom.
    The past two weeks there was no toilet paper in the morning. Two times that I used it, it was clean but no paper. Just thought you should know that.

  • Stan Graham says:

    Why do I have to go inside to get a gas receipt every time I buy gas at the Trenton,Ohio store? I don’ have this problem at other gas stations/food stores. It makes me wan’t to shop someplace else.

  • Andy Fox says:

    Good afternoon, I’m Andy Fox and I did frequently stop at your Anderson store at corner of Eight Mile and Clough also known as store 77 at least 3 times a day .
    I heard that on January 1st one of your assistant managers was fired for taking a short break in her car out of plain view of customers on the side of your store and was having a cigarette . I also understand that she was there early to cover the shift for another employee who was sick.
    Knowing this person, who was a major asset to not only all your customers but also to the entire staff of all the shifts . She will be sorely missed .
    I also know that she is a single mother of a 2 or 3 year old boy . Your employee who fired her on the spot ,I understand is your policies,which I believe should be changed . Other disciplines such as loss of pay,time off,or a first time warning ect…To also to select this day to go around making surprise inspections,looking to do just what he or she did is in my opinion not only wrong but also makes that person less human , and if this is the way UDF stands behind and supports this action,then its a company I no later want anything to do with and will be spending my $50.00 to $100.00 a week elsewhere .

  • Jeffrey S. Banks says:

    Good afternoon. My name is Jeffrey S.Banks. I am reaching out to you because I own the property next to your future store at the Middletown, Ohio Dixie Highway and Manchester road location. I purchased the property in 2001 as an investment and I am prepared to sell. It currently is zoned B2 and is located in Franklin township, but can easily be transferred or annexed into the city of Middletown, Ohio. It is approximately 1.38 acres and runs the length of the current UDF property as well as the property of the Krebs and Koehler veterinary hospital. I can be reached at 513 594 1098 or my home address is 330 Jefferson street, West Kerrville, Texas 78028. I feel that the property would be of interest to you as it would prevent the Veternary hospital from gaining access of locking you onto a corner lot and giving them the ability t o have entrence access on both Cincinnati Dayton road as well as Manchester Road. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this further. Sincerely, Jeffrey Banks

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